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Wisdom Scopes Lunar Cycle June 13 – July 11


This moon cycle kicks off a period of time where things move quickly – but you’re not just a passive spectator, no. This is directly related to the seeds you’ve planted, the intentions you’ve set, the clarity you’ve recently won and achieved through direct effort. Remember, especially in these times, it’s the change that you make within that matters the most. Shifts in consciousness and willingness to surrender will change the quality of your work. It becomes less about pushing, and more about working with the flows and natural forces of the Universe. When things feel too fast-moving, get grounded, and return to your core again and again. Let this be your practice for this lunar cycle.



The choices you make this lunar cycle will have the potential to bring you ever closer to your true self, dear Aries. And these can seem like the most mundane choices ever: do you choose to go out with your friends for drinks, or do you stay to work on your projects when inspiration has finally struck? Do you listen to others’ ‘rational’ arguments, or do you listen to your intuition? Do you trust yourself, or do you choose to do what’s ‘logical’ and reasonable, even when it doesn’t feel good? When we make it a point to choose ourselves, this process becomes easier and easier, and will be a self-reinforcing cycle of positivity. The fact is, the way you approach this material world is changing. Where you used to act on pure impulse, you now act with more consideration. Where you used to hold yourself back due to fear and insecurity, you now let yourself try and experiment without judgement. This represents huge growth! From this place of wholeness, your creative process will flow so much smoothly and easily. Prepare to amaze yourself by how your work will evolve in leaps and bounds this lunar cycle.



Finally, some beautiful respite and rejuvenation is on the way, and you may already be feeling it. Truth is, you have been through an initiation of a sort, and you are now being reborn, yet another one in a series of rebirths that we’re all constantly being guided through these days! The work you’ve done on consciously surrendering, shedding and reworking some of your most firmly held beliefs and fears are now bearing their fruit. You will be offered a period of respite where you will feel more at home in your skin than ever, and where you feel strong, confident and ready for the next phases of your transformation. This is a phase where you will no longer feel like you need external validation: what you do flows from a place of strength and alignment within you, blessing yourself and the world around you. So do something for yourself this month to nurture yourself: create a ritual to mark your growth, do something symbolic to commemorate your evolution. It’s also an auspicious sign of a profound healing that you’ve gone through – your ancestors’ experiences need not be your own. You are free to carve out your own story and triumph in new ways.



You’ve just been feeling so FERTILE lately – there’s no other word for it. Rich in ideas, creativity, life, joy – it’s all been flowing to you as a result of all these choices you’ve been making to affirm yourself and your worth. This lunar cycle, all you’re being asked to do is to enjoy the fruits of your labor even more deeply, to truly savor them and allow yourself the pleasure of reveling in your human experience. A key aspect of this is to remember that you can actually feel joy every day – it’s not something to be reserved for weekends or off days! Infusing joy and making it a priority in every aspect of your life is the gift you’re being offered this month, and this may mean overturning some traditional ideas about work, and how you’re ‘supposed’ to earn your money or make a living in this life time. Free time to dream and create may ultimately be worth more than the few extra dollars you make working overtime – this month, whenever you’re asked to make any kind of decision around the trade-offs in your life, remember to factor in pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation… You’re now operating in the new paradigm, and all you have to do is allow it to happen by creating a space where you thrive, happily and without outmoded ideas about how it’s all ‘supposed’ to look.


6 of Pentacles

These days, you are growing in consciousness about how much energy you really lend to others in your life – and how that is essential to your wellbeing. You love your tribe, you are uplifted by being around people you love, and yet, you often neglect to give to yourself what you often give to others. This lunar cycle, you will have the opportunity to correct any imbalances and gain deeper insight into how and why you give to others. Giving can sometimes be exalted as a selfless act, but when it comes from a place of wanting to control or exert power, this action becomes subverted and loses its true divine power. Do you give to others because it gives you a sense of security? Or some other motivation you may have hidden from yourself? Know that no other human can give you the sense of security that you crave – you must learn to cultivate it within yourself. And you already have all the tools to do so! This also means that you must allow yourself to receive help and guidance, and truly allow yourself to be vulnerable and open enough to do so. Heavy stuff, huh? Take it one step at a time, dear Cancer. If anything, this lunar cycle is really meant to allow you to develop a deeper sense of trust, within yourself, and with the Divine. From there you will see that things will flow, without needing to micromanage your relationships.


