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Your March 2017 Wisdom Scopes


March is the month of action. Not the kind borne of impulse, but the kind that is steady, measured and disciplined. Emotions rise and fall. Changes come and go.

But what is constant in the midst of all that arises?

Answer: Your consciousness – it is fully present and always awaiting your direction at any given moment.

You, and only you, get to direct where your energy, focus and time goes.

Because you’re an infinite being with finite energy in each lifetime, it’s important to wield your power intentionally. Wherever you put your focus now will start paying off and showing rewards 6 months down the line.

However, truth be told, you may find yourself reaping the rewards almost immediately: for the sense of grounded achievement in each moment will be sweet and life-affirming.

Have a beautiful March, wise ones.



Fool, reversed

You’re at the start of a new journey, one you’ve been preparing to go on, for ages. So when you find yourself in some wobbly moments this month, take heart. Know that this is all part of the journey. Your heart is tugging you in one direction, yet your mind is pulling you in another. Which do you follow? To look or to leap? (Hint: Leaping will bring you those rewards your heart longs for.)

It’s so natural to feel resistance when you’re going after what your heart truly wants. It may also benefit you to gently look at the fears that are holding you back, without dwelling too long in that space. Sit with it, feel it, and gently decide to move beyond it – that’s where all the good stuff lies. The trick is to keep moving forward in spite of it. Push through.


Single: If you’re ready for romantic love in your life, you have to allow yourself to believe that you don’t need to micromanage the entire process. Take a relaxed approach. Not every date needs to be super serious. Dip a toe in and be attentive to any feelings that arise.

In a R/S: Do you feel like you sometimes use your relationship as a safety blanket? Could it be your go-to excuse for not doing or trying something new? The unknown can seem scary, but it may benefit you to see those you love most as a home to return to instead of a fort you within. You carry true love with you in your heart, wherever you go.




You’ve gone through a big burst of growth, and you’re now ready to let it all marinate in order to gain sustenance for the next phase. Periods of activity have to be followed by periods of stillness so that all the juicy goodness of recent experiences can seep into your soul. Take your time. The answers this month will come to you in rest, relaxation and solitude. And the answers won’t necessarily ‘make sense’ either; it’s not supposed to be an intellectual exercise. Possible scenarios may involve finally coming to terms with a chapter of your life you’ve just closed, or simply seeing that you are ready to let go of baggage you’ve been carrying around for a while. Allow room for emotional breakthroughs.


Single: If you’re enjoying your single status and you don’t need to be in a relationship right now, good for you! Your energy and wisdom is needed in the wider world, and your contributions are infinitely valuable.

In a R/S: Does your head align with your heart? If your head thinks you want to be in a relationship, but your heart doesn’t – and vice versa, it’s time to look at your behavior for a clue to see what you REALLY want. If a relationship is a priority to you, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Dare to stay true to your feelings.



Queen of Pentacles, reversed

You’ve been busy, busy, busy! Life has been pulling you in all directions and your soul is longing for rest. It may be time to commit to a daily ritual that starts and ends your day with something solid and grounding, whether it’s just 5 minutes of meditation of simply saying a prayer. It’s often easy to neglect that your soul needs a good ‘watering’ too – think of it as a garden to enjoy tending to. When the world feels scary or when the road gets bumpy, remember that your soul is a sanctuary you can bring along with you wherever you go.


Single: Are you looking for love? It’s important to first love yourself. It’s such a common phrase to throw around these days, but what does loving yourself really mean? It’s about taking the time to check in with yourself, not hurrying yourself, watching the way you think about yourself. The goal is to create a solid home base for yourself – so that any romantic relationship becomes a bonus, and not the missing of the puzzle you’re hoping will complete you.

In a R/S: Grounding activities will bring the two of you closer to each other. That could mean spending more nights in, having a proper heart to heart sans electronic devices, or simply paying attention and giving his or her presence your full awareness. Be in the moment – when you’re together, really BE together.



Knight of Swords, reversed

You’ve been through tidal waves of emotions in February, and finally the path is clear for you to move forward. This month presents an opportunity to sharpen your discernment. Choices will need to be made, and you are given an all-clear to put you first. It’s about looking at the people, things and projects in your life and asking yourself: are they in my best interest? What role do they play in my life? Are they helping me evolve towards my highest good? If the answer is no, then it may be time to make some changes. Things may be confusing at first, especially if you’re used to looking at certain things through a more emotional lens. Stepping back for a moment and gaining clarity and objectivity will serve you well this month. Meditating or journaling your thoughts and feelings will also be helpful.


