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Your April 2018 Wisdom Scopes


What if going with what you know is right for you means going against the flow of everyone else around you? We’re all being asked to follow the path of our hearts, and this is rarely easy. You probably already have a flavor of what this year is asking of you, and it looks like some good, honest, grounded hard work. The truth is, we are all moving towards building a better world. A better world that flies in the face of all that is already established: corrupt systems, indifference, unethical behaviors. Your choices, your actions, thoughts and words do matter. So much. Lead the charge by doing what matters most to you in this time. Hang on to what you know you’re here for. Consistent effort is important because so much of it is about breaking through heavy, dense habits that have kept you down before.


Ace of Wands

The breakthrough you are waiting for will arrive this month, and you have to ready yourself to catch it and make the most of it. It may sneak up on you in the form of a new insight or idea, fresh off the heels of you being able to let go of some old goal or idea that just wasn’t working. You will start to see that the more you are able to sieve through and sort out what works and what doesn’t, and being willing to challenge your assumptions and preconceptions about something, the more you are able to gain new insight and inspiration. The truth is, your stream of inspiration is infinite – you never have to worry about running out of them! Letting go of an idea doesn’t mean you won’t ever get another one. Who you are is so much bigger that who you think you are. When penetrating insights come, be sure to catch them by writing them down. You don’t have to act on them immediately. Just know that when you allow yourself more mental flexibility, staying open to trusted others’ wisdom and experience, you will get where you want to go with a lot more ease.


8 of Cups

Another layer of illusions is shed this month, dear Taurus. It’s painful when you allow yourself to let go of things you once thought to be true. In a way, it was a survival mechanism. You had to believe in certain things in order to get through painful moments. Now that you are healing, your strength has built up the point where you are able to look at illusions squarely in the eye and to truly see through them. Your strength has allowed you to get this far, and closer and closer to your true self. Remember: You can never lose anything that is true to you. Anything lost are simply untruths, falsehoods, programming placed upon you by others… See this time as a shedding of projects, people, places and things from a time when you made decisions out of insecurity and uncertainty of your self-worth. What will rise from these ashes are unshakeable foundations that will see you through into the next decade and beyond. If you knew what was waiting for you, you wouldn’t waste a moment looking back or regretting what was.


Hanged One, reversed

A practical guide to surrendering: allowing yourself to feel the feelings that arise when someone tells you to ‘surrender’. Check in with yourself: do you feel impatience, exasperation, resignation, annoyance, bemusement, anger when someone or something slows you down, or when you are in a state of limbo? Do you then struggle against it, getting more annoyed by the moment? Whatever it is, it’s really all okay. Not knowing what lies beyond can be such a frustrating feeling. Hanging out in uncertainty is never peaceful, at least not at first. The good news is that it does get easier. April asks you to get in touch with how you respond when things aren’t within your control – and to confront the illusion that you somehow have absolute control over anything in your life. This is some deep work, and it’s work that will fundamentally change you, if you consciously grapple with it and allow yourself some patience. In times of doubt and stress, the best thing to do is to do nothing. Step back and see what happens. Tough knots will untie themselves without any intervention from you, and you may get a real sense of how the divine weaves itself in the threads of your life. All you have to do is be willing to allow.


8 of Swords

You’ve been working real hard lately at shedding some of the ways you’ve been programmed socially and culturally – and this is not work for the faint hearted. It’s especially confusing when you’re surrounded by people who seem to accept without question the very things you are questioning so hard now. In order to get more clarity, the only way out is through. When the feelings get extra rough, hang tight and try not to be too quick in brushing them aside or burying them under some ‘positive’ feelings. There is no ‘negative’ feeling – a feeling is a feeling. Keep asking why – why does this interaction make me feel this way? Why does this no longer appeal to me? Know that you never need to justify your changes to anybody – especially since you are still in mid-transformation. The beauty of all this inquiry is that it will reveal your own power to you: your beliefs shape your world, and when you change and question your beliefs, everything changes as well. You may not be able to control your external reality, but the ripple effects of changing your internal one is formidable. Have faith in yourself, and in your process. You will come out on the other side, feeling freer than you’ve ever been.


3 of Swords

Some of your greatest heartbreaks have come from having your trust broken – and realizing that no matter how much you might have wanted something to turn out a certain way, it doesn’t always work out that way. This month comes with a healing, of realizing that when something doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, it doesn’t mean that you are being punished. The Universe is nudging you to move beyond the belief of some kind of cosmic punishment or reward, meted out by some unknown force in the world. It’s about moving beyond victimhood to empowerment. And to do so, you will need to look back at some of the times you felt wronged by someone, or when you feel guilt over something you may or may not have done. This may mean allowing all those feelings to flood over you – but this time, instead of buying into the stories that those feelings stir up, you can change the ending. Change the ending into something empowering, into something that puts you in the position of someone who is loved and loveable, no matter what. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and see yourself through the eyes of the Universe: a soul on its journey, learning, growing through mistakes, and ultimately worthy.


Daughter of Wands, reversed

Uncertainty about the steps ahead have got you slowing down and doubting yourself. Luckily, this is exactly where you’re meant to be at: slowing down, but not necessarily doubting yourself. First of all, check your anxiety levels. Are they high? Always remember to check in first before dashing off to do the first thing you think of. And honestly, your anxiety is a really good sign. Before you let your skepticism take over, it may be helpful to understand your anxiety as a sign that you’ve been moving closer and closer to your heart – because you’re getting in touch with the absolute groundlessness of things. Options open up for you when you resist taking the first knee jerk action to move back onto secure ground. You’ve already realized that what’s secure and safe really are just illusions. To remain in a grounded state this month, take care of practical, material needs. Ground creative projects by breaking them down into daily tasks you incorporate into rituals. Control what’s within your locus of control. Continue taking steps towards pushing against the boundaries of what you currently think is possible. Allow room for surprises. Channel excess energy into exercise and eating well. May should see this energy lifting and you will get a much clearer view of your steps ahead.


10 of Swords

Dear Libra, sometimes it’s really not about you, and I mean that in the best way possible. Sometimes it’s really not about how hard you try or what you do or don’t do – others have their own reasons for doing what they do, and no matter how that might make you feel, you’re simply not in control of it. You can’t control how others live their lives. Don’t beat yourself up any longer, or blame yourself unnecessarily for things that you aren’t even responsible for. But by all means, do take responsibility for these: your own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors. By allowing yourself to be and to live in your own full integrity, you’ll find it much easier to allow others to be as well. If you’ve been feeling like you need to have others on a tight leash lately, it may be helpful to inquire deeper into those feelings. Are you trying to get people to behave in a certain way to lend you some kind of security? Or to assure you that there is ‘good’ in the world? We are all asked to move beyond polarity and to practice living in the grey, and good and bad isn’t so easy to discern these days. Focus on your own light and act in alignment with your own values. Let the rest figure themselves out.


Ace of Pentacles

You’ve been spending the past year building up to this moment. You’ve stepped over a threshold recently into a whole new vista and it’s scary and exciting at the same time. Your creativity has also returned in new ways, and if you are not feeling it yet, then you will start to feel it soon. Make room for this new energy by clearing out the old. Outmoded patterns, thoughts, and habits may need a review and may even need to be discarded completely. If you notice any fears creeping in, welcome them as a normal part of the journey of starting something new. You’re not supposed to feel 100% confident. You’re not supposed to always have it all together. That’s the point of new beginnings! They bring in uncertainty, excitement, opportunity for reinvention and for doing things differently. Slow down and feel into your fears so that you may address them methodically instead of reacting reflexively. You are doing just fine, tell yourself so and it will make all the difference in how you stride into the great new unknown.


2 of Swords

You can only keep your balance this month by keeping out what’s not helpful or nurturing for you, dear Sagittarius. The truth is you have been growing so rapidly, and like a delicate seedling that’s just sprouting, you are nurturing a new resolve for a direction you’re walking towards in your life. It’s a vulnerable phase and even though you want to beat on your own drum and invite everyone else to join you, take time to consider if this is really the time for it. You can’t afford to let anyone slow your roll, and that really means prioritizing your own priorities and wellbeing. Others can join you when you are truly solid and strong enough to share of yourself – your new insights, learnings and wisdom – freely and widely. This month, having boundaries in terms of looking at who’s taking up your time, energy, thoughts, space and doing an audit of who and what has access to your life will be so helpful. This frees up space for your growth, even if that space has to stay empty for a little while. Give yourself room to breathe and stretch out. You can never lose anything that’s true to you.


Empress, Reversed

If you could choose to let go of one onerous task in your life, what would you let go of? Do you sometimes subconsciously gravitate towards the most difficult way to do things because you have somehow associated difficulty with virtue? Perhaps it makes you feel like you’ve truly worked for something and that you put in effort. And that is all well and good – because a lot of the most valuable things in life don’t come easy – but it’s also important to see if there could be a way that’s far less strenuous, uses more of your natural skills and talents, and is actually enjoyable in the process. Life and its paradoxes, eh? There’s no harm in actually enjoying the things that you do… in fact, I would argue that that’s what makes it worthy, if it brings you joy, as well as value to others. Why choose? Slow down and use your senses to discern how you could bring more enjoyment to your daily life, even if it’s as simple as incorporating practices to make the little things more fun: e.g. using your favorite stationery to write notes, dressing in your favorite colors, dressing up for nobody but yourself, taking the longer route to work… Or it could simply mean easing up on the carrot or the stick approach, and make your work process-oriented instead. How do you bring more enjoyment into the process of what you do (instead of just focusing on the end goal)?


