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October 2017

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Your October 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Have you been feeling super serious? It’s not difficult to imagine why you would be feeling that way, especially when you give a damn about anything at all in the world. It seems like everything is imploding all around us, as the world shifts and power structures are tested. However, as counterintuitive as it feels, even as you take action on all that matters to you in this world, it’s important to balance it out with attention to your wellness and taking time for fun. Light-heartedness and joy are healing, and so needed – not just this month, but now and for all the months to come. And again: All is as it should be, as the wheels of change continue to turn. This becomes hard to swallow when reality just doesn’t seem to match up to what we envisioned it to be. But a huge part of it is really about trusting that the blessings will come to you, that it’s okay to relax your tight, sweaty grip and allow the Universe to do its part.


Knight of Pentacles

Take care of the little things, and the big things will fall into place, dear Pisces. Look at the rituals, daily practices and routines that hold your life together, and see how you can tweak it so that you feel better supported within it. You’ve been going through such an exciting time of growth, but before taking on more and possibly overwhelming yourself, it’s always good to check what your foundations are looking like, and to take your overall well-being into consideration. Will this extra responsibility help you to grow, or is it something you can say no to, so that you can enjoy more downtime? It’s all about balance and there are no wrong answers, only those that feel right for you. If there has been an increase in your income recently, consider talking to a professional so that you can better manage your resources. Slow down now, so that you can make leaps and bounds later on without fear.


Knight of Wands, reversed

You’ve been swimming in brand new waters for a while now, dear Aquarius, and for some of you, since April this year. It’s been a whole slew of changes that have led to your current situation: new opportunities abounding, yet there have also been things and ideas and relationships you’ve had to let go of. It hasn’t always been easy! This month brings you a lot of new opportunities for growth, but it may be a little dizzying if you haven’t had time to regroup and check in with yourself. So take the time at the beginning of the month to take stock of all the recent changes in your life. Remember, emotional realities can take time to catch up to you, so it’s important not to dismiss feelings that come up over things that happened ‘ages ago’. You feel what you feel, and there’s no shame in that! Take care of yourself, and slow down whenever possible, so that you can meet the new in your life with a sense of openness and wonder.


3 of Cups

Depending on your current attitudes towards friendship and being around people, this month could prove to be a giant celebration for you, or a leap of faith. Kinship and meeting kindred spirits is illuminated for you this month, because of all the work you’ve been doing on being true to yourself and shining your light brightly. Those who are attracted to your vibration will find you, and it can feel almost too good to be true, especially if you have been feeling as though you had to shed many people in your life in order to stay true to your growth. Take baby steps to remain open, and to meet all who are coming to you with an open heart and mind. How would you know if they are truly sincere? When you feel seen and heard; when you are met with a genuine feeling of connection. Dare to be who you are, and you will inspire others around you to do the same.


Hanged Man, reversed

‘Restraint’ and ‘less is more’ have never been your favorite key words, but this is what your month may feel like, dear Sagittarius. Sometimes there just is nothing else to do except chop wood, carry water. There’s a lot going on under the surface that simply needs you to show up for your responsibilities and day to day life, without doing anything really ‘special’, even though the general sense of overstimulation recently may have you feeling like you need to rush about and get things done extra quick. However: consistency is a form of superpower, even if it may seem like the most mundane thing ever! If you find yourself in a position where people are counting on you to be a rock, there’s a reason for it – how do you feel being in this position? Rise to the occasion by honoring your daily routines. But do take time out to do some moving meditation to shake off that excess energy – dance, spin class, run, anything that gets you in the zone and out of your thoughts. Connecting with your body will help you to feel more grounded and in the present moment, especially when you’re up against a problem you have no immediate answers for. Building a resistance towards making quick knee jerk judgements and impulsive actions is like training a muscle, daily practice is everything.


7 of Cups

It’s a dreamy month of possibilities for you, dear Scorpio, and it’s okay to let yourself imagine and envision all that you’d like to make happen in your life. You’ve been at a point of transition recently and you’re excited by all these changes: but what’s for real and what’s just an illusion? Before immediately dismissing your more seemingly far-fetched ideas, they could be useful and even illuminating. Sometimes illusions tell you what you truly want, especially when you have kept these desires hidden from your conscious awareness. Let your fantasies reveal more about yourself to you, and try not to take them too literally. For example, dreaming about running away to a tropical island and selling t-shirts by the beach may simply point to a desire to simplify your life and live at a more leisurely pace. What is it that you’d like more of in your life? However, there’s also a warning here to not to fall in love with potential – you can see the good in everyone, but not everyone may be acting from their highest selves all the time. Err on the side of caution and allow the truth to reveal itself to you before rushing to make any decisions, about people and situations.


