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February 2019 Wisdom Scopes




Hey Aries, how are you holding up? It’s been a fiery start to the year for you: sometimes putting out fires, sometimes battling self doubt. And yet, you’re about to hit your stride – it’s a matter of having a laser focus and tuning out doubting voices both within and without. This journey hasn’t been without its frustrations. In fact, the closer you get to your goal, it seems the more obstacles pop out of nowhere! And yet, you must take that as a sign that you are moving forward, and moving in the right direction. Your ability to overcome has become so finely tuned, that it’s basically impossible to stop you. You’ll be getting an extra blast of rocket fuel from the most unlikely sources this month, too – overhead conversations, the most synchronistic social media post at just the right time – see it as signs of the Universe just cheering you on. The past year has taught you just how strong and tenacious you are, and 2019 will further hone this tenacity. Of course, this must also be tempered by a good dose of reality testing. How are your ideas holding up? Be fearless in your inquiry, troubleshoot, then move forward. Your goals are for your taking, don’t doubt it. 


7 of swords reversed 

Doesn’t it feel good to come home to yourself? You’ve been working through some old patterns of spreading yourself too thin and borrowing from the future at your own expense, and it’s been an interesting ride, to say the least. This healing continues in February, and challenges will come your way to stress test your new found skills and resolve. It’s about developing mastery over some of the thought patterns that have tended to faze you in the past: e.g harsh self-criticism, baggage from past unpleasant experiences, exacting standards… you will know your own particular brand of poison! Ways that you used to abandon yourself or put yourself last have become way too glaringly obvious to ignore. Know that you have what it takes to overcome even your most stubborn habits and thought patterns. Mindfulness and not beating yourself up for any perceived mistake will be crucial in helping you to make this journey a lot smoother and gentler on yourself. Most importantly, this process of getting real with yourself will allow you to attract what you’ve truly wanted all this time: solid relationships, stable partnerships, a sense of ease and joy. The more you prioritize solidifying these feelings within yourself, outside of any external validation, the more you will emerge with an unshakeable self-confidence.


5 of cups reversed 

Letting go and moving into a new phase of your life has been surprisingly emotional for you. It’s surprising to you because, well, being adaptable has always been one of your strengths. Change? Keep them coming! And yet you find yourself feeling wistful, hopeful, excited, grieving, joyful … all at once. There has been also a sense of loss involving the letting go of a path you’ve been treading on for a while. It’s like a new emotional world has opened up to you, and colors seem brighter, sensations more vivid and immediate. It’s kind of trippy, and yet it feels so right, despite it all. This month, focusing on the things that are blooming in your life will serve you well. New prospects are coming your way. New opportunities will pop up, seemingly out of the blue, and any accompanying financial worries will be resolved in their wake. You are moving into a period where you are more in touch with what really drives you, and with what brings you joy (versus just purely material or security related goals) –  and you’re a lot more in tune with what you are really capable of bringing to the table in order to bring more abundance into your life. You have plenty to look forward to, dear Gemini. Focusing on the highest will get you to where you need to go. 



These days, the world feels like it’s ending… in a good way. Things you never thought you could let go of: easily released. People you thought you couldn’t live without? Not so much, not any more. And instead of feeling like it’s just been a bunch of losses, you’re feeling surprisingly… free! The truth is you are learning what really matters to you, and what really, truly, doesn’t. What was simply a matter of cultural programming and external expectations versus a true soul stirring urge. Your tribe has always mattered to you, but when it requires you to remain small – are they truly your tribe after all? It’s a time of expansion, of growth, of freedom and of new possibilities – it can feel scary and liberating and all kinds of emotions may come up. Let them flow. You are experiencing how it feels like to live embodied, instead of simply in your head. This is your new way of being. You are plugged in to universal guidance, and you of all signs have always had a special connection to the wisdom that comes with flowing freely with your emotions, without attachment. Be ready for new beginnings, especially in March. Be prepared to let a few things go for good in February. You won’t be disappointed. 


Priestess of Wands

This year amplifies your magnetism tenfold – so be sure you are intentional about what you want to pull into your life! Fleeting highs and superficial interactions no longer satisfy – you’re seeking a deeper meaning to the creations and manifestations you have in your life, and what makes you truly stand out as an individual. When you listen to your heart (instead of, say, your audience’s approval or applause), you can’t go wrong. You can get a great deal accomplished this month – whether it’s partnerships, funding, green light for projects to go ahead – expect things to unfold with ease, especially when mind, body and soul are aligned in your efforts. January already gave you a peek into the gifts that the year is about to bring you, so remember to prioritize joy and creative self-expression, and you’ll be on the right track. Many of your best impulses will come from intuitive nudges, Dreamtime, snatches of overheard conversations – piecing them together will be the fun part. This is how the Universe has been co-creating with you recently; embrace it! 


4 of Swords

February is a time of great change for you, dear Virgo, and it’s ever more important to prioritize peace and stillness. Your mental energies will require protection as you have been integrating a lot of new information and upgrades in terms of thought patterns and releasing of heavy emotional residue from your body. It’s been a paradigm shift. The old ways are over – defaulting to overanalyzing and exhausting yourself – and it’s now about relaxing in the unfolding of things and divine assistance. Your body is already in the new reality, but your mind simply needs time to exchange some old programming for the new ways of the thinking and being! So practice dropping down into your pelvic bowl and feeling into the future before defaulting to the ways you used to think when pushing and forcing things were the norm. Making this shift requires mindfulness and allowing – for you have already transformed in a fundamental way. Self-care for you has always been about taking care of yourself mentally above all: checking in with yourself regarding the tone of your self-talk and how available you make your mental energies available to others Prioritize an internal stability, seeking security in your own light versus in external sources. This month will see you growing stronger and more confident in your ability to hold yourself steady through growth and expansion. 



Opportunities for a paradigm shift abound this month, dear Libra. It’s about healing patterns that tend to hook you into drama – allowing you to sidestep a lot of what used to be such a drain on your energy. Once you gain a clearer perspective on your hooks, it becomes so much easier to detach with compassion. Blame or shame is no longer necessary. Only liberation matters… this represents a major opportunity for you to deepen existing relationships or move on from those that no longer serve. Not only that, you will be able to relate to yourself with more compassion – and this compassion will ripple outwards to those around you as well. Most importantly, you’ve been getting to know a lot of the ways you tend to cut yourself down: where are you harsh, unrelenting, over-critical? Who spoke to you in those ways first? Where did you learn these ways of self-talk? Once you dig deep to the source of these voices, they will no longer have so much sway over you. It can be scary to confront these patterns, but you are more than able to do so. Freeing yourself means no longer needing to hold on to the story of how you were hurt: focusing on healing the wound and integrating the lesson will allow you to move forward, unencumbered. 


King of Pentacles

Financial matters and material abundance may be on your mind lately, dear Scorpio, and this month will see you being able to magnetize and build on your resources in satisfyingly concrete ways. They relate to your sense of esteem, safety, security, pride and power in this world – and you’ve been in the process of reorganizing what some of these symbols mean to you. The more emotionally oriented 2018 allowed you to transform and clarify a lot of your ideals around wealth and power. And you’re now in a position where you’re confident enough to ask for what you want – and to get it. This kickstarts a cycle for you of accruing wealth and abundance in ways that matter for not just you, but also those you consider your kin. You’re including a lot more people into your consideration set these days, and that’s been a change as well! This materially focused cycle will allow you to further refine your work ethic, partnerships, avenues where you’re devoting your time and talents, and to gain a very objective viewpoint of what you’ve truly got to offer. The path is cleared for you to build and manifest : enjoy! 


4 of cups 

January was an eventful month for you, perhaps in ways that you were not expecting. Emotionally, it may have been trying – a lot of heavy lifting in terms of shifting emotional debris from the past and within current relationships. Worries about your loved ones, anxiety about the future, flashbacks from the past – phew, it was a whole lot! But there were also positives, of course. The tying up of loose ends, opportunities falling into place like magic. The interesting thing about February is that it will offer you a whole lot of emotional respite. Its greatest gift to you will in fact be the utter lack of drama – you will be given a chance to get a breather and process all that has come to pass in January. But you are already tuning in to the year ahead, and maybe your mind is already racing ahead to future scenarios – challenges, obstacles, opportunities and growth. However, can you resist jumping too far forward? Staying present to all that arises is key – and also taking note of all that has already gone well for you so far. Consciously cultivating a practice of listing the things in your life that support you and your journey daily will give you a sense of consistency and grounding. Note how you have never been without what you need to lead you to the next step – this reflects a larger theme in your year, the sensation of always being supported, no matter what. On the flip side, getting to know how you can tend to be habitually dissatisfied can be helpful – what underpins this dissatisfaction? Is it anxiety? Fear of going deeper? Before embarking on new projects and chasing after exciting, shiny new things – consider if they are to fulfill a fleeting emotional impulse, or something that serves your highest and most cherished goals. Asking yourself this question will keep you focused and devoting your energies towards what matters most. 


6 of swords 

You’re journeying to the other shore now and land is in sight this month. The last two months may have felt especially dense and sludge-like to trudge through, and that’s saying something! There’s been some extreme clearing for all of us as we step more fully into a new era of expansion and growth, and for you it may have been about wrestling with some of your most familiar demons, just one more time… Trust that the worst is behind you and this will be a month of healing, moving forward, and having an inkling of the opportunities coming your way. You’ve seen how holding on too tightly to an idea of how things should turn out can be more hurtful than helpful – and it’s best to remain open, aware and receptive. Discernment is key as you continue to ascertain if some people, things or places in particular are right for you. If you’re feeling jolted out of your comfort zone, the Universe is only trying to move you to where you should be. Try not to resist the flow – you already know how strong and resilient you are, you’ve got this! Don’t be afraid to take some downtime for yourself, dear Capricorn. It’s necessary to rest and recover. 


2 of swords reversed 

Some of your most stubbornly held thoughts, ideas and beliefs may have been challenged in January, and this trend continues in February. There is a general softening, an ability to see the viewpoints of others without needing to make anyone else wrong; a sense that multiple truths can exist, and that perhaps all shed light on beautiful facets of a whole. This is the general paradigm shift that has been going on for you, dear Aquarius, even if your ego doesn’t allow you to admit it to yourself sometimes! Through this sense of allowing and softening, you have allowed key relationships in your life to deepen and grow richer, and thus made a lot more real in the process. Even if that means people are pushed off pedestals and flaws are revealed, you are appreciating differences a lot more. You’re on track. Most of all, you’re coming into an internal balance that allows you to consider alternate viewpoints without being over critical or thrown off. Others feel safer to share their thoughts and ideas with you – nurturing your partnerships and relationships in the process. This month, continue to allow your heart in: consider context and tone before allowing the sword of your mind to dominate any reaction. In this manner, your relationships will continue to blossom. 