Shaman of Swords

You’re called upon to be the voice of reason this month, dear Aquarius. We can all count on an Aquarian to keep their cool when all around them is falling into chaos. For April, there’s a lot of brain fog happening as everyone is moving through their own personal drama. You can smell it from a mile away when someone is trying to put their issues on you – so be kind, but be firm. Enforce your boundary in that effortless way of yours. You also have to speak up and tell it like it is when everyone else is hedging or beating around the bush. At the same time, use this time of assessment to go over your goals and refine your strategies. You are able to see through most things at this time to discern if people are trustworthy and truly walking their talk. Be uncompromising when it comes to who you associate with – align with those who have similar values, underneath all the superficial differences, and you will be just fine. You’re truly coming into your own, and you know it.


Son of Wands reversed

This month, you’re being asked to get in touch with your need for constant stimulation, dear Pisces. There has always been a restlessness within you to want more, seek for more, see and do more – and this had led you on many great adventures. Sometimes this has led you down a rabbit hole or two, though, and only served to distract you from some of your goals. April will be giving you opportunities in the form of U turns and speed bumps to slow you down and get you more conscious of some of the ways you keep yourself constantly on the go. What’s the feeling that underlies the need to want more? Is there something you are not allowing yourself to fully feel or acknowledge? Only you know the answer. Searching within for clues now will help you stay focused come May when things start moving forward again – doing the work now will help you get a lot more discerning about the things that grab and hold your attention.

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“I don’t need a man, I’m a strong woman”


“I don’t need a man, I’m a strong woman.”

It’s confusing, right? All the things that women say about not needing a man, about being a ‘strong independent woman’. The message is that strong women should be okay standing alone, should not ‘need’ a relationship. The picture is compelling: A woman, single-handedly, bravely, conquering the world on her own. Not beholden by relationships. Not held down by obligations. Not propping up someone else’s life at the expense of her own.

And yet. In her heart of hearts, she yearns. For that one person. The heart whispers: “I want someone who will understand me and love me for who I am.”

So then there is guilt. If I am a strong woman, then why do I yearn for another?

Because perhaps what you really don’t need or want is a relationship that you’ve seen patterned out by the women who came before you. The relationships that were lopsided, that were hurtful, that were all-consuming, took everything, left nothing. No. You really do not need those relationships.

Because strong does not mean not needing love. Does not mean separate or apart. That is the toxic masculine interpretation of strength.

Perhaps the cry can be changed: “I don’t need a man who hasn’t realized for whatever reason how hurtful and unnecessary living from a wounded place is, how painful it is to live out that life without examining the structures we live within; how restrictive such a relationship feels, how much he takes without giving, how much he assumes without asking.”

Those relationships were fueled by wounds, karmic agreements, misunderstandings, ignorance, defensiveness. Those relationships learned their patterns from generations of heteropatriarchy that came before.

You’re not meant to carry your mother’s burdens with you, my love. You’re not meant to wage her wars. Your choices cannot make up for the ones that she did not, or could not make.

But you can break the cycle. You can break the chains. You can let down your burdens.

“I no longer want to be a victim in this scheme. I want to take back my right to have loving, fulfilling relationships. I will start with the relationship I have with myself.”

Even women already in relationships can feel a defensiveness against their partner if these wounds aren’t addressed. Trust takes a long time. Will he engulf me? Will he overtake my life? What does getting married mean? What does being seen together mean?

The costs are real. The costs that a woman who is unaware of her beauty, power and strength has to bear are real. A woman like that opens herself up to all the hungry men in the world – and there are so, so many of them – divorced from healthy masculinity, who feast on her tender heart to quell their soul-deep, bone-deep hunger.

Your heart is yearning to be proved wrong. You want to know that you can be in a relationship – and actually relate to each other. To engage with each other in a way that is healthy and respectful. To know another.

Being a victim is no longer an option. And swapping it out to be the aggressor – overpowering him first so that he does not overpower you isn’t the answer either.

We must stop repeating and replaying these hurts that we enact on each other.


Step one is to know these wounds. To account for them with as much love as you can muster. Name all the ways you have been hurt, you have seen your mother been hurt, you have seen your grandmother been hurt.

Step two is to grieve for all the times no one heard your horror and fear, your disbelief that love could look this way – so different from what you instinctively know. You know what love is like because you came from Love, you are love. To realize that your birthright, of deep and fulfilling love, was not reflected in your early reality is a kind of trauma in itself. It was an experience that led you to believe… Love doesn’t exist. Or that it isn’t real. And over time, slowly but surely, this false belief took the wind out of your sails…

Step three is the slow process of healing. Of giving yourself the love you deserve. How does one do this? By taking time, slowing down, and breathing during the difficult moments. By gravitating towards those who truly know how to love and who have a lot of love to give. To be near where it may feel unfamiliar and strange, but in your heart you know is love and feels right. By doing what lifts your heart into joy, by no longer accepting black-and-white. By trusting that you are meant to live in full color. By removing yourself from sources that drain you, and that continue to pour salt on your wounds.

This is when the alchemy begins. This is when you can allow love to come in. And the rest of the steps will flow according to your own sacred unfolding.

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Your November 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Breaking free. The binds have been cut loose and yet we are still there, struggling as though they are still tightly coiled around us. As clever, adaptive human beings, we are often able to bend ourselves to fit any situation, no matter how bad it gets. In order to survive – in order to get through situations – we tell ourselves ‘It’s okay. It’s not so bad’. Which is why, even as the wheel turns and the binds come off – and we are free – we don’t quite realize it right away. We linger. We look around in suspicion. We act in ways that feel as though we are still in a straitjacket. November is such a month for many of us – how do we break free? First step is to recognize the bind that you were in before. Take a step out of the box. Observe the box. What were its perimeters, the things you were told when you were in the box, the things you told yourself? Who appreciated you being in the box? Who did it serve? How did it hurt you? Once you are able to name, identify, catalog and review – you are on your way to freedom.


Priestess of Swords, Reversed

Is something or someone cramping your style right now, dear Aries? You may feel as though your usual wit and approach to getting things done just don’t seem to be working for you any longer, and this can be really disconcerting! Some people just don’t seem to operate on the same plane as you do: their rules, logic and goals are simply completely different. And that’s all okay. This is also all part of the journey of expansion and growth, where you have to expect the unexpected. When the Universe decides you’re ready for growth, it doesn’t just keep throwing the same things at you! So take your time to observe the new playing field, its new rules and players. Always remember that everything you’ve learned before does have a purpose: you’re simply challenged to find a new way to reapply them now. It’s okay to not know everything right away, so use your powers of observation and trust that you will soon figure out a way.


Priestess of Discs

This month, it’s extra important to get grounded. If you have been feeling floaty, spacey, or out of your body, these are signs for you to consciously get back into a self-care routine and prioritize exercise and eating right. There are scarcity fears floating back up, and the message from the Universe is: you don’t have to buy into these fears any longer! And the more you are able to feel physically safe and secure, the easier it will be to feel into this truth. So take note of your living environment: what makes you feel cozy? What helps you to feel relaxed at the end of the day? It’s also about slowing down enough to allow the rest of you to catch up with all the recent changes – give yourself days where you do nothing but allow your body to process any emotions overlooked in the hustle and bustle of busy days.


3 of Wands

This is such an exciting time for you, where you are thinking of long-range plans and what you’d like to build for the next phase of your life. And this could mean the next 5 to 9 years and beyond: decisions that will affect you permanently. And weirdly enough, this thought doesn’t even freak you out any longer. You’re feeling ready for some radical changes, a much needed breath of fresh air and reinvigorating winds of change to sweep through your life. To help you envision the future, remember to incorporate joy and creativity into your life, to make ample room for relaxation and having the time to just be. Maybe this might mean compromising a little on material comfort, or just prioritizing the changes you’d like to see – not everything will be possible all at once, but it helps to know what speaks most to your heart. You may even want to solicit some feedback from trusted loved ones to give you some perspective you wouldn’t have considered. Sometimes the ones who love us are able to dream bigger than we are able to for ourselves, so allow yourself to broaden your scope of possibility, dear Gemini.


4 of Swords

November is a month of stillness and contemplation for you, dear Cancer, after an activity-packed October. You may find that this has been the rhythm of your life recently: where you pull back after a period of time putting yourself out there. This is vital for you to regain your balance and sense of self. Your internal processes affect your outer reality so much more than you think, so it’s always important to get right with yourself mentally and emotionally before you attempt to make any moves in the world. And if you were really honest with yourself, your fatigue may be bone deep at this time. If it’s been so tough trying to figure everything out with your mind alone – I urge you to surrender. Surrender your thoughts, your worries, your fears to the Universe. Lay it all down. And rest. In this stillness, answers will come, solutions will come, clarity will come. Trust in the weaving of the Universe: you are both so much larger and smaller than you think.


