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Your March 2018 Wisdom Scopes


A profound emptying and letting go of old habits and emotional hooks is possible right now, if you are willing to devote energy to this process. You are wiser than you think, and you know more than you believe. If you could choose to let go of one habit that has been holding you back, what would it be?


8 of Swords

The only way to heal it is to go through it. This month intensifies the lessons you’ve been going through for the past year or so – and culminates in a breakthrough. You’ll be asked to observe the ways you habitually respond to certain situations in your life that trigger you or that press your buttons, and to radically transform them. By honestly and non-judgmentally observing your reactions, you will finally be able to find a different way through these situations. Sometimes this means giving yourself time to respond, instead of defaulting to a knee-jerk reaction. Sometimes this could mean speaking up immediately and making your feelings known. Sometimes this could mean holding back and observing the situation more carefully, and allowing time for it to unfold. The whole point of it is to tell you that you have grown way beyond these situations and the way you react to them – notice that you are no longer your old self, being bounced around like a pinball. Things are different now. Allow room for this new self to emerge and take charge. You are making way for a big growth spurt the later half of this year.


5 of Wands

Life has been challenging you to move way beyond your comfort zone recently, dear Taurus, and the thing is, it isn’t going to let up any time soon. You hope to chill out for a while but then the next challenge comes right along and tugs on your sleeve. What it’s really trying to tell you is: hey! You are meant for far greater things. Not because you aren’t doing well enough right now, but to let you know that you’re not meant to suffer unduly or allow your creativity to languish. In order for that to happen, you gotta move your butt and get to greener pastures where you will be able to express your true self and let your skills shine. See any annoyance as valuable information for where you’re meant to go and what you’re no longer going to allow in your life. It’s about being in the right environment and surrounding yourself with nurturing forces. That means no more letting tiny things get you down or distract you from your path, no more tolerating people or events you would have dwelled upon obsessively in the past. The events that pop up this month are meant to show you how much you grown and how you are so much more capable of brushing off the things that don’t matter. So walk on by and know that you are here for so much more!


Dear Gemini, the last thing you may want to do this month is to take it easy and slow down, but it’s precisely the thing you need right now. With Spring approaching and the flurry of erratic energy that comes along with it, you need all the grounding you can get. You’re also facing some big decisions and the anxiety that’s kicking in may be telling you to have it all figured out, right about now. Ignore those voices, and know that the slower you go and the more you allow yourself moments of peace and calm, the more the answers will come to you without pushing. In fact, you’ve been getting really great at tapping into your inner wisdom – yet this may seem all so strange to you as it has been putting you on paths that are often at odds with those you see around you. It’s not easy to walk at a difference pace or to make choices that diverge from the norm, yet you are increasingly called to do so. Setting aside even 5 minutes a day just to align with your own energies will set a steady, calm tone for the rest of the day to soothe your worries and anxieties.


3 of Swords

Feelings aren’t your boss. They don’t pay your bills. They don’t get to dictate your life. You, all of you, with your intellect, spirit, soul, and yes, feelings make up who you are. And even then this doesn’t capture your vastness. Another cherished ideal may be falling apart again this month, and I don’t say this to scare you. This is just a reminder that who you are does not depend on false illusions or relationships to prop you up and somehow make you more worthy. An awareness of the more vulnerable aspects of you has led to a certain defensiveness in the way you approach others; seeking out relationships and needing them to define some part of who you are, paradoxically drives them further away from you. For this pursuit is still trying to placate your ego’s voice within: the need to control those scary swooping feelings, and the need to control the outcomes of relationships and by extension, those around you. Remember: no emotion is too big for you to contain. Allow yourself to feel them so you don’t need to control those around you in order to feel in control. The only way to attain those relationships you desire is to tend to your own tendency to shut off compassion for yourself, and by recognizing your shared humanity with others. Open your eyes and heart to those who suffer (i.e. all of us!), and realize we’re all in this together. What will you do with your broken heart?


7 of Discs

March will see you reviewing all that this eclipse season has been bringing to your attention. Chances are, you may even have been feeling shocked or surprised at some of the things that have popped up – e.g. the realization that some of the things you thought you needed aren’t actually the case, or that some opportunities are much more within reach than you realized. A lot of the barriers that you imagined to be blocking you have also melted away. The larger theme within your life these days is the dissolving of crutches, and all the ways you’ve ever given your power away – whether it’s to some kind of spiritual belief, your past history or to other individuals in your life. It’s a time of reclaiming your sense of personal power and knowing – deep within yourself, deep within your core – that the only higher authority you need always seek validation from is none other than your Self. Given this internal reorganization, it makes sense to give yourself time to chart your path ahead accordingly. Who do you no longer need to work with or lean on? Which relationships did you draw into your life when you felt needy or powerless? How can those relationships be recalibrated or let go of? The more ownership you take and the more you address any kind of blame/victim dynamic, the freer you will be to act from a place of greater alignment.


4 of Swords

March is a month of integration and contemplation, dear Virgo. A lot is going on under the surface for you after a busy month of breaking barriers and letting go of a ton of baggage – and instead of solely using your mind to figure things out, it’s time to dedicate time and space each day to allow your higher self to speak to you. Most importantly, it’s about trusting that your higher self will know what to do with all the intellectual information you’ve collected for yourself. Know that you are already on a different level. You’ve managed to shed so much, and after each shedding process you must allow for peace and calm. It’s been a period of time where a lot of information has been coming to you, and it’s so easy to get overstimulated and to reflexively reach for more, more, more. It’s good to set boundaries with yourself with regards to how much you consume media. You’ve been on a trajectory of rapid growth – this summer and fall will see you externalizing these changes. This late winter, however, is when you steady your platform and check to see that you are aligned in thought, speech and action. Take the opportunity to slow down whenever possible; in fact, building slowness into your everyday life – little rituals that allow you to check in with yourself and breathe – will pay off in the long run, resulting in fewer frazzled nerves and more level-headed, fully aligned decisions.