3 of cups 

Joyful celebrations are on tap for you this month dear Pisces; weddings, reunions, large gatherings where you are surrounded by those you love and hold dear. It will be a beautiful time of marking milestones and being held in the presence of those who wish nothing but the best for you. What a lovely time! Allow these happy times to percolate into your soul – hold these feelings in your body and memorize how it feels like. Allow this state of being to be your new normal. For others, it will be a time of attracting new relationships that will be so different than anything you’ve ever felt before – aligned, soul recognition, kindred spirits – you’ll know it by the ease and peace you feel. No pushing or posturing, simply presence. This will be a relatively social year as you will discover new facets of yourself in the company of others: sacred mirrors that will shed light on how you experience and share joy, community and growth. If you’ve been feel isolated lately or just not as in tune with old friends and places you’ve had to let go of, this month represents a real turning point for you. ♥️

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For the broken hearted


If you let love in, love annihilates. Love requires one to die over and over again. Old habits, ideas of who you are, false programming, assumptions, fantasies about yourself and the other cannot pass muster in these times. Relationships end if they are held together by mere fantasies. If life is showing you these cracks and vulnerabilities in your relationships, good. You are lucky. Life is not allowing you to live half-heartedly. Life does not want you to settle for less than true love.

Love is not always soft and nurturing, it can be violent, uncompromising, even terrifying. (Violent not as in physical violence — but a kind of violence that does not allow you comforting half-truths, and does not attempt to coddle). We can spend our whole lives running away from love, but what we are really doing is running away from life — and ourselves.

In order to know true love, one has to move past the deception that love is something that is only found outside of ourselves, or only exclusively in romantic relationships. That is the type of love that always keeps you wanting, searching, and empty in search of fulfillment.

True love lies in the consciousness that you ARE love.

We are afraid of what awaits at the end of the high, of the honeymoon, of the dwindling light. What awaits in the dark? The abandoned parts of ourselves that we have shunned and rejected, deemed unworthy of love.

When we search perennially for another to love us, what we are really saying is:

“Love the parts of me I cannot love. Show me that it is okay to love the parts of me that I can’t even bear to look at. Show me that I am okay.”

And for that, I have seen people do anything, absolutely anything for that approval. For that signal that we are finally okay, that we are finally worthy of love now.

But inevitably, we will be crushed. We will be heartbroken. Because no one else can love us perfectly, the way we are meant to be loved — by ourselves, first and foremost. Because love is about wholeness, not about looking for that missing piece: it is about accepting our imperfections, and not just accepting them, but holding them in tenderness, in compassion for our own humanity. And no longer turning away out of shame, rejection or despair.

Where is the love? I hear people question. Do you believe in love? As though love is just a mere concept. And it shall remain a mere concept, if one does not move beyond holding oneself in judgement, in separation, in contempt.

In order to be the love that you are, and for that love to be reflected back to you in relationship, you have to start gently excavating the lost, the rejected, the broken, the ugly parts of yourself, hold them up to the light, start to know them, accept them, and say “I see you. It is okay. Just be.”

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Wisdom Scopes Lunar Cycle July 12 – Aug 11


Overarching themes for the month: Look into new ways of getting things done that aren’t about separation or exclusion – looking at the cut off, shadow aspects both within and without, especially in relation to home and family – bringing those aspects into acceptance and integrating them as part of your superpower.


9 of Swords

There can be some worry energy with you this lunar cycle – has the thing you’ve been desiring the most been eclipsing all the joy out of your life? Perhaps it’s time to change tack a little. Prioritize joy. Figure out what made you fall in love with what you do in the first place. Emphasize the process instead of the end result. Whenever you feel like you’re having trouble sitting with the emotions that come up for you this month, dear Aries, remember to write them down or express them in some way. You’ve been too hard on yourself! Remember that you are part of a huge paradigm shift – you’ve been steadily changing your values and your way of life, and this takes time as your body and mind adjusts on every level. It means that you’ve given up the illusion of security for what’s real – following your heart and callings of your soul. Know that any hiccup is temporary and that you’re on the right track. The lesson of this lunar cycle lies in deepening in your self-love and the way you stay with yourself on this journey. You’re not alone; consider giving Source your worries and being open to receiving answers in dreamtime.



This is the last leg of a marathon you’ve been running and all it requires is for you to put your blinders on. Turn the volume down on the doubts in your head, the needless social interactions that only drain or distract you, the things that you habitually turn to in order to numb your senses or drown out how you really feel. Feel what you feel. Own them. And seek to act in a way that honors your feelings instead of repressing or projecting. Sounds exhausting? It doesn’t have to be. Just aim to be with yourself and stay there for as long as you can bear it, and notice when you get the urge to check out. If nothing else, just remember that it’s okay to have those tender, vulnerable feelings. Everyone has them, you’re not alone in feeling this way. This lunar cycle will see you follow something through to completion and emerge victorious at the end of it. So don’t waste your precious energies on fears and doubts, and channel them instead into constructive action. You will feel completely different by the time you get to the next lunar cycle.


Ace of Pentacles

What a wonderful period of new beginnings for you, dear Gemini! You’ve just been through a major milestone (graduation, new job, relocation, decision to move on from something) and though it may have felt long and arduous, you’re now seeing the fruits of all your labor. Thus begins a new phase where you will not only feel like you’re in your element, you will soon be challenged to develop hidden skills and talents. You’ve left behind an old self – the self that brought you to where you needed to go. This phase will bring you material rewards and blessings, so don’t worry if issues of scarcity and supporting yourself are on your mind at the moment. Material issues may be especially pertinent because some of the decisions you’ve made may seem like a ‘downgrade’ on the surface – you’ve followed your heart, but why did that mean also losing some of the comforts you’ve gotten used to? All of that was a process to help you discern what you truly value above all else, and if you paid attention, the sense of fulfilment you’ll get is priceless. This lunar cycle, prepare to do the work of laying down foundations and continuing to tend to your goals. Signs – especially from nature – will be popping up all over the place to tell you you’re on the right track.


Priestess of Pentacles, reversed

Sometimes you doubt that you are being supported, despite all evidence that shows you that everything is conspiring on your behalf, dear Cancer. But these doubts can be easily quelled this lunar cycle, if you constantly come back to counting your blessings. See how you are clothed, fed, how your skills are needed and affirmed, how you have never lacked in the things you need. An easy way to shift your focus away from fears of being unsupported is to focus instead of what you are able to give. Giving is an easy way to connect to a sense of mastery and abundance, especially when you give from a place of true confidence and groundedness in your skill sets. You don’t have to bend over backwards or perform an amazing magic trick, all you have to do is show up as you. The 100%, authentic, not-watered-down version of you. Giving can also look like allowing others to discover their sense of power versus taking care of things for them. Taking a step back can also be giving. Be open to playing around with your sense of abundance, where you may be clinging or grasping, and where you find yourself most fearfully hanging on, gently let go by giving something away.


Daughter of Cups, reversed

Things have changed – you have changed in positive ways, dear Leo, you just have to allow yourself to believe it. Life is continuing to invite you to drop your baggage, in order to bring out your childlike sense of joy and playfulness – will you accept the invitation? If you’re feeling like it’s been hard to let go of certain grudges or hang-ups, it may be helpful to look at where you’re continuing to nurse old wounds. Realize that no one else has power over you unless you allow it, dear one. When you forgive others and yourself, you acknowledge that life is a journey – one where we learn lessons and grow in wisdom. We inevitably make mistakes or hurt others and ourselves in the process, but nothing is ever truly personal – we simply meet those who are mirrors for us on our path. This lunar cycle, the more you can dive deeply into allowing yourself to experience simple pleasures and joys, while realizing that only you are the one who can ‘make you’ feel any kind of way, you reclaim your power and agency, while getting in touch with your joyful spirit. Give yourself this gift, and lose the excess baggage. You will be renewed emotionally by the end of this lunar cycle.



Who holds the ultimate authority in your life? This cycle sees you parsing through the messages you’ve received over the years over the ‘right’ and ‘acceptable’ things to do, and choosing to either make them your own, reject them, or rework them. The important thing to do here is coming to an understanding of where these viewpoints came from, and how you may have internalized some of them without ever consciously making a decision about whether these things feel right for you, the unique individual you are. Yet you’ve also been grappling recently with a need for belonging, a longing for home and rightness of place. To what extent do you blunt your edges to fit in? Where are you willing to do so? Do you dare to simply be your authentic self and watch as your people slowly start showing up in your life? Because it’s already happening. You’re also starting to realize that some of the things you used to reject as too restrictive or ‘old-school’ actually hold kernels of truth or wisdom that you may have too hastily discarded. They’re always there and available for you to rework. Be willing to integrate old with new. You come full circle this cycle, integrating older pieces of you that may have been thrown out with the bathwater in the past.


Ace of Cups

A new sense of self-love and acceptance is available to you this lunar cycle, dear Libra. It’s been a bumpy ride this first half of 2018 as intensity has ratcheted up, especially in the realm of your relationships. That has always been the area where you’ve received the most insights and revelation, growth and challenges. It’s likely that the eclipse and new moon has seen you gain a new understanding of what drives you in terms of the types of relationships and partners you tend to look for in your life. Where there was once a need for power or dominance, you have now greater access to your vulnerability, and a desire to come into balance within yourself so that you may have greater balance within your relationships as well. This is tough work, but you’ve been bravely taking it on! Look forward to feeling freer within relationships. Know that you belong deeply to yourself, and no one else – there needs to be one before there can be two. Remember, the more you know yourself, the more you are capable of knowing the other. This cycle, you will see the birth and growth of many promising new or existing relationships.