6 of Wands

Riding your way to victory is the theme of the month – and it may be in smaller, less obvious ways, but you will soon feel relief from difficult situations. You are often blazing in enthusiasm and fiery passion for the things that you do, but this year, you’ve been learning how to keep this fire focused and directed. This is why victory for you may simply be about saying ‘No’ without guilt to things you would have happily accepted before, because you’re now being mindful about your plate overflowing. This often cuts down on confusion and hurt feelings in the process – and allows you to pay more attention to the things that matter to you, especially home and family. Family is the bedrock of your life, no matter how you define it, and how far you venture from home… So to harness this month’s energies in the best way, it may be helpful to ask yourself, what do you want to win? What are you willing to do in order to achieve this? Look for long-term over fleeting victories, dear one, and you’re on the right track.


Daughter of Discs

After everything you’ve been through, you find yourself at the beginning again – and this is actually a really good thing. In the past 12 months, the path was often somewhat twisty, threatening, scary and maybe even demoralizing at some points. But you persevered, and you need to give yourself props for that. You bust through barriers. You persisted. Also, this beginning isn’t like being a newborn baby – you now come imbued with skills, experience, and most importantly, an increasingly unshakeable sense of who you are and what you are capable of. At this phase of your journey, you are at a whole new stage of the game. It’s as though the past few years were just training grounds for the level that you’re actually meant to be playing at. This month, the best thing you can do is to pace yourself, and take the long term view. Take breaks if you need to, and don’t be afraid to seek help and ask questions. Others are here to help you the moment you speak up, and ask.


Daughter of Wands

You’ll start seeing options popping up in your life for you: and this simply means that the seeds you’ve planted earlier are started to sprout and flower. Now, the choice is up to you – which one excites you most? Which is the one that promises the most long-term growth? This also heralds a leveling up of sorts, where you are on your way to mastery in the field of your choice. It doesn’t have to be just professional either. Part of this is emotional growth; you’re feeling surer of yourself when it comes to interpersonal interactions and holding your own among your peers and those you look up to. And this is such a beautiful thing! It means that you no longer take yourself so seriously – you take your work seriously, yes, but learning to laugh at yourself can be the most healing thing you do this month. Have some fun and bring some levity to your life, and you’ll light up everyone around you.


Shaman of Swords

Watch what you say, your words may sting… And if that’s your intention – when asserting your boundaries or pushing back at those who have crossed them, then it’s all good. But if you find that your words have an unintended edge to it, it may be useful to look at the underlying feelings that are driving your words. What have you been directing at others, that are simply just signs of your own unresolved feelings about the situations and events in your life? Did what this person do really warrant that amount of anger and frustration? What have you not been giving yourself a chance to fully feel? Sometimes anger is just a cover up for that scarier and more vulnerable feeling… Sadness. Your sharp intellect and wit have always been tools at your disposal, but more so than ever, you get to wield it with intention and purpose. Dare to use it for the greater good and see if you are able to temper your words with compassion and tenderness, dear Scorpio. Your words are especially powerful right now, choose if you want to hurt or heal.


Daughter of Swords

This month, you may feel pressured to come up with solutions and to attack everything head-on. And this is usually such an admirable quality of yours – you don’t shy away from challenges, there’s no adventure too big for you to tackle. However, this month, it’s important to pace yourself and to make sure that your eagerness doesn’t overshadow important details. It’s like learning a new way to play the game: instead of making your intentions known right away, it may be a necessity to watch and wait and see what others have planned. This may allow you to sidestep any potential drama that you don’t need to get yourself involved in: things are changing, and many people who are less aware or conscious are acting out in major ways. Protect yourself and keep your calling out of others to a minimum. Keep the long term view in mind and look out for your best interests. When in doubt, think: how does doing this serve the greater good? Is it for a short term ego satisfaction of being right, or does this really serve to change the situation for the better?


The Hanged One

It’s time to take your hands off the metaphorical steering wheel and allow someone else (Spirit!) to steer for the time being, dear Capricorn. Depending on how much you’ve been cultivating this relationship with the Universe, your feelings around this may vary. This is a huge season of change, death and rebirth for everyone, and for you in particular, the wheels are turning and things are moving and shifting behind the scenes. This is why it’s important not to take changes for their immediate face value right now, and give things time to settle before reacting, thinking the worst, or investing in something just purely because of its potential. Let things reveal themselves to you before feeling the need to make any snap decisions – and don’t allow others to push you to do so, either. If hanging out in this space feels excruciating for you, don’t worry – most of us go-getters feel the same way too! However, this is always a good opportunity to get in touch with the fact that we are all a larger part of the tapestry of life, and really, so much is out of our control… Let your mind relax and seriously, step away from social media and the news regularly to keep your mental health intact. Take care of yourself and everything else will take care of itself.


Ace of Swords, reversed

A new cycle begins for you, but you may have been hitting a few bumps in the road – mentally. Know that new beginnings can be anxiety-provoking, but also that anxiety doesn’t need to rule over you. Watching your responses that arise can be really helpful: do you tend to become perfectionistic, or do you default to certain self-sabotaging habits? Do you lash out at others around you, or do you just tend to withdraw? Mindfully observe yourself doing what you do, and see that these responses don’t have to define you. Take a moment to acknowledge how you feel: put your hand over your heart and say, ‘I know you are anxious, but I will take care of you, and the Universe will take care of you.’ Over time, you will be able to catch yourself spiraling and make the choice to do something nurturing instead. Whether it’s stepping away from the computer to stretch, going for a walk around the block, or even just allowing yourself to forget your responsibilities for a moment, know that you’re re-programming your responses breath by breath. Above all, this beginning is simply the start of yet another stage of growth: you’re more than ready for it. Trust yourself.


The Sun

This month will feel so satisfying for you, dear Pisces, especially because you’ve been digging into the depths and doing all that hard work around facing your demons this year. You’ll soon see why all of that was necessary – when the rewards, accolades, and opportunities come your way this November, every bit of effort you’ve put in so far will make so much sense. All of that was meant to help you build a solid foundation in your life, so that old challenges no longer faze you, and you’re ready to receive what’s meant to come your way. And if you’re looking for a change of careers, the next step may become blazingly evident, and you’ll know what to do with certainty. So enjoy your moment in the sun! Socialize, go to places where you’ve never been before, relax, and let your worries go. Part of this new you is really about learning how to enjoy all the other things that are around you even as you focus on achieving your goals – so savor the journey, dear one

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Your October 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Have you been feeling super serious? It’s not difficult to imagine why you would be feeling that way, especially when you give a damn about anything at all in the world. It seems like everything is imploding all around us, as the world shifts and power structures are tested. However, as counterintuitive as it feels, even as you take action on all that matters to you in this world, it’s important to balance it out with attention to your wellness and taking time for fun. Light-heartedness and joy are healing, and so needed – not just this month, but now and for all the months to come. And again: All is as it should be, as the wheels of change continue to turn. This becomes hard to swallow when reality just doesn’t seem to match up to what we envisioned it to be. But a huge part of it is really about trusting that the blessings will come to you, that it’s okay to relax your tight, sweaty grip and allow the Universe to do its part.


Knight of Pentacles

Take care of the little things, and the big things will fall into place, dear Pisces. Look at the rituals, daily practices and routines that hold your life together, and see how you can tweak it so that you feel better supported within it. You’ve been going through such an exciting time of growth, but before taking on more and possibly overwhelming yourself, it’s always good to check what your foundations are looking like, and to take your overall well-being into consideration. Will this extra responsibility help you to grow, or is it something you can say no to, so that you can enjoy more downtime? It’s all about balance and there are no wrong answers, only those that feel right for you. If there has been an increase in your income recently, consider talking to a professional so that you can better manage your resources. Slow down now, so that you can make leaps and bounds later on without fear.


Knight of Wands, reversed

You’ve been swimming in brand new waters for a while now, dear Aquarius, and for some of you, since April this year. It’s been a whole slew of changes that have led to your current situation: new opportunities abounding, yet there have also been things and ideas and relationships you’ve had to let go of. It hasn’t always been easy! This month brings you a lot of new opportunities for growth, but it may be a little dizzying if you haven’t had time to regroup and check in with yourself. So take the time at the beginning of the month to take stock of all the recent changes in your life. Remember, emotional realities can take time to catch up to you, so it’s important not to dismiss feelings that come up over things that happened ‘ages ago’. You feel what you feel, and there’s no shame in that! Take care of yourself, and slow down whenever possible, so that you can meet the new in your life with a sense of openness and wonder.


3 of Cups

Depending on your current attitudes towards friendship and being around people, this month could prove to be a giant celebration for you, or a leap of faith. Kinship and meeting kindred spirits is illuminated for you this month, because of all the work you’ve been doing on being true to yourself and shining your light brightly. Those who are attracted to your vibration will find you, and it can feel almost too good to be true, especially if you have been feeling as though you had to shed many people in your life in order to stay true to your growth. Take baby steps to remain open, and to meet all who are coming to you with an open heart and mind. How would you know if they are truly sincere? When you feel seen and heard; when you are met with a genuine feeling of connection. Dare to be who you are, and you will inspire others around you to do the same.