Daughter of Wands

This lunar cycle, your playful, creative nature comes into play, full force. This may be good news for you, especially if you’ve been experiencing a slump lately, or if you’ve been withdrawing or hibernating. You’re learning to observe your own energetic cycles – what lights you up, what shuts you down, and what burns you out. As you increasingly see and respect your own body and its signals, you find it much easier to trust its cues and to rest when you need to, and work when you feel motivated or inspired to do so. This is part of a longer process of you learning how to trust yourself, outside of any larger societal forces or peer pressure you may feel. And it’s been so liberating! While it may have been painful to see certain friends or acquaintances fall away, you’re also giving yourself the gift of feeling more at home in your skin, creative and playful than ever before. This also represents the beginning of a phase of you being more willing to take risks and as well as face challenges with more confidence and grace. You’ve come such a long way dear Leo, and it’s really beautiful to see.


Son of Cups

Joy, savoring the good stuff in life, detaching from the analytical brain – I love this message for you, dear Virgo because there’s nothing more soothing for your soul! Your sharp mind has been on overdrive for this first part of the year, and you’re finally allowed a bit of downtime. You may have been experiencing burnout, a sense of discontent and even unhappiness or resentment creeping in a little bit – all signs of an intellect on overdrive. Remember that while your mind is one of the best tools you have, that’s all it really is – one part of your beautiful whole. Don’t let it run you – you’re ultimately in charge of your mind, where it goes, and what it focuses on … In our society, where the intellect is often prized and emphasized, it takes conscious effort to unplug and tap into the other parts of you – your emotional, physical, and sensual self. It’s time to let the much neglected parts of you out to play, while detaching from so many roles that you tend to take on without complaint. In fact, this is the start of a major overhaul of your working habits: detaching from martyrdom energy, over-exerting yourself… And allowing yourself to not always be the one who knows, or corrects, or notices all the time. Meditation, listening to music, chakra cleansing, being near bodies of water will all be really beneficial for you this cycle. Remember, no project or work endeavor is worth it if you’re just miserable! Take care of you, and the rest will take care of itself, I promise. Trust yourself.



What happens when the mental constructs you use to prop up your world, all fall away, at the same time? You discover your strength, that’s what. And even more than that, you discover that… you’re still perfectly fine. You’re doing great. That your value and your worth come from a far deeper place than status, identity, skin-deep, superficial stuff. This lunar cycle, be prepared for a deep shedding, all the way up to the lunar eclipse in July. It’s a profound time for you when you will be able to see beyond the limiting thoughts and preconceptions that you often wrap around yourself, giving you a sense of security, but can also stifle your free spirit and creativity. It’s a time when you discover truly: You are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings. Strength this month comes from being able to bear witness to your feelings without being unduly swept away by them; from observing yet not judging your experiences; from refraining instead of reacting immediately. All of this will lead you to a place where you can then make choices that are aligned with your highest goals more easily, instead of being pulled a million directions by all the different people who fill up your busy social calendar.


Ace of Pentacles

This is the month where the opportunities you’ve been waiting for will come your way – whether it’s a new job opportunity, an idea, a new life-giving pattern, money – there will be a tangible manifestation of the things that will help you move along on your path. These are blessings, even if they may not initially look like what you thought they might look like, or imagined yourself ever needing. And yet, here they are! The Universe loves to surprise us, so let it, dear Scorpio. The best things in life are absolutely unplanned and this is hard for those of us who enjoy defining our realities to accept. To lay the ground to make these opportunities work best for you, know that you’re not being rewarded for ‘good’ behavior, just as you weren’t being punished for ‘bad’ behavior when things seemingly weren’t going your way. Things happen to move you further along on your soul journey, to learn lessons, to discover who you are and who you’re here to become, and ultimately, to experience your life with more joy.  Observe these blessings as just another turn in the wheel – things come together, and then fall apart all the time. There’s no need to cling or hoard: invest this growth energy in yourself and your vision for a happier, relaxed, version of you.