Single: Look beyond the superficial to see what’s within – what’s pretty may not have substance, while what’s not immediately appealing may prove to be something you’ve been seeking for all along.

In a R/S: Sometimes the words unspoken may speak volumes. Patterns of behavior within yourself or your partner may point to something deeper. Whether it’s dissatisfaction or a desire to evolve the relationship in a certain way, spend some time probing beneath the surface and bringing it to conscious awareness. The next step will reveal itself to you from there.



6 of Swords

You’ve been through a tough fight these past few months, but dear one, it’s okay to drop your armor now and rest. It’s safe to lay down your sword now. Sometimes our desire to be right can bring us further away from what we ultimately want: closer relationships, better experiences at work and play. Consider how you may be keeping the things you want at bay – whether it’s through self-castigating thoughts or simply forgetting that you have the option to see that things are different now, and recognizing that you no longer have to be in battle mode any longer. Let things be. Allow them to flow and trust that not everything needs your active pushing in order to move forward.

Romance (single or in a relationship):

Consider the intention behind your words: is it to ultimately bring the relationship onto more solid ground, or simply to satisfy the need to be right? Sometimes, it’s important to tend to the feelings of the other before rehashing the facts. Show that you care about them first, and you’ll see: the rest will work itself out magically.



7 of Wands

You’re growing so much, dear one, and it’s important to know that all the fears that have been arising feel so acute only because your growth has been equally astounding. Remember, every force has an equal and opposite reaction, and that’s also true of the forces within us. This month, fiery drive and warrior energy is within you. Any feelings of stuckness you experienced in February are now melting away. Harness this flow for your highest goals and dreams. Even if you commit to just one or two acts a day towards your most cherished projects, you’ll be astonished at the progress you make by the end of the month. Time, effort and discipline is key. Now is the time to knuckle down and give your dreams your fullest attention.

Romance (single or in a relationship):

Being forthright and asking for what you want will bring a refreshing change to your relationships. You often put others first and ahead of your own needs, but it’s time to be upfront – the Universe is saying, PLEASE PUT YOURSELF FIRST! And no one will judge you for it. Instead, they will be relieved and happy to be able to give you what you need (and often even feel undeserving of) Trust me – you, of all people, probably deserve it the most. Allow yourself to receive, dear Virgo.



Ace of Pentacles

You’re feeling a lot more sure-footed these days, because you’ve just been through a cycle that showed you what you no longer want in your life. Some days it may have seemed like the obstacles were relentless, but it was really a process to help you shed all the stuff you no longer need – like those dusty old fears or anxieties about not being good enough. (Spoiler: You have always been good enough.) You’ve come out on the other side now, and you’re looking good! This is a month of positive new beginnings, of moving ahead feeling a lot lighter with a lot more breathing room where there once was none. Allow yourself to greet the new possibilities in your life with an open mind. Take your time and enjoy this period of sweet beginnings.


Single: You’re not one to shy away from flirty situations, and this month will definitely spark your excitement with all the new opportunities to be in full on meet-cute mode. Say yes to events and get-togethers that intrigue you, and you may be perfectly positioned to meet someone special.

In a R/S: You may have reached a new level in your relationship where trust and stability have deepened. You’re feeling more at ease and at home – and ready to build on this firmer foundation. Congratulations!



3 of Pentacles

You’ve worked long and hard to prove your worth and show your mettle, and everyone knows just what a powerhouse you are. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind just what you’re made of! At this particular leg in your journey, it’s now time to let others in and to work together as a team. You don’t have to carry it all alone! It’s also the perfect chance to catch a break for yourself and let the power of the group carry you along – even as counterintuitive as it may feel at first. It’s a sign of where your heart is at, too – you’ve done a lot of healing on those wounds that kept you guarded, and it’s now safe to make moves towards being part of a larger community. Take it at a pace that suits you, but know that when you go together, you go further (clichéd as it may be!). Who you are is an essential part of the picture – your unique energy is needed in any group you may choose to join.


Single: Do you feel at home with yourself? By cultivating a sense of belonging within your own heart, and relaxing into the energy you’re surrounded by, you’ll magnetize the love that’s right for you.