Hanged Man, reversed

‘Restraint’ and ‘less is more’ have never been your favorite key words, but this is what your month may feel like, dear Sagittarius. Sometimes there just is nothing else to do except chop wood, carry water. There’s a lot going on under the surface that simply needs you to show up for your responsibilities and day to day life, without doing anything really ‘special’, even though the general sense of overstimulation recently may have you feeling like you need to rush about and get things done extra quick. However: consistency is a form of superpower, even if it may seem like the most mundane thing ever! If you find yourself in a position where people are counting on you to be a rock, there’s a reason for it – how do you feel being in this position? Rise to the occasion by honoring your daily routines. But do take time out to do some moving meditation to shake off that excess energy – dance, spin class, run, anything that gets you in the zone and out of your thoughts. Connecting with your body will help you to feel more grounded and in the present moment, especially when you’re up against a problem you have no immediate answers for. Building a resistance towards making quick knee jerk judgements and impulsive actions is like training a muscle, daily practice is everything.


7 of Cups

It’s a dreamy month of possibilities for you, dear Scorpio, and it’s okay to let yourself imagine and envision all that you’d like to make happen in your life. You’ve been at a point of transition recently and you’re excited by all these changes: but what’s for real and what’s just an illusion? Before immediately dismissing your more seemingly far-fetched ideas, they could be useful and even illuminating. Sometimes illusions tell you what you truly want, especially when you have kept these desires hidden from your conscious awareness. Let your fantasies reveal more about yourself to you, and try not to take them too literally. For example, dreaming about running away to a tropical island and selling t-shirts by the beach may simply point to a desire to simplify your life and live at a more leisurely pace. What is it that you’d like more of in your life? However, there’s also a warning here to not to fall in love with potential – you can see the good in everyone, but not everyone may be acting from their highest selves all the time. Err on the side of caution and allow the truth to reveal itself to you before rushing to make any decisions, about people and situations.


8 of Swords

Have you felt limited and frustrated recently? Or feeling like things just haven’t been going your way? The good news is, these are really just feelings, and not reflective of the truth. Sometimes the things you tell yourself and the way you rationalize events in your life only serve to trap you: in self-defeating ideas about yourself and others in your life, about what you think is possible and what life is supposed to look like. You exhaust yourself with all the ‘shoulds’, and all the self-recrimination that you turn round and round in your head, going nowhere. The good news is, once you’ve exhausted yourself, it’s much easier to be at the point where you can let it all go. So dear Libra: let go. Let go of that belief of what you feel others should do, where you think you should be in life right now, how you should be… Go with what brings you joy instead of being so busy trying to control it all, you barely have time to realize all the blessings that are already in your life! Because you already have so much, and you are already being supported, you’re already exactly where you need to be. Let go of those limiting beliefs, and free yourself.  You are enough.


Page of Swords

This year, you’ve been learning about harnessing your masculine energy – the side of you that wants to fight, win and conquer on behalf of your higher ideals. In the process, you are also getting to know which battles are really fighting for. This month, there will be an opportunity to get closer to the truth: that it’s never really about any one particular individual. Feel annoyed at someone’s ignorance? Feeling angered by someone’s bigotry? You’re learning how to direct your razor sharp critical nature primarily at the offending quality, rather than at the person in question. This takes the sting and personal affront out of the equation, leading to your point being heard better by everyone else when it doesn’t feel quite so personal. If you are already at this point, challenge yourself further by questioning the feelings of judgement: can you see even the vilest qualities with some measure of compassion? Can you accept the darkness within human hearts, including your own? Take time to engage in a deeper inquiry that can take you down some interesting paths, and ultimately to greater self-compassion.


9 of Wands

Almost there but not quite yet… you’ve been on a marathon lately, and this continues into October. It’s like feeling the pain of a stretch but holding it anyway, because you know it will do you good in the long run. The truth is, you’ve been growing so much, and you’ve been bravely stepping out of your comfort zone! It’s so admirable how you have been using your creativity and finding new ways to get inspired, and inspiring others in return. In the process though, self-defeating thoughts may have been flooding in, challenging your resolve. You may even have been feeling secretly ashamed for even harboring those thoughts and feelings. But please know that it’s so natural for the ego to protest any time we move out of our comfort zones, so let go of those worries and self-judgement! You’ve already been carrying around enough of a burden. In fact, this can be a great opportunity to observe the thoughts you tend to default to when things get challenging – do you start blaming yourself or others immediately? Or do you get extra self-critical and uptight? View them with amusement, dismiss them with a flick of your hair. It’s a part of you, but it sure doesn’t have to define who you are.



How have you been handling the unknown, dear Cancer? This year, you’ve been making peace with the questions in your heart, in one way or another, but this hasn’t been an entirely easy process. Sometimes, you just want to know. You NEED to know. How will this story end? Is this the right path? Am I doing the best thing possible at this moment? All the pressure you put on yourself to peer ahead can drive you crazy and ironically, bring you further away from the answers you seek. It can be helpful to ask yourself: what is the FEELING you hope to achieve by finding out these answers? Is it peace, contentment, joy or a sense of self-worth – and why is it that you need XYZ before you can allow yourself these feelings? Which part of yourself will you then be able to accept? How will it change your beliefs about life? Asking yourself about the underlying feelings and beliefs that drive this need to know will bring you the necessary information you need to move forward, one step at a time, even if it means peering back in time to do so.


Wheel of Fortune

Change is in the air again, dear Gemini, and it’s a good time to reconsider your attitudes towards change, whether you consider them to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Consider that change is just change – a neutral, necessary part of life that nudges you towards growth. If you find yourself resisting, take time out to sit with your feelings and fears. What are you worried about? What are you afraid might happen? Are these fears rooted in reality? Allow yourself to trust that if you have done your part, sometimes there really isn’t anything left to do except trust in the Universe. Resisting what’s meant to be will only cause you stress and knock you off balance. However, if you feel like you have been treading water for a while now, relief is on the way – whether it’s in the form of a change of perspective, or a release of difficult circumstances – as long as you are willing to go with the flow.


Three of Pentacles

When building the foundation of anything, it’s important to take it slow while keeping the long run in view. Stability has been on your mind lately, and you’re feeling anxious to get to that point when you can finally lay back and feel pleased with your handiwork. In order to do that though, being present in the now moment is so important – including giving everyone who’s on your team a careful once-over, to make sure you’re placing your trust in the right people. Qualities like accountability, transparency, and an ability to learn and communicate are key, and cannot be compromised on. It’s also about learning how to balance pulling your own weight, while delegating tasks and trusting that others are also doing their part. This is especially true for you if you’ve been managing a change of roles lately – allow yourself time to get to know your new collaborators; it takes time to get into a steady rhythm.


Father of Pentacles

Now is the time to wield your resources with wisdom and discernment, dear Aries. You are in a different position now – it’s time to think of yourself as your own talent manager. Your time, energy, attention, money and talents need to be carefully marshalled, and it will be helpful to start seeing them as finite resources that cannot be spent on just anyone and anything. Setting boundaries and priorities will help cut down on tiny decisions you make every day that tend to be a major time suck (“Should I go hang out with A? Should I do this right now?” – can all be replaced with “Does doing this serve my highest goals? Does this really matter in the larger scheme of things? Does this person support my goals and dreams and uplifts me in the process (and I do the same for them)?”) This is an important part of your growth that will serve you for time to come. When you take what you do seriously, others will follow suit.

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Your September 2017 Wisdom Scopes

September is about veils lifting – illusions melting away under the light of the Sun. As our world awakens to the havoc dealt by centuries of patriarchy, to all the ugly things that play out when egos and privilege are allowed to run amok, we are all collectively being called into action. To once again fall back asleep is no longer an option. We are rubbing the sleep from our eyes as fantasies of awaiting rescue and escape fade away in the harsh light of day.

August saw an intense eclipse season and Mercury retrograde that may have hit you right in the feels and left you disoriented. As Mercury goes direct Sep 5, things will start getting clearer – your brain swimming out of a fog that allowed you to go deep and process some knots you forgot existed – though things may still feel a little strange for the rest of the month! This past year or so has seen you being elevated and evolving at a speed that wasn’t possible even just 5 years ago – so keep in mind that growing pains are inevitable. This month, you will have the chance to start getting things moving. It’ll be a busy month with a lot of activity, so remember to pace yourself and get your daily self-care routines down pat.



You’re at the point where the changes you bravely implemented even just a few months ago are starting to show results, in sometimes unexpected ways. And perhaps the most unexpected change of all is that you are now gaining more confidence and wondering why you didn’t make this leap sooner. It’s like suddenly realizing that the world is so much bigger and that a whole lot more is available to you. And this is all very exciting! However, changes may also prove to be unsettling for a bit, especially when others react to your growth in ways that may seem disappointing or unsupportive. None of it is personal, dear Aries, so don’t take it to heart. People are all on their own individual journeys and often project their own feelings onto others when they are still finding their way. Stay focused on your growth, where you’re headed and how you want it all to feel – be prepared to emerge at the end of the month with new wings and a brand new outlook on life.


6 of Swords

Healing is a funny thing, dear Taurus. It isn’t about judging the younger version of you for being dumb for having fallen for that one trap or getting caught up in something you ‘should have known better’ than to do. Healing allows you to see the younger you with compassion, for being human and making mistakes that ultimately allowed you to grow and become wiser.  It’s also about seeing events in your life as opportunities to learn, grow and gain experience, instead of a relentless series of Pass/Fail tests. September will see you moving beyond moody waters and into a brighter, calmer space where your experiences can be put into further perspective. Solace will come from knowing that you had to go through what you did in order to understand a side of yourself that you had kept hidden from your consciousness. Now it’s all out there. This means that more energy is now freed up for creativity, joy and fun.  Be kind to yourself and know that you don’t have to push too hard. Do what you can and allow this month’s tides to carry you forward into the last quarter of the year, where this freer version of yourself can truly come out to play.



