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Your September 2017 Wisdom Scopes

September is about veils lifting – illusions melting away under the light of the Sun. As our world awakens to the havoc dealt by centuries of patriarchy, to all the ugly things that play out when egos and privilege are allowed to run amok, we are all collectively being called into action. To once again fall back asleep is no longer an option. We are rubbing the sleep from our eyes as fantasies of awaiting rescue and escape fade away in the harsh light of day.

August saw an intense eclipse season and Mercury retrograde that may have hit you right in the feels and left you disoriented. As Mercury goes direct Sep 5, things will start getting clearer – your brain swimming out of a fog that allowed you to go deep and process some knots you forgot existed – though things may still feel a little strange for the rest of the month! This past year or so has seen you being elevated and evolving at a speed that wasn’t possible even just 5 years ago – so keep in mind that growing pains are inevitable. This month, you will have the chance to start getting things moving. It’ll be a busy month with a lot of activity, so remember to pace yourself and get your daily self-care routines down pat.



You’re at the point where the changes you bravely implemented even just a few months ago are starting to show results, in sometimes unexpected ways. And perhaps the most unexpected change of all is that you are now gaining more confidence and wondering why you didn’t make this leap sooner. It’s like suddenly realizing that the world is so much bigger and that a whole lot more is available to you. And this is all very exciting! However, changes may also prove to be unsettling for a bit, especially when others react to your growth in ways that may seem disappointing or unsupportive. None of it is personal, dear Aries, so don’t take it to heart. People are all on their own individual journeys and often project their own feelings onto others when they are still finding their way. Stay focused on your growth, where you’re headed and how you want it all to feel – be prepared to emerge at the end of the month with new wings and a brand new outlook on life.


6 of Swords

Healing is a funny thing, dear Taurus. It isn’t about judging the younger version of you for being dumb for having fallen for that one trap or getting caught up in something you ‘should have known better’ than to do. Healing allows you to see the younger you with compassion, for being human and making mistakes that ultimately allowed you to grow and become wiser.  It’s also about seeing events in your life as opportunities to learn, grow and gain experience, instead of a relentless series of Pass/Fail tests. September will see you moving beyond moody waters and into a brighter, calmer space where your experiences can be put into further perspective. Solace will come from knowing that you had to go through what you did in order to understand a side of yourself that you had kept hidden from your consciousness. Now it’s all out there. This means that more energy is now freed up for creativity, joy and fun.  Be kind to yourself and know that you don’t have to push too hard. Do what you can and allow this month’s tides to carry you forward into the last quarter of the year, where this freer version of yourself can truly come out to play.



Old structures are falling all over the world and ripple effects are being felt by all of us. This month, you will be feeling it keenly as a part of your world may be rocked by one of these changes, and you will see that some of the foundations you’ve been standing on isn’t so solid after all. The guidance here is to take it all in your stride, even if it may be shocking and upsetting at first. The changes are necessary, and will reveal to you a truth that may have been kept hidden – and this will be ultimately freeing as you can now make better informed decisions going forward. Sometimes, this may also be wanting something too much and realizing that it isn’t really good for you after all – and you will have a chance to see this and make a course correction before you spend too much energy barreling down a path that simply isn’t meant for you. Trust that all that is falling away is meant to go, dear Gemini, you are only ever getting closer to the real you.


7 of Swords, reversed

Take a deep breath, dear Cancer, and breathe out all of those heavy thoughts and feelings you’ve been carrying around. You’ll probably have realized by now that unplugging from your thoughts is the best way to feel better immediately. It isn’t easy to feel everything so acutely all of the time and be so beholden to your emotions, but all of this is really about learning that you don’t have to let them control you – and this may be a lifelong project for yout! This month, you’ll have the opportunity to get better and better at identifying where you often shortchange yourself or talk yourself out of things you really do want – or talk yourself into things you think you want, but that simply serve as a distraction from the real task at hand. And each time this happens, you know deep down inside what you’re doing, because you are smart and perceptive. Dare to be brutally honest with yourself, dear one – let go of who you think you should be so that you can free yourself to be who you are.


4 of Swords

You’ve really been working on overdrive recently, dear Leo, and it seems like you’ve put your energy into so many different cups that you’re a little overwhelmed. This month is a perfect time to pull all your mental energies back to yourself to contemplate and recharge. Your mind has been so busy that if you’re feeling scattered, it’s essential to calm your mind by minimizing overstimulation and unplugging from social media. Pulling back is also important to allow others the chance to step up and to do their part – your ability to take charge is so strong that sometimes people rely on you a lot more than they think! So rest, recuperate, and take time for yourself. It’s a time when you have to see all your initiations take root and grow, and that requires time, so no further effort is required on your part. More action doesn’t always mean more result, and that is true for you right now!


5 of Swords
Dear Virgo, your service to the world is undoubtedly necessary, especially in these times. Your attention to detail and ability to cut through illusions with your laser gaze is legendary. You come up with practical solutions with wit and flair. However, the flip side of it is exacting over-critical harshness which brings you down, sometimes even before you get to the starting line. September brings you the opportunity to work with some of your more nitpicky impulses and to shine the light of compassion on it. Where do you clamp down? Where do you get all uptight? Before you start thinking too hard in order to try and fix yourself, let the solution simply be: to loosen, to flow, to let go. The right course of action comes when you feel yourself relaxing and opening instead of digging in your heels and getting all aggro, even if that impulse comes first. Just flow with it and you will be able to sidestep any potential barbs thrown up by your mind this month. Know that your impulse to get critical and nitpick at yourself also comes when you’re about to grow and bloom further – it’s your ego’s protective mechanism. You’re actually blossoming – so see this within yourself and be a nurturing gardener of your own growth, dear one.