In a R/S: This is a phase where you’re working on building a solid foundation together. What ingredients do you need? What do you value? It’s time to communicate your needs and let the other know what exactly you’re looking for – and be ready to listen as well.



6 of Cups

What do you miss most about your childhood? It’s time to revisit it this month, dear Sagittarius. In the midst of all the growing and learning you’ve been doing, it’s high time to allow yourself plenty of play and downtime to process all of it. The last couple of months may have felt super serious and draining, and you’re in need of a recharge. By all means, do what you have to do – but also allow yourself to take time out whenever you can. Prioritize it. Spend time daydreaming, doodling, allowing your mind to wander and dream. Let it be a sacred activity. Carve out time to simply be. Honor your body by letting it rest. Infuse every moment with joy and childlike curiosity, and you’ll feel rejuvenated by the end of the month… And you may even find that incorporating joy into your daily life will become second nature.

Romance (single or in a relationship)

Did you know that it’s possible to drop the stories around your wounds, whenever you want? There are times when we need to nurse our wounds, to thoroughly understand them in order to allow them to heal. But there eventually comes a point where we must let go of the story in order to move forward. This month, the moment you allow yourself to simply let go, and ride whatever feelings that arise without spinning a story around them, the deeper you will go into love – with yourself, and with your beloved other. Try it and see what happens.



Page of Cups, reversed

I see you contemplating what joy is all about – how much of it you have in your life, whether you’re making time for it, and what value you even place on it. Sometimes, the goal that’s in front of you seems so all-consuming that you forget to make sure you’re enjoying the journey on the way there. This month is a perfect time to reset the way you go about your tasks, and to infuse some fun into all that you do. Some suggestions: take the scenic route even if it takes longer, stop to buy yourself a drink on the way to the meeting, sit out in the sun for a few minutes, wear your favorite lipstick for no special reason, buy yourself flowers… Soften, dear Capricorn. Allow yourself to honor the parts of you that crave beauty and comfort, for they are holy, too.

Romance (single or in a relationship)

How does being soft in a relationship with another – and yourself – feel to you? For how you are like with yourself is how you are with the other. Do you berate yourself for being human and having feelings that are sometimes, well, inconvenient? It’s time to forgive yourself for being human, messy emotions, flaws and all, because they are part of what makes you loveable! Be brave enough to be vulnerable; admitting your vulnerability to yourself and a trusted other will strengthen your relationship. Allow yourself to be surprised. Trust will deepen tenfold in this way.



Priestess of Wands

This is a month where a lot of the work that you’ve been quietly doing behind the scenes will start showing, and others are taking note. Ever heard of how your energy speaks before you do? Your confidence and self-assurance will be quietly emanating from you, and you will be on firm ground to achieve whatever you set out to do. The past few months have tested your mettle, and you now have a stronger grasp on your true abilities. Even when you thought you were merely treading water, you were really developing muscle, agility and strength. To fully embody the energy of the Priestess, tap into your heart space regularly. Know that you have a direct connection to source. When your mind and your heart are aligned, you will channel her energy to the fullest.

Romance (single or in a relationship)

Your magnetism fills the room, and the more you share of yourself and your good vibes, the more it will multiply and come back to you. Social groups will be beneficial now. Allow yourself to receive compliments graciously, for they will reflect just how much your soul has been growing. Don’t underestimate the effect you have on others!



2 of Pentacles

Dear Pisces, it’s time to take a deep breath. You have a million and one things piled up on your plate, and you may be feeling dizzy from just how much you’re taking on! This is really a sign of your competency – you’ve been making leaps and bounds and others are paying attention. However, this can sometimes cause your workload to increase. If they are all aligned with your goals, great. If not, it may be time to be mindful of what you’re saying Yes to and start saying No to things. You don’t have to say Yes to everyone who asks you for help. All it takes is a little fine tuning to bring yourself back into balance. It may be helpful to remember to go deep instead of going wide. Get better at what you’re focused on instead of trying to tackle something new. Remember to take time to rest and play during all of this – recharging is vital to bring you back to yourself.

Romance (single or in a relationship)

Your emotional needs are important, too – so when you get too caught up in your work, and start putting the important others in your life on the backburner, it’s time to take a step back. Spend quality time with those who nurture your heart and soul. You’ll find that you’ll be much more capable of tackling those tasks once you’ve spent some time catching up with your emotions.