Son of Cups, reversed

There is a tendency to isolate into ideals whenever your feelings are agitated, dear Scorpio. This sometimes also looks like falling back onto polarized thinking as a default – making whatever’s bad, ugly, unpleasant all about ‘them’ and ‘definitely not me!’. Conversely, these may be internalized as a deep sense of shame, thinking that you are somehow intrinsically bad just for making a mistake or perceiving yourself as having ‘failed’ in some way. A significant part of your life path is about transmuting darkness and all that’s associated with it, integrating these aspects as a part of your whole – and this sometimes can mean struggling with the hardest, stickiest parts of all that comes with being human. Give yourself a break, dear one. Start with that thing about yourself that you find hardest to love, and see if you can start to come to terms with it by simply refusing to turn away. This cycle, you can find release through music in all forms, being by large bodies of water, or simply allowing yourself to cry. It’s a cycle where the tenderest aspects of you can be held up to the light and loved for all that it is. Offer yourself self-compassion so that it becomes easier to do the same for those you love, too.



The alarm clock has gone off and the ringing is now obnoxiously loud. The heavens are urging you to act on those soul impulses, in order to ensure that you continue to materialize them into reality. It’s also about delineating your boundaries and identifying the lane that you’ll be staying in – your boundless curiosity sometimes means you chase certain distractions, causing you to lose energy and enthusiasm for the stuff that you DO truly care about. This cycle, watch where your attention goes. Harnessing your attention mindfully will help you avoid energy leaks while making sure that what you do want to focus on grows! Organization is key. Putting your ideas down and making them into a workable, actionable plan is so important. See if you notice any resistance coming up as you read this. What are some of your stumbling blocks when it comes to creating to-do lists? Is it boredom? A fear that this would mean less variety, less excitement? A structure will actually set you free, dear one. No longer will you need to spend time making little decisions along the way, when an overarching structure will help you to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. You will be freed up to focus on what truly matters to you.


10 of Swords

You’re coming to an end of a cycle, dear Capricorn, where you learn that pushing on and using pure mental energy just isn’t going to cut it anymore. This is a time where you learn that allowing others to help you, attuning to the natural rhythms of how things unfold, as well as listening and waiting can actually help you to reach your goals more smoothly and with half the effort. You are always being supported, even if the support may come in unconventional forms. This is really just an invitation to more fully embody a lot of the spiritual concepts and teachings you’ve come into contact with – whether it’s cultivating more presence, solitude, gratitude or prayer, you’re being asked to start pulling back on your mental energies while tapping into these hidden resources. The whole point of it is to deepen your connection to Source, which will allow things to flow a lot more easily. Even when the road ahead seems murky. Especially when it all seems murky. This is part of a larger cycle where you’re reworking a lot of your old habits around work, beliefs about striving and pushing, and being way too hard on yourself. Are you ready for things to become a lot easier this lunar cycle? Do you dare to believe that your life could flow with more grace and ease? Once you allow yourself to believe this, dear Capricorn, you’re already halfway there.


10 of Cups

This will be such a lovely period of emotional fulfilment for you, dear Aquarius. So many things are going to show up to affirm that all the (usually invisible) work you’ve put in and the nights you’ve spent poring over your dreams and working hard are now paying off. This will also be seen within your relationships – you will know who your people are, and you will feel immensely supported by them. This is a great time for going out and about connecting with those that you vibe with, showing them support and love whenever you can. There’s a lot of mutual admiration going on here! You may also be seeing a relationship culminate in a serious commitment – this is a positive indication of some of the emotional work you’ve been doing. You’ve become so much more open and communicative, so don’t be surprised if you notice that more and more people are responding to you in open and loving ways. This is especially healing after a period of time that may have been jarring – relationships that have fallen by the wayside and so on. Enjoy this lunar cycle by spending time with your loved ones, basking in the joy you’ve woven around yourself and others.


9 of Cups, reversed

If you knew that you could have anything you wished for, what would you choose? The first thing that pops right into your head may be the answer – but there’s an invitation to go deeper. Could it be that what you want is really the feeling that comes with the thing, rather than the thing itself? Safety, security, freedom – these are usually the feelings that we actually want, not the million dollars, not the dream job, not the ‘perfect’ body. This month, know that you WILL get what your heart desires, perhaps not in the imagined form, but something that will bring you that longed for feeling. All it takes is for you to be open to having your usual preconceived notions challenged a little. The secret is that you can cultivate these feelings without ever materially attaining those things! You just need to be willing to dig a little deeper, and go into some of your more vulnerable feelings, dear Pisces. Once you get to the heart of what you truly desire, you will realize that maybe the form something takes on is no longer important. This is especially so when you truly realize and embody the truth that you already have all you need within you. May your wish be “Only give me what’s meant for me”, and your wish will always come true.

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Wisdom Scopes Lunar Cycle June 13 – July 11


This moon cycle kicks off a period of time where things move quickly – but you’re not just a passive spectator, no. This is directly related to the seeds you’ve planted, the intentions you’ve set, the clarity you’ve recently won and achieved through direct effort. Remember, especially in these times, it’s the change that you make within that matters the most. Shifts in consciousness and willingness to surrender will change the quality of your work. It becomes less about pushing, and more about working with the flows and natural forces of the Universe. When things feel too fast-moving, get grounded, and return to your core again and again. Let this be your practice for this lunar cycle.



The choices you make this lunar cycle will have the potential to bring you ever closer to your true self, dear Aries. And these can seem like the most mundane choices ever: do you choose to go out with your friends for drinks, or do you stay to work on your projects when inspiration has finally struck? Do you listen to others’ ‘rational’ arguments, or do you listen to your intuition? Do you trust yourself, or do you choose to do what’s ‘logical’ and reasonable, even when it doesn’t feel good? When we make it a point to choose ourselves, this process becomes easier and easier, and will be a self-reinforcing cycle of positivity. The fact is, the way you approach this material world is changing. Where you used to act on pure impulse, you now act with more consideration. Where you used to hold yourself back due to fear and insecurity, you now let yourself try and experiment without judgement. This represents huge growth! From this place of wholeness, your creative process will flow so much smoothly and easily. Prepare to amaze yourself by how your work will evolve in leaps and bounds this lunar cycle.



Finally, some beautiful respite and rejuvenation is on the way, and you may already be feeling it. Truth is, you have been through an initiation of a sort, and you are now being reborn, yet another one in a series of rebirths that we’re all constantly being guided through these days! The work you’ve done on consciously surrendering, shedding and reworking some of your most firmly held beliefs and fears are now bearing their fruit. You will be offered a period of respite where you will feel more at home in your skin than ever, and where you feel strong, confident and ready for the next phases of your transformation. This is a phase where you will no longer feel like you need external validation: what you do flows from a place of strength and alignment within you, blessing yourself and the world around you. So do something for yourself this month to nurture yourself: create a ritual to mark your growth, do something symbolic to commemorate your evolution. It’s also an auspicious sign of a profound healing that you’ve gone through – your ancestors’ experiences need not be your own. You are free to carve out your own story and triumph in new ways.



You’ve just been feeling so FERTILE lately – there’s no other word for it. Rich in ideas, creativity, life, joy – it’s all been flowing to you as a result of all these choices you’ve been making to affirm yourself and your worth. This lunar cycle, all you’re being asked to do is to enjoy the fruits of your labor even more deeply, to truly savor them and allow yourself the pleasure of reveling in your human experience. A key aspect of this is to remember that you can actually feel joy every day – it’s not something to be reserved for weekends or off days! Infusing joy and making it a priority in every aspect of your life is the gift you’re being offered this month, and this may mean overturning some traditional ideas about work, and how you’re ‘supposed’ to earn your money or make a living in this life time. Free time to dream and create may ultimately be worth more than the few extra dollars you make working overtime – this month, whenever you’re asked to make any kind of decision around the trade-offs in your life, remember to factor in pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation… You’re now operating in the new paradigm, and all you have to do is allow it to happen by creating a space where you thrive, happily and without outmoded ideas about how it’s all ‘supposed’ to look.


6 of Pentacles

These days, you are growing in consciousness about how much energy you really lend to others in your life – and how that is essential to your wellbeing. You love your tribe, you are uplifted by being around people you love, and yet, you often neglect to give to yourself what you often give to others. This lunar cycle, you will have the opportunity to correct any imbalances and gain deeper insight into how and why you give to others. Giving can sometimes be exalted as a selfless act, but when it comes from a place of wanting to control or exert power, this action becomes subverted and loses its true divine power. Do you give to others because it gives you a sense of security? Or some other motivation you may have hidden from yourself? Know that no other human can give you the sense of security that you crave – you must learn to cultivate it within yourself. And you already have all the tools to do so! This also means that you must allow yourself to receive help and guidance, and truly allow yourself to be vulnerable and open enough to do so. Heavy stuff, huh? Take it one step at a time, dear Cancer. If anything, this lunar cycle is really meant to allow you to develop a deeper sense of trust, within yourself, and with the Divine. From there you will see that things will flow, without needing to micromanage your relationships.


Daughter of Wands

This lunar cycle, your playful, creative nature comes into play, full force. This may be good news for you, especially if you’ve been experiencing a slump lately, or if you’ve been withdrawing or hibernating. You’re learning to observe your own energetic cycles – what lights you up, what shuts you down, and what burns you out. As you increasingly see and respect your own body and its signals, you find it much easier to trust its cues and to rest when you need to, and work when you feel motivated or inspired to do so. This is part of a longer process of you learning how to trust yourself, outside of any larger societal forces or peer pressure you may feel. And it’s been so liberating! While it may have been painful to see certain friends or acquaintances fall away, you’re also giving yourself the gift of feeling more at home in your skin, creative and playful than ever before. This also represents the beginning of a phase of you being more willing to take risks and as well as face challenges with more confidence and grace. You’ve come such a long way dear Leo, and it’s really beautiful to see.


Son of Cups

Joy, savoring the good stuff in life, detaching from the analytical brain – I love this message for you, dear Virgo because there’s nothing more soothing for your soul! Your sharp mind has been on overdrive for this first part of the year, and you’re finally allowed a bit of downtime. You may have been experiencing burnout, a sense of discontent and even unhappiness or resentment creeping in a little bit – all signs of an intellect on overdrive. Remember that while your mind is one of the best tools you have, that’s all it really is – one part of your beautiful whole. Don’t let it run you – you’re ultimately in charge of your mind, where it goes, and what it focuses on … In our society, where the intellect is often prized and emphasized, it takes conscious effort to unplug and tap into the other parts of you – your emotional, physical, and sensual self. It’s time to let the much neglected parts of you out to play, while detaching from so many roles that you tend to take on without complaint. In fact, this is the start of a major overhaul of your working habits: detaching from martyrdom energy, over-exerting yourself… And allowing yourself to not always be the one who knows, or corrects, or notices all the time. Meditation, listening to music, chakra cleansing, being near bodies of water will all be really beneficial for you this cycle. Remember, no project or work endeavor is worth it if you’re just miserable! Take care of you, and the rest will take care of itself, I promise. Trust yourself.



