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April 2017

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April 2017. Intense? You are not crazy for feeling this way


The energies are intense right now, and that can bring with it a certain sense of heaviness. But as with any kind of forecast, it’s important to reiterate that you are entirely in control of how you work with the energies that are presented.

Some themes you may be working with at the moment:

  • partnership – thoughts of finding the one, or the converse, disillusionment
  • self-worth – you’re in the process of birthing a project right now, and resisting the urge to give up at every turn
  • repeated patterns – things you thought you were over and done with, all coming up for you again

What thought patterns are coming up for you right now? What are the thoughts you have on tap? Which emotions are you actively feeding? Are you holding on more to your spiritual practice, or have you let it fall by the wayside?

You are always in charge of the choices you make.

However, it CAN be draining to be in the thick of it. April is a month where you get to do some spring cleaning. That means the only way out of it is to go through it. Allow yourself plenty of rest, hydration, extra time to process and integrate. So keep in mind that even if you’re not actively DOING anything, your system is working extra hard on your behalf. Be kind to yourself, wise one.

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Your April 2017 Wisdom Scopes

April brings the opportunity to fall deeper in love with life, and to discover what really gets you moving. This source of motivation springs from deep within you. You’re waking up bit by bit, yet another step towards the warmth of May, and more fully into the energies of this 1 year.

It’s a curious feeling – a dormant part of you that you had forgotten about, now stirring. Waking from a deep slumber and hibernation and realizing a hidden resource and wellspring of vitality.

One of April’s challenges: an increasing demand to juggle two timelines at the same time – your day-to-day life, the real world of deadlines and bill payments, rent and responsibilities, while attuning your heart to the whispers of your inner guidance, your higher self, the movement of the Universe.

It’s a tough balance to maintain, but this month you can move into even greater attunement by simply showing up and allowing creativity to flow through you. Consciously invite in co-creation by allowing room for it. This month allows you to clear the decks – karmically, emotionally – for the new beginnings of May to express themselves fully.



Knight of Swords

Dear Aries, I can feel your impatience to get somewhere, and you’re like ‘Hurry up already! I want this to come ASAP!’ You’re feeling frustrated and you want it all to come right now: that perfect job, situation, partner, creation. Sometimes this gets you tripping over your own feet in your rush to get to where you think you’re meant to be. But hold up – consider that where you are right now is where you need to be, no matter how uncomfortable or seemingly imperfect it is.

In fact, this sense of discomfort is precisely the thing that is helping you to dig deeper into places you’d rather avoid. Things like your sense of intuition, your deeper emotions, your secret fears and worries. This coming year for you is a time when your true powers will come from feeling your way forward and trusting your heart. Learn to consult your feelings before making those moves. Bring all of you along with you, check in with yourself if it feels right, and you will find that you are a thousand times more effective and present on the way to your highest desires.


Hermit reversed

Mercury retrogrades in Taurus this month on April 9, and you’ll be feeling it. You’ll be getting a deeper insight into the areas where you react out of hurt, fear, a need to dominate or brush aside your deeper wounds and scars you’d rather not look at. “Enough already! Why are we still talking about this? It’s all in the past.” I can hear you say. Yes, dear Taurus, it is the past. But you of all signs carry the hurts of the past most in your body, and you tend to let go in stages.

Under your tough exterior is a tender heart, and this retrograde will give you an opportunity to listen to what it’s telling you. Feeling those feelings won’t make you weaker, they will make you stronger and more compassionate towards the side of yourself that seeks nurturing, love and comfort. And you’ll be able to offer this more readily to yourself and others by the end of it. So if you act out, forgive yourself immediately. Forgive, forgive, forgive. But also be brave enough to investigate it. Especially for wounds that have to do with the times you let others dictate your self-worth. So even when it hurts – in fact, the more it hurts, the more you need to allow yourself the time and space to process those deeper feels. If you do the work you’ll open yourself up to a depth of love and vitality that lies just beyond it.


Knight of Swords

The need for peace and tranquility in your interactions in April will be a motivation for you to act from your more logical, rational side. You’re feeling tired of the way things and people and situations have been bringing you on an emotional rollercoaster, and you just want some peace! You’re learning that it’s okay to let things be for a while as they work themselves out, and that not everything is worth reacting to. That’s a sign of your growing wisdom!

