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Your August 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Keywords: Changes, shielding, balance

August is a month filled with cosmic activity, where you will more directly feel the hand of the Divine more so than any time of the year. To manage changes with as much grace as you can muster, conserve your energy and devote it to consolidating the changes that have taken place this year. It’s meant to be an introspective month for many of you, a reworking of your internal landscape to make it a nurturing, life-giving one – an inner world that’s sustaining and supportive of your long-term growth. Weed out things that are no longer working – including outmoded beliefs and unhelpful self-criticisms. Your soul purpose will come into clearer focus and the urgency to be on path will reach a fever pitch – taking the time to anchor yourself in daily routines and practices that bring you calm and consistency will help you to stay balanced.


8 of Cups

When dreams are in the process of being made real or brought down to earth, a sense of loss can often accompany it. You start to get to know what’s possible, what’s practical, and sometimes that means making adjustments to your plan of action. That doesn’t need to be discouraging though, because that is really all just part of the process! Your initial vision was needed to give you that fire and courage to move ahead and make the leap – now, you’ve collected more information in order to tweak and improve your plan. Be brave and willing to let go of what’s not working in order to move closer to what does. It’s not meant to be a straightforward process, so lose those beliefs that only get you down! Such as “I’m not good enough”, “This all sucks let me just stop, why did I start this in the first place…” The creative process is non-linear. It’s meant to feel this way. You may also want to assess your tribe – are you surrounding yourself with people who are supportive of your growth? The truth is, once you commit to your creative process, you do need to be ruthless about protecting and nurturing it, including shielding it from harsh influences, premature judgements and non-constructive criticism. Make choices that help keep you committed to your growth, dear Aries.


4 of Pentacles

This is a restorative month for you, dear Taurus. Change isn’t your favorite thing and it can often even be a physically painful thing for you – you tend to process changes with your body. Which is why in August, it’s important to take it easy and do everything with self-care in mind. It’s also a month where you will be acutely aware of all your give-and-take transactions: where do you sell yourself short? Where do you over-give? Why do you even give? Is it from an overflowing cup? And also to consider the feelings you tend to have around the action of taking, and look a little deeper into the reasons behind those feelings. Do you take because you feel it’s fair and you deserve it? Or do you settle for less than you deserve and then act out in some way, on someone else… Deep in your heart, you have already been tussling with these questions for a while. The rule of thumb here is to know that giving more doesn’t necessarily make you more generous, especially if it comes at the expense of your own health and happiness. Prioritize yourself, your time, energy and resources and the rest will fall into place. Those who truly value and respect you will know how to respect these boundaries as well.


6 of Cups

It’s a month of appreciating the simple joys in life, dear Gemini, especially if things have been feeling heavy and confusing for you recently. Taking time out to rekindle old hobbies and rediscovering creative pursuits will bring you a lot of respite and solace. This year has been about understanding the role of small, earthy comforts, and finding joy and purpose in it. Often, we look around at the madness around us and can feel disoriented and in despair. But there is goodness in life – the kindness and good will of friends and family, little things that bring you happiness and fulfillment. It’s also about sharing that simplicity with others – if you observe others taking things hard or making things complicated for themselves, you can be there for your loved ones by showering them with affection in the simple ways – small acts of service, a listening ear, and showing up in real life, not just over text. You’ve learnt so much about stepping back and seeing things through a larger perspective, and you have a lot of wisdom to share. Speak up and offer your views, they will be valuable to others. Let the feeling of ‘This is enough. I have enough’ be your mantra for this month, and you will be that much-needed grounding force in others’ lives.


Ace of Cups

It’s been kind of a bumpy ride for you this year, with all its ups and downs, and you’re feeling like you just want to get off this rollercoaster now! This month will bring to you an emotional renewal, a sense of finding new joy and purpose. It feels like a shift in perspective more than anything else – like realizing a hidden gift in a challenge, or discovering grace in a time of adversity. I won’t lie to you and say that all your difficulties will go away and everything will be instantly better, but know that with every challenge you ARE getting stronger, and in this way, things get easier and easier to manage over time. Sometimes reality is harsh and it’s hard to deal with that – especially being the one who feels all the feelings, all of the time! All you want to do is curl up under the covers and hide from the world sometimes. But know that this month you will discover new strength, simply by being brave enough to meet all the uncertainties in your life without flinching or shying away from them. The world needs more people like you who are willing to feel their feelings and be stronger for it – and this month, the more open and vulnerable you are about sharing your true self, the less alone you – and the others around you – will feel. Open your heart and share the love, dear Cancer. It’s your superpower.


Priestess of Wands

You’re in your element this month, dear Leo! If you haven’t been feeling motivated about things lately, you’ll soon feel a sense of vitality and creative power. It’s a month of putting things into action and nurturing their growth. Your projects DO have promise, your ideas are valuable, and it’s time to really see this and value it! This time around, it’s a little different. You’re more grounded, in a less of a hurry. You’re taking your time instead of trying to get ahead of yourself, and that’s all good! This is you drawing upon your gift of creating with your inimitable leonine heart while being present with the process. Just by being increasingly comfortable in your skin, you will have the power to touch others around you, and awaken them to their own gifts. Your creations are also very much needed by others – so keep on keeping on, dear Leo. It’s your time to shine.


Wheel of Fortune

This is a month where the decks are reshuffled for you, dear Virgo, based on decisions you made in the first half of the year. Things will start clicking into place – you will see how some decisions are paying off while others may not have quite made the mark as you hoped. It’s all good, as this is valuable information to help you to prioritize and focus your efforts for the rest of the year. Either way, it’s a time when you can start seeing these changes take place in your life in a very concrete way. In fact, for those of you who have been quietly preparing for a while – perhaps your entire life! – you’re entering a time where you will be called to step up and be counted. You will be called upon for your experience and expertise, your wisdom and intellect. If you’re the eternal student, constantly feeling like you’re not good enough – well, you’ll soon see just how in demand your ideas, wisdom, and experience are! It’s not possible to have perfect knowledge, so know that you CAN keep learning, while teaching what you already do know at the same time. Dear Virgo, you are ready. You are already good enough. So go out there and allow yourself to be seen and heard.