What happens when the mental constructs you use to prop up your world, all fall away, at the same time? You discover your strength, that’s what. And even more than that, you discover that… you’re still perfectly fine. You’re doing great. That your value and your worth come from a far deeper place than status, identity, skin-deep, superficial stuff. This lunar cycle, be prepared for a deep shedding, all the way up to the lunar eclipse in July. It’s a profound time for you when you will be able to see beyond the limiting thoughts and preconceptions that you often wrap around yourself, giving you a sense of security, but can also stifle your free spirit and creativity. It’s a time when you discover truly: You are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings. Strength this month comes from being able to bear witness to your feelings without being unduly swept away by them; from observing yet not judging your experiences; from refraining instead of reacting immediately. All of this will lead you to a place where you can then make choices that are aligned with your highest goals more easily, instead of being pulled a million directions by all the different people who fill up your busy social calendar.


Ace of Pentacles

This is the month where the opportunities you’ve been waiting for will come your way – whether it’s a new job opportunity, an idea, a new life-giving pattern, money – there will be a tangible manifestation of the things that will help you move along on your path. These are blessings, even if they may not initially look like what you thought they might look like, or imagined yourself ever needing. And yet, here they are! The Universe loves to surprise us, so let it, dear Scorpio. The best things in life are absolutely unplanned and this is hard for those of us who enjoy defining our realities to accept. To lay the ground to make these opportunities work best for you, know that you’re not being rewarded for ‘good’ behavior, just as you weren’t being punished for ‘bad’ behavior when things seemingly weren’t going your way. Things happen to move you further along on your soul journey, to learn lessons, to discover who you are and who you’re here to become, and ultimately, to experience your life with more joy.  Observe these blessings as just another turn in the wheel – things come together, and then fall apart all the time. There’s no need to cling or hoard: invest this growth energy in yourself and your vision for a happier, relaxed, version of you.


Priestess of Swords

Trust in your critical judgements this month, dear Sagittarius. Your classic warmth and outgoing nature may be tempered a little as you withdraw to take stock of the first half of the year, plan for your steps ahead, and analytically look at the relationships and career steps you’ve been taking thus far. There’s also a sense of a wounding recently, with regards to feeling like you’ve been taken for granted by loved ones recently, as well as by others who have made the fatal mistake of misunderstanding or trying to manipulate your open and unassuming personality. Isn’t it a trip when people assume that you’re somehow weaker just because you believe in the inherent goodness of human nature?! They are the naïve ones – not you. Because you see so clearly into humanity, you see all its potential for goodness, and you hold its light in your heart. That is hard work. But you are uniquely designed to do this work… It’s just time to use your intellect instead of your heart in this lunar cycle, and to make accurate assessments of how you may need to reshuffle the amount of time you spend around certain people and the influence they have over you. Sharpen your vision this month and trust in what you observe – especially when people repeatedly show you who they really are.


High Priestess

Dear Capricorn, this slippery eel of a year has been teaching you to trust your intuition and not freak out when things don’t go according to plan. And it hasn’t been an easy road, because you’re out of your comfort zone so often, you can’t even see where it is any longer. And yet, this represents such a huge growth and expansion on your part, as you become increasingly used to allowing your drive and creativity to come from a more joyful, fun-loving part of you. This lunar cycle, you’re being asked to trust what’s coming from your gut rather than the things you tend to see out there in the material world. First off – cutting down on your consumption of news media may be a good idea. If the things you’re reading are making you anxious and getting you into a state of analysis paralysis, you’re far better off doing something soothing to your soul instead. Any time the world becomes too much, you’re in a bad mood, or you come up against a sticky situation at work, it’s best to take a step back and get into a meditative space. That’s because your intuitive guidance will be coming through especially strongly this month, and you want to allow it space to reach you! Grounding activities like restorative yoga and moving meditation will be especially beneficial for you. You don’t have to sit still if you don’t want to, but making sure your mind has time to slow down and detach from intellectualizing everything will be keys to a productive, regenerating month.


5 of Pentacles

This cycle, you’re going all in when it comes to your dreams – no half-assing it. And this is really a great thing, because you’re sensing that your dreams are about to become reality – opportunities have been presenting themselves, left and right, and it’s no longer just a distant fantasy. It’s all becoming tangible and real to you, and to firmly bring these dreams down into reality, it does take some elbow grease. “Where you are is not who you are” is a mantra that will serve you this cycle – keeping your eyes to the horizon while you apply effort in the present moment will be the best way to ride this energy. If fears and anxieties ever crop up, look at them squarely in the eye and tell them “I have no time for you” and channel that energy into consistent effort instead. This may take an overhaul of some of your habits and becoming more mindful about the things and media you consume and spend time on. To decide if it’s something worth spending your time on, ask: “Does this serve my highest goals and purpose?” Everything you do matters –  and once you get through this cycle, you will see many beautiful rewards blossom in late summer and into the fall.


Father of Wands, reversed

Recently, your will to create is often thwarted by a growing sense of unease and discomfort around why you’re doing what you do… This represents a deeper level of consciousness and knowingness that’s developing within you, dear one. You’re hearing the call to create from a place that’s aligned with your intuition. Often, you keep many of your intuitive truths at bay because of a deep-seated fear of where it may lead you. Your brain tells you that you may end up broke, homeless, or worse – dramatic scenarios the ego cooks up in order to scare you back into line. And yet, you’re now ready to break free from these binds. Your masculine side is meant to ideally, act on behalf of your feminine – your free-flowing, creative, and fun-loving side. Each time you experience doubts or uncertainties this coming lunar cycle, receive it as a kind of feedback from your intuition that you’re meant to pause and probe a little deeper. Stop and take into account whether some of the things you’ve accepted as just ‘business as usual’ are truly acceptable to you. See if you are able to act differently as a result of taking time out to pause and reconsider. You’re gaining strength and confidence in being able to act from an aligned place from within you, and this is a wonderful thing to behold.

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The Invitation of Heartbreak


Heartbreak invites us back to the drawing board. It reminds us of the possibilities that lie within romantic relationships:

Being together not based on any kind of need or lack, but a coming together in partnership, in support of each other’s growth, companionship, mutual respect and admiration of each other’s wholeness …

It’s no mean feat, it’s a process, it’s a journey, it takes time – but it is possible.

One of the reasons why this ideal is hard:

It’s hard because we’ve been fed too many seductive illusions, and it’s hard to give them up.

We are attached to the fantasy that someone is going to save us from our lives.

We don’t want to give up the hope that someone else is going to make it all feel better, to reassure us that we will wake up to the lives of our dreams, that we are all going to be okay. We want someone to take away our doubts, our insecurities, our uncertainties, our vulnerable, scary feelings. We want someone to wrap it all up in a bow and keep reassuring us day after day, that it’s going to be okay.

We hope that someone else will fill up our emptiness, will patch up our loneliness, will quieten down the big, swooping questioning feelings deep inside, that keep asking of us: “Will you see us now? Will you hear us? Will you answer us?”

And as long as we keep ignoring the gnawing feelings inside, we will keep running up against the heat of burning disappointments, of heart break, of conflict, of separation, of alienation. We will meet and discard lovers one by one. We will place huge hopes on them and be crushed by our disappointment. We will see their light and attempt to warm our hands by it, neglecting our own homes and hearths.

We will insist on controlling everyone around us – our lovers, our friends, our families, every single person we meet – so that they will give us the sense of safety and security we desire. We will not understand their desires to express themselves as who they are. We will exhaust ourselves and run ourselves down in the process of preserving who and what we think we are, ignoring every single sign post that Love has left for us. “Slow down – sit with me. Do not abandon me. I am here.”

And as long as we do not completely own our feelings – and insist on blaming them on the other; as long as we do not start to learn to hold our feelings and when necessary, examine them with a compassionate lens, our heartbreaks will happen on loop, nudging us ever closer to the space where we have to sit, naked and unafraid, with ourselves… without a single illusion to blur our visions and intoxicate our imaginations.

And accept the truth: no one else is coming to make it all okay.

The Sacred Marriage: Your Union with Yourself

What will you do then with your broken heart? What will you do with your feelings of emptiness? What will you do with all your fragile hopes and dreams? What will you do with the voice you’ve choked down in the hopes that your silence will help maintain the peace, will preserve your cocoon, will make everything stay the same?

And this is when the invitation comes: Will you stop running away? Will you stay with yourself, and not seek out another, simply to take those feelings of loneliness away?

Do not fear accepting the invitation, because even as you make the pledge to never abandon yourself again in the hopes of finding love outside of you, you will never be alone. You will have companions on your path. You will have helpers, guides, acquaintances, teachers, friends, strangers all colluding to ensure you get absolutely what you need. As long as you are bravely treading on the path, shedding illusions one by one, you will have absolutely everything you need to meet and guide you.

But first, you have to be willing to give up the illusions that are wrapped around the notions of romantic love.

Will you accept the invitation?


My loves, attachment issues are forged in childhood. Any time we rub up against something that touches a sore spot within our relationships, we are reminded… Of when we were not seen, heard, wanted, loved, the way we needed to be. Each time we are reminded, we have to see, hear, want and love ourselves more. We have to tend and nurture. We have to hold and examine. We can do it alone or in the company of a present and attuned other (like a good therapist). I read such a great line recently, and it said: “It is not possible for us (as adults) to be abandoned, only left. We can’t be engulfed, only crowded.”

Meaning that each time we feel abandoned or engulfed as adults, our sensitive bodies are  only reminding us of the times we felt that way as powerless children, calling out to us to hold and heal these systems. When we repair and heal our systems, relationships will feel so different: we will hold, not cling; nurture, not need; see and appreciate quirks and differences, not harshly condemn and censure; communicate hurts and learn to repair ruptures without exploding. The stable home we hold within ourselves will be reflected in the union we share with the other. There is no other way, yet there are so many ways to get to the same outcome. It all starts with sitting with yourself, learning to hold, accept, and gaze at yourself with love and self-compassion. For those who have experienced trauma – and there are many kinds of trauma in our often violent society – this can be even more challenging. I urge those who have gone through the experience of trauma to not minimize your experience, to seek help, to reach out.