At the same time, few people are privy to your emotional nature, where your deepest and softest parts of yourself reside, and you like it that way. To the point that you sometimes think that you are above your emotions! But you are moved by them more than you like to think you are. This month, it’s time to get conscious about where you are making emotional decisions. Revealing your heart a little bit more where you have been restrained can be beneficial for strengthening relationships and allowing those who are closest to you to know that you do care. Your folks need you to show them your love, too.


Hierophant reversed

Come back to yourself, dearest Cancer. The times when you lose touch with yourself tend to be when you become overly concerned with the feelings of others. This month, it’s important to constantly check in with your own feelings and to hold back a little on that impulse to rush in to help, to nurture others, to care take, to smooth over situations quickly. You deserve your own loving care and attention this month, and it’s not at all selfish to put your needs in front of others from time to time. You’re going through an important period of integration after a period of searching, and it’s crucial to protect that process by being judicious with your emotional energy. Spend it on yourself, and be curious about the times you resist doing so.

Feeling a certain way also doesn’t mean the situation really is that way, and that’s also something you’ve been discerning for a while. Truth lies in the murky depths, buried in the sometimes confusing mass of feelings and thoughts, at the intersection of head and heart. It’s also almost never as extreme as our feelings want to trick us into believing. So if you take the time to organize your thoughts and lay them out, you’ll soon start making sense of which stories you allow to define you. And yes, you get to choose.


2 of Cups

This month, pay attention to where you need others to pay you attention the most – this points to where you need to show yourself some more TLC. You’ve been on this journey of self-love, and you’re coming into ever greater self-acceptance. You’re learning how to truly value and see yourself – even despite those beliefs of being unloveable that crop up now and then. The beauty is that the more you respect and love yourself, the more you show others how to treat you. The calibre of people you surround yourself with will gradually change to reflect this.

It’s in the small things – how you treat yourself when you make a mistake, how you talk to yourself in your head on a daily basis. It’s not about rejecting the harsher, more critical parts of yourself, but about befriending them by saying: Thank you for trying to keep me safe. Thank you for trying to make me better. But I’ll take over from here now. Strive to be your own best friend in these times, and you’ll have all you need during these times of growth and change.


Ace of Cups

You’re experiencing a deep heart-opening right now, and it’s a beautiful thing. Something has shifted in you; you’ve allowed yourself to let go of a long-held hurt, unhelpful beliefs or simply undid the knot on a puzzle that had you twisted up, and it’s now a time of new beginnings. This is the culmination of a lot of work on your part, coupled with cosmic blessings: a true transformation indeed. It heralds a new era where you’re blending your famous intellect with a whole lot of heart, and you’ll be experiencing so much sweet flow as a result.

Expect a brand new cycle where you will be able to flex your skills in an arena that suits your passion and interests, to feel so much more fulfilled than you ever thought possible. Not only that, you’ll be learning so much and feel a lot more supported emotionally along the way. You went through a period of time where you had to learn how to depend on your own resourcefulness – sometimes it felt as though you were trudging along, all alone. But you’re coming out on the other side now, stronger than before! This month, embrace any opportunity to spend time with your emotions. The more you are in your heart while you carry on with your work, the easier things will seem. Solutions will come to you when you’re tackling challenges from your heart space.



How much do you trust in the unfolding of life; its rhythms, mysteries, and flow? If you’ve been listening to the silent symphony of the Universe, and consciously checking in to let your heart guide you on your journey, this month will seem extraordinarily charmed to you. Synchronicity will abound. Nature giving you signs; things falling into place effortlessly. Sometimes things just seem to click, and this will be one of those months for you. It will seem as though a giant hand of fate has come in to arrange the best possible outcomes for you – all without your effort. So lean back, relax, and allow. No pushing allowed.

If, however, flowing and allowing is not your favorite thing in the world, this month will allow you opportunity to practice. Practice seeing the things that come along for you as blessings you just haven’t figured out yet, no matter what form they may initially take. Because they are! Everything that comes along for you, whether unexpected surprises, mysterious turn arounds, detours or windfalls are all meant just for you, to nudge you into the express lane of your highest destiny. Trust in it, and don’t be too quick to judge. Let it all unfold and see where it leads you by the end of the month.


