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July 2018

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Wisdom Scopes Lunar Cycle July 12 – Aug 11


Overarching themes for the month: Look into new ways of getting things done that aren’t about separation or exclusion – looking at the cut off, shadow aspects both within and without, especially in relation to home and family – bringing those aspects into acceptance and integrating them as part of your superpower.


9 of Swords

There can be some worry energy with you this lunar cycle – has the thing you’ve been desiring the most been eclipsing all the joy out of your life? Perhaps it’s time to change tack a little. Prioritize joy. Figure out what made you fall in love with what you do in the first place. Emphasize the process instead of the end result. Whenever you feel like you’re having trouble sitting with the emotions that come up for you this month, dear Aries, remember to write them down or express them in some way. You’ve been too hard on yourself! Remember that you are part of a huge paradigm shift – you’ve been steadily changing your values and your way of life, and this takes time as your body and mind adjusts on every level. It means that you’ve given up the illusion of security for what’s real – following your heart and callings of your soul. Know that any hiccup is temporary and that you’re on the right track. The lesson of this lunar cycle lies in deepening in your self-love and the way you stay with yourself on this journey. You’re not alone; consider giving Source your worries and being open to receiving answers in dreamtime.



This is the last leg of a marathon you’ve been running and all it requires is for you to put your blinders on. Turn the volume down on the doubts in your head, the needless social interactions that only drain or distract you, the things that you habitually turn to in order to numb your senses or drown out how you really feel. Feel what you feel. Own them. And seek to act in a way that honors your feelings instead of repressing or projecting. Sounds exhausting? It doesn’t have to be. Just aim to be with yourself and stay there for as long as you can bear it, and notice when you get the urge to check out. If nothing else, just remember that it’s okay to have those tender, vulnerable feelings. Everyone has them, you’re not alone in feeling this way. This lunar cycle will see you follow something through to completion and emerge victorious at the end of it. So don’t waste your precious energies on fears and doubts, and channel them instead into constructive action. You will feel completely different by the time you get to the next lunar cycle.


Ace of Pentacles

What a wonderful period of new beginnings for you, dear Gemini! You’ve just been through a major milestone (graduation, new job, relocation, decision to move on from something) and though it may have felt long and arduous, you’re now seeing the fruits of all your labor. Thus begins a new phase where you will not only feel like you’re in your element, you will soon be challenged to develop hidden skills and talents. You’ve left behind an old self – the self that brought you to where you needed to go. This phase will bring you material rewards and blessings, so don’t worry if issues of scarcity and supporting yourself are on your mind at the moment. Material issues may be especially pertinent because some of the decisions you’ve made may seem like a ‘downgrade’ on the surface – you’ve followed your heart, but why did that mean also losing some of the comforts you’ve gotten used to? All of that was a process to help you discern what you truly value above all else, and if you paid attention, the sense of fulfilment you’ll get is priceless. This lunar cycle, prepare to do the work of laying down foundations and continuing to tend to your goals. Signs – especially from nature – will be popping up all over the place to tell you you’re on the right track.


Priestess of Pentacles, reversed

Sometimes you doubt that you are being supported, despite all evidence that shows you that everything is conspiring on your behalf, dear Cancer. But these doubts can be easily quelled this lunar cycle, if you constantly come back to counting your blessings. See how you are clothed, fed, how your skills are needed and affirmed, how you have never lacked in the things you need. An easy way to shift your focus away from fears of being unsupported is to focus instead of what you are able to give. Giving is an easy way to connect to a sense of mastery and abundance, especially when you give from a place of true confidence and groundedness in your skill sets. You don’t have to bend over backwards or perform an amazing magic trick, all you have to do is show up as you. The 100%, authentic, not-watered-down version of you. Giving can also look like allowing others to discover their sense of power versus taking care of things for them. Taking a step back can also be giving. Be open to playing around with your sense of abundance, where you may be clinging or grasping, and where you find yourself most fearfully hanging on, gently let go by giving something away.


Daughter of Cups, reversed

Things have changed – you have changed in positive ways, dear Leo, you just have to allow yourself to believe it. Life is continuing to invite you to drop your baggage, in order to bring out your childlike sense of joy and playfulness – will you accept the invitation? If you’re feeling like it’s been hard to let go of certain grudges or hang-ups, it may be helpful to look at where you’re continuing to nurse old wounds. Realize that no one else has power over you unless you allow it, dear one. When you forgive others and yourself, you acknowledge that life is a journey – one where we learn lessons and grow in wisdom. We inevitably make mistakes or hurt others and ourselves in the process, but nothing is ever truly personal – we simply meet those who are mirrors for us on our path. This lunar cycle, the more you can dive deeply into allowing yourself to experience simple pleasures and joys, while realizing that only you are the one who can ‘make you’ feel any kind of way, you reclaim your power and agency, while getting in touch with your joyful spirit. Give yourself this gift, and lose the excess baggage. You will be renewed emotionally by the end of this lunar cycle.



Who holds the ultimate authority in your life? This cycle sees you parsing through the messages you’ve received over the years over the ‘right’ and ‘acceptable’ things to do, and choosing to either make them your own, reject them, or rework them. The important thing to do here is coming to an understanding of where these viewpoints came from, and how you may have internalized some of them without ever consciously making a decision about whether these things feel right for you, the unique individual you are. Yet you’ve also been grappling recently with a need for belonging, a longing for home and rightness of place. To what extent do you blunt your edges to fit in? Where are you willing to do so? Do you dare to simply be your authentic self and watch as your people slowly start showing up in your life? Because it’s already happening. You’re also starting to realize that some of the things you used to reject as too restrictive or ‘old-school’ actually hold kernels of truth or wisdom that you may have too hastily discarded. They’re always there and available for you to rework. Be willing to integrate old with new. You come full circle this cycle, integrating older pieces of you that may have been thrown out with the bathwater in the past.