Old structures are falling all over the world and ripple effects are being felt by all of us. This month, you will be feeling it keenly as a part of your world may be rocked by one of these changes, and you will see that some of the foundations you’ve been standing on isn’t so solid after all. The guidance here is to take it all in your stride, even if it may be shocking and upsetting at first. The changes are necessary, and will reveal to you a truth that may have been kept hidden – and this will be ultimately freeing as you can now make better informed decisions going forward. Sometimes, this may also be wanting something too much and realizing that it isn’t really good for you after all – and you will have a chance to see this and make a course correction before you spend too much energy barreling down a path that simply isn’t meant for you. Trust that all that is falling away is meant to go, dear Gemini, you are only ever getting closer to the real you.


7 of Swords, reversed

Take a deep breath, dear Cancer, and breathe out all of those heavy thoughts and feelings you’ve been carrying around. You’ll probably have realized by now that unplugging from your thoughts is the best way to feel better immediately. It isn’t easy to feel everything so acutely all of the time and be so beholden to your emotions, but all of this is really about learning that you don’t have to let them control you – and this may be a lifelong project for yout! This month, you’ll have the opportunity to get better and better at identifying where you often shortchange yourself or talk yourself out of things you really do want – or talk yourself into things you think you want, but that simply serve as a distraction from the real task at hand. And each time this happens, you know deep down inside what you’re doing, because you are smart and perceptive. Dare to be brutally honest with yourself, dear one – let go of who you think you should be so that you can free yourself to be who you are.


4 of Swords

You’ve really been working on overdrive recently, dear Leo, and it seems like you’ve put your energy into so many different cups that you’re a little overwhelmed. This month is a perfect time to pull all your mental energies back to yourself to contemplate and recharge. Your mind has been so busy that if you’re feeling scattered, it’s essential to calm your mind by minimizing overstimulation and unplugging from social media. Pulling back is also important to allow others the chance to step up and to do their part – your ability to take charge is so strong that sometimes people rely on you a lot more than they think! So rest, recuperate, and take time for yourself. It’s a time when you have to see all your initiations take root and grow, and that requires time, so no further effort is required on your part. More action doesn’t always mean more result, and that is true for you right now!


5 of Swords
Dear Virgo, your service to the world is undoubtedly necessary, especially in these times. Your attention to detail and ability to cut through illusions with your laser gaze is legendary. You come up with practical solutions with wit and flair. However, the flip side of it is exacting over-critical harshness which brings you down, sometimes even before you get to the starting line. September brings you the opportunity to work with some of your more nitpicky impulses and to shine the light of compassion on it. Where do you clamp down? Where do you get all uptight? Before you start thinking too hard in order to try and fix yourself, let the solution simply be: to loosen, to flow, to let go. The right course of action comes when you feel yourself relaxing and opening instead of digging in your heels and getting all aggro, even if that impulse comes first. Just flow with it and you will be able to sidestep any potential barbs thrown up by your mind this month. Know that your impulse to get critical and nitpick at yourself also comes when you’re about to grow and bloom further – it’s your ego’s protective mechanism. You’re actually blossoming – so see this within yourself and be a nurturing gardener of your own growth, dear one.


8 of Wands

In September, things will be moving quickly and are up in the air once again. It’s your job to figure out what matters to you, and which plans to put into motion. What has August brought to your attention? What new insights and learnings have you gleaned? September will give you more clues as to where your focus should point, and what deserves your time and attention. New beginnings come at the heels of endings, so if you had to end a relationship, project or dynamic, do so knowing that it was all meant to be in the larger scheme of things, and that new opportunities for growth are ahead. Also know that you have the rest of this year to set things in motion, so you don’t have to rush. Ground yourself this month by doing plenty of exercise, spending time in nature and taking time out to be alone, which isn’t always the easiest for you if you lean on the extroverted side of things! So make sure that when you unplug, truly unplug – leave your phone behind and tune into your body and your emotions to check that you have brought all of you along on this journey.


9 of Pentacles

This month, the trust you have in the Universe and the hard work you’ve been putting out there will be reflected right back at you, so it’s a great time to check in with yourself and correct your course if you’ve meandered off the path. This is a month of paring down your priorities, refining your work, challenging yourself to grow and to do even better than you have before. The more you trust that the Universe supports your expansion, the more this will be reflected back at you. So go forth with faith! This also means investing in the right tools and equipment, perfecting your draft, and trusting your gut when it comes to your creative output. Whether on the job or with life in general, the more you can do things with the highest of integrity, the better. Sometimes this may mean relying on yourself and listening to your own intuition instead of blindly following authority (something you’ve never been one to do, anyway), so step up and take the lead, and be the example that someone else may need!


7 of Swords

Self-doubt can get the better of you sometimes, leading you to believe that you need more and more in order to prove that you’re already good enough. If you are torn by two opposing urges: to step out and shine vs. to hide and endlessly prepare, to go for the gold vs. settling for just okay – I have a feeling that going for the one that makes you profoundly uncomfortable will be more rewarding for you and everyone else in the long run. Yes, it’s about pushing your limits and really challenging yourself to bring your best. Only you will know when you’re settling and when you’re really stretching yourself, so check in with yourself often. Living this way takes effort and doesn’t allow you to slack off, so it can get tiring, but if you are here to contribute your unique talents and gifts, then there’s really no other way! And the world needs you to shine right now, dear Sagittarius. Never doubt it. Challenge yourself now so that when unexpected challenges come, you will rise beautifully to the occasion and be the leader everyone needs in these times.


Hanged One, reversed

You’re being asked to go within this month, dear Capricorn, and to trust. It’s not the most comfortable thing for you, but I’m sure you’d have realized by now that the theme of this year truly isn’t about comfort! You’re learning to navigate the space between wielding your will and trusting in the Divine, and learning to blend the two seamlessly. It’s a long process that doesn’t happen overnight, especially when we spend so much time being told that we need to ‘go out and get it’, an impulse that is natural to you. This time, you’re being held back a little bit more so that vital information can come to you. Acting deliberately or even not at all will be beneficial for you this month, if you are faced with a crossroads. Sit with things for a while longer, and take the opportunity to explore your relationship with the Divine. Do you believe that you are in charge, all of the time? When do you tune in for guidance – only when in dire need of help, or do you start off the day asking for the highest to be done through you? In other words, are you co-creating with the Universe? It’s a great month for redefining this relationship, perhaps the most important relationship of all (other than the one you have with yourself!)


4 of Cups, reversed

Are you feeling like you’ve been in a rut, recently? It’s a strange feeling to have because everything on the surface seems to be going well – in fact, you may have been getting everything that you wanted. So why this feeling? Well, sometimes it’s a matter of having neglected yourself emotionally and spiritually, and because these aspects of yourself are as vital as breathing, you will end up feeling parched and dry, and stuck in a rut. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this. It’s time to reconnect to simple joys: remember, you’re in the world, but you’re not of it. Being around materialistic norms and other societal conventions can be draining on you – think of yourself as a mermaid! Too long on land and your wonderful scales dry out. So go and dip into fantastical waters, shake off those conventions and let your hair down. Really get back in touch with what truly makes you glow, and you’ll be feeling better in no time, dear Pisces.


9 of Pentacles, reversed

You’re always fearlessly diving into the unknown, dear Aquarius, and it may seem to others that you don’t have any worries or cares. When in fact, you’re loathe to admit to others that of course you do have them, you just like dealing with them privately, in your own particular way. This month, fears of scarcity and of not having enough will come up for you, and may nag at your psyche. Digging beneath these fears, you’re really being asked to choose – do you go for that risky thing that your heart is nudging you towards, or do you choose the safer, more secure but possibly soul-deadening route? Or is there an option in the middle? The guidance here isn’t just about choosing one over the other, but it’s also about knowing why you’re making the choices you do. Are you acting from the belief that you will be supported if you go towards growth and expansion? Or are you acting from a place of fear and constriction? Know that no matter how legitimate these fears may have been for you in the past, it’s firmly a thing of the past now – but only if you’re willing to let go. It’s safe for you to move forward with confidence, so breathe through those feelings and take it one step at a time.


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Your August 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Keywords: Changes, shielding, balance

August is a month filled with cosmic activity, where you will more directly feel the hand of the Divine more so than any time of the year. To manage changes with as much grace as you can muster, conserve your energy and devote it to consolidating the changes that have taken place this year. It’s meant to be an introspective month for many of you, a reworking of your internal landscape to make it a nurturing, life-giving one – an inner world that’s sustaining and supportive of your long-term growth. Weed out things that are no longer working – including outmoded beliefs and unhelpful self-criticisms. Your soul purpose will come into clearer focus and the urgency to be on path will reach a fever pitch – taking the time to anchor yourself in daily routines and practices that bring you calm and consistency will help you to stay balanced.


