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Your May 2017 Wisdom Scopes

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Keywords for May: grounding, steadfastness, holding steady. 

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7 of Discs

This month is about preparation and getting all your ducks in a row, dear Aries. It’s part of a recent theme in your life, carrying over from April: when you are working with your heart and soul, the process feels different. You’re invested, and eager to see the fruits of your labor. And they will be here! It’s just important not to skip over this process in a rush to get to where you want to be – instead, this month is challenging you to stay centered and focus in the present moment. The journey ahead will be so much smoother if you simply take the time to go over your plans with a fine toothed comb. You’re laying the foundation for years to come, so what’s a month if you put it in that perspective? See any setbacks as a blessing that is here to help you fine tune and course-correct. Also, this is major growth for you, and a sign of growing wisdom, that you have been willing and able to slow down. Recognize this and give yourself props for it!

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2 of Cups reversed

Happy birthday Taurus! The month of May brings you opportunity to explore the realm of love: love of self, love of other. You’ve been deep diving in the oceans of emotions lately, and some of it is really uncharted territory for you. It has got you feeling somewhat unstable, with all the accompanied highs and lows. It’s easy to get super absorbed by it, but the key for this month is balance. Once you learn what triggers you and pulls you off balance, then getting back on and regaining your balance once again, repeated cycles of this allows you to get better and better at delaying your response and learning to wait and see before reacting emotionally. To borrow from Rumi, when it comes to love, know that it is the sky, and all the fleeting emotions upon it are the clouds. Don’t let any temporary upset change your view or love or respect of yourself. And don’t let any petty fight ruin what has been a good relationship. If love is true it can withstand the storms. However, it’s also important not to make any temporary compromises that lead to long term consequences. Stay true to yourself, dear Taurus.

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Page of Discs

This month, a beginner’s mindset will serve you well. As a month of new beginnings for you, it’s not so much that you will be presented with completely brand new things, but rather a subtler kind of novelty. There is a challenge for you to look at an old situation with new eyes, incorporating all the experience you’ve gleaned so far and giving something a fresh approach. It’s the start of true mastery, the first step towards truly becoming great at something. This means that you mustn’t be hard on yourself for fumbling, feeling a little foolish or unsure sometimes, and making mistakes. It’s important to be humble and seek for help whenever possible – and remember, asking others for help isn’t a sign of weakness, in fact, others will be impressed by your willingness to learn and your positive attitude. The more comfortable you are being in a learners’ role, practicing your ability to stay open and receptive, the more fruitful this month will be, and the quicker you will naturally progress.

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Ace of Pentacles

You’re about to enter a new phase of your life, and you’ve been anticipating its arrival for quite a while now! (This birthing process has definitely been a long one though, and you’ve been feeling it…) This change will herald upgrades in a very concrete way. For example, a living situation that’s much more suited for you. A new opportunity or project that allows your best skills to shine. A newfound appreciation and confidence in your gifts and abilities. I’m feeling that an adjustment period is in order, because all these positives will be challenging you to change some outmoded ideas you’ve had about yourself, and to open up to more possibilities.  And to trust that yes, it’s all meant for you! It’s about believing that you are deserving of all the good in your life. To make the best use of this energy, spend some time writing down some negative beliefs you’ve held on to about yourself, and burn that as a symbolic sign of release. Then, replace them with new, abundant ones, such as “I am worthy of joy, simply by being who I am.”

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Son of Swords

The great news this month is that you won’t be lacking drive or energy to tackle your goals – in fact, you’re ready to see some progress in concrete areas of your life. Whether it’s career achievement or spiritual development, it’s as though you’ve set yourself a timeline and you’re eager to cross things off a checklist. However, it’s important to slow down a little and make sure you’re not acting from impulse. There’s a possibility of rubbing others the wrong way in your eagerness to get things started – so be sure to check in with any stakeholders in your life! Great insights will arrive at lightning speed as well, but allow them to percolate and settle a little bit before seeing how you can incorporate them into your long term plans and goals. Test them out by seeking others’ input – remain open to conflicting views without feeling like you’re under pressure to decide immediately. You’re being asked to keep a long term view. How do you distribute your finite energies? What would you like to see blossom 6 months or more down the line? Taking deep, calming breaths will be your go-to tension release technique this month!

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9 of Cups

Phew, April was quite a month for you, dear Virgo. Upsets, losses, painful realizations, letting go… You may have experienced one or more – or all of the above all in a short 30 days! However, with loss comes new beginnings; beautiful new things that are meant to be yours will be sweeping into your life. That is the cycle of life, and it’s important not to fixate on the losses once you’ve processed it, but to look up and ahead into what’s coming next. No, life is not a series of losses. Things are not about to get worse or harder. Know that you can tend to get into a worst-case-scenario mode when things aren’t going well, so it’s good to notice if this is a pattern of yours and to examine if it’s really serving you! In fact, the larger message here is really about trust. You will never be neglected by the Universe, anything that’s meant to be yours will come, and you deserve to be happy just like everybody else. So FEEL the joy and challenge yourself to step into trust. Stay on the higher vibe and invite the good in. You are a conscious co-creator of all positive experiences in your life.

