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February 2017

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Your February 2017 Wisdom Scopes


Tarotscopes for those who listen to the voices of their own wisdom. Loving reminders for those who are shifting into heart-centered lives. 

You are leading the way

The world needs your light, and the goddess in your heart will guide you

In moments of anger or upset, it is helpful to remember that issues can be more complex than they first appear. Causes and conditions were set into motion a long time ago, seeds were sown years ago in order for us to witness their manifestations today. If we truly understood the root of all things, how much time would you devote yourself to anger, and how much towards solutions & remedies?

We often want to jump in to fix things when they appear to be going wrong. That is human nature, and so natural in a world of distractions. Fighting fires is important. But rather than going into problem-solving mode only when the occasion calls for it, we can also start directing our energies towards nurturing the conditions that we wish to see and to live in – for ourselves and generations to come.

Dear wise ones, what seeds of peace are you sowing today? Are you combating your own anger, your own violence, your tendencies to escape – today? If each day, you are able to resist your knee jerk responses for even just one second longer – that is a victory. What you do today echoes for all generations – ripples throughout our Universe. It sounds grandiose, but energetically, this is a truth. May you tap into your inner wisdom today and allow it to guide your ways.


6 of Cups

Consider that where you’re trying to go is actually exactly where you already are. If you find yourself straining ahead into a future you so badly want for yourself, this is an invitation for you to come back to the present moment. What makes you feel most at ease? Take a moment to think back to a time you felt most joyful, most free, most connected to others – and let that feeling guide your moves in the now. Act when inspired – and without even trying, you’ll find yourself where you want to be.

You’ve just made a shift from working from a logic-centered way to a more heart-centered way, and your mind and spirit require time to adjust! Do one little thing every day that helps you remember why you got started on this journey in the first place. February will be bringing a lot of sweetness and validation for your efforts. Look out for synchronicities that tell you you’re on the right path – maybe an overheard conversation that tells you exactly what you need to hear at the moment, or just someone reaching out for a collaboration opportunity. The path ahead is cleared for you: have faith. Live fully in the present knowing that what’s meant to be yours will always be yours.

Power Word: Shift


7 of Wands

This month, let your hopes be bigger than your fears, dear Taurus. Know that you are picking up on fear energy from the general vibes of the world right now. We are all in the midst of some form of upheaval. But it’s important to focus on love and all the growth and progress you’ve made so far, for they are very significant. Your growth is something to be proud of. You’re learning that the only form of competition out there is the one you have with yourself – for every one is unique, and truly has their own path to walk.

In fact, you are evolving very quickly and making great leaps and bounds. The thing is, the rest of you needs to catch up to this – emotionally and mentally. You’re learning that there is a lot more grace and ease out there for you. Every time you find yourself tensing up or going into mental overdrive this month, consciously tune out of those thoughts, even if just for a second. Try to simply observe what comes up and let situations be without reacting immediately. Respond from a place of mindfulness, of deliberate choice. You are paving your way for this brand new phase of your life.

Power Word: Simplicity


Hanged One

It’s a season of change for you dear Gemini – I see waters coming in to sweep away all that you no longer need. Trust that all that is leaving your life has served its purpose. You are ready for a whole new phase of growth. And while it all sounds really good on paper, when this is happening IRL, it can seem really scary and uncertain. You perceive that not a lot is within your control and this truly triggers some of your knee-jerk fear responses.

I’m here to reassure you that you ARE on the right track, and so very loved. (Even if your mind immediately jumps to skepticism!) However, from time to time the Universe has to show its ways to you to remind you that you DON’T need to micromanage everything so that you’re safe and secure. What the Universe has in store for you is always infinitely better than what you have planned. So this month, watch how you respond, and before going into panic mode, bring yourself gently back to the present. Breathe. Do all that you can, and let the rest take care of itself.

Power word: Release


Daughter of Wands

You’re feeling the first stirrings of Spring – in fact, the energy around you will be lightening up considerably. So stretch out, test your new wings. For in the darkness of the past months, your strength has been forged, and you have brand new magical powers at your disposal. You have learnt that your ability to derive joy and be a source of comfort to others is truly invaluable. Don’t underestimