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Wisdom Scopes Lunar Cycle May 15 – June 12, 2018



10 of WANDS, reversed

Dear Aries, it’s time to let go of the steering wheel for a minute and let the Universe take the lead. It’s been trying to get your attention, but it has also been waiting patiently while you’ve tried all the tricks in your bag to get things looking the way you want them to. Truth is, anything that hasn’t been working isn’t at all because you’ve made a mistake or done something wrong – rather, it’s because you’re meant to do things in a whole new, different way. Old ways don’t work anymore. New ways may mean waiting to see what your intuition tells you, pausing to rest and play, taking it one step at a time, not planning too far ahead, paying attention to the present moment… Your fire burns so bright, and often this leads to exhaustion or burn out if you aren’t careful. This new way of working means you work WITH the Universe in partnership, directing your fire when you get gut feelings to do so. Let it help you. Allow it to get to you by making room for it. This cycle, your down times will be the best time to connect with what’s larger than you or I. Disconnect from social media and IRL social life to allow yourself space to connect with  what’s essential within you.


6 of Cups, reversed

At this moment, it may be hard for you to believe in the best in people, or to have faith in your path. And no one can blame you, because life has been testing you for a minute! There is a call here to return to the innocence of childhood where the present moment was all you had – think back to a time where you weren’t actively striving or pushing towards something. Try to recall if there was ever a time when you trusted in always being able to get what you need, without fear or anxiety. Because that is exactly what life is trying to show you – that you will always have what you need – maybe not in the exact ways you envision them, but they will show up. You are being taken care of, and any recent detours were most likely ways to protect you from something that may not be the best for you down the line. Things aren’t what they seem this month, and it’s important not to overreact in the moment. Allow them to unfold and take time out to observe before rushing to conclusions.


6 of Swords

It’s funny what time and some perspective can offer us, and for you, there is a deep healing taking place in the ways you’ve been allowing yourself space to simply be. Recently, you may have left a job, situation, or relationship that left you questioning who you are and even losing sight of some essential piece of yourself. That was a scary and desolate place to be, yet you’ve been so resilient and brave, taking actions to put yourself back in a place where you feel much more supported and validated, even if that only source of support lay in your own faith and trust in yourself. This month will see these actions paying off, and you’ll be feeling a brand new burst of energy to explore and discover new opportunities and gifts that are out there, waiting for you. Your journey is one that is testament to the ways the Universe moves in leaps and bounds to meet you whenever you take one step towards your true self, and living a heart-based life. Enjoy this sweet time, dear one, and continue giving yourself permission to break away from old ideas of yourself. You’re blossoming as you follow the sun of your own heart and light.



The more you surrender, the noisier your mind gets. Every step you take towards the unknown, the more your ego wants to pull you back and get back in line. It’s funny how that works, right? It’s not funny when you’re experiencing it though, dear Cancer, and I can feel how much this tension causes you much frustration and confusion. This cycle, it’s time to get intimate with the workings of your mind. Know that it’s the job of the mind to protest, give you plentiful options, doubts, complaints and rebuttals. Know that it’s your job to decide which ones to listen to and which to discard. And when all else fails, know that you do not have to act on anything that your mind says at all. See its noise as the fact that you have been actually so diligently working on following your heart and living in a more embodied way. Ways of being learnt through years of solely intellectual, mind-based education won’t be disappearing overnight, you know?! Above all, you are not your thoughts. Be patient with the ways it communicates with you, and learn to find some humor in the things it chooses to focus on and obsess over. See if you can find some spaciousness between those thoughts… be playful and find freedom in the ability to pause before you choose to speak or act.



Your motivation and enthusiasm has been coming back in recent times, and with it, lots of grand plans, goals and dreams. And that’s all wonderful! A lot of these ideas are worth noting. In fact, writing them down as they come to you will be useful. Yet, there’s a note of caution: there’s a sense that you’ve not been giving your intuition as much air time recently. Making time to slow down and listening to your inner voice is so important in these coming months. Emotionally, there may have been some incidents that have gotten you disheartened and disillusioned recently. This world is rough for those of us want to trust in the light of others, because we often have ample opportunity to witness the darkness instead. And yet this is the chance to realize that what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. The more disheartened and difficult it is to believe in the good of others, the more important it is to believe in the good within yourself, first and foremost. That you have an inextinguishable light within, and you are able to make a choice with regards to the place you want to act from on a daily basis. And in fact, getting to know and understand that shadow will always come with the light can help you to not take either so personally – that it’s all a part of the duality of this 3D world… Tend to your hurt places, and know that your heart was made to withstand these paradoxes. You are here to act as a beacon for others in these times.


2 of Pentacles

First of all, the best thing about this coming cycle is that your sense of humor and fun is coming back after a not-so-brief hiatus. Things have felt so serious for a while now, and you were coping with some heavy things that took up much of your time and energy. The Universe was asking you to take a good look at some of the stuff you keep hidden in your bottom drawers, and if you did not shy away from your most difficult feelings, you are much stronger for it now. As this new cycle starts, a shift can occur where you are trusting more deeply in the Universe. You realize the ease that comes with not taking everything oh-so-seriously. You allow people to just be. You realize you don’t always need to get the last word. You prioritize your well-being over needing to be right. And with this, you are now able to see possibilities where there used to be none. You refuse to let change throw you. Opportunities come your way and you even manage to have fun with them! For sensitive souls, be aware of overstimulation and make sure you get enough downtime during this high-energy period. Know that you have all you need to move your projects forward this month. Stay focused on your goals and don’t let random elements distract you.