8 of Cups

When dreams are in the process of being made real or brought down to earth, a sense of loss can often accompany it. You start to get to know what’s possible, what’s practical, and sometimes that means making adjustments to your plan of action. That doesn’t need to be discouraging though, because that is really all just part of the process! Your initial vision was needed to give you that fire and courage to move ahead and make the leap – now, you’ve collected more information in order to tweak and improve your plan. Be brave and willing to let go of what’s not working in order to move closer to what does. It’s not meant to be a straightforward process, so lose those beliefs that only get you down! Such as “I’m not good enough”, “This all sucks let me just stop, why did I start this in the first place…” The creative process is non-linear. It’s meant to feel this way. You may also want to assess your tribe – are you surrounding yourself with people who are supportive of your growth? The truth is, once you commit to your creative process, you do need to be ruthless about protecting and nurturing it, including shielding it from harsh influences, premature judgements and non-constructive criticism. Make choices that help keep you committed to your growth, dear Aries.


4 of Pentacles

This is a restorative month for you, dear Taurus. Change isn’t your favorite thing and it can often even be a physically painful thing for you – you tend to process changes with your body. Which is why in August, it’s important to take it easy and do everything with self-care in mind. It’s also a month where you will be acutely aware of all your give-and-take transactions: where do you sell yourself short? Where do you over-give? Why do you even give? Is it from an overflowing cup? And also to consider the feelings you tend to have around the action of taking, and look a little deeper into the reasons behind those feelings. Do you take because you feel it’s fair and you deserve it? Or do you settle for less than you deserve and then act out in some way, on someone else… Deep in your heart, you have already been tussling with these questions for a while. The rule of thumb here is to know that giving more doesn’t necessarily make you more generous, especially if it comes at the expense of your own health and happiness. Prioritize yourself, your time, energy and resources and the rest will fall into place. Those who truly value and respect you will know how to respect these boundaries as well.


6 of Cups

It’s a month of appreciating the simple joys in life, dear Gemini, especially if things have been feeling heavy and confusing for you recently. Taking time out to rekindle old hobbies and rediscovering creative pursuits will bring you a lot of respite and solace. This year has been about understanding the role of small, earthy comforts, and finding joy and purpose in it. Often, we look around at the madness around us and can feel disoriented and in despair. But there is goodness in life – the kindness and good will of friends and family, little things that bring you happiness and fulfillment. It’s also about sharing that simplicity with others – if you observe others taking things hard or making things complicated for themselves, you can be there for your loved ones by showering them with affection in the simple ways – small acts of service, a listening ear, and showing up in real life, not just over text. You’ve learnt so much about stepping back and seeing things through a larger perspective, and you have a lot of wisdom to share. Speak up and offer your views, they will be valuable to others. Let the feeling of ‘This is enough. I have enough’ be your mantra for this month, and you will be that much-needed grounding force in others’ lives.


Ace of Cups

It’s been kind of a bumpy ride for you this year, with all its ups and downs, and you’re feeling like you just want to get off this rollercoaster now! This month will bring to you an emotional renewal, a sense of finding new joy and purpose. It feels like a shift in perspective more than anything else – like realizing a hidden gift in a challenge, or discovering grace in a time of adversity. I won’t lie to you and say that all your difficulties will go away and everything will be instantly better, but know that with every challenge you ARE getting stronger, and in this way, things get easier and easier to manage over time. Sometimes reality is harsh and it’s hard to deal with that – especially being the one who feels all the feelings, all of the time! All you want to do is curl up under the covers and hide from the world sometimes. But know that this month you will discover new strength, simply by being brave enough to meet all the uncertainties in your life without flinching or shying away from them. The world needs more people like you who are willing to feel their feelings and be stronger for it – and this month, the more open and vulnerable you are about sharing your true self, the less alone you – and the others around you – will feel. Open your heart and share the love, dear Cancer. It’s your superpower.


Priestess of Wands

You’re in your element this month, dear Leo! If you haven’t been feeling motivated about things lately, you’ll soon feel a sense of vitality and creative power. It’s a month of putting things into action and nurturing their growth. Your projects DO have promise, your ideas are valuable, and it’s time to really see this and value it! This time around, it’s a little different. You’re more grounded, in a less of a hurry. You’re taking your time instead of trying to get ahead of yourself, and that’s all good! This is you drawing upon your gift of creating with your inimitable leonine heart while being present with the process. Just by being increasingly comfortable in your skin, you will have the power to touch others around you, and awaken them to their own gifts. Your creations are also very much needed by others – so keep on keeping on, dear Leo. It’s your time to shine.


Wheel of Fortune

This is a month where the decks are reshuffled for you, dear Virgo, based on decisions you made in the first half of the year. Things will start clicking into place – you will see how some decisions are paying off while others may not have quite made the mark as you hoped. It’s all good, as this is valuable information to help you to prioritize and focus your efforts for the rest of the year. Either way, it’s a time when you can start seeing these changes take place in your life in a very concrete way. In fact, for those of you who have been quietly preparing for a while – perhaps your entire life! – you’re entering a time where you will be called to step up and be counted. You will be called upon for your experience and expertise, your wisdom and intellect. If you’re the eternal student, constantly feeling like you’re not good enough – well, you’ll soon see just how in demand your ideas, wisdom, and experience are! It’s not possible to have perfect knowledge, so know that you CAN keep learning, while teaching what you already do know at the same time. Dear Virgo, you are ready. You are already good enough. So go out there and allow yourself to be seen and heard.



You have an innate sense of justice – for you, seeing the inequities that exist in society today leaves you feeling angry one minute and grief-stricken the next. And that’s in fact a very natural, sane response. Why wouldn’t you be mad at what’s going on right now? However, in August, it’s a good time for realizing that your emotional responses, while 100% valid, can sometimes lead you to hurt yourself, and inadvertently hurt others around you, too. This month, let your emotions inform you, instead of incapacitate you. Realize that human nature is what it is – and that you can free yourself from rage and sadness by simply taking action and knowing that nothing can be resolved overnight. It’s a marathon, dear Libra. Make the road ahead easier for you by knowing that if you’re woke, all you gotta do is to keep up the work to stay woke, and accept that not everyone is willing and able to do that right now. Forgive others, and forgive yourself for being human. Everyone is on a journey.


8 of Pentacles reversed

The more you want to check out this month, the more you need to dig your heels in and resist, dear Scorpio. This month is calling for your ability to be meticulous, precise, and dogged in your pursuits. If you’re finding it difficult, you’re meant to dig deep and look for the greater purpose in why you do what you do. So, why do you do what you do? Are you filling your life with things that bring you joy and fulfillment? Do you find meaning in your pursuits? These questions can be overwhelming, I know, so you don’t have to find the answers to them right away, but ignoring them isn’t the best solution either. All you need to do is pay attention to the feelings that come up as you tend to your obligations. Take any sense of dissatisfaction as a sign to examine your priorities – maybe something has changed for you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it just yet. Persist. If you can’t change your obligations, find a way to change your attitude about them. Sometimes the things that pay off the most are not enjoyable – but as long as you can find something about it that drives you and keeps you going every day, you’re on the right track.


2 of Wands

Dear Sagittarius, you’ve been dreaming of wide open, lush green pastures, as far as the eye can see – but recently, you may have been feeling a little hemmed in and more bogged down by obligations than you would like. This feeling can sometimes get you feeling restless and bored – however, the message for you here isn’t to Get Real, Be Practical for its own sake – rather, it’s really telling you to focus so that you are able to concentrate your vision and turn it into a concrete plan for yourself and others. Your ability to be optimistic, your vision for growth and your faith in humanity are invaluable in these times. Still, this can only be helpful to others if you can stay for a while and discipline it enough to share it with others! And I know, the word discipline can be ugh, but it needn’t be a boring, terrible thing. Discipline can simply mean: giving yourself structure so that your talents can shine. How about that? Redefine it for yourself. You have a mission: you have been charged with the important task of bringing down divine power to the Earth and making it personal and practical for others. Yes, it sounds grandiose, but it is the truth – and you more so than anyone else require challenging visions to motivate and sustain you. So paint it in broad strokes, and keep it in your mind’s eye at all times as you move towards it.


5 of Swords

Dear Capricorn, your patience is called upon this month. It’s not easy being the one who sees the things that need to be done, the changes that need to be made, and sometimes feel like you’re the only one who’s giving a damn about them! Everyone moves at their own pace, and you can only do your part. It’s not your responsibility to make sure others do theirs – and you do have to accept that there may be other forces at play that you have no control over. There is a chance of conflict this month, and the need to defend what you do – know that as long as you are aligned with what feels right to you, there is no need to explain yourself to others, especially those who are only getting in your business because they feel threatened! As best as you can, do what you have to do and be the peace at the eye of the storm. It’s not worth your time to be sucked into needless drama. On the flip side, if you’re the one feeling like you need to tell others what to do, consider that your way may not be the best way for someone else… Find your quiet, still center and approach things from that peace within you. Live and let live is your mantra this month.


Knight of Wands reversed

This month is calling for a reassessment in some of the ways you tend to approach things, dear Aquarius. You’re known for quick action, lightning fast impulses, and flying by the seat of your pants in many ways. You respond quickly, and are often able to grasp any situation intuitively, thanks to your sharp intellect. However, this month, things are taking its time to unfold. This is why you may choose to delay the time between perception and action. Take your time to watch and wait, and let things unfold and show themselves to you before jumping in the fray or pushing too hard. This period of time is teaching you the gift of good timing, of not forcing things, and of simply riding the waves of serendipity so that you can get to where you need to be without as much effort. Ultimately, it’s about trust. Do you trust in a higher power? This new way of being is here to stay, and August is a deeper level of initiation into it. Once you develop a good sense of how things flow, you will find that reaching your goals will require much less effort than before, and you’ll be able to take delays and setbacks in your stride.