8 of Swords

Have you felt limited and frustrated recently? Or feeling like things just haven’t been going your way? The good news is, these are really just feelings, and not reflective of the truth. Sometimes the things you tell yourself and the way you rationalize events in your life only serve to trap you: in self-defeating ideas about yourself and others in your life, about what you think is possible and what life is supposed to look like. You exhaust yourself with all the ‘shoulds’, and all the self-recrimination that you turn round and round in your head, going nowhere. The good news is, once you’ve exhausted yourself, it’s much easier to be at the point where you can let it all go. So dear Libra: let go. Let go of that belief of what you feel others should do, where you think you should be in life right now, how you should be… Go with what brings you joy instead of being so busy trying to control it all, you barely have time to realize all the blessings that are already in your life! Because you already have so much, and you are already being supported, you’re already exactly where you need to be. Let go of those limiting beliefs, and free yourself.  You are enough.


Page of Swords

This year, you’ve been learning about harnessing your masculine energy – the side of you that wants to fight, win and conquer on behalf of your higher ideals. In the process, you are also getting to know which battles are really fighting for. This month, there will be an opportunity to get closer to the truth: that it’s never really about any one particular individual. Feel annoyed at someone’s ignorance? Feeling angered by someone’s bigotry? You’re learning how to direct your razor sharp critical nature primarily at the offending quality, rather than at the person in question. This takes the sting and personal affront out of the equation, leading to your point being heard better by everyone else when it doesn’t feel quite so personal. If you are already at this point, challenge yourself further by questioning the feelings of judgement: can you see even the vilest qualities with some measure of compassion? Can you accept the darkness within human hearts, including your own? Take time to engage in a deeper inquiry that can take you down some interesting paths, and ultimately to greater self-compassion.


9 of Wands

Almost there but not quite yet… you’ve been on a marathon lately, and this continues into October. It’s like feeling the pain of a stretch but holding it anyway, because you know it will do you good in the long run. The truth is, you’ve been growing so much, and you’ve been bravely stepping out of your comfort zone! It’s so admirable how you have been using your creativity and finding new ways to get inspired, and inspiring others in return. In the process though, self-defeating thoughts may have been flooding in, challenging your resolve. You may even have been feeling secretly ashamed for even harboring those thoughts and feelings. But please know that it’s so natural for the ego to protest any time we move out of our comfort zones, so let go of those worries and self-judgement! You’ve already been carrying around enough of a burden. In fact, this can be a great opportunity to observe the thoughts you tend to default to when things get challenging – do you start blaming yourself or others immediately? Or do you get extra self-critical and uptight? View them with amusement, dismiss them with a flick of your hair. It’s a part of you, but it sure doesn’t have to define who you are.



How have you been handling the unknown, dear Cancer? This year, you’ve been making peace with the questions in your heart, in one way or another, but this hasn’t been an entirely easy process. Sometimes, you just want to know. You NEED to know. How will this story end? Is this the right path? Am I doing the best thing possible at this moment? All the pressure you put on yourself to peer ahead can drive you crazy and ironically, bring you further away from the answers you seek. It can be helpful to ask yourself: what is the FEELING you hope to achieve by finding out these answers? Is it peace, contentment, joy or a sense of self-worth – and why is it that you need XYZ before you can allow yourself these feelings? Which part of yourself will you then be able to accept? How will it change your beliefs about life? Asking yourself about the underlying feelings and beliefs that drive this need to know will bring you the necessary information you need to move forward, one step at a time, even if it means peering back in time to do so.


Wheel of Fortune

Change is in the air again, dear Gemini, and it’s a good time to reconsider your attitudes towards change, whether you consider them to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Consider that change is just change – a neutral, necessary part of life that nudges you towards growth. If you find yourself resisting, take time out to sit with your feelings and fears. What are you worried about? What are you afraid might happen? Are these fears rooted in reality? Allow yourself to trust that if you have done your part, sometimes there really isn’t anything left to do except trust in the Universe. Resisting what’s meant to be will only cause you stress and knock you off balance. However, if you feel like you have been treading water for a while now, relief is on the way – whether it’s in the form of a change of perspective, or a release of difficult circumstances – as long as you are willing to go with the flow.


Three of Pentacles

When building the foundation of anything, it’s important to take it slow while keeping the long run in view. Stability has been on your mind lately, and you’re feeling anxious to get to that point when you can finally lay back and feel pleased with your handiwork. In order to do that though, being present in the now moment is so important – including giving everyone who’s on your team a careful once-over, to make sure you’re placing your trust in the right people. Qualities like accountability, transparency, and an ability to learn and communicate are key, and cannot be compromised on. It’s also about learning how to balance pulling your own weight, while delegating tasks and trusting that others are also doing their part. This is especially true for you if you’ve been managing a change of roles lately – allow yourself time to get to know your new collaborators; it takes time to get into a steady rhythm.


Father of Pentacles

Now is the time to wield your resources with wisdom and discernment, dear Aries. You are in a different position now – it’s time to think of yourself as your own talent manager. Your time, energy, attention, money and talents need to be carefully marshalled, and it will be helpful to start seeing them as finite resources that cannot be spent on just anyone and anything. Setting boundaries and priorities will help cut down on tiny decisions you make every day that tend to be a major time suck (“Should I go hang out with A? Should I do this right now?” – can all be replaced with “Does doing this serve my highest goals? Does this really matter in the larger scheme of things? Does this person support my goals and dreams and uplifts me in the process (and I do the same for them)?”) This is an important part of your growth that will serve you for time to come. When you take what you do seriously, others will follow suit.