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April 2018

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Your April 2018 Wisdom Scopes


What if going with what you know is right for you means going against the flow of everyone else around you? We’re all being asked to follow the path of our hearts, and this is rarely easy. You probably already have a flavor of what this year is asking of you, and it looks like some good, honest, grounded hard work. The truth is, we are all moving towards building a better world. A better world that flies in the face of all that is already established: corrupt systems, indifference, unethical behaviors. Your choices, your actions, thoughts and words do matter. So much. Lead the charge by doing what matters most to you in this time. Hang on to what you know you’re here for. Consistent effort is important because so much of it is about breaking through heavy, dense habits that have kept you down before.


Ace of Wands

The breakthrough you are waiting for will arrive this month, and you have to ready yourself to catch it and make the most of it. It may sneak up on you in the form of a new insight or idea, fresh off the heels of you being able to let go of some old goal or idea that just wasn’t working. You will start to see that the more you are able to sieve through and sort out what works and what doesn’t, and being willing to challenge your assumptions and preconceptions about something, the more you are able to gain new insight and inspiration. The truth is, your stream of inspiration is infinite – you never have to worry about running out of them! Letting go of an idea doesn’t mean you won’t ever get another one. Who you are is so much bigger that who you think you are. When penetrating insights come, be sure to catch them by writing them down. You don’t have to act on them immediately. Just know that when you allow yourself more mental flexibility, staying open to trusted others’ wisdom and experience, you will get where you want to go with a lot more ease.


8 of Cups

Another layer of illusions is shed this month, dear Taurus. It’s painful when you allow yourself to let go of things you once thought to be true. In a way, it was a survival mechanism. You had to believe in certain things in order to get through painful moments. Now that you are healing, your strength has built up the point where you are able to look at illusions squarely in the eye and to truly see through them. Your strength has allowed you to get this far, and closer and closer to your true self. Remember: You can never lose anything that is true to you. Anything lost are simply untruths, falsehoods, programming placed upon you by others… See this time as a shedding of projects, people, places and things from a time when you made decisions out of insecurity and uncertainty of your self-worth. What will rise from these ashes are unshakeable foundations that will see you through into the next decade and beyond. If you knew what was waiting for you, you wouldn’t waste a moment looking back or regretting what was.


Hanged One, reversed

A practical guide to surrendering: allowing yourself to feel the feelings that arise when someone tells you to ‘surrender’. Check in with yourself: do you feel impatience, exasperation, resignation, annoyance, bemusement, anger when someone or something slows you down, or when you are in a state of limbo? Do you then struggle against it, getting more annoyed by the moment? Whatever it is, it’s really all okay. Not knowing what lies beyond can be such a frustrating feeling. Hanging out in uncertainty is never peaceful, at least not at first. The good news is that it does get easier. April asks you to get in touch with how you respond when things aren’t within your control – and to confront the illusion that you somehow have absolute control over anything in your life. This is some deep work, and it’s work that will fundamentally change you, if you consciously grapple with it and allow yourself some patience. In times of doubt and stress, the best thing to do is to do nothing. Step back and see what happens. Tough knots will untie themselves without any intervention from you, and you may get a real sense of how the divine weaves itself in the threads of your life. All you have to do is be willing to allow.


8 of Swords

You’ve been working real hard lately at shedding some of the ways you’ve been programmed socially and culturally – and this is not work for the faint hearted. It’s especially confusing when you’re surrounded by people who seem to accept without question the very things you are questioning so hard now. In order to get more clarity, the only way out is through. When the feelings get extra rough, hang tight and try not to be too quick in brushing them aside or burying them under some ‘positive’ feelings. There is no ‘negative’ feeling – a feeling is a feeling. Keep asking why – why does this interaction make me feel this way? Why does this no longer appeal to me? Know that you never need to justify your changes to anybody – especially since you are still in mid-transformation. The beauty of all this inquiry is that it will reveal your own power to you: your beliefs shape your world, and when you change and question your beliefs, everything changes as well. You may not be able to control your external reality, but the ripple effects of changing your internal one is formidable. Have faith in yourself, and in your process. You will come out on the other side, feeling freer than you’ve ever been.


3 of Swords

Some of your greatest heartbreaks have come from having your trust broken – and realizing that no matter how much you might have wanted something to turn out a certain way, it doesn’t always work out that way. This month comes with a healing, of realizing that when something doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, it doesn’t mean that you are being punished. The Universe is nudging you to move beyond the belief of some kind of cosmic punishment or reward, meted out by some unknown force in the world. It’s about moving beyond victimhood to empowerment. And to do so, you will need to look back at some of the times you felt wronged by someone, or when you feel guilt over something you may or may not have done. This may mean allowing all those feelings to flood over you – but this time, instead of buying into the stories that those feelings stir up, you can change the ending. Change the ending into something empowering, into something that puts you in the position of someone who is loved and loveable, no matter what. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and see yourself through the eyes of the Universe: a soul on its journey, learning, growing through mistakes, and ultimately worthy.


Daughter of Wands, reversed

Uncertainty about the steps ahead have got you slowing down and doubting yourself. Luckily, this is exactly where you’re meant to be at: slowing down, but not necessarily doubting yourself. First of all, check your anxiety levels. Are they high? Always remember to check in first before dashing off to do the first thing you think of. And honestly, your anxiety is a really good sign. Before you let your skepticism take over, it may be helpful to understand your anxiety as a sign that you’ve been moving closer and closer to your heart – because you’re getting in touch with the absolute groundlessness of things. Options open up for you when you resist taking the first knee jerk action to move back onto secure ground. You’ve already realized that what’s secure and safe really are just illusions. To remain in a grounded state this month, take care of practical, material needs. Ground creative projects by breaking them down into daily tasks you incorporate into rituals. Control what’s within your locus of control. Continue taking steps towards pushing against the boundaries of what you currently think is possible. Allow room for surprises. Channel excess energy into exercise and eating well. May should see this energy lifting and you will get a much clearer view of your steps ahead.