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How to Surrender (Because These Are Some Crazy Times)


These days it’s important to surrender. Why? We’re all being upgraded right now for lives that allow for more joy, less baggage – and it’s full on, constant and pretty intense some days. Seriously, we are just these computer programs due for our next OS update, except these OS updates come every couple of days or weeks now.

The other reason why it’s important to surrender is because we have to allow the Universe to co-create with us to bring about our intentions and our soul purpose more gracefully. Like that struggling, pushing, forcing shit? It’s coming to an end. In order to step away from the dominant masculine way of doing things, we actually have to change the way we approach our lives, and that means surrendering as a way of life. Surrendering moment to moment.

If you’re anything like me, then you would probably find this sentiment to be exceedingly painful on some level. Surrender? NO WAY. I have to take care of everything, it’s all down to me, how can I be sure it will be done just right if I DON’T DO IT ALL BY MYSELF? Trust me, I know. I constantly tend to get ahead of myself because I fear things will not turn out the way I want it to. The assumption here is that what I want is somehow better than what the Universe wills  – and I have been proven wrong again and again that what I want is pitifully less amazing than what tends to unfold when I allow, and surrender to the will and flow of the Universe. (I could give you a dozen examples but first you need to have a day or two to listen to this.)

If you get stuck on the concept of surrendering alone though, it may be helpful to just pause here for a bit, and take some time to explore your resistance. What’s holding you back? What’s a core belief that stops you from doing so? Forcing yourself to surrender will defeat the purpose of surrendering, so ease into it… (Sometimes life will force you to surrender though, so that’s another story… But at this moment, probe gently into your resistance and see what comes up.)

So, on to surrendering…

The way you surrender will have to depend on how you usually tend to hold on to and grip on to things.

For example, I notice that I tend to hold my breath when I’m stressed and trying to control a particular outcome. My body tenses up and I find myself holding it still in a particular position. Once I notice this, I try to breathe deeply once again to allow air back into my body. Noticing your posture is also another way of surrendering. By simply un-tensing your body, you allow it to simply be again.

And honestly that’s what surrendering is all about – just being.

The breath brings liberation – no stale air is allowed to be in your body for long. When you breathe, it’s not possible to hold your breath for longer than a couple of minutes… You have to let it go. You have to give in to your body’s natural rhythms. That is a form of surrender that you already do – every single moment of every single day.

Which means that when you’re asked to surrender – it’s just a matter of doing it more deeply, consciously, mindfully. Because you’re already doing it!

Surrender as a bodily sensation and a physical experience

There are a ton of resources out there that encourage surrendering in different ways, e.g. writing down the thoughts that you want to surrender or repeating a certain affirmation. After some experimentation, I find that the act of surrendering is much more effective for me when my mind is aligned with my body – this is probably a big duh moment for many of you, but for me, someone who’s naturally intellectually-oriented, this took me quite a while to figure out! I thought that since I used to obsess quite a bit, surrendering was just a matter of surrendering those thoughts only.

However, mind-body alignment is everything when it comes to surrendering.

Above all, surrender requires a sense of trust and safety. Our bodies mediate this feeling for us – if our bodies don’t physically feel safe, secure and protected, it’s tough to truly surrender. We will be unconsciously guarding ourselves from attacks or intrusion at all times, and this puts the body on fight or flight mode. Our thoughts will then naturally become tense, anxious or obsessive. There’s then a circular causality: thoughts feeding sensations, and sensations feeding thoughts.

People who have been through trauma of any kind often find their bodies to be in constant hyper vigilance. If this is you, it’s okay. Your body is trying to protect you. And I highly recommend the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. and being super gentle with yourself in this process. Don’t allow your desire to become more ‘spiritual’ or other new age nonsense mess with your healing process… You have to take care of you, first. There is nothing more spiritual than that.

Baby steps to surrendering… 

  1. Notice where you are holding on to tension. Do a body scan meditation – where are you clenching, straining, tensing, or holding? Do you tend to hold on to your breath?
  2. Once you notice it, you could either relax it directly, or clench on to it tighter before relaxing it. You can also look up meditation videos for progressive muscle relaxation to guide you along.
  3. Now notice which thought tends to be on loop in your mind. What’s an outcome you are trying to make happen? What do you absolutely need in your life right this moment? Picture your brain unclenching from that thought and breathe out at the same time. Feel your body relax as your mind releases the thought.
  4. Repeat as necessary, as often as possible.
  5. Take care of your duties, do what you need to do.

The underlying, core belief that drives the act of surrender is this: The Universe will take care of it, and the outcome will always be for my greatest good (even if it doesn’t turn out the way I think it should!)

This is just one of many ways, and is just one method I’m sharing as someone who thought she had it ALL under control. (lol) Certain yoga poses e.g. child’s pose also facilitates the act of surrender; sitting in nature and being awed by its beauty; deep meditation, etc can all be helpful. What’s most important is that you notice your own way of holding on – and explore what helps you to let go.

One final caveat – if you truly have difficulty with the concept of surrendering, I would point you in the direction of looking up first and second chakra issues. Often, our inability to feel secure, trust and let go tend to come from early childhood issues, which also correspond to lower chakra issues. (And who doesn’t have some kind of early childhood issues to look into, especially if you’re in your twenties right now and only starting to process and look back as an adult on your early years?)

So while others may make it sound easy – sometimes the simplest things are really the toughest things. Surrendering is simple, but it’s not easy at all… Especially given the many ways we are raised and taught. So if you find this to be really difficult, then congratulations!!! You’re a human being. Please stop being hard on yourself. The fact that you even want to start is wonderful – think of just how many people go through life forcing and pushing and bullying, and you can imagine just how rare it is that you are attempting something so different from what we were all taught.

That said, I hope you find it a little easier to connect with the concept of surrendering now, and may the Universe bring you all its amazing, wonderful gifts in the process.

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Wisdom Scopes Lunar Cycle May 15 – June 12, 2018



10 of WANDS, reversed

Dear Aries, it’s time to let go of the steering wheel for a minute and let the Universe take the lead. It’s been trying to get your attention, but it has also been waiting patiently while you’ve tried all the tricks in your bag to get things looking the way you want them to. Truth is, anything that hasn’t been working isn’t at all because you’ve made a mistake or done something wrong – rather, it’s because you’re meant to do things in a whole new, different way. Old ways don’t work anymore. New ways may mean waiting to see what your intuition tells you, pausing to rest and play, taking it one step at a time, not planning too far ahead, paying attention to the present moment… Your fire burns so bright, and often this leads to exhaustion or burn out if you aren’t careful. This new way of working means you work WITH the Universe in partnership, directing your fire when you get gut feelings to do so. Let it help you. Allow it to get to you by making room for it. This cycle, your down times will be the best time to connect with what’s larger than you or I. Disconnect from social media and IRL social life to allow yourself space to connect with  what’s essential within you.


6 of Cups, reversed

At this moment, it may be hard for you to believe in the best in people, or to have faith in your path. And no one can blame you, because life has been testing you for a minute! There is a call here to return to the innocence of childhood where the present moment was all you had – think back to a time where you weren’t actively striving or pushing towards something. Try to recall if there was ever a time when you trusted in always being able to get what you need, without fear or anxiety. Because that is exactly what life is trying to show you – that you will always have what you need – maybe not in the exact ways you envision them, but they will show up. You are being taken care of, and any recent detours were most likely ways to protect you from something that may not be the best for you down the line. Things aren’t what they seem this month, and it’s important not to overreact in the moment. Allow them to unfold and take time out to observe before rushing to conclusions.


6 of Swords

It’s funny what time and some perspective can offer us, and for you, there is a deep healing taking place in the ways you’ve been allowing yourself space to simply be. Recently, you may have left a job, situation, or relationship that left you questioning who you are and even losing sight of some essential piece of yourself. That was a scary and desolate place to be, yet you’ve been so resilient and brave, taking actions to put yourself back in a place where you feel much more supported and validated, even if that only source of support lay in your own faith and trust in yourself. This month will see these actions paying off, and you’ll be feeling a brand new burst of energy to explore and discover new opportunities and gifts that are out there, waiting for you. Your journey is one that is testament to the ways the Universe moves in leaps and bounds to meet you whenever you take one step towards your true self, and living a heart-based life. Enjoy this sweet time, dear one, and continue giving yourself permission to break away from old ideas of yourself. You’re blossoming as you follow the sun of your own heart and light.



The more you surrender, the noisier your mind gets. Every step you take towards the unknown, the more your ego wants to pull you back and get back in line. It’s funny how that works, right? It’s not funny when you’re experiencing it though, dear Cancer, and I can feel how much this tension causes you much frustration and confusion. This cycle, it’s time to get intimate with the workings of your mind. Know that it’s the job of the mind to protest, give you plentiful options, doubts, complaints and rebuttals. Know that it’s your job to decide which ones to listen to and which to discard. And when all else fails, know that you do not have to act on anything that your mind says at all. See its noise as the fact that you have been actually so diligently working on following your heart and living in a more embodied way. Ways of being learnt through years of solely intellectual, mind-based education won’t be disappearing overnight, you know?! Above all, you are not your thoughts. Be patient with the ways it communicates with you, and learn to find some humor in the things it chooses to focus on and obsess over. See if you can find some spaciousness between those thoughts… be playful and find freedom in the ability to pause before you choose to speak or act.



Your motivation and enthusiasm has been coming back in recent times, and with it, lots of grand plans, goals and dreams. And that’s all wonderful! A lot of these ideas are worth noting. In fact, writing them down as they come to you will be useful. Yet, there’s a note of caution: there’s a sense that you’ve not been giving your intuition as much air time recently. Making time to slow down and listening to your inner voice is so important in these coming months. Emotionally, there may have been some incidents that have gotten you disheartened and disillusioned recently. This world is rough for those of us want to trust in the light of others, because we often have ample opportunity to witness the darkness instead. And yet this is the chance to realize that what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. The more disheartened and difficult it is to believe in the good of others, the more important it is to believe in the good within yourself, first and foremost. That you have an inextinguishable light within, and you are able to make a choice with regards to the place you want to act from on a daily basis. And in fact, getting to know and understand that shadow will always come with the light can help you to not take either so personally – that it’s all a part of the duality of this 3D world… Tend to your hurt places, and know that your heart was made to withstand these paradoxes. You are here to act as a beacon for others in these times.