Priestess of Cups

Your depths beckon once again, and the more you allow yourself to swim and luxuriate in those warm waters by doing activities that stimulate your emotional nature, the more replenished and rejuvenated you will feel. There has been a softening of your edges recently; waves of peace have been hitting your shores and the things that used to bother you suddenly seem like no big deal. You’ve been doing the work, bravely confronting the things that used to shake you to your core, and you’ve transmuted so much of the darkness into light. That is the magic of your sign, dear Scorpio. Keep at it. Any work you do on any childhood wounding you may still be nursing will be blessed, and its healing accelerated this month.

There’s also opportunity to take a closer look at any knee jerk reactions you may have this month. Instead of offering your intellectual analysis, could you offer words of comfort or empathy first? Could you simply be with someone in their experience? It will also make you feel good to have friends over, play hostess, give of your attention generously and share your empathetic ear. Flexing this emotional muscle will be the key to showing your loved ones the depth of your understanding and support.


Knight of Pentacles

Persistence. What does this word mean to you, dear Archer? You may have been guilty a time or two of dropping a project once the honeymoon period of novelty and excitement wore off. However, this month will challenge you to stick with something despite that niggling sense of boredom and tedium. You’ve already set your eye on something that means something to you. That means A LOT to you, in fact. You’ve felt the pull, you’ve seen the signs, you’ve had your eye on the prize for a while now. It’s all about sticking to the task and staying on track this month, being present every step of the way.

And you are a lot more capable of it than you think! Sit in the discomfort and move through the urge of needing to run off and distract yourself. Your focus and persistence will pay off handsomely six months down the road and you will learn that momentary discomfort is nothing compared to the joy of seeing your efforts bloom into something solid and secure. Solid ground, something you’ve been yearning for and working towards: it’s yours to have. And the best thing about it is that at the end of it all, you can take pride in having built it with your own hands, every step of the way.


5 of Swords

Some days you just feel a little feisty and up for a fight, especially when you can see SO many things that need fixing in this world. However, it’s important to be mindful of where you direct your mental energy this month. You don’t want to be wasting energy getting into conflicts and putting out fires, when you could just as easily be devoting your mental processes towards the tasks you have on hand. Every time you feel the need to step into drama or make a cutting remark, try your best to channel that fiery energy into something creative and productive instead.

If you find yourself obsessing over something, pen it all down and vent it out on paper. Go for a workout that gets your blood pumping. And if you do inadvertently step into conflict, use it as a solid opportunity to learn about what you DON’T want in your world, in your energy field. Peace is as much a conscious choice as it is a feeling. Also, just because someone else is spoiling for a fight, doesn’t mean you need to respond. Let them act out their internal conflict somewhere else! You’re not going to be the one to fix it for them. Let it go and step away.


10 of Discs

You’re going to see things pay off in a big way this month. Results of hard work you’ve put in, a period of harvest as a springboard into the next phase. Remember to celebrate and give yourself due recognition! Take time to revel in your bounty and spread it all around. It’s a kind of culmination point of all the twists and turns you’ve taken in recent years, times when you thought you had no idea where you were going. Yet, driven by passion, you kept on going, and you’re starting to see a lot of validation for your efforts.

One way to make the most of what you’ve been given is to allow yourself to believe that this is not just some random stroke of good luck. You’ve worked for it, you’ve fought for it, this is legit! It’s good to be modest, but it’s equally helpful to recognize your strengths and not to be afraid of letting others know about it. So brush up your resume, straighten out your work-related portfolios, spruce up your wardrobe to reflect this wiser version of you. You deserve to shine!


7 of Swords

This month tests your faith and belief in yourself and your abilities. As you try to effect change in the world, there can be periods of time when it’s just disheartening and disappointing. You think of giving up, changing course, or simply skipping over certain bits because you feel like it doesn’t really matter anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth for you – all you need is simply a little patience and trust that things WILL work out, as long as you keep at it. When you’re frustrated this month, take a step back and do nothing. Inaction will be more productive than any kneejerk reaction this month.

You’re clearing out old programming in terms of thought patterns of the self-recriminatory sort that simply don’t serve you any longer, and they’re just coming up really strongly so you’re able to see them and know that they are simply echoes of a different time. You no longer need them. Offer yourself gentle, compassionate thoughts, dear one. Any time you’re tensed up and thinking you’re completely unsupported, bring yourself back into your body, and remember you’re safe, loved, and precisely where you need to be right now.