8 of Wands

In September, things will be moving quickly and are up in the air once again. It’s your job to figure out what matters to you, and which plans to put into motion. What has August brought to your attention? What new insights and learnings have you gleaned? September will give you more clues as to where your focus should point, and what deserves your time and attention. New beginnings come at the heels of endings, so if you had to end a relationship, project or dynamic, do so knowing that it was all meant to be in the larger scheme of things, and that new opportunities for growth are ahead. Also know that you have the rest of this year to set things in motion, so you don’t have to rush. Ground yourself this month by doing plenty of exercise, spending time in nature and taking time out to be alone, which isn’t always the easiest for you if you lean on the extroverted side of things! So make sure that when you unplug, truly unplug – leave your phone behind and tune into your body and your emotions to check that you have brought all of you along on this journey.


9 of Pentacles

This month, the trust you have in the Universe and the hard work you’ve been putting out there will be reflected right back at you, so it’s a great time to check in with yourself and correct your course if you’ve meandered off the path. This is a month of paring down your priorities, refining your work, challenging yourself to grow and to do even better than you have before. The more you trust that the Universe supports your expansion, the more this will be reflected back at you. So go forth with faith! This also means investing in the right tools and equipment, perfecting your draft, and trusting your gut when it comes to your creative output. Whether on the job or with life in general, the more you can do things with the highest of integrity, the better. Sometimes this may mean relying on yourself and listening to your own intuition instead of blindly following authority (something you’ve never been one to do, anyway), so step up and take the lead, and be the example that someone else may need!


7 of Swords

Self-doubt can get the better of you sometimes, leading you to believe that you need more and more in order to prove that you’re already good enough. If you are torn by two opposing urges: to step out and shine vs. to hide and endlessly prepare, to go for the gold vs. settling for just okay – I have a feeling that going for the one that makes you profoundly uncomfortable will be more rewarding for you and everyone else in the long run. Yes, it’s about pushing your limits and really challenging yourself to bring your best. Only you will know when you’re settling and when you’re really stretching yourself, so check in with yourself often. Living this way takes effort and doesn’t allow you to slack off, so it can get tiring, but if you are here to contribute your unique talents and gifts, then there’s really no other way! And the world needs you to shine right now, dear Sagittarius. Never doubt it. Challenge yourself now so that when unexpected challenges come, you will rise beautifully to the occasion and be the leader everyone needs in these times.


Hanged One, reversed

You’re being asked to go within this month, dear Capricorn, and to trust. It’s not the most comfortable thing for you, but I’m sure you’d have realized by now that the theme of this year truly isn’t about comfort! You’re learning to navigate the space between wielding your will and trusting in the Divine, and learning to blend the two seamlessly. It’s a long process that doesn’t happen overnight, especially when we spend so much time being told that we need to ‘go out and get it’, an impulse that is natural to you. This time, you’re being held back a little bit more so that vital information can come to you. Acting deliberately or even not at all will be beneficial for you this month, if you are faced with a crossroads. Sit with things for a while longer, and take the opportunity to explore your relationship with the Divine. Do you believe that you are in charge, all of the time? When do you tune in for guidance – only when in dire need of help, or do you start off the day asking for the highest to be done through you? In other words, are you co-creating with the Universe? It’s a great month for redefining this relationship, perhaps the most important relationship of all (other than the one you have with yourself!)


4 of Cups, reversed

Are you feeling like you’ve been in a rut, recently? It’s a strange feeling to have because everything on the surface seems to be going well – in fact, you may have been getting everything that you wanted. So why this feeling? Well, sometimes it’s a matter of having neglected yourself emotionally and spiritually, and because these aspects of yourself are as vital as breathing, you will end up feeling parched and dry, and stuck in a rut. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this. It’s time to reconnect to simple joys: remember, you’re in the world, but you’re not of it. Being around materialistic norms and other societal conventions can be draining on you – think of yourself as a mermaid! Too long on land and your wonderful scales dry out. So go and dip into fantastical waters, shake off those conventions and let your hair down. Really get back in touch with what truly makes you glow, and you’ll be feeling better in no time, dear Pisces.


9 of Pentacles, reversed

You’re always fearlessly diving into the unknown, dear Aquarius, and it may seem to others that you don’t have any worries or cares. When in fact, you’re loathe to admit to others that of course you do have them, you just like dealing with them privately, in your own particular way. This month, fears of scarcity and of not having enough will come up for you, and may nag at your psyche. Digging beneath these fears, you’re really being asked to choose – do you go for that risky thing that your heart is nudging you towards, or do you choose the safer, more secure but possibly soul-deadening route? Or is there an option in the middle? The guidance here isn’t just about choosing one over the other, but it’s also about knowing why you’re making the choices you do. Are you acting from the belief that you will be supported if you go towards growth and expansion? Or are you acting from a place of fear and constriction? Know that no matter how legitimate these fears may have been for you in the past, it’s firmly a thing of the past now – but only if you’re willing to let go. It’s safe for you to move forward with confidence, so breathe through those feelings and take it one step at a time.


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