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November 2017

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Your November 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Breaking free. The binds have been cut loose and yet we are still there, struggling as though they are still tightly coiled around us. As clever, adaptive human beings, we are often able to bend ourselves to fit any situation, no matter how bad it gets. In order to survive – in order to get through situations – we tell ourselves ‘It’s okay. It’s not so bad’. Which is why, even as the wheel turns and the binds come off – and we are free – we don’t quite realize it right away. We linger. We look around in suspicion. We act in ways that feel as though we are still in a straitjacket. November is such a month for many of us – how do we break free? First step is to recognize the bind that you were in before. Take a step out of the box. Observe the box. What were its perimeters, the things you were told when you were in the box, the things you told yourself? Who appreciated you being in the box? Who did it serve? How did it hurt you? Once you are able to name, identify, catalog and review – you are on your way to freedom.


Priestess of Swords, Reversed

Is something or someone cramping your style right now, dear Aries? You may feel as though your usual wit and approach to getting things done just don’t seem to be working for you any longer, and this can be really disconcerting! Some people just don’t seem to operate on the same plane as you do: their rules, logic and goals are simply completely different. And that’s all okay. This is also all part of the journey of expansion and growth, where you have to expect the unexpected. When the Universe decides you’re ready for growth, it doesn’t just keep throwing the same things at you! So take your time to observe the new playing field, its new rules and players. Always remember that everything you’ve learned before does have a purpose: you’re simply challenged to find a new way to reapply them now. It’s okay to not know everything right away, so use your powers of observation and trust that you will soon figure out a way.


Priestess of Discs

This month, it’s extra important to get grounded. If you have been feeling floaty, spacey, or out of your body, these are signs for you to consciously get back into a self-care routine and prioritize exercise and eating right. There are scarcity fears floating back up, and the message from the Universe is: you don’t have to buy into these fears any longer! And the more you are able to feel physically safe and secure, the easier it will be to feel into this truth. So take note of your living environment: what makes you feel cozy? What helps you to feel relaxed at the end of the day? It’s also about slowing down enough to allow the rest of you to catch up with all the recent changes – give yourself days where you do nothing but allow your body to process any emotions overlooked in the hustle and bustle of busy days.


3 of Wands

This is such an exciting time for you, where you are thinking of long-range plans and what you’d like to build for the next phase of your life. And this could mean the next 5 to 9 years and beyond: decisions that will affect you permanently. And weirdly enough, this thought doesn’t even freak you out any longer. You’re feeling ready for some radical changes, a much needed breath of fresh air and reinvigorating winds of change to sweep through your life. To help you envision the future, remember to incorporate joy and creativity into your life, to make ample room for relaxation and having the time to just be. Maybe this might mean compromising a little on material comfort, or just prioritizing the changes you’d like to see – not everything will be possible all at once, but it helps to know what speaks most to your heart. You may even want to solicit some feedback from trusted loved ones to give you some perspective you wouldn’t have considered. Sometimes the ones who love us are able to dream bigger than we are able to for ourselves, so allow yourself to broaden your scope of possibility, dear Gemini.


4 of Swords

November is a month of stillness and contemplation for you, dear Cancer, after an activity-packed October. You may find that this has been the rhythm of your life recently: where you pull back after a period of time putting yourself out there. This is vital for you to regain your balance and sense of self. Your internal processes affect your outer reality so much more than you think, so it’s always important to get right with yourself mentally and emotionally before you attempt to make any moves in the world. And if you were really honest with yourself, your fatigue may be bone deep at this time. If it’s been so tough trying to figure everything out with your mind alone – I urge you to surrender. Surrender your thoughts, your worries, your fears to the Universe. Lay it all down. And rest. In this stillness, answers will come, solutions will come, clarity will come. Trust in the weaving of the Universe: you are both so much larger and smaller than you think.


6 of Wands

Riding your way to victory is the theme of the month – and it may be in smaller, less obvious ways, but you will soon feel relief from difficult situations. You are often blazing in enthusiasm and fiery passion for the things that you do, but this year, you’ve been learning how to keep this fire focused and directed. This is why victory for you may simply be about saying ‘No’ without guilt to things you would have happily accepted before, because you’re now being mindful about your plate overflowing. This often cuts down on confusion and hurt feelings in the process – and allows you to pay more attention to the things that matter to you, especially home and family. Family is the bedrock of your life, no matter how you define it, and how far you venture from home… So to harness this month’s energies in the best way, it may be helpful to ask yourself, what do you want to win? What are you willing to do in order to achieve this? Look for long-term over fleeting victories, dear one, and you’re on the right track.


Daughter of Discs

After everything you’ve been through, you find yourself at the beginning again – and this is actually a really good thing. In the past 12 months, the path was often somewhat twisty, threatening, scary and maybe even demoralizing at some points. But you persevered, and you need to give yourself props for that. You bust through barriers. You persisted. Also, this beginning isn’t like being a newborn baby – you now come imbued with skills, experience, and most importantly, an increasingly unshakeable sense of who you are and what you are capable of. At this phase of your journey, you are at a whole new stage of the game. It’s as though the past few years were just training grounds for the level that you’re actually meant to be playing at. This month, the best thing you can do is to pace yourself, and take the long term view. Take breaks if you need to, and don’t be afraid to seek help and ask questions. Others are here to help you the moment you speak up, and ask.