You have an innate sense of justice – for you, seeing the inequities that exist in society today leaves you feeling angry one minute and grief-stricken the next. And that’s in fact a very natural, sane response. Why wouldn’t you be mad at what’s going on right now? However, in August, it’s a good time for realizing that your emotional responses, while 100% valid, can sometimes lead you to hurt yourself, and inadvertently hurt others around you, too. This month, let your emotions inform you, instead of incapacitate you. Realize that human nature is what it is – and that you can free yourself from rage and sadness by simply taking action and knowing that nothing can be resolved overnight. It’s a marathon, dear Libra. Make the road ahead easier for you by knowing that if you’re woke, all you gotta do is to keep up the work to stay woke, and accept that not everyone is willing and able to do that right now. Forgive others, and forgive yourself for being human. Everyone is on a journey.


8 of Pentacles reversed

The more you want to check out this month, the more you need to dig your heels in and resist, dear Scorpio. This month is calling for your ability to be meticulous, precise, and dogged in your pursuits. If you’re finding it difficult, you’re meant to dig deep and look for the greater purpose in why you do what you do. So, why do you do what you do? Are you filling your life with things that bring you joy and fulfillment? Do you find meaning in your pursuits? These questions can be overwhelming, I know, so you don’t have to find the answers to them right away, but ignoring them isn’t the best solution either. All you need to do is pay attention to the feelings that come up as you tend to your obligations. Take any sense of dissatisfaction as a sign to examine your priorities – maybe something has changed for you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it just yet. Persist. If you can’t change your obligations, find a way to change your attitude about them. Sometimes the things that pay off the most are not enjoyable – but as long as you can find something about it that drives you and keeps you going every day, you’re on the right track.


2 of Wands

Dear Sagittarius, you’ve been dreaming of wide open, lush green pastures, as far as the eye can see – but recently, you may have been feeling a little hemmed in and more bogged down by obligations than you would like. This feeling can sometimes get you feeling restless and bored – however, the message for you here isn’t to Get Real, Be Practical for its own sake – rather, it’s really telling you to focus so that you are able to concentrate your vision and turn it into a concrete plan for yourself and others. Your ability to be optimistic, your vision for growth and your faith in humanity are invaluable in these times. Still, this can only be helpful to others if you can stay for a while and discipline it enough to share it with others! And I know, the word discipline can be ugh, but it needn’t be a boring, terrible thing. Discipline can simply mean: giving yourself structure so that your talents can shine. How about that? Redefine it for yourself. You have a mission: you have been charged with the important task of bringing down divine power to the Earth and making it personal and practical for others. Yes, it sounds grandiose, but it is the truth – and you more so than anyone else require challenging visions to motivate and sustain you. So paint it in broad strokes, and keep it in your mind’s eye at all times as you move towards it.


5 of Swords

Dear Capricorn, your patience is called upon this month. It’s not easy being the one who sees the things that need to be done, the changes that need to be made, and sometimes feel like you’re the only one who’s giving a damn about them! Everyone moves at their own pace, and you can only do your part. It’s not your responsibility to make sure others do theirs – and you do have to accept that there may be other forces at play that you have no control over. There is a chance of conflict this month, and the need to defend what you do – know that as long as you are aligned with what feels right to you, there is no need to explain yourself to others, especially those who are only getting in your business because they feel threatened! As best as you can, do what you have to do and be the peace at the eye of the storm. It’s not worth your time to be sucked into needless drama. On the flip side, if you’re the one feeling like you need to tell others what to do, consider that your way may not be the best way for someone else… Find your quiet, still center and approach things from that peace within you. Live and let live is your mantra this month.


Knight of Wands reversed

This month is calling for a reassessment in some of the ways you tend to approach things, dear Aquarius. You’re known for quick action, lightning fast impulses, and flying by the seat of your pants in many ways. You respond quickly, and are often able to grasp any situation intuitively, thanks to your sharp intellect. However, this month, things are taking its time to unfold. This is why you may choose to delay the time between perception and action. Take your time to watch and wait, and let things unfold and show themselves to you before jumping in the fray or pushing too hard. This period of time is teaching you the gift of good timing, of not forcing things, and of simply riding the waves of serendipity so that you can get to where you need to be without as much effort. Ultimately, it’s about trust. Do you trust in a higher power? This new way of being is here to stay, and August is a deeper level of initiation into it. Once you develop a good sense of how things flow, you will find that reaching your goals will require much less effort than before, and you’ll be able to take delays and setbacks in your stride.



This is a month that favors introspection and doing things that require behind the scenes work, dear Pisces. It’s not a time to show everyone what you’re up to just yet, and it’s important to keep some things under wraps lest you lose steam or the stimulation you need to get things properly off the ground! The pace of this year is about taking steps forward, then taking periodic breaks to recollect and consolidate changes. It’s about integrating wisdom before moving ahead – and in this year where rapid changes are happening, taking the requisite downtime to recuperate becomes very important as a kind of self-care. It also seems as though you are taking on the burdens of those around you, and worrying about others’ needs and wants incessantly – know that while it’s often in your nature to want to help others out and even give to the point of over-giving, know that you can only do so much. Make decisions in your best interest, and keep the faith that as long as you do your part, things will fall into place – even if they don’t live up to your expectations of how it’s supposed to look. It’s not your job to rescue others from their own journeys, dear Pisces.


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