Ace of Cups

A new sense of self-love and acceptance is available to you this lunar cycle, dear Libra. It’s been a bumpy ride this first half of 2018 as intensity has ratcheted up, especially in the realm of your relationships. That has always been the area where you’ve received the most insights and revelation, growth and challenges. It’s likely that the eclipse and new moon has seen you gain a new understanding of what drives you in terms of the types of relationships and partners you tend to look for in your life. Where there was once a need for power or dominance, you have now greater access to your vulnerability, and a desire to come into balance within yourself so that you may have greater balance within your relationships as well. This is tough work, but you’ve been bravely taking it on! Look forward to feeling freer within relationships. Know that you belong deeply to yourself, and no one else – there needs to be one before there can be two. Remember, the more you know yourself, the more you are capable of knowing the other. This cycle, you will see the birth and growth of many promising new or existing relationships.


Son of Cups, reversed

There is a tendency to isolate into ideals whenever your feelings are agitated, dear Scorpio. This sometimes also looks like falling back onto polarized thinking as a default – making whatever’s bad, ugly, unpleasant all about ‘them’ and ‘definitely not me!’. Conversely, these may be internalized as a deep sense of shame, thinking that you are somehow intrinsically bad just for making a mistake or perceiving yourself as having ‘failed’ in some way. A significant part of your life path is about transmuting darkness and all that’s associated with it, integrating these aspects as a part of your whole – and this sometimes can mean struggling with the hardest, stickiest parts of all that comes with being human. Give yourself a break, dear one. Start with that thing about yourself that you find hardest to love, and see if you can start to come to terms with it by simply refusing to turn away. This cycle, you can find release through music in all forms, being by large bodies of water, or simply allowing yourself to cry. It’s a cycle where the tenderest aspects of you can be held up to the light and loved for all that it is. Offer yourself self-compassion so that it becomes easier to do the same for those you love, too.



The alarm clock has gone off and the ringing is now obnoxiously loud. The heavens are urging you to act on those soul impulses, in order to ensure that you continue to materialize them into reality. It’s also about delineating your boundaries and identifying the lane that you’ll be staying in – your boundless curiosity sometimes means you chase certain distractions, causing you to lose energy and enthusiasm for the stuff that you DO truly care about. This cycle, watch where your attention goes. Harnessing your attention mindfully will help you avoid energy leaks while making sure that what you do want to focus on grows! Organization is key. Putting your ideas down and making them into a workable, actionable plan is so important. See if you notice any resistance coming up as you read this. What are some of your stumbling blocks when it comes to creating to-do lists? Is it boredom? A fear that this would mean less variety, less excitement? A structure will actually set you free, dear one. No longer will you need to spend time making little decisions along the way, when an overarching structure will help you to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. You will be freed up to focus on what truly matters to you.


10 of Swords

You’re coming to an end of a cycle, dear Capricorn, where you learn that pushing on and using pure mental energy just isn’t going to cut it anymore. This is a time where you learn that allowing others to help you, attuning to the natural rhythms of how things unfold, as well as listening and waiting can actually help you to reach your goals more smoothly and with half the effort. You are always being supported, even if the support may come in unconventional forms. This is really just an invitation to more fully embody a lot of the spiritual concepts and teachings you’ve come into contact with – whether it’s cultivating more presence, solitude, gratitude or prayer, you’re being asked to start pulling back on your mental energies while tapping into these hidden resources. The whole point of it is to deepen your connection to Source, which will allow things to flow a lot more easily. Even when the road ahead seems murky. Especially when it all seems murky. This is part of a larger cycle where you’re reworking a lot of your old habits around work, beliefs about striving and pushing, and being way too hard on yourself. Are you ready for things to become a lot easier this lunar cycle? Do you dare to believe that your life could flow with more grace and ease? Once you allow yourself to believe this, dear Capricorn, you’re already halfway there.


10 of Cups

This will be such a lovely period of emotional fulfilment for you, dear Aquarius. So many things are going to show up to affirm that all the (usually invisible) work you’ve put in and the nights you’ve spent poring over your dreams and working hard are now paying off. This will also be seen within your relationships – you will know who your people are, and you will feel immensely supported by them. This is a great time for going out and about connecting with those that you vibe with, showing them support and love whenever you can. There’s a lot of mutual admiration going on here! You may also be seeing a relationship culminate in a serious commitment – this is a positive indication of some of the emotional work you’ve been doing. You’ve become so much more open and communicative, so don’t be surprised if you notice that more and more people are responding to you in open and loving ways. This is especially healing after a period of time that may have been jarring – relationships that have fallen by the wayside and so on. Enjoy this lunar cycle by spending time with your loved ones, basking in the joy you’ve woven around yourself and others.


9 of Cups, reversed

If you knew that you could have anything you wished for, what would you choose? The first thing that pops right into your head may be the answer – but there’s an invitation to go deeper. Could it be that what you want is really the feeling that comes with the thing, rather than the thing itself? Safety, security, freedom – these are usually the feelings that we actually want, not the million dollars, not the dream job, not the ‘perfect’ body. This month, know that you WILL get what your heart desires, perhaps not in the imagined form, but something that will bring you that longed for feeling. All it takes is for you to be open to having your usual preconceived notions challenged a little. The secret is that you can cultivate these feelings without ever materially attaining those things! You just need to be willing to dig a little deeper, and go into some of your more vulnerable feelings, dear Pisces. Once you get to the heart of what you truly desire, you will realize that maybe the form something takes on is no longer important. This is especially so when you truly realize and embody the truth that you already have all you need within you. May your wish be “Only give me what’s meant for me”, and your wish will always come true.