This is a month that favors introspection and doing things that require behind the scenes work, dear Pisces. It’s not a time to show everyone what you’re up to just yet, and it’s important to keep some things under wraps lest you lose steam or the stimulation you need to get things properly off the ground! The pace of this year is about taking steps forward, then taking periodic breaks to recollect and consolidate changes. It’s about integrating wisdom before moving ahead – and in this year where rapid changes are happening, taking the requisite downtime to recuperate becomes very important as a kind of self-care. It also seems as though you are taking on the burdens of those around you, and worrying about others’ needs and wants incessantly – know that while it’s often in your nature to want to help others out and even give to the point of over-giving, know that you can only do so much. Make decisions in your best interest, and keep the faith that as long as you do your part, things will fall into place – even if they don’t live up to your expectations of how it’s supposed to look. It’s not your job to rescue others from their own journeys, dear Pisces.


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“When will I meet the one?”


“Is he the one?” “When will I meet the one?”

That’s probably the most common question I get.

My answer is: I don’t know / Perhaps

I wish I could tell you, I really do.

But I can’t.

For a very important reason.

In wanting romantic love, we actually get to know what our ideals are in the process of desiring it.

For example, you may be looking for someone who is kind, handsome, smart and athletic.

This actually tells you something about you, and the things that you like, the qualities that you value. This tells you who you are willing to give your love to. This could also tell you more about what you have been taught to love, what you think you deserve, and how love has felt like to you in your life thus far.

In the Western world especially, when so much comes down to Self Determination and having #Goals and effortfully working towards something, it’s no surprise that one works towards Manifesting a lover, vision boarding a soul mate, drawing up a 5 year plan, Pinterest-ing an entire wedding.

But see, the Universe doesn’t work like that.

The Universe laughs in the face of our checklists and plans.

Because the Universe wants to bring you love with a capital L, it wants you to know the real deal. All of our checklists of wants and wishes and desires pale in comparison to the blazing flames of Love.

Sometimes the Universe even brings us what we think we want, in order to show us that it isn’t really what we want. It all looks good on the outside. But while we’re in it, and experiencing it, something feels off. It feels like we should be happy because we have what we want, yet… There’s a disconnect.

At this juncture, we are being given a choice. Do we dare dig deeper to find out what the root of our discontent is? Do we dare ask questions, which may rock the very foundations of our deeply cherished assumptions and illusions? Do we really want to find out the Truth?

See, Love burns everything down in its path that is Not Truth.

It burns down ego constructs, it burns down vanity, it burns down things we do for the sake of appearances, it burns down false gods and masks and all manner of things. It shows us where we cling on because of old wounds, it tells us where we are lacking self-love.

And not everyone is ready for this.

And there is no judgement in this. It is not an easy process, not for the faint of heart. It requires you to leave everything behind that you once thought of as You. You – with that career, that image, that carefully planned out future. All of it, razed down to the ground. It asks for your sacrificial cow, slaughtered. It asks that you release your sweaty grip on your attachments, finger by finger, and asks that you dare to believe that’s what’s meant to be yours will come, what’s meant to stay will stay.

We are all asked to step up to this plate time and time again, to see if we are ready to open up to Love – not as just a one-time thing, but again and again throughout our lives, to open deeper, wider.

But it is 100% up to each of us as individuals whether we accept the challenge.

Sometimes we have to retreat to understand ourselves deeper. Sometimes we have to retreat to lick our wounds. Sometimes we have to fall back to gather strength. And sometimes it’s simply not the right time (or lifetime yet). And there is no judgement in this. All in divine timing.

The whole concept of Twin Flames is really a decoy. As humans, we long for that romantic partner. The concept of The One that is fed to us in popular media. Twin Flames tempt us with the image of an intoxicating romance, the missing piece of the puzzle, the one whom we can be safe with forever.

But the true purpose of a Twin Flame is to open us up to Divine Love. Love with a capital L. Universal Love. Love for all beings. The kind of love that breaks us open.

It shows us that yes, there may (or may not) be another human being exists who demands that you face yourself; that you are willing to fall apart to be put back together again. This may be in the form of one person, or they may come to you in many forms: the people you pass on the street, a friend, an enemy, family.

But with this person(s), if in your life for your higher good, there lies no safety. You will not be able to retreat and go to sleep forever. This person will show you that to hold up your end of the relationship, you will have to heal, to grow, to open. And to keep opening. And that they will have to do the same.

(PSA: None of this ever, ever, ever justifies abusive behavior, whether you believe they are your soul mate or twin flame or past life lover or whatever.)

The irony is that when come face to face with Love, many run.

It’s too painful. Ego barriers are broken down, the concept of The One is completely turned on its head. Many cannot bear to give up what they have carefully built as their ego identity because they dare not discover what lies beneath.

Shame, pain, abandonment, fears, monsters – all buried under years and years of careful cultivation and concealment. Would I still be worthy of love, if I confront where I was not loved, where I had been hurt, where my wounds were ignored? Where I was simply Not Good Enough?

The answer cannot be reached through logical analysis. The truth is Divine Love wants you to know that you are 100% worthy of love and wholeness. That you are already whole, you are already healed. That you ARE love. That you no longer have to keep on grasping for things to fill that hole within you, the hole that was caused by other imperfect humans trying to get to know Love, that can really only be filled by getting in touch with yourself and sitting within the embrace of the Divine.

And yet the world with all its illusions are too enticing, too seductive. Many keep on searching, seeking for the one outside of ourselves.

If you are asking, “When is my one supposed to come?” “Is he the one?”

I don’t know. But the Universe will keep bringing you opportunities to get to know Love, to open yourself up to Truth, to shatter illusions.

That Love is already here, that you no longer have to seek. That you are already whole, healed and good enough, and that even when the other appears, it will be as a bonus, a physical manifestation of the Love that is all around us.

The secret is: You have always been the Love you seek.

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June 26 – July 2 / Lightening up

Hello, wise ones.

If you’ve been feeling super serious and mulling over major life decisions recently, you aren’t the only one. With confusing world events and harsh energies to deal with, it’s a lot for anyone to take! As we step into a new paradigm, simultaneously moving towards the new while being grounded in the present can also be a tricky balance to navigate. Maintaining this tension takes energy, presence of mind, and stamina. And like an athlete, this requires training and self-care, balancing out a time of action with a time of rest and recovery, seriousness with joy and equanimity.

Check in: where have you been experiencing an imbalance recently?

This week, it’s a time for lightening up by consciously seeking out activities that take you out of your mind (in a healthy way!). Always factor in joy – it’s often a neglected ingredient that makes all your plans enjoyable and actually sustainable. One easy way to start connecting with the joyful kid inside of you is to go play – and to do things simply for the sake of enjoyment. You don’t even need a lot to start doing that – for example, it can even be about taking the time to enjoy dressing in the mornings, delighting in colored markers, taking time to be without needing to do, even if just for an afternoon. It’s summer in the Eastern hemisphere, and the perfect time to unwind and let yourself unfurl…

“The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous.” – Margot Fonteyn

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June 12 – 18 / Integrity.


Jaguar from Medicine Cards, 2 of Wands from Motherpeace tarot 

Hello, wise one.

This week, there could be a temptation to act from our baser instincts. To control, to manipulate, in an attempt to move things along quicker. Our world leaders aren’t exactly showing us the best ways to behave right now (though arguably, they have never exactly been the best exemplars), and as much as people say they ‘aren’t into politics’, the caliber of our leaders – of all kinds, in all spheres – does matter. Leaders set the tone, they legitimize behaviors, they demonstrate the standards to aim for. In today’s world, we are being asked to hold ourselves up to impeccable standards. To the best that we can ask of ourselves, regardless of whether we see evidence of it in the outside world or not.

Don’t allow others to dictate the standards you set for yourself. 

So slow down, and as you look ahead, consider the other and the impact your actions will have on them. It’s also important to consider your plans within a larger picture, beyond simply something that serves your ambitions. How are they contributing to the world? Maybe that seems a little too lofty a goal. Perhaps you can think of it as: who are you serving? How are you touching their lives? Do you truly embody the message you are trying to convey?

These days, any kind of fluff or obfuscation will not stand the test of time and will quickly be revealed to be the sham that it is. You have to walk your talk. We are all being asked to walk our talk. Beyond pretty pictures on social media, we are being asked to stand up and be counted. On the flip side of it, if you are prone to imposter syndrome: know that if you are acting from an authentic place of power within you, that is already enough. You don’t have to be a superhero or Wonder Woman to do something truly special. Speak up and and act from the heart. You are already enough.

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Your June 2017 Wisdom Scopes


The theme of this month is truly about overcoming. This is a powerful month for breaking through self-imposed barriers, or those put in place by others, that tell you what you should believe and act when it comes to money, relationships and your whole way of being in this world. Deep recalibrations are happening now, all to bring you into greater alignment and sacred union within yourself. What could this mean in practical terms? There may be a sense of cognitive dissonance, as you go through the motions acting as you normally would, but something doesn’t feel quite right… Or, some things that used to matter just don’t anymore. Events that happen this month are meant to tell you what just doesn’t work any longer, and for you to consciously move beyond them, rather than an attempt to stop you. Groundedness and a simple daily practice will help you process these changes and guide you to ground your actions in the world.