10 of Swords

Dear Libra, sometimes it’s really not about you, and I mean that in the best way possible. Sometimes it’s really not about how hard you try or what you do or don’t do – others have their own reasons for doing what they do, and no matter how that might make you feel, you’re simply not in control of it. You can’t control how others live their lives. Don’t beat yourself up any longer, or blame yourself unnecessarily for things that you aren’t even responsible for. But by all means, do take responsibility for these: your own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors. By allowing yourself to be and to live in your own full integrity, you’ll find it much easier to allow others to be as well. If you’ve been feeling like you need to have others on a tight leash lately, it may be helpful to inquire deeper into those feelings. Are you trying to get people to behave in a certain way to lend you some kind of security? Or to assure you that there is ‘good’ in the world? We are all asked to move beyond polarity and to practice living in the grey, and good and bad isn’t so easy to discern these days. Focus on your own light and act in alignment with your own values. Let the rest figure themselves out.


Ace of Pentacles

You’ve been spending the past year building up to this moment. You’ve stepped over a threshold recently into a whole new vista and it’s scary and exciting at the same time. Your creativity has also returned in new ways, and if you are not feeling it yet, then you will start to feel it soon. Make room for this new energy by clearing out the old. Outmoded patterns, thoughts, and habits may need a review and may even need to be discarded completely. If you notice any fears creeping in, welcome them as a normal part of the journey of starting something new. You’re not supposed to feel 100% confident. You’re not supposed to always have it all together. That’s the point of new beginnings! They bring in uncertainty, excitement, opportunity for reinvention and for doing things differently. Slow down and feel into your fears so that you may address them methodically instead of reacting reflexively. You are doing just fine, tell yourself so and it will make all the difference in how you stride into the great new unknown.


2 of Swords

You can only keep your balance this month by keeping out what’s not helpful or nurturing for you, dear Sagittarius. The truth is you have been growing so rapidly, and like a delicate seedling that’s just sprouting, you are nurturing a new resolve for a direction you’re walking towards in your life. It’s a vulnerable phase and even though you want to beat on your own drum and invite everyone else to join you, take time to consider if this is really the time for it. You can’t afford to let anyone slow your roll, and that really means prioritizing your own priorities and wellbeing. Others can join you when you are truly solid and strong enough to share of yourself – your new insights, learnings and wisdom – freely and widely. This month, having boundaries in terms of looking at who’s taking up your time, energy, thoughts, space and doing an audit of who and what has access to your life will be so helpful. This frees up space for your growth, even if that space has to stay empty for a little while. Give yourself room to breathe and stretch out. You can never lose anything that’s true to you.


Empress, Reversed

If you could choose to let go of one onerous task in your life, what would you let go of? Do you sometimes subconsciously gravitate towards the most difficult way to do things because you have somehow associated difficulty with virtue? Perhaps it makes you feel like you’ve truly worked for something and that you put in effort. And that is all well and good – because a lot of the most valuable things in life don’t come easy – but it’s also important to see if there could be a way that’s far less strenuous, uses more of your natural skills and talents, and is actually enjoyable in the process. Life and its paradoxes, eh? There’s no harm in actually enjoying the things that you do… in fact, I would argue that that’s what makes it worthy, if it brings you joy, as well as value to others. Why choose? Slow down and use your senses to discern how you could bring more enjoyment to your daily life, even if it’s as simple as incorporating practices to make the little things more fun: e.g. using your favorite stationery to write notes, dressing in your favorite colors, dressing up for nobody but yourself, taking the longer route to work… Or it could simply mean easing up on the carrot or the stick approach, and make your work process-oriented instead. How do you bring more enjoyment into the process of what you do (instead of just focusing on the end goal)?


Shaman of Swords

You’re called upon to be the voice of reason this month, dear Aquarius. We can all count on an Aquarian to keep their cool when all around them is falling into chaos. For April, there’s a lot of brain fog happening as everyone is moving through their own personal drama. You can smell it from a mile away when someone is trying to put their issues on you – so be kind, but be firm. Enforce your boundary in that effortless way of yours. You also have to speak up and tell it like it is when everyone else is hedging or beating around the bush. At the same time, use this time of assessment to go over your goals and refine your strategies. You are able to see through most things at this time to discern if people are trustworthy and truly walking their talk. Be uncompromising when it comes to who you associate with – align with those who have similar values, underneath all the superficial differences, and you will be just fine. You’re truly coming into your own, and you know it.


Son of Wands reversed

This month, you’re being asked to get in touch with your need for constant stimulation, dear Pisces. There has always been a restlessness within you to want more, seek for more, see and do more – and this had led you on many great adventures. Sometimes this has led you down a rabbit hole or two, though, and only served to distract you from some of your goals. April will be giving you opportunities in the form of U turns and speed bumps to slow you down and get you more conscious of some of the ways you keep yourself constantly on the go. What’s the feeling that underlies the need to want more? Is there something you are not allowing yourself to fully feel or acknowledge? Only you know the answer. Searching within for clues now will help you stay focused come May when things start moving forward again – doing the work now will help you get a lot more discerning about the things that grab and hold your attention.