About Kerrie

Dear Wise One,

I’m an empath, highly sensitive person and I walk the path of the priestess. So what does that really mean? It simply means that my skills include reading energy, receiving and conveying intuitive knowledge from Spirit – in ways that are informative and helpful to you and your life. I’m passionate about using my skills and gifts to help others access and trust their own inner wisdom and intuition.

I see tarot and astrology as useful tools in helping us gain clarity and confidence when we find ourselves stuck, fearful or confused. As empowering tools (though sadly, oft-maligned and misunderstood!), they also serve as mirrors that illuminate the path to leading a life of intention, focus, joy and abundance. Combined with an understanding of psychology and basic neuroscience, all my readings are informed, no-bullshit, and done with the highest and most loving of intentions.

Buddhist philosophy underpins my work and my thinking. That means that underneath all of our thoughts, doubts, worries, messy emotions, lies an eternally clear mirror, an essential wisdom that we can access when we learn how to work with our mind, body and spirit. In clearing away the muddy water, we are able to make informed decisions and take confident steps forward.

I also write a blog – getkerriedaway.com – where I share resources for highly sensitive people and empaths, to spread awareness about sensitivity and offer support in the process of sensitive self-discovery. Originally from Singapore, I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY and pursuing a master’s degree in mental health counseling.