Knight of Cups reversed

You’ve been busy, busy, busy! Something tells me you’ve been up in your head too much and you’re even starting to resent the thing that gave you so much joy and fun in the first place. This isn’t a sign to quit, rather, it’s a sign to pull back a little and give yourself regular timeouts. You’d find, in fact, that things are going well – and that your anxieties aren’t exactly a reflection of reality. This could also just be a sign to tell you that you’re not meant to approach your new interests and passions with old methods and attitudes – that pushing ahead and expecting things to go on your schedule just doesn’t work when it’s about birthing a creative project, or approaching this stage of your life in general. Instead, keep your to-do lists loose and flexible, and research new ways of keeping track of your goals and tasks. What can help you keep on track, while giving you the freedom to dream and imagine? That’s the balance to explore this month. (Hint: the answer doesn’t lie in doing more!)

A little clarity will go a long way. Check out some of my offerings here.


4 of Cups reversed

Recently, you’ve been noticing that you have a lot more options than you thought you had. That things don’t have to be a perpetual struggle or be so difficult to be worthy. That choosing what feels good to you doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a cop out. Like a river, you’re flowing around obstacles instead of bumping heads with them. And that’s a really liberating feeling, isn’t it? This month, you will continue to heave yourself out of any self-imposed ruts, and start flowing again towards a freer and more open mindset. This may include letting go of some ideals that have just proven unreasonable, old hurts and resentments that don’t do anything but weigh you down, and other fears that may have kept you in one place, unable to move forward. You’ll find that you’ve actually grown way beyond all of that – your soul doesn’t stop wanting to grow despite strong protestations from your ego – and if you keep looking forward instead of back, you’ll end up in a far more empowered position by the end of the month.

Find your flow. Check out some of my offerings here.


10 of Cups reversed

This month, your perfectionist tendencies may come into play, dear Gemini. You’re never one to settle for ‘just okay’, and you tend to want to improve and do the best you can. While under certain circumstances, this sets you up for success (most likely in academics or your chosen career), this doesn’t always serve you well in other areas of your life. Relationships aren’t projects, people aren’t meant to fit into neat categories. They’re meant to be messy, imperfect human beings and that’s okay… So that means appreciating them for who they are, and approaching any ‘mistakes’ or ‘imperfections’ as simply part of a person’s whole and unique character instead of something to fix or change. More importantly, it’s about appreciating the people around you and all the wonderful intangibles they bring to your life, and really looking to see all the goodness that your life is already overflowing with. Take a moment for gratitude and whatever comes next will simply be a nice bonus.

Identify the blessings in your life. Check out some of my offerings here.


Ace of Wands reversed

This month is going to be a time when new beginnings are starting to take root tangibly – this means you will start seeing a move in location, change in career – all happy, joyful things. And yet there may be also be some difficulty in finding your focus, a dissatisfaction that you may not be able to put your finger on. And truly, this month is a tricky one because it isn’t that things aren’t going well for you – in fact, they really are – but it’s about being able to keep yourself motivated despite any moments of doubt. Sometimes, it’s just about doing it even when you don’t feel like doing it in the moment. Planning, organization and self-discipline may not be your favorite words, but this month, if you are able to stick to your purpose and get things done anyway, you’ll find yourself relieved to have done so at the end of the month. It’s like putting off going to the gym or yoga for ages, finally going – and then realizing after the class just how good it feels – and wondering why you put it off in the first place! So stick to your guns, dear Cancer, you can do it!

Start off on the right foot. Check out some of my offerings here.


7 of Swords reversed

Sometimes, you pride yourself on keeping yourself one step ahead of others. You like to look ahead for any possible signs of danger, and be the one to warn others of any obstacles ahead. And this is something that’s really wonderful and a sign of your leadership qualities! There can be times, however, when it pays off to simply be in the present moment, because no matter how powerful your sense of foresight is, you have to allow room for surprises – pleasant ones – and to trust that people can exceed your expectations! It’s tough when you have programmed yourself not to be disappointed by others, and it can feel so vulnerable to simply decide to trust others sometimes, but dear Leo, this month you will find reasons to be pleasantly surprised. It’s also about having the humility to know that you don’t have to strategize or be in control all the time for things to turn out well. Just do your part, do it with integrity, and let the rest take care of itself.

Deepen your trust. Check out some of my offerings here.


6 of Swords

You will experience this month’s energy slightly differently than everyone else dear Virgo, because you have been intensely tested this year, and have already wrestled with a lot of the conundrums that some other signs will be stepping into. This will be a month of healing and recalibration for you – and while the word ‘healing’ has been much overused in recent times, you will see evidence of this in your life as simply letting go of many thought patterns that no longer serve. Your internal shifts may be mirrored in your external world – a summer vacation somewhere, a move in your living environment – to signify yet another step in your journey. There is a sense of release as some of the pressure is lifted, and it will be a quieter month suited for regrouping and gathering your strength for the next half of the year. Come July, it will feel a lot different than the first half of the year, which was more about preparation. The next half will see a lot more action and will see you calling upon a more confident, empowered self.

Move on to the next level. Check out some of my offerings here.


4 of Pentacles

June will give you opportunities to choose retreat, dear Libra, in terms of regrouping and conserving your energy. It’s been a whirlwind year of rapid changes and it’s time to reassess where you are at in order to decide where you will continue directing your energy towards, and where to pull back. You may have said okay to a whole bunch of things along the way, but not all of them were necessarily worth your time and energy. One way to decide: are they contributing towards your highest goals and dreams? Or are they simply favors or things you’re doing because you’re afraid to say no to someone? You’ve also been feeling your heart torn by all these different competing needs and causes, and it’s important to see who may be manipulating your emotions to get something out of you. It’s important to be able to take a step back and view things as dispassionately as you can in these circumstances. Be firm, and dare to make decisions from a place of integrity, and you will soon have lots more energy for the things that truly light you up.

Reassess your priorities. Check out some of my offerings here.


6 of Cups

It’s time to savor some simple joys this month, dear Scorpio. Life has been full of adult responsibilities lately, and it’s important to balance it all out with some levity and fun. Your inner child never goes away regardless of the number of hats you don and how much respect you command in the outer world – in fact, it is one potent source of your power. So get in touch with your inner child by allowing yourself to be without doing anything now and then; by doing things that are seemingly aimless, and to see and experience new things. Allow it to be a space where worldly concerns are nothing but background noise. In this world we are in right now, it’s more important than ever to counter all that darkness and hate with love and innocence. Bring wholeness and balance to your month by embracing the child that calls out for your love and attention, dear one. You’ll emerge with a stronger, yet softer, sense of self by the end of the month.

Reconnect with your inner child. Check out some of my offerings here.


5 of Swords

Your mind has been busy lately, and you’ve been trying to juggle competing demands. While it seems as though you have to step up and prove yourself, remember that the only true competition is with yourself. As long as you determine that you are doing your best, and you’re giving it your all, then you’re the one who gets to set the pace for yourself, nobody else. You tend to hold yourself to high standards, but make sure that you’re not trying to give your absolute 100% in all areas of your life – you’re only human! Pick a couple of priorities to focus on. Watch your mind’s tendency to be harsh on yourself – this is the time to be your own best friend. it’s also important to prioritize your own needs in this process too, especially if competing external needs are causing you to lose sight of your own wellbeing. Have your own back.

Be kind to yourself. Check out some of my offerings here.


Page of Pentacles

Having a beginner’s mindset isn’t always the most fun for you, dear Capricorn, because you enjoy feeling a sense of mastery and just plain winning at things. However, in recent times life has gone out of its way to humble you and to help you see that there are things you may not have even noticed the first time around – all ultimately to help you grow as a person. And it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do! (So please recognize that and pat yourself on the back!) This month continues in the same vein, except you are now able to see the lighter side of things and to approach your path with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. Tell yourself that it’s okay to have fun, to make mistakes, because honestly you learn most when you aren’t expecting to be the best at it immediately! Focus on the process and not the outcome, dear one, and you will find that the path on your way to your dreams will become that much more enjoyable.

It’s a learning journey. Check out some of my offerings here.


Knight of Wands

Since last month, you’ve moved on to a new phase of your life, and you’ve been making sense of all the things that have been happening for you. Some of it is so good you’re still trying to figure out if it’ll last or if it’s just a dream! Trust in it, dear Aquarius. This month will be another fast moving one, where you’ll have opportunities to explore new areas of growth and discover new avenues of self-confidence. Your skills are in demand and you’ll have no lack of opportunity to flex them. The best way to make the most out of these energies is to go with those that are the best fit for you, ignore the naysayers, and just go for it. Worrying about outcomes will only slow the flow – and remember to make pit stops to recharge now and then.

Seize those opportunities. Check out some of my offerings here.


Knight of Pentacles

Are you in need of some unwavering doggedness? Some persistency and consistency? If your motivation levels have been flagging lately, it’s one of those times when ‘feeling it and doing it anyway’ will be helpful for you. Sometimes feelings simply aren’t a reliable barometer for whether you should be doing something or not, and this month will give you opportunities to experience this. Now is absolutely not the time to give up – especially if you’ve been frustrated at the lack of progress in one of your cherished projects. See it through then see what happens, don’t jump to conclusions just yet!

Persist. Check out some of my offerings here.