2 of Pentacles

First of all, the best thing about this coming cycle is that your sense of humor and fun is coming back after a not-so-brief hiatus. Things have felt so serious for a while now, and you were coping with some heavy things that took up much of your time and energy. The Universe was asking you to take a good look at some of the stuff you keep hidden in your bottom drawers, and if you did not shy away from your most difficult feelings, you are much stronger for it now. As this new cycle starts, a shift can occur where you are trusting more deeply in the Universe. You realize the ease that comes with not taking everything oh-so-seriously. You allow people to just be. You realize you don’t always need to get the last word. You prioritize your well-being over needing to be right. And with this, you are now able to see possibilities where there used to be none. You refuse to let change throw you. Opportunities come your way and you even manage to have fun with them! For sensitive souls, be aware of overstimulation and make sure you get enough downtime during this high-energy period. Know that you have all you need to move your projects forward this month. Stay focused on your goals and don’t let random elements distract you.


Hanged One

Dear Libra, the answers for you this month will come in your not-so-favorite way: chilling and hanging out in the limbo of not knowing. While everyone will be receiving different signals to stop or go, yours is found in the sweet spot of chopping wood, carrying water – keeping up with your usual day to day activities and receiving the inspiration that comes in those mundane moments. This is yet another opportunity for you to harness your energy; instead of dissipating them in social activities that often pack your calendar, carve out some free time for yourself, and resist the urge to make snap decisions or judgements. The time is not yet ripe to do so. That’s because there are some big planetary alignments that are still making their own sweet way in the cosmos, and you play a vital role in them. Instead of seeing yourself as being held back, see this as time to rest, relax, replenish your energy, dream, have fun, reboot your daily habits and routines to make sure they support you. You will know when it’s time to act.



The themes of control and power have always been overarching motifs in your life, so you must be familiar with some of the ways these forces have manifested for you by now. Whether it comes to how you wield it, your relationship with it, or how much power you perceive yourself to have, these themes go hand in hand with the vulnerability that comes with feeling as deeply as you do, and how safe you feel walking around in this world as sensitive as you are. It’s a tension that often leads to much frustration for you – yet there’s no one better equipped to wrestle with these themes than you are. This cycle, it may be helpful for you to look at some of the ways you require others to play by certain roles and rules – especially those that are unspoken. Know that your true sense of power and control cannot come from any earthly source – it comes from your relationship to the Divine, however you choose to define it. When you are secure in your power, no matter the shifting external conditions and circumstances, you will have that sense of safety that you need such that you will no longer require someone to play by your rules in order for you to feel safe. You will be free – and so will they. Take the first step of understanding when, why, and how you assert your will, dear Scorpio.



This year is all about Serious Business for you, in all aspects of your life. This can mean a lot of the stuff you never really paid too much attention to – whether it’s your finances, your home life, your daily routines and habits – are now at the forefront of your consciousness. All of this is with the knowledge that taking care of these boring bits will ensure that you have the security you need to reach high, far and wide – your forte. This coming cycle, focus on what makes you FEEL strong – does it mean taking care of business when others want you to go out to play? Or does it mean taking time to unwind so that you have more energy for the next leg of the journey? This can be an intuitive process, and I encourage you to stay present with every decision. Don’t feel the need to build structures based on what works for others – build ones that work for you and your unique needs. This means embracing all of who you are, without feeling like anything about you is ‘wrong’ or too much of anything. For example, if you freelance and work from home, this could mean working hours that follow your natural rhythm instead of rigidly sticking to a fixed schedule every single day (if you are fortunate enough to do so, of course!)


3 of Swords, reversed

This coming cycle offers you the opportunity to untangle yourself from some of your deepest hurts. There have been times in your past when your heartaches caused you to make decisions and take certain paths, influencing everything from career decisions to relationship choices. You may be faced with situations that are echoes of these past scenarios… and yet now you will see that so much has changed. You no longer react the same way, you have a certain detachment. You have allowed yourself to heal, gain strength and become wiser. You will also be able to notice any residual sore spots – and make your peace with them. Do not be afraid to go back into these depths for the sake of healing – feeling those old stuck emotions fully will allow you to release them. It’s not even necessary to truly understand the whys and the hows of those old scenarios any longer… Just know that you no longer need to live by outmoded scripts that do not reflect the truth of who you are. All of this is for the purpose of bringing you closer to that lightness and joyousness that you want to embody. Be willing to lose baggage, dear Capricorn. Travel light.


4 of Discs

There’s an element of buckling down and nurturing your projects this month, dear Aquarius. The past few months have been a whirlwind of social engagements and changes for you, and it’s now time to recover, regenerate, and reserve your energies for the things you cherish and need to tend to. Over the next few months, you’ll be transitioning into a role that calls for you to have a laser focus on your dreams and goals. This is the perfect time to get right within yourself, and to identify what your superpowers are, and the strengths you bring to the table. Do this work so that you know the value you bring to others, especially because you’ll soon be moving into arenas where you’ll be called on to stand firm in your worth. At the same time, it’s important to realize that the Source that nourishes you is infinite – allow yourself to relax and trust that if you continue working on your skills, they will grow in ways that will surprise you and bring you opportunities you never dreamed of. There is no need to worry that it will all somehow go away. There’s a message here to look at your concepts of give and take, and in the flow of resources in your life. Admitting that you don’t always have control will paradoxically allow you to go with the flow, and get in touch with the feelings of always being supported.



I get a sense that this new moon has somehow revealed to you a once-hidden facet of how you move and work in this world, and has shown you whose opinions tend to sway you. There’s been a realization that perhaps all these other people don’t actually know what’s best for you, and that you making a different choice from them doesn’t mean anyone’s choice is wrong. You are taking more of your power back, and feeling a dose of divine inspiration to boot. In this coming cycle, the more you are aligned in body, mind and spirit, the more you mindfully take on tasks and tackle them because you truly believe in them – despite what anyone else says – the more you will get familiar with standing in your power authentically. You, more than any other sign, know the meaning of fake it till you make it. You are excellent at putting yourself out there, experimenting and making sense of things along the way. But this time around, the process is turned on its head for you… Now, with a new sense of confidence, you tackle things because there’s an inner drive, without feeling the need to impress anyone. What’s more important is that you feel right and aligned within yourself. And this changes everything and opens up so many more possibilities for you. What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?

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Your April 2018 Wisdom Scopes


What if going with what you know is right for you means going against the flow of everyone else around you? We’re all being asked to follow the path of our hearts, and this is rarely easy. You probably already have a flavor of what this year is asking of you, and it looks like some good, honest, grounded hard work. The truth is, we are all moving towards building a better world. A better world that flies in the face of all that is already established: corrupt systems, indifference, unethical behaviors. Your choices, your actions, thoughts and words do matter. So much. Lead the charge by doing what matters most to you in this time. Hang on to what you know you’re here for. Consistent effort is important because so much of it is about breaking through heavy, dense habits that have kept you down before.


Ace of Wands

The breakthrough you are waiting for will arrive this month, and you have to ready yourself to catch it and make the most of it. It may sneak up on you in the form of a new insight or idea, fresh off the heels of you being able to let go of some old goal or idea that just wasn’t working. You will start to see that the more you are able to sieve through and sort out what works and what doesn’t, and being willing to challenge your assumptions and preconceptions about something, the more you are able to gain new insight and inspiration. The truth is, your stream of inspiration is infinite – you never have to worry about running out of them! Letting go of an idea doesn’t mean you won’t ever get another one. Who you are is so much bigger that who you think you are. When penetrating insights come, be sure to catch them by writing them down. You don’t have to act on them immediately. Just know that when you allow yourself more mental flexibility, staying open to trusted others’ wisdom and experience, you will get where you want to go with a lot more ease.


8 of Cups

Another layer of illusions is shed this month, dear Taurus. It’s painful when you allow yourself to let go of things you once thought to be true. In a way, it was a survival mechanism. You had to believe in certain things in order to get through painful moments. Now that you are healing, your strength has built up the point where you are able to look at illusions squarely in the eye and to truly see through them. Your strength has allowed you to get this far, and closer and closer to your true self. Remember: You can never lose anything that is true to you. Anything lost are simply untruths, falsehoods, programming placed upon you by others… See this time as a shedding of projects, people, places and things from a time when you made decisions out of insecurity and uncertainty of your self-worth. What will rise from these ashes are unshakeable foundations that will see you through into the next decade and beyond. If you knew what was waiting for you, you wouldn’t waste a moment looking back or regretting what was.


Hanged One, reversed

A practical guide to surrendering: allowing yourself to feel the feelings that arise when someone tells you to ‘surrender’. Check in with yourself: do you feel impatience, exasperation, resignation, annoyance, bemusement, anger when someone or something slows you down, or when you are in a state of limbo? Do you then struggle against it, getting more annoyed by the moment? Whatever it is, it’s really all okay. Not knowing what lies beyond can be such a frustrating feeling. Hanging out in uncertainty is never peaceful, at least not at first. The good news is that it does get easier. April asks you to get in touch with how you respond when things aren’t within your control – and to confront the illusion that you somehow have absolute control over anything in your life. This is some deep work, and it’s work that will fundamentally change you, if you consciously grapple with it and allow yourself some patience. In times of doubt and stress, the best thing to do is to do nothing. Step back and see what happens. Tough knots will untie themselves without any intervention from you, and you may get a real sense of how the divine weaves itself in the threads of your life. All you have to do is be willing to allow.


8 of Swords

You’ve been working real hard lately at shedding some of the ways you’ve been programmed socially and culturally – and this is not work for the faint hearted. It’s especially confusing when you’re surrounded by people who seem to accept without question the very things you are questioning so hard now. In order to get more clarity, the only way out is through. When the feelings get extra rough, hang tight and try not to be too quick in brushing them aside or burying them under some ‘positive’ feelings. There is no ‘negative’ feeling – a feeling is a feeling. Keep asking why – why does this interaction make me feel this way? Why does this no longer appeal to me? Know that you never need to justify your changes to anybody – especially since you are still in mid-transformation. The beauty of all this inquiry is that it will reveal your own power to you: your beliefs shape your world, and when you change and question your beliefs, everything changes as well. You may not be able to control your external reality, but the ripple effects of changing your internal one is formidable. Have faith in yourself, and in your process. You will come out on the other side, feeling freer than you’ve ever been.


