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June 2017

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June 26 – July 2 / Lightening up

Hello, wise ones.

If you’ve been feeling super serious and mulling over major life decisions recently, you aren’t the only one. With confusing world events and harsh energies to deal with, it’s a lot for anyone to take! As we step into a new paradigm, simultaneously moving towards the new while being grounded in the present can also be a tricky balance to navigate. Maintaining this tension takes energy, presence of mind, and stamina. And like an athlete, this requires training and self-care, balancing out a time of action with a time of rest and recovery, seriousness with joy and equanimity.

Check in: where have you been experiencing an imbalance recently?

This week, it’s a time for lightening up by consciously seeking out activities that take you out of your mind (in a healthy way!). Always factor in joy – it’s often a neglected ingredient that makes all your plans enjoyable and actually sustainable. One easy way to start connecting with the joyful kid inside of you is to go play – and to do things simply for the sake of enjoyment. You don’t even need a lot to start doing that – for example, it can even be about taking the time to enjoy dressing in the mornings, delighting in colored markers, taking time to be without needing to do, even if just for an afternoon. It’s summer in the Eastern hemisphere, and the perfect time to unwind and let yourself unfurl…

“The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous.” – Margot Fonteyn

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June 12 – 18 / Integrity.


Jaguar from Medicine Cards, 2 of Wands from Motherpeace tarot 

Hello, wise one.

This week, there could be a temptation to act from our baser instincts. To control, to manipulate, in an attempt to move things along quicker. Our world leaders aren’t exactly showing us the best ways to behave right now (though arguably, they have never exactly been the best exemplars), and as much as people say they ‘aren’t into politics’, the caliber of our leaders – of all kinds, in all spheres – does matter. Leaders set the tone, they legitimize behaviors, they demonstrate the standards to aim for. In today’s world, we are being asked to hold ourselves up to impeccable standards. To the best that we can ask of ourselves, regardless of whether we see evidence of it in the outside world or not.

Don’t allow others to dictate the standards you set for yourself. 

So slow down, and as you look ahead, consider the other and the impact your actions will have on them. It’s also important to consider your plans within a larger picture, beyond simply something that serves your ambitions. How are they contributing to the world? Maybe that seems a little too lofty a goal. Perhaps you can think of it as: who are you serving? How are you touching their lives? Do you truly embody the message you are trying to convey?

These days, any kind of fluff or obfuscation will not stand the test of time and will quickly be revealed to be the sham that it is. You have to walk your talk. We are all being asked to walk our talk. Beyond pretty pictures on social media, we are being asked to stand up and be counted. On the flip side of it, if you are prone to imposter syndrome: know that if you are acting from an authentic place of power within you, that is already enough. You don’t have to be a superhero or Wonder Woman to do something truly special. Speak up and and act from the heart. You are already enough.

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Your June 2017 Wisdom Scopes


The theme of this month is truly about overcoming. This is a powerful month for breaking through self-imposed barriers, or those put in place by others, that tell you what you should believe and act when it comes to money, relationships and your whole way of being in this world. Deep recalibrations are happening now, all to bring you into greater alignment and sacred union within yourself. What could this mean in practical terms? There may be a sense of cognitive dissonance, as you go through the motions acting as you normally would, but something doesn’t feel quite right… Or, some things that used to matter just don’t anymore. Events that happen this month are meant to tell you what just doesn’t work any longer, and for you to consciously move beyond them, rather than an attempt to stop you. Groundedness and a simple daily practice will help you process these changes and guide you to ground your actions in the world.


Knight of Cups reversed

You’ve been busy, busy, busy! Something tells me you’ve been up in your head too much and you’re even starting to resent the thing that gave you so much joy and fun in the first place. This isn’t a sign to quit, rather, it’s a sign to pull back a little and give yourself regular timeouts. You’d find, in fact, that things are going well – and that your anxieties aren’t exactly a reflection of reality. This could also just be a sign to tell you that you’re not meant to approach your new interests and passions with old methods and attitudes – that pushing ahead and expecting things to go on your schedule just doesn’t work when it’s about birthing a creative project, or approaching this stage of your life in general. Instead, keep your to-do lists loose and flexible, and research new ways of keeping track of your goals and tasks. What can help you keep on track, while giving you the freedom to dream and imagine? That’s the balance to explore this month. (Hint: the answer doesn’t lie in doing more!)

