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December 2017

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Your Wisdom Scopes December 2017

December is a time when seeds planted earlier in the year will be sprouting and showing signs of life. As we wrest our eyes away from the wreckage of the old world, it will be ever more vital to focus your precious time and attention on things that give life, that have soul, that lights you up and brings you joy. This can be more challenging than expected – because as human beings, we are prone to focusing on the negative as a kind of protective mechanism. In these times, lift your eyes up to the horizon and dare to dream of the brightest vision that you can muster up. Hold the vibration of that which you wish to create, and your efforts will be blessed with ease and grace.


3 of Cups

In the midst of moving towards your goals and dreams this year, there have been a few souls who have kept you motivated and supported you on your journey in the background – or maybe they have been your loudest cheerleaders. This month is the perfect time to come together with those who have truly been there for you – even as you find yourself morphing and shedding skins and moving closer to your heart’s desires. Or there may be an alternate scenario to this, which is that you have found a whole new tribe of people who vibrate on the level that you’re at right now. They don’t have to be your bosom buddies or best friends – simply people who get you on a different level, who you feel at home and comfortable in your skin with. It also means admitting to yourself that having a tribe does matter to you – it’s just that you’re no longer willing to settle for just anybody any longer. And that it’s okay if your circle is small and intimate now – because it’s the quality, and not quantity that truly matters here.


6 of Wands

The month where you see all the struggle was worth it – December. It’s been a period of wrestling with inner demons, and that process is never a walk in the park. In fact, it takes a lot of courage to do so, and even though it may have seemed never-ending and full of trudging down paths you never wanted to walk on again, you’re going to start seeing that the effort is all part of something beautiful unfolding in your life. December will show you how victory tastes like – not necessarily a scenario where someone hands you a trophy and declares you a winner, but knowing that you faced down a fear or overcame something that only stumped you even just a few months ago. Also, it’s the perfect time to wrap up the year by doing a review of just how far you’ve grown in the past 11 months. Celebrate the small victories so that you’ll savor where you are right now. It’s a sweet spot that will propel you into the life you’ve been bursting to lead for a while now.


Daughter of Swords, reversed

Many of us have been learning to manage our more volatile feelings, dear Gemini, and you are no exception. This month, you’re seeing that there are other ways beyond simply striking out at others when you are hurt, angry, confused or bored. That not everything deserves your reaction, and certainly not everyone is worth your time. These days, there are 101 distractions as revelations come to light and injustices surface – they are all part of the purging of the shadows, this year’s theme. This is why it’s important to be able to discern what truly matters, and where you are able to make the most difference. Things that just get a rise out of you, may simply be draining your emotional energy. Sometimes you have to put on those blinders in order to focus on what’s in front of you. It’s all about harnessing your energy so that you are more intentional about where it goes, and what truly requires your sharp wit and intellect to tackle.


7 of Wands

Am I good enough? Where am I going? These are questions you’re asking yourself as you battle both head and heart, constantly second guessing yourself. You’re being faced with some serious decisions and crossroads, and this line of inquiry is actually very useful, as long as you do not go down the path of self-deprecation. Check in with people you trust to reflect yourself back to you, dear Cancer. Dare to take a balanced look at your strengths, skills and talents, before beating yourself up for any perceived flaws or shortcomings. More importantly, count the blessings that truly mean something to you – these could be things you once wished for, that are now in your life. Finally, it’s also essential to know that you don’t need to be on your way to accomplishing some tremendous goal in order for you or your work to be worthy. This year for you has been about acknowledging your internal landscape, your inner journey as you move towards your worldly goals. Accepting yourself for who you are is the true prize, anything you attain in the outer world is just a bonus.


Daughter of Wands

All the experience you’ve accumulated so far is bringing you to a new level – the one you’re meant to be playing at. Isn’t it funny how life keeps showing you that it isn’t a linear trajectory? Any detours or slowdowns are simply signs for you to pause. And don’t worry, nothing is going to go forward without you. Everyone’s experiencing the slowdown this month, and each of us is going to take away something different from it. For you, you’re being asked to let your Leo out: in play, creativity and pure fun for the sake of it. While this may even seem like frivolous advice depending on where you’re at right now, there’s actually a real logic to it. In play, that’s where your best ideas come, and where dots get to connect themselves. Every time you find yourself stuck, it will be beneficial for you to take a playful approach to it so that creative solutions can come through. This sense of playfulness will serve you well, through brain fogs and detours, and light up those around you. It’s your secret weapon. Hone it this month!



This profound change feels like a culmination of an inner overhaul that’s been ongoing for this entire year, dear Virgo. It seems like November has really shown you that it’s really not about attacking or tearing apart what you dislike – or maybe even just how uncomfortably often you feel tempted to do so – but rather about focusing on what you love, and watering and tending to it so that it can grow. Fighting fire with fire takes so much energy and just causes a wildfire that burns everything in its path – you’re seeing that it’s just not the way anymore. So, now what? Now it’s just about looking at the things and ideas in your life you’ve built around actively rebelling against something, making a statement against something, fighting and attacking something… And renegotiating the way you approach it. What are you for? What do you want to see in the world? It may be helpful to know that you actually tie yourself to the very things you fight against – by the very act of fighting against it. When you stand for something because you truly love it, you free yourself. Choose freedom and be reborn again, dear Virgo.