Hanged One

Dear Libra, the answers for you this month will come in your not-so-favorite way: chilling and hanging out in the limbo of not knowing. While everyone will be receiving different signals to stop or go, yours is found in the sweet spot of chopping wood, carrying water – keeping up with your usual day to day activities and receiving the inspiration that comes in those mundane moments. This is yet another opportunity for you to harness your energy; instead of dissipating them in social activities that often pack your calendar, carve out some free time for yourself, and resist the urge to make snap decisions or judgements. The time is not yet ripe to do so. That’s because there are some big planetary alignments that are still making their own sweet way in the cosmos, and you play a vital role in them. Instead of seeing yourself as being held back, see this as time to rest, relax, replenish your energy, dream, have fun, reboot your daily habits and routines to make sure they support you. You will know when it’s time to act.



The themes of control and power have always been overarching motifs in your life, so you must be familiar with some of the ways these forces have manifested for you by now. Whether it comes to how you wield it, your relationship with it, or how much power you perceive yourself to have, these themes go hand in hand with the vulnerability that comes with feeling as deeply as you do, and how safe you feel walking around in this world as sensitive as you are. It’s a tension that often leads to much frustration for you – yet there’s no one better equipped to wrestle with these themes than you are. This cycle, it may be helpful for you to look at some of the ways you require others to play by certain roles and rules – especially those that are unspoken. Know that your true sense of power and control cannot come from any earthly source – it comes from your relationship to the Divine, however you choose to define it. When you are secure in your power, no matter the shifting external conditions and circumstances, you will have that sense of safety that you need such that you will no longer require someone to play by your rules in order for you to feel safe. You will be free – and so will they. Take the first step of understanding when, why, and how you assert your will, dear Scorpio.



This year is all about Serious Business for you, in all aspects of your life. This can mean a lot of the stuff you never really paid too much attention to – whether it’s your finances, your home life, your daily routines and habits – are now at the forefront of your consciousness. All of this is with the knowledge that taking care of these boring bits will ensure that you have the security you need to reach high, far and wide – your forte. This coming cycle, focus on what makes you FEEL strong – does it mean taking care of business when others want you to go out to play? Or does it mean taking time to unwind so that you have more energy for the next leg of the journey? This can be an intuitive process, and I encourage you to stay present with every decision. Don’t feel the need to build structures based on what works for others – build ones that work for you and your unique needs. This means embracing all of who you are, without feeling like anything about you is ‘wrong’ or too much of anything. For example, if you freelance and work from home, this could mean working hours that follow your natural rhythm instead of rigidly sticking to a fixed schedule every single day (if you are fortunate enough to do so, of course!)


3 of Swords, reversed

This coming cycle offers you the opportunity to untangle yourself from some of your deepest hurts. There have been times in your past when your heartaches caused you to make decisions and take certain paths, influencing everything from career decisions to relationship choices. You may be faced with situations that are echoes of these past scenarios… and yet now you will see that so much has changed. You no longer react the same way, you have a certain detachment. You have allowed yourself to heal, gain strength and become wiser. You will also be able to notice any residual sore spots – and make your peace with them. Do not be afraid to go back into these depths for the sake of healing – feeling those old stuck emotions fully will allow you to release them. It’s not even necessary to truly understand the whys and the hows of those old scenarios any longer… Just know that you no longer need to live by outmoded scripts that do not reflect the truth of who you are. All of this is for the purpose of bringing you closer to that lightness and joyousness that you want to embody. Be willing to lose baggage, dear Capricorn. Travel light.


4 of Discs

There’s an element of buckling down and nurturing your projects this month, dear Aquarius. The past few months have been a whirlwind of social engagements and changes for you, and it’s now time to recover, regenerate, and reserve your energies for the things you cherish and need to tend to. Over the next few months, you’ll be transitioning into a role that calls for you to have a laser focus on your dreams and goals. This is the perfect time to get right within yourself, and to identify what your superpowers are, and the strengths you bring to the table. Do this work so that you know the value you bring to others, especially because you’ll soon be moving into arenas where you’ll be called on to stand firm in your worth. At the same time, it’s important to realize that the Source that nourishes you is infinite – allow yourself to relax and trust that if you continue working on your skills, they will grow in ways that will surprise you and bring you opportunities you never dreamed of. There is no need to worry that it will all somehow go away. There’s a message here to look at your concepts of give and take, and in the flow of resources in your life. Admitting that you don’t always have control will paradoxically allow you to go with the flow, and get in touch with the feelings of always being supported.



I get a sense that this new moon has somehow revealed to you a once-hidden facet of how you move and work in this world, and has shown you whose opinions tend to sway you. There’s been a realization that perhaps all these other people don’t actually know what’s best for you, and that you making a different choice from them doesn’t mean anyone’s choice is wrong. You are taking more of your power back, and feeling a dose of divine inspiration to boot. In this coming cycle, the more you are aligned in body, mind and spirit, the more you mindfully take on tasks and tackle them because you truly believe in them – despite what anyone else says – the more you will get familiar with standing in your power authentically. You, more than any other sign, know the meaning of fake it till you make it. You are excellent at putting yourself out there, experimenting and making sense of things along the way. But this time around, the process is turned on its head for you… Now, with a new sense of confidence, you tackle things because there’s an inner drive, without feeling the need to impress anyone. What’s more important is that you feel right and aligned within yourself. And this changes everything and opens up so many more possibilities for you. What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?