Priestess of Swords

Trust in your critical judgements this month, dear Sagittarius. Your classic warmth and outgoing nature may be tempered a little as you withdraw to take stock of the first half of the year, plan for your steps ahead, and analytically look at the relationships and career steps you’ve been taking thus far. There’s also a sense of a wounding recently, with regards to feeling like you’ve been taken for granted by loved ones recently, as well as by others who have made the fatal mistake of misunderstanding or trying to manipulate your open and unassuming personality. Isn’t it a trip when people assume that you’re somehow weaker just because you believe in the inherent goodness of human nature?! They are the naïve ones – not you. Because you see so clearly into humanity, you see all its potential for goodness, and you hold its light in your heart. That is hard work. But you are uniquely designed to do this work… It’s just time to use your intellect instead of your heart in this lunar cycle, and to make accurate assessments of how you may need to reshuffle the amount of time you spend around certain people and the influence they have over you. Sharpen your vision this month and trust in what you observe – especially when people repeatedly show you who they really are.


High Priestess

Dear Capricorn, this slippery eel of a year has been teaching you to trust your intuition and not freak out when things don’t go according to plan. And it hasn’t been an easy road, because you’re out of your comfort zone so often, you can’t even see where it is any longer. And yet, this represents such a huge growth and expansion on your part, as you become increasingly used to allowing your drive and creativity to come from a more joyful, fun-loving part of you. This lunar cycle, you’re being asked to trust what’s coming from your gut rather than the things you tend to see out there in the material world. First off – cutting down on your consumption of news media may be a good idea. If the things you’re reading are making you anxious and getting you into a state of analysis paralysis, you’re far better off doing something soothing to your soul instead. Any time the world becomes too much, you’re in a bad mood, or you come up against a sticky situation at work, it’s best to take a step back and get into a meditative space. That’s because your intuitive guidance will be coming through especially strongly this month, and you want to allow it space to reach you! Grounding activities like restorative yoga and moving meditation will be especially beneficial for you. You don’t have to sit still if you don’t want to, but making sure your mind has time to slow down and detach from intellectualizing everything will be keys to a productive, regenerating month.


5 of Pentacles

This cycle, you’re going all in when it comes to your dreams – no half-assing it. And this is really a great thing, because you’re sensing that your dreams are about to become reality – opportunities have been presenting themselves, left and right, and it’s no longer just a distant fantasy. It’s all becoming tangible and real to you, and to firmly bring these dreams down into reality, it does take some elbow grease. “Where you are is not who you are” is a mantra that will serve you this cycle – keeping your eyes to the horizon while you apply effort in the present moment will be the best way to ride this energy. If fears and anxieties ever crop up, look at them squarely in the eye and tell them “I have no time for you” and channel that energy into consistent effort instead. This may take an overhaul of some of your habits and becoming more mindful about the things and media you consume and spend time on. To decide if it’s something worth spending your time on, ask: “Does this serve my highest goals and purpose?” Everything you do matters –  and once you get through this cycle, you will see many beautiful rewards blossom in late summer and into the fall.


Father of Wands, reversed

Recently, your will to create is often thwarted by a growing sense of unease and discomfort around why you’re doing what you do… This represents a deeper level of consciousness and knowingness that’s developing within you, dear one. You’re hearing the call to create from a place that’s aligned with your intuition. Often, you keep many of your intuitive truths at bay because of a deep-seated fear of where it may lead you. Your brain tells you that you may end up broke, homeless, or worse – dramatic scenarios the ego cooks up in order to scare you back into line. And yet, you’re now ready to break free from these binds. Your masculine side is meant to ideally, act on behalf of your feminine – your free-flowing, creative, and fun-loving side. Each time you experience doubts or uncertainties this coming lunar cycle, receive it as a kind of feedback from your intuition that you’re meant to pause and probe a little deeper. Stop and take into account whether some of the things you’ve accepted as just ‘business as usual’ are truly acceptable to you. See if you are able to act differently as a result of taking time out to pause and reconsider. You’re gaining strength and confidence in being able to act from an aligned place from within you, and this is a wonderful thing to behold.

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