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April 2017. Intense? You are not crazy for feeling this way


The energies are intense right now, and that can bring with it a certain sense of heaviness. But as with any kind of forecast, it’s important to reiterate that you are entirely in control of how you work with the energies that are presented.

Some themes you may be working with at the moment:

  • partnership – thoughts of finding the one, or the converse, disillusionment
  • self-worth – you’re in the process of birthing a project right now, and resisting the urge to give up at every turn
  • repeated patterns – things you thought you were over and done with, all coming up for you again

What thought patterns are coming up for you right now? What are the thoughts you have on tap? Which emotions are you actively feeding? Are you holding on more to your spiritual practice, or have you let it fall by the wayside?

You are always in charge of the choices you make.

However, it CAN be draining to be in the thick of it. April is a month where you get to do some spring cleaning. That means the only way out of it is to go through it. Allow yourself plenty of rest, hydration, extra time to process and integrate. So keep in mind that even if you’re not actively DOING anything, your system is working extra hard on your behalf. Be kind to yourself, wise one.

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