2 of Swords, reversed

Sometimes the thing you most avoid looking at is precisely what you need to see, dear Libra. And this month, avoidance is no longer going to fly. This is an opportunity to look at that sticky situation or habit you’ve been tolerating or even actively cultivating. And chances are, it’s not even half as scary or overwhelming as you’ve made it out to be in your mind. Be compassionate with yourself, dear Libra, be willing to let yourself feel the fear in order to truly take a look at this blind spot. Perhaps it’s a spending habit, or a tendency to overpromise that has gotten you into a bind. What are the feelings that drive these behaviors? Is it a fear of scarcity, or an eagerness to please others? Once you’re willing to be honest with yourself, this act of courage will allow you to unravel this thing that has been bugging you for a while now. Free up your energy for the ride ahead – know that these times support you 100% in letting go of what no longer serves you.


7 of Cups

Illusions abound this month, dear Scorpio, and your keen sense of discernment will be tested. Let your fantasies reveal to you your emotional truths, before taking them at face value – especially the ones that seem most shocking or taboo to you. Similarly, read between the lines when it comes to the words and actions of those whom you don’t know so well – especially when you start picking up on confusing signals. The whole point of all of this is to show you that, well, sometimes you just can’t know everything, and that you need both time and patience for things to reveal themselves to you. It’s often not fun when you come up against your assumptions, but it’s necessary so that you become more aware of any blind spots. Seek for the emotional truths behind what you project onto the world – this is a truly rich time to dig deep to understand some of your more unconscious motivations and desires. Any wisdom gained in this process will serve you well as we move into 2018, when your skill of cutting through BS will be sought after.


5 of Cups

It’s important to honor the things we’ve had to let go of in order to become who we are today. Sometimes in order to separate from the things that are no longer meaningful or in line with our growth trajectory, we tell ourselves stories in order to have the courage to leave, to cut the cord, to turn our backs and to say goodbye… And now that you’re firmly entrenched in a new life, a new growth trajectory, it may be safe now to see what stories you’ve told yourself, and maybe dig a little deeper to figure out the truth that lies at the heart of those stories. It may be about restoring balance and perspective to the past – maybe that place/thing/person/idea wasn’t all bad, all evil after all – it was just no longer right for you – and it was just simply time for you to go (and grow). Doing this will help you to fully be present in this new life you’ve carved out for yourself. It may simply mean making a list of the things you feel like you’ve changed and stepped away from, ties you’ve had to leave – thanking it – viewing it with compassion and empathy instead of judgement or shame. Your energy will be freed to go towards the things that will nourish and nurture you in the now.



This month is an exciting sneak peek into 2018 for you, dear Capricorn, as you are getting to know the power you wield in a different way. You’re learning that your power to create and to make things happen in this world, when paired with faith and intuition, is a truly formidable thing. This world is vast, dear one, and every time you find yourself limiting your beliefs or potential, know that it simply just isn’t true. There is more than enough room for you and what you want to say and create, and there will be an audience for it. People will need what you are putting out in there in the world. Listen to the creative urges that you get, pay attention to your dreams, daydreams, fantasies and impulses. These aren’t just fleeting thoughts, but useful information that will help inform your path forward. This is also a growth period for you, and it may be useful to know that temptations or distractions may crop up just as you are about to make a breakthrough. Recognize them for what they are, don’t allow yourself to be distracted – and you will be riding high into 2018!


5 of Wands

This is the month where you will get to test your powerful patience, dear Pisces. There may be hiccups and bumps in the road (for all of us, really), and for you it will be about getting to know your emotional reactivity to any irritations. I’m sensing the issue for you is really about the notion of space: do you have enough of it to truly stretch out and expand? Who’s cramping your style? Who’s taking up too much space – not just physically, but mentally and emotional – in your life? As you grapple with these questions, know that this irritation is meant for you to turn this grain of sand that’s rubbing up against you into a lustrous pearl. Meaning, you will get to know what you simply can’t stand anymore, in order to take intentional action about it further down the line. Be willing to examine your triggers, dear Pisces, and this month will turn out to be a fruitful and enlightening one.


5 of Wands, reversed

Waking up can sometimes mean being called to fight for the things you believe in – even if ‘fighting’ simply means understanding what you value and finding out what you would do in order to live by your values. You’re coming out of a period of time where you had to suppress some of your desires and feelings in order to survive and to make the most out of certain life circumstances – and as your circumstances have changed, more and more of your consciousness is now waking up, you’re realizing that it’s no longer possible to stand idly by and hold your tongue on certain things. Keep in mind though, if and when you’re triggered, that it’s not really about the other – they’re just holding up a mirror to you to show you that certain parts of your psyche are re-awakening. As long as you see the value in this process, and know why you’re going through it, you’ll be able to spend December fruitfully. Don’t shy away from the things that stir up uncomfortable feelings in you, dear one, because that’s where the real gems of insight lie.