“Kerrie’s email reading was so beautifully and accurately in tune with me and my life right now. It was written from a place of love, with positive messages and intentions. I have read it over again and again and I am sure I will refer to it further in the future. The words highly resonated with me and on a very heart centred level.  I intuitively knew it was “right”. It felt very authentic and true.  I am so in awe and appreciation of Kerrie’s reading and gifts. I recommend a reading to anyone who wants true, heart centred, on-point messages. Kerrie’s spiritual gifts are phenomenal and her energy is divine. Thank you  xxxxx” – Sonia S.

“Everything in my life seemed to change so fast and I longed for guidance so that I would know what I should focus onKerrie told me what I needed to know right now, helped me understand why I needed to know it and explained what was blocking me so that I could move forward. It is so clear that she has a beautiful connection to Spirit because her words feel to me like answers I receive after prayer and meditation. They ask me to look within but also remind me that it is okay to ask for help. After receiving Kerrie’s detailed reading, I know where I need to fearlessly dive deeper and for that I am thankful.” – Kristina Owens

“My (Year Ahead Wisdom Report) really resonated with me, especially the parts that touched on Work+Wealth & Tribe (relationships), as well as Health. I found it to be really encouraging, and very thorough. I’ve gotten readings from quite a few readers, but what I find different about Kerrie is that her style is really personal – she doesn’t just give you information, but also guidance on the areas that you can choose to make changes or improvements on. It really shone a light on issues that were specific to me and I appreciated how she offered solutions as well.

Other readers often make it feel as though your destiny has been written, whereas with Kerrie, I really got the sense that that’s not the case. At the end of the day, it’s really about free will, and it’s what you do with the information that matters. It left me feeling really empowered and excited about the steps that I can take to improve my life!” – Sabrina L.