Shaman of Discs

Hey Libra. It will pay off this month to call on your most rock steady, dependable self this month. If you’ve never experienced yourself as someone who’s consistent or a promise-keeper, then please allow yourself to be surprised this March. You’ve already found that one thing that fires you up, and you’ve never been short on passion. Your follow through will ensure success, so don’t give up now! Lady Libras, this is especially so if you’ve been attracted to men who seem to embody all these qualities, as this may be a sign that you’ve projected your own positive shadow on to them – or perhaps you may think of these qualities as solely ‘masculine’ traits that you somehow lack. Know that you embody both the masculine and feminine. Time to own it within yourself, and reclaim your own ability for commitment and consistency. Start off by not putting truckloads of pressure on yourself; instead see it as something fun, and start off with small, daily, attainable habits. E.g. meditating for just one minute a day, doing 10 push ups, etc.


Father of Cups

Containing those emotions of yours won’t work if it’s just about repression and not expression, dear Scorpio. Go easy on yourself and know that you carry such power within you when you tend to all of your feelings with gentleness and compassion. See that what you feel is shared by every single human being, only that the fires you carry may burn brighter and more intense. This month represents yet another step forward you take in channeling emotion into creative endeavors, whether it’s about making a meaningful change in your life or showing others by example how well you blend logic with heartfelt empathy. This represents all the work you’ve done so far when it comes to understanding yourself and others in your life. There are also opportunities this month for you to step up to leadership roles. Trust that you are ready for it: you have been levelling up in a big way and you will start to see this even more clearly once Spring fully comes around. Meanwhile, don’t skip the process, attend to your own unfolding with care and patience and know that you are the leader you have been waiting for.


Daughter of Wands

Loving your energy this month, dear Sagittarius, as a recent slump lifts and you’re filled with a brand new blast of creative energy. You’re in your fiery element and it’s always a sight to see – filling others with inspiration as you act on your own divinely inspired ideas. Trust your creative impulses, pick a couple to see them through. It’s important to know that you are at a new phase of your journey as you’re now beginning to embody the fact that you’re not here to endure misery or simply tolerate things. You are meant to have fun with your creativity, and to rewrite the scripts that you had long ago accepted at a time when you weren’t aware of your power and agency. These times have alerted you to your power, and now that you’re awake, you’re not going back to sleep again! Know that this can sometimes cause a reaction in those around you however, especially those who are still clinging on to the old ways or afraid of their own power. Pay them no mind. Focus on your own creations and enjoy how this energy builds on itself the more you cultivate it.


Ace of Swords

You’ve been shifting in regards to some strongly held beliefs and values these days, dear Capricorn, and this month will see you crystallizing what some of these shifts mean for you. A lot of answers will come your way: if you have been having doubts about recent directions or decisions, you will receive clarity and clear confirmations from the Universe. You will feel your YES as strong convictions that come from within, and not just in your mind – notice how your body leans into what feels right. This also represents a beginning of a cycle where you have worked so hard to drop certain false beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of. A lot of it was about believing you needed to take certain linear steps or do things in a certain manner in order to be ‘successful’ – at the heart of it all, could it be that you were trying to gain self-acceptance by doing what others seemed to expect of you? Know that you have the fortitude to make your ideas work, even if it means standing apart from others for a while.


10 of Pentacles

Hello, dear Aquarius. Despite your misgivings and bumpy moments in February, that tested you and made you doubt yourself, know that those moments really do contain seeds of joy and celebration, and a sign of blessings pouring into your life. A lot of muck had to be cleared out to make room for the new, including relationships that no longer match your vibration or that have already fulfilled their purpose in your life. March continues these blessings, and the key is to remember where the source of it lies – no, you weren’t recognized or given a raise or a promotion or reached your goal just because of sheer luck. You attracted these blessings in your life as a result of the work you have put in – all the work to increase self-understanding, dedication to your craft, dropping of bad habits and getting honest with yourself. It’s also important not to give undue emphasis on the material ways these blessings and rewards take shape – this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to enjoy without clinging, and to realize the truth is that you are the most powerful co-creator of all that is good and beautiful in your life. Enjoy the sweet taste of satisfaction this month, dear Aquarius!


7 of Swords

Self-judgement can sometimes manifest in the subtlest of ways – arrogance, wanting to set yourself apart from the rest because you think you know better, avoiding your feelings for fear of them revealing some kind of deficit or defect within you. At the root of all of this is a fear that you are somehow not enough or not matching up to some kind of standard that society has set for you. It’s about buying into the myth of separation and sometimes just falling prey to the idea or illusion that you can do it all by yourself. Know that it’s okay to go through these feelings – accepting relationships in your life and being vulnerable can open you up to a lot of fear, only because you are aware of just how sensitive and vulnerable you can be. By running and hiding, you attempt to hide this truth from others – however, can you see how this may be self-defeating in the long term? You need and want loving and reciprocal relationships in your life, and you deserve it. Tend to your sensitive self first and foremost, dear Pisces. Defense mechanisms are normal – observe what they are and choose to see beyond the story you tell yourself each time you feel fearful or vulnerable. Strength doesn’t equal to invulnerability.



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