3 of Swords

Some of your greatest heartbreaks have come from having your trust broken – and realizing that no matter how much you might have wanted something to turn out a certain way, it doesn’t always work out that way. This month comes with a healing, of realizing that when something doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, it doesn’t mean that you are being punished. The Universe is nudging you to move beyond the belief of some kind of cosmic punishment or reward, meted out by some unknown force in the world. It’s about moving beyond victimhood to empowerment. And to do so, you will need to look back at some of the times you felt wronged by someone, or when you feel guilt over something you may or may not have done. This may mean allowing all those feelings to flood over you – but this time, instead of buying into the stories that those feelings stir up, you can change the ending. Change the ending into something empowering, into something that puts you in the position of someone who is loved and loveable, no matter what. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and see yourself through the eyes of the Universe: a soul on its journey, learning, growing through mistakes, and ultimately worthy.


Daughter of Wands, reversed

Uncertainty about the steps ahead have got you slowing down and doubting yourself. Luckily, this is exactly where you’re meant to be at: slowing down, but not necessarily doubting yourself. First of all, check your anxiety levels. Are they high? Always remember to check in first before dashing off to do the first thing you think of. And honestly, your anxiety is a really good sign. Before you let your skepticism take over, it may be helpful to understand your anxiety as a sign that you’ve been moving closer and closer to your heart – because you’re getting in touch with the absolute groundlessness of things. Options open up for you when you resist taking the first knee jerk action to move back onto secure ground. You’ve already realized that what’s secure and safe really are just illusions. To remain in a grounded state this month, take care of practical, material needs. Ground creative projects by breaking them down into daily tasks you incorporate into rituals. Control what’s within your locus of control. Continue taking steps towards pushing against the boundaries of what you currently think is possible. Allow room for surprises. Channel excess energy into exercise and eating well. May should see this energy lifting and you will get a much clearer view of your steps ahead.


10 of Swords

Dear Libra, sometimes it’s really not about you, and I mean that in the best way possible. Sometimes it’s really not about how hard you try or what you do or don’t do – others have their own reasons for doing what they do, and no matter how that might make you feel, you’re simply not in control of it. You can’t control how others live their lives. Don’t beat yourself up any longer, or blame yourself unnecessarily for things that you aren’t even responsible for. But by all means, do take responsibility for these: your own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors. By allowing yourself to be and to live in your own full integrity, you’ll find it much easier to allow others to be as well. If you’ve been feeling like you need to have others on a tight leash lately, it may be helpful to inquire deeper into those feelings. Are you trying to get people to behave in a certain way to lend you some kind of security? Or to assure you that there is ‘good’ in the world? We are all asked to move beyond polarity and to practice living in the grey, and good and bad isn’t so easy to discern these days. Focus on your own light and act in alignment with your own values. Let the rest figure themselves out.


Ace of Pentacles

You’ve been spending the past year building up to this moment. You’ve stepped over a threshold recently into a whole new vista and it’s scary and exciting at the same time. Your creativity has also returned in new ways, and if you are not feeling it yet, then you will start to feel it soon. Make room for this new energy by clearing out the old. Outmoded patterns, thoughts, and habits may need a review and may even need to be discarded completely. If you notice any fears creeping in, welcome them as a normal part of the journey of starting something new. You’re not supposed to feel 100% confident. You’re not supposed to always have it all together. That’s the point of new beginnings! They bring in uncertainty, excitement, opportunity for reinvention and for doing things differently. Slow down and feel into your fears so that you may address them methodically instead of reacting reflexively. You are doing just fine, tell yourself so and it will make all the difference in how you stride into the great new unknown.


2 of Swords

You can only keep your balance this month by keeping out what’s not helpful or nurturing for you, dear Sagittarius. The truth is you have been growing so rapidly, and like a delicate seedling that’s just sprouting, you are nurturing a new resolve for a direction you’re walking towards in your life. It’s a vulnerable phase and even though you want to beat on your own drum and invite everyone else to join you, take time to consider if this is really the time for it. You can’t afford to let anyone slow your roll, and that really means prioritizing your own priorities and wellbeing. Others can join you when you are truly solid and strong enough to share of yourself – your new insights, learnings and wisdom – freely and widely. This month, having boundaries in terms of looking at who’s taking up your time, energy, thoughts, space and doing an audit of who and what has access to your life will be so helpful. This frees up space for your growth, even if that space has to stay empty for a little while. Give yourself room to breathe and stretch out. You can never lose anything that’s true to you.


Empress, Reversed

If you could choose to let go of one onerous task in your life, what would you let go of? Do you sometimes subconsciously gravitate towards the most difficult way to do things because you have somehow associated difficulty with virtue? Perhaps it makes you feel like you’ve truly worked for something and that you put in effort. And that is all well and good – because a lot of the most valuable things in life don’t come easy – but it’s also important to see if there could be a way that’s far less strenuous, uses more of your natural skills and talents, and is actually enjoyable in the process. Life and its paradoxes, eh? There’s no harm in actually enjoying the things that you do… in fact, I would argue that that’s what makes it worthy, if it brings you joy, as well as value to others. Why choose? Slow down and use your senses to discern how you could bring more enjoyment to your daily life, even if it’s as simple as incorporating practices to make the little things more fun: e.g. using your favorite stationery to write notes, dressing in your favorite colors, dressing up for nobody but yourself, taking the longer route to work… Or it could simply mean easing up on the carrot or the stick approach, and make your work process-oriented instead. How do you bring more enjoyment into the process of what you do (instead of just focusing on the end goal)?


Shaman of Swords

You’re called upon to be the voice of reason this month, dear Aquarius. We can all count on an Aquarian to keep their cool when all around them is falling into chaos. For April, there’s a lot of brain fog happening as everyone is moving through their own personal drama. You can smell it from a mile away when someone is trying to put their issues on you – so be kind, but be firm. Enforce your boundary in that effortless way of yours. You also have to speak up and tell it like it is when everyone else is hedging or beating around the bush. At the same time, use this time of assessment to go over your goals and refine your strategies. You are able to see through most things at this time to discern if people are trustworthy and truly walking their talk. Be uncompromising when it comes to who you associate with – align with those who have similar values, underneath all the superficial differences, and you will be just fine. You’re truly coming into your own, and you know it.


Son of Wands reversed

This month, you’re being asked to get in touch with your need for constant stimulation, dear Pisces. There has always been a restlessness within you to want more, seek for more, see and do more – and this had led you on many great adventures. Sometimes this has led you down a rabbit hole or two, though, and only served to distract you from some of your goals. April will be giving you opportunities in the form of U turns and speed bumps to slow you down and get you more conscious of some of the ways you keep yourself constantly on the go. What’s the feeling that underlies the need to want more? Is there something you are not allowing yourself to fully feel or acknowledge? Only you know the answer. Searching within for clues now will help you stay focused come May when things start moving forward again – doing the work now will help you get a lot more discerning about the things that grab and hold your attention.

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“I don’t need a man, I’m a strong woman”


“I don’t need a man, I’m a strong woman.”

It’s confusing, right? All the things that women say about not needing a man, about being a ‘strong independent woman’. The message is that strong women should be okay standing alone, should not ‘need’ a relationship. The picture is compelling: A woman, single-handedly, bravely, conquering the world on her own. Not beholden by relationships. Not held down by obligations. Not propping up someone else’s life at the expense of her own.

And yet. In her heart of hearts, she yearns. For that one person. The heart whispers: “I want someone who will understand me and love me for who I am.”

So then there is guilt. If I am a strong woman, then why do I yearn for another?

Because perhaps what you really don’t need or want is a relationship that you’ve seen patterned out by the women who came before you. The relationships that were lopsided, that were hurtful, that were all-consuming, took everything, left nothing. No. You really do not need those relationships.

Because strong does not mean not needing love. Does not mean separate or apart. That is the toxic masculine interpretation of strength.

Perhaps the cry can be changed: “I don’t need a man who hasn’t realized for whatever reason how hurtful and unnecessary living from a wounded place is, how painful it is to live out that life without examining the structures we live within; how restrictive such a relationship feels, how much he takes without giving, how much he assumes without asking.”

Those relationships were fueled by wounds, karmic agreements, misunderstandings, ignorance, defensiveness. Those relationships learned their patterns from generations of heteropatriarchy that came before.

You’re not meant to carry your mother’s burdens with you, my love. You’re not meant to wage her wars. Your choices cannot make up for the ones that she did not, or could not make.

But you can break the cycle. You can break the chains. You can let down your burdens.

“I no longer want to be a victim in this scheme. I want to take back my right to have loving, fulfilling relationships. I will start with the relationship I have with myself.”

Even women already in relationships can feel a defensiveness against their partner if these wounds aren’t addressed. Trust takes a long time. Will he engulf me? Will he overtake my life? What does getting married mean? What does being seen together mean?

The costs are real. The costs that a woman who is unaware of her beauty, power and strength has to bear are real. A woman like that opens herself up to all the hungry men in the world – and there are so, so many of them – divorced from healthy masculinity, who feast on her tender heart to quell their soul-deep, bone-deep hunger.

Your heart is yearning to be proved wrong. You want to know that you can be in a relationship – and actually relate to each other. To engage with each other in a way that is healthy and respectful. To know another.

Being a victim is no longer an option. And swapping it out to be the aggressor – overpowering him first so that he does not overpower you isn’t the answer either.

We must stop repeating and replaying these hurts that we enact on each other.


Step one is to know these wounds. To account for them with as much love as you can muster. Name all the ways you have been hurt, you have seen your mother been hurt, you have seen your grandmother been hurt.

Step two is to grieve for all the times no one heard your horror and fear, your disbelief that love could look this way – so different from what you instinctively know. You know what love is like because you came from Love, you are love. To realize that your birthright, of deep and fulfilling love, was not reflected in your early reality is a kind of trauma in itself. It was an experience that led you to believe… Love doesn’t exist. Or that it isn’t real. And over time, slowly but surely, this false belief took the wind out of your sails…

Step three is the slow process of healing. Of giving yourself the love you deserve. How does one do this? By taking time, slowing down, and breathing during the difficult moments. By gravitating towards those who truly know how to love and who have a lot of love to give. To be near where it may feel unfamiliar and strange, but in your heart you know is love and feels right. By doing what lifts your heart into joy, by no longer accepting black-and-white. By trusting that you are meant to live in full color. By removing yourself from sources that drain you, and that continue to pour salt on your wounds.