Daughter of Wands

You’ll start seeing options popping up in your life for you: and this simply means that the seeds you’ve planted earlier are started to sprout and flower. Now, the choice is up to you – which one excites you most? Which is the one that promises the most long-term growth? This also heralds a leveling up of sorts, where you are on your way to mastery in the field of your choice. It doesn’t have to be just professional either. Part of this is emotional growth; you’re feeling surer of yourself when it comes to interpersonal interactions and holding your own among your peers and those you look up to. And this is such a beautiful thing! It means that you no longer take yourself so seriously – you take your work seriously, yes, but learning to laugh at yourself can be the most healing thing you do this month. Have some fun and bring some levity to your life, and you’ll light up everyone around you.


Shaman of Swords

Watch what you say, your words may sting… And if that’s your intention – when asserting your boundaries or pushing back at those who have crossed them, then it’s all good. But if you find that your words have an unintended edge to it, it may be useful to look at the underlying feelings that are driving your words. What have you been directing at others, that are simply just signs of your own unresolved feelings about the situations and events in your life? Did what this person do really warrant that amount of anger and frustration? What have you not been giving yourself a chance to fully feel? Sometimes anger is just a cover up for that scarier and more vulnerable feeling… Sadness. Your sharp intellect and wit have always been tools at your disposal, but more so than ever, you get to wield it with intention and purpose. Dare to use it for the greater good and see if you are able to temper your words with compassion and tenderness, dear Scorpio. Your words are especially powerful right now, choose if you want to hurt or heal.


Daughter of Swords

This month, you may feel pressured to come up with solutions and to attack everything head-on. And this is usually such an admirable quality of yours – you don’t shy away from challenges, there’s no adventure too big for you to tackle. However, this month, it’s important to pace yourself and to make sure that your eagerness doesn’t overshadow important details. It’s like learning a new way to play the game: instead of making your intentions known right away, it may be a necessity to watch and wait and see what others have planned. This may allow you to sidestep any potential drama that you don’t need to get yourself involved in: things are changing, and many people who are less aware or conscious are acting out in major ways. Protect yourself and keep your calling out of others to a minimum. Keep the long term view in mind and look out for your best interests. When in doubt, think: how does doing this serve the greater good? Is it for a short term ego satisfaction of being right, or does this really serve to change the situation for the better?


The Hanged One

It’s time to take your hands off the metaphorical steering wheel and allow someone else (Spirit!) to steer for the time being, dear Capricorn. Depending on how much you’ve been cultivating this relationship with the Universe, your feelings around this may vary. This is a huge season of change, death and rebirth for everyone, and for you in particular, the wheels are turning and things are moving and shifting behind the scenes. This is why it’s important not to take changes for their immediate face value right now, and give things time to settle before reacting, thinking the worst, or investing in something just purely because of its potential. Let things reveal themselves to you before feeling the need to make any snap decisions – and don’t allow others to push you to do so, either. If hanging out in this space feels excruciating for you, don’t worry – most of us go-getters feel the same way too! However, this is always a good opportunity to get in touch with the fact that we are all a larger part of the tapestry of life, and really, so much is out of our control… Let your mind relax and seriously, step away from social media and the news regularly to keep your mental health intact. Take care of yourself and everything else will take care of itself.


Ace of Swords, reversed

A new cycle begins for you, but you may have been hitting a few bumps in the road – mentally. Know that new beginnings can be anxiety-provoking, but also that anxiety doesn’t need to rule over you. Watching your responses that arise can be really helpful: do you tend to become perfectionistic, or do you default to certain self-sabotaging habits? Do you lash out at others around you, or do you just tend to withdraw? Mindfully observe yourself doing what you do, and see that these responses don’t have to define you. Take a moment to acknowledge how you feel: put your hand over your heart and say, ‘I know you are anxious, but I will take care of you, and the Universe will take care of you.’ Over time, you will be able to catch yourself spiraling and make the choice to do something nurturing instead. Whether it’s stepping away from the computer to stretch, going for a walk around the block, or even just allowing yourself to forget your responsibilities for a moment, know that you’re re-programming your responses breath by breath. Above all, this beginning is simply the start of yet another stage of growth: you’re more than ready for it. Trust yourself.


The Sun

This month will feel so satisfying for you, dear Pisces, especially because you’ve been digging into the depths and doing all that hard work around facing your demons this year. You’ll soon see why all of that was necessary – when the rewards, accolades, and opportunities come your way this November, every bit of effort you’ve put in so far will make so much sense. All of that was meant to help you build a solid foundation in your life, so that old challenges no longer faze you, and you’re ready to receive what’s meant to come your way. And if you’re looking for a change of careers, the next step may become blazingly evident, and you’ll know what to do with certainty. So enjoy your moment in the sun! Socialize, go to places where you’ve never been before, relax, and let your worries go. Part of this new you is really about learning how to enjoy all the other things that are around you even as you focus on achieving your goals – so savor the journey, dear one