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Devil reversed

Allow yourself to express that which you have repressed. Spit out the venom. Scream out your rage. Cry out your grief. Say the words you could not say all those years ago. Tell them exactly what you mean. How much more can you swallow without first getting rid of that which slowly hollows you out from within? This year has been an exercise in coming up against your old habits. Your old ways of making peace with others – a superficial truce – without first honoring your needs are no longer working. Your way of repressing your anger, and then inadvertently using passive aggression as a tool is no longer effective. And the solution to all of that is finally confronting some of those demons that have been rattling around in the bottom drawer of your heart, soul and mind. Oh, dear Libra, your potential for healing is immense – seek a safe container in the form of therapy, or even simply your highest self as your witness – as you let it all out. Do this work so that you may be free.

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Ace of Wands reversed

Dear Scorpio, you usually rely on your razor sharp instincts and your astuteness – you have a spooky psychic sensibility that freaks the more unsuspecting people in your life out. And that’s really all part of your Scorpio magic. This month is interesting for you though, because there may be times where things don’t seem to match up to your intuitive hits, causing you to pause and maybe even doubt yourself (not at all your favorite feeling). There is an opportunity here to learn to rely on your other senses a little bit more – your communication skills, negotiation skills, and also learning to collect more information before moving forward. Know that this is all for a reason – perhaps to engage those in your life a little bit more, showing that it is okay to rely on the people you trust. You pride yourself on independence, but this month is set up for you to count on others. So when in doubt, don’t take things personally, ask, and listen. It’s important not to jump to conclusions!

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You are on a roll lately, dear Sagittarius. You’ve been bravely following your heart and doing things that are outside of your comfort zone. You’ve likely gained a new confidence in your ability to bring your ideas to life in a tangible, concrete way. The month of May supports all your endeavors that are borne from an alignment of head and heart. Anything that you feel is divinely inspired – even if you feel some doubt about it – has been given to you as a sign that it’s yours to manifest. And boy, the more ambitious the project is, the more doubt you have! Know that your resistance is directly proportional to the potential of your creation. Tap into this energy and wield it wisely by grounding yourself in a daily spiritual practice. This could be in the form of a daily meditation, prayer, sitting in nature – anything that allows your mind to quieten down in order to hear the voice of your heart. Then, take simple action by jotting down your insights. Once you commit yourself to acting on behalf of your higher self regularly, things will get easier and easier, and you’ll find yourself in the effortless flow of things. But it all starts with simple day to day practices that make this possible.

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Priestess of Wands

Dear Capricorn, thanks to your ability to get things done, and your magical ability to motivate everyone else in the process, you’re often called on to play a supportive role in team efforts. This month, you will see this dynamic as you find yourself in high demand! Your warmth, grounding presence, and positive attitude will be an asset to wherever you find yourself, be it at work or play. Take your cue from your heart and your intuition – and remember to value what you offer! Now is not the time to doubt your role – you lend heart and soul to any endeavor. In our culture, it’s often the leaders that are celebrated, but without supportive team players, leaders would really have no one to lead… And no one to rally others, to keep everyone’s spirit up, and to be there to lend steadfastness and stability. That’s usually what you do, and it’s such an important role! It’s also this magnetic effect that is appealing in the realm of romance, so if you’re single and looking, this may be a particularly sweet time for you to mingle and invite in a vibrational match.

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10 of Discs

Dear Aquarius, for some reason, you may be finding it hard to count your blessings at the moment. You may be feeling so disconnected, detached, even… Or could you really just be… bored? Believe it or not, you may have derived some joy and excitement through struggle and challenge. It excited you, pushed you, made you work extra hard, even when the going got tough sometimes. In recent times, you’ve been reaping the rewards for your work, and things are looking up! But then a sense of dissatisfaction creeps in that has got you wanting more, and you may find yourself being troubled by these feelings in May. I’m thinking there are many ways to counter this feeling: seek out a new challenge. Or, may I recommend first sitting and staying and truly savoring your victories and joys, first, before moving on? If you’re in the mood for gazing deeper, why not probe into what truly motivates you? Is it the joy of doing a thing and improving at it, or is it simply to stimulate yourself and ward off boredom? Us modern smartphone-addicted people tend to find boredom a real drag, but honestly, to even feel boredom is a kind of privilege. You are enjoying the absence of conflict, worry, trouble. So my final suggestion to you is: enjoy it! There is nothing to fix or to do at the moment except to savor your blessings.

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Son of Cups

Nourish your heart and soul by finally allowing yourself to stay in one place, and experience the present moment fully. You’ve wandered and roamed, searched high and low, climbed peaks and dived into the depths, and this month, you’re finally at a place where your thirst for adventure outside of yourself has been quenched. The most rewarding place for you right now is where you are at – why not sit and simply be for a while? Something you once rejected is now suddenly appealing to you – after all you’ve been through, you have a renewed appreciation for the simple and unadorned. Jump into your current situation with both feet – whether it’s love or work-related, a new hobby or even just simply a new, slower pace of life – and savor the joys it brings you. Welcome home! As T.S. Eliot says, “…and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

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