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4 of Cups reversed

Recently, you’ve been noticing that you have a lot more options than you thought you had. That things don’t have to be a perpetual struggle or be so difficult to be worthy. That choosing what feels good to you doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a cop out. Like a river, you’re flowing around obstacles instead of bumping heads with them. And that’s a really liberating feeling, isn’t it? This month, you will continue to heave yourself out of any self-imposed ruts, and start flowing again towards a freer and more open mindset. This may include letting go of some ideals that have just proven unreasonable, old hurts and resentments that don’t do anything but weigh you down, and other fears that may have kept you in one place, unable to move forward. You’ll find that you’ve actually grown way beyond all of that – your soul doesn’t stop wanting to grow despite strong protestations from your ego – and if you keep looking forward instead of back, you’ll end up in a far more empowered position by the end of the month.

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10 of Cups reversed

This month, your perfectionist tendencies may come into play, dear Gemini. You’re never one to settle for ‘just okay’, and you tend to want to improve and do the best you can. While under certain circumstances, this sets you up for success (most likely in academics or your chosen career), this doesn’t always serve you well in other areas of your life. Relationships aren’t projects, people aren’t meant to fit into neat categories. They’re meant to be messy, imperfect human beings and that’s okay… So that means appreciating them for who they are, and approaching any ‘mistakes’ or ‘imperfections’ as simply part of a person’s whole and unique character instead of something to fix or change. More importantly, it’s about appreciating the people around you and all the wonderful intangibles they bring to your life, and really looking to see all the goodness that your life is already overflowing with. Take a moment for gratitude and whatever comes next will simply be a nice bonus.

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Ace of Wands reversed

This month is going to be a time when new beginnings are starting to take root tangibly – this means you will start seeing a move in location, change in career – all happy, joyful things. And yet there may be also be some difficulty in finding your focus, a dissatisfaction that you may not be able to put your finger on. And truly, this month is a tricky one because it isn’t that things aren’t going well for you – in fact, they really are – but it’s about being able to keep yourself motivated despite any moments of doubt. Sometimes, it’s just about doing it even when you don’t feel like doing it in the moment. Planning, organization and self-discipline may not be your favorite words, but this month, if you are able to stick to your purpose and get things done anyway, you’ll find yourself relieved to have done so at the end of the month. It’s like putting off going to the gym or yoga for ages, finally going – and then realizing after the class just how good it feels – and wondering why you put it off in the first place! So stick to your guns, dear Cancer, you can do it!

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7 of Swords reversed

Sometimes, you pride yourself on keeping yourself one step ahead of others. You like to look ahead for any possible signs of danger, and be the one to warn others of any obstacles ahead. And this is something that’s really wonderful and a sign of your leadership qualities! There can be times, however, when it pays off to simply be in the present moment, because no matter how powerful your sense of foresight is, you have to allow room for surprises – pleasant ones – and to trust that people can exceed your expectations! It’s tough when you have programmed yourself not to be disappointed by others, and it can feel so vulnerable to simply decide to trust others sometimes, but dear Leo, this month you will find reasons to be pleasantly surprised. It’s also about having the humility to know that you don’t have to strategize or be in control all the time for things to turn out well. Just do your part, do it with integrity, and let the rest take care of itself.

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6 of Swords

You will experience this month’s energy slightly differently than everyone else dear Virgo, because you have been intensely tested this year, and have already wrestled with a lot of the conundrums that some other signs will be stepping into. This will be a month of healing and recalibration for you – and while the word ‘healing’ has been much overused in recent times, you will see evidence of this in your life as simply letting go of many thought patterns that no longer serve. Your internal shifts may be mirrored in your external world – a summer vacation somewhere, a move in your living environment – to signify yet another step in your journey. There is a sense of release as some of the pressure is lifted, and it will be a quieter month suited for regrouping and gathering your strength for the next half of the year. Come July, it will feel a lot different than the first half of the year, which was more about preparation. The next half will see a lot more action and will see you calling upon a more confident, empowered self.