This is when the alchemy begins. This is when you can allow love to come in. And the rest of the steps will flow according to your own sacred unfolding.

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Your November 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Breaking free. The binds have been cut loose and yet we are still there, struggling as though they are still tightly coiled around us. As clever, adaptive human beings, we are often able to bend ourselves to fit any situation, no matter how bad it gets. In order to survive – in order to get through situations – we tell ourselves ‘It’s okay. It’s not so bad’. Which is why, even as the wheel turns and the binds come off – and we are free – we don’t quite realize it right away. We linger. We look around in suspicion. We act in ways that feel as though we are still in a straitjacket. November is such a month for many of us – how do we break free? First step is to recognize the bind that you were in before. Take a step out of the box. Observe the box. What were its perimeters, the things you were told when you were in the box, the things you told yourself? Who appreciated you being in the box? Who did it serve? How did it hurt you? Once you are able to name, identify, catalog and review – you are on your way to freedom.


Priestess of Swords, Reversed

Is something or someone cramping your style right now, dear Aries? You may feel as though your usual wit and approach to getting things done just don’t seem to be working for you any longer, and this can be really disconcerting! Some people just don’t seem to operate on the same plane as you do: their rules, logic and goals are simply completely different. And that’s all okay. This is also all part of the journey of expansion and growth, where you have to expect the unexpected. When the Universe decides you’re ready for growth, it doesn’t just keep throwing the same things at you! So take your time to observe the new playing field, its new rules and players. Always remember that everything you’ve learned before does have a purpose: you’re simply challenged to find a new way to reapply them now. It’s okay to not know everything right away, so use your powers of observation and trust that you will soon figure out a way.


Priestess of Discs

This month, it’s extra important to get grounded. If you have been feeling floaty, spacey, or out of your body, these are signs for you to consciously get back into a self-care routine and prioritize exercise and eating right. There are scarcity fears floating back up, and the message from the Universe is: you don’t have to buy into these fears any longer! And the more you are able to feel physically safe and secure, the easier it will be to feel into this truth. So take note of your living environment: what makes you feel cozy? What helps you to feel relaxed at the end of the day? It’s also about slowing down enough to allow the rest of you to catch up with all the recent changes – give yourself days where you do nothing but allow your body to process any emotions overlooked in the hustle and bustle of busy days.


3 of Wands

This is such an exciting time for you, where you are thinking of long-range plans and what you’d like to build for the next phase of your life. And this could mean the next 5 to 9 years and beyond: decisions that will affect you permanently. And weirdly enough, this thought doesn’t even freak you out any longer. You’re feeling ready for some radical changes, a much needed breath of fresh air and reinvigorating winds of change to sweep through your life. To help you envision the future, remember to incorporate joy and creativity into your life, to make ample room for relaxation and having the time to just be. Maybe this might mean compromising a little on material comfort, or just prioritizing the changes you’d like to see – not everything will be possible all at once, but it helps to know what speaks most to your heart. You may even want to solicit some feedback from trusted loved ones to give you some perspective you wouldn’t have considered. Sometimes the ones who love us are able to dream bigger than we are able to for ourselves, so allow yourself to broaden your scope of possibility, dear Gemini.


4 of Swords

November is a month of stillness and contemplation for you, dear Cancer, after an activity-packed October. You may find that this has been the rhythm of your life recently: where you pull back after a period of time putting yourself out there. This is vital for you to regain your balance and sense of self. Your internal processes affect your outer reality so much more than you think, so it’s always important to get right with yourself mentally and emotionally before you attempt to make any moves in the world. And if you were really honest with yourself, your fatigue may be bone deep at this time. If it’s been so tough trying to figure everything out with your mind alone – I urge you to surrender. Surrender your thoughts, your worries, your fears to the Universe. Lay it all down. And rest. In this stillness, answers will come, solutions will come, clarity will come. Trust in the weaving of the Universe: you are both so much larger and smaller than you think.


6 of Wands

Riding your way to victory is the theme of the month – and it may be in smaller, less obvious ways, but you will soon feel relief from difficult situations. You are often blazing in enthusiasm and fiery passion for the things that you do, but this year, you’ve been learning how to keep this fire focused and directed. This is why victory for you may simply be about saying ‘No’ without guilt to things you would have happily accepted before, because you’re now being mindful about your plate overflowing. This often cuts down on confusion and hurt feelings in the process – and allows you to pay more attention to the things that matter to you, especially home and family. Family is the bedrock of your life, no matter how you define it, and how far you venture from home… So to harness this month’s energies in the best way, it may be helpful to ask yourself, what do you want to win? What are you willing to do in order to achieve this? Look for long-term over fleeting victories, dear one, and you’re on the right track.


Daughter of Discs

After everything you’ve been through, you find yourself at the beginning again – and this is actually a really good thing. In the past 12 months, the path was often somewhat twisty, threatening, scary and maybe even demoralizing at some points. But you persevered, and you need to give yourself props for that. You bust through barriers. You persisted. Also, this beginning isn’t like being a newborn baby – you now come imbued with skills, experience, and most importantly, an increasingly unshakeable sense of who you are and what you are capable of. At this phase of your journey, you are at a whole new stage of the game. It’s as though the past few years were just training grounds for the level that you’re actually meant to be playing at. This month, the best thing you can do is to pace yourself, and take the long term view. Take breaks if you need to, and don’t be afraid to seek help and ask questions. Others are here to help you the moment you speak up, and ask.


Daughter of Wands

You’ll start seeing options popping up in your life for you: and this simply means that the seeds you’ve planted earlier are started to sprout and flower. Now, the choice is up to you – which one excites you most? Which is the one that promises the most long-term growth? This also heralds a leveling up of sorts, where you are on your way to mastery in the field of your choice. It doesn’t have to be just professional either. Part of this is emotional growth; you’re feeling surer of yourself when it comes to interpersonal interactions and holding your own among your peers and those you look up to. And this is such a beautiful thing! It means that you no longer take yourself so seriously – you take your work seriously, yes, but learning to laugh at yourself can be the most healing thing you do this month. Have some fun and bring some levity to your life, and you’ll light up everyone around you.


Shaman of Swords

Watch what you say, your words may sting… And if that’s your intention – when asserting your boundaries or pushing back at those who have crossed them, then it’s all good. But if you find that your words have an unintended edge to it, it may be useful to look at the underlying feelings that are driving your words. What have you been directing at others, that are simply just signs of your own unresolved feelings about the situations and events in your life? Did what this person do really warrant that amount of anger and frustration? What have you not been giving yourself a chance to fully feel? Sometimes anger is just a cover up for that scarier and more vulnerable feeling… Sadness. Your sharp intellect and wit have always been tools at your disposal, but more so than ever, you get to wield it with intention and purpose. Dare to use it for the greater good and see if you are able to temper your words with compassion and tenderness, dear Scorpio. Your words are especially powerful right now, choose if you want to hurt or heal.


Daughter of Swords

This month, you may feel pressured to come up with solutions and to attack everything head-on. And this is usually such an admirable quality of yours – you don’t shy away from challenges, there’s no adventure too big for you to tackle. However, this month, it’s important to pace yourself and to make sure that your eagerness doesn’t overshadow important details. It’s like learning a new way to play the game: instead of making your intentions known right away, it may be a necessity to watch and wait and see what others have planned. This may allow you to sidestep any potential drama that you don’t need to get yourself involved in: things are changing, and many people who are less aware or conscious are acting out in major ways. Protect yourself and keep your calling out of others to a minimum. Keep the long term view in mind and look out for your best interests. When in doubt, think: how does doing this serve the greater good? Is it for a short term ego satisfaction of being right, or does this really serve to change the situation for the better?


The Hanged One

It’s time to take your hands off the metaphorical steering wheel and allow someone else (Spirit!) to steer for the time being, dear Capricorn. Depending on how much you’ve been cultivating this relationship with the Universe, your feelings around this may vary. This is a huge season of change, death and rebirth for everyone, and for you in particular, the wheels are turning and things are moving and shifting behind the scenes. This is why it’s important not to take changes for their immediate face value right now, and give things time to settle before reacting, thinking the worst, or investing in something just purely because of its potential. Let things reveal themselves to you before feeling the need to make any snap decisions – and don’t allow others to push you to do so, either. If hanging out in this space feels excruciating for you, don’t worry – most of us go-getters feel the same way too! However, this is always a good opportunity to get in touch with the fact that we are all a larger part of the tapestry of life, and really, so much is out of our control… Let your mind relax and seriously, step away from social media and the news regularly to keep your mental health intact. Take care of yourself and everything else will take care of itself.


Ace of Swords, reversed

A new cycle begins for you, but you may have been hitting a few bumps in the road – mentally. Know that new beginnings can be anxiety-provoking, but also that anxiety doesn’t need to rule over you. Watching your responses that arise can be really helpful: do you tend to become perfectionistic, or do you default to certain self-sabotaging habits? Do you lash out at others around you, or do you just tend to withdraw? Mindfully observe yourself doing what you do, and see that these responses don’t have to define you. Take a moment to acknowledge how you feel: put your hand over your heart and say, ‘I know you are anxious, but I will take care of you, and the Universe will take care of you.’ Over time, you will be able to catch yourself spiraling and make the choice to do something nurturing instead. Whether it’s stepping away from the computer to stretch, going for a walk around the block, or even just allowing yourself to forget your responsibilities for a moment, know that you’re re-programming your responses breath by breath. Above all, this beginning is simply the start of yet another stage of growth: you’re more than ready for it. Trust yourself.


The Sun

This month will feel so satisfying for you, dear Pisces, especially because you’ve been digging into the depths and doing all that hard work around facing your demons this year. You’ll soon see why all of that was necessary – when the rewards, accolades, and opportunities come your way this November, every bit of effort you’ve put in so far will make so much sense. All of that was meant to help you build a solid foundation in your life, so that old challenges no longer faze you, and you’re ready to receive what’s meant to come your way. And if you’re looking for a change of careers, the next step may become blazingly evident, and you’ll know what to do with certainty. So enjoy your moment in the sun! Socialize, go to places where you’ve never been before, relax, and let your worries go. Part of this new you is really about learning how to enjoy all the other things that are around you even as you focus on achieving your goals – so savor the journey, dear one