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4 of Pentacles

June will give you opportunities to choose retreat, dear Libra, in terms of regrouping and conserving your energy. It’s been a whirlwind year of rapid changes and it’s time to reassess where you are at in order to decide where you will continue directing your energy towards, and where to pull back. You may have said okay to a whole bunch of things along the way, but not all of them were necessarily worth your time and energy. One way to decide: are they contributing towards your highest goals and dreams? Or are they simply favors or things you’re doing because you’re afraid to say no to someone? You’ve also been feeling your heart torn by all these different competing needs and causes, and it’s important to see who may be manipulating your emotions to get something out of you. It’s important to be able to take a step back and view things as dispassionately as you can in these circumstances. Be firm, and dare to make decisions from a place of integrity, and you will soon have lots more energy for the things that truly light you up.

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6 of Cups

It’s time to savor some simple joys this month, dear Scorpio. Life has been full of adult responsibilities lately, and it’s important to balance it all out with some levity and fun. Your inner child never goes away regardless of the number of hats you don and how much respect you command in the outer world – in fact, it is one potent source of your power. So get in touch with your inner child by allowing yourself to be without doing anything now and then; by doing things that are seemingly aimless, and to see and experience new things. Allow it to be a space where worldly concerns are nothing but background noise. In this world we are in right now, it’s more important than ever to counter all that darkness and hate with love and innocence. Bring wholeness and balance to your month by embracing the child that calls out for your love and attention, dear one. You’ll emerge with a stronger, yet softer, sense of self by the end of the month.

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5 of Swords

Your mind has been busy lately, and you’ve been trying to juggle competing demands. While it seems as though you have to step up and prove yourself, remember that the only true competition is with yourself. As long as you determine that you are doing your best, and you’re giving it your all, then you’re the one who gets to set the pace for yourself, nobody else. You tend to hold yourself to high standards, but make sure that you’re not trying to give your absolute 100% in all areas of your life – you’re only human! Pick a couple of priorities to focus on. Watch your mind’s tendency to be harsh on yourself – this is the time to be your own best friend. it’s also important to prioritize your own needs in this process too, especially if competing external needs are causing you to lose sight of your own wellbeing. Have your own back.

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Page of Pentacles

Having a beginner’s mindset isn’t always the most fun for you, dear Capricorn, because you enjoy feeling a sense of mastery and just plain winning at things. However, in recent times life has gone out of its way to humble you and to help you see that there are things you may not have even noticed the first time around – all ultimately to help you grow as a person. And it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do! (So please recognize that and pat yourself on the back!) This month continues in the same vein, except you are now able to see the lighter side of things and to approach your path with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. Tell yourself that it’s okay to have fun, to make mistakes, because honestly you learn most when you aren’t expecting to be the best at it immediately! Focus on the process and not the outcome, dear one, and you will find that the path on your way to your dreams will become that much more enjoyable.

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Knight of Wands

Since last month, you’ve moved on to a new phase of your life, and you’ve been making sense of all the things that have been happening for you. Some of it is so good you’re still trying to figure out if it’ll last or if it’s just a dream! Trust in it, dear Aquarius. This month will be another fast moving one, where you’ll have opportunities to explore new areas of growth and discover new avenues of self-confidence. Your skills are in demand and you’ll have no lack of opportunity to flex them. The best way to make the most out of these energies is to go with those that are the best fit for you, ignore the naysayers, and just go for it. Worrying about outcomes will only slow the flow – and remember to make pit stops to recharge now and then.

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Knight of Pentacles

Are you in need of some unwavering doggedness? Some persistency and consistency? If your motivation levels have been flagging lately, it’s one of those times when ‘feeling it and doing it anyway’ will be helpful for you. Sometimes feelings simply aren’t a reliable barometer for whether you should be doing something or not, and this month will give you opportunities to experience this. Now is absolutely not the time to give up – especially if you’ve been frustrated at the lack of progress in one of your cherished projects. See it through then see what happens, don’t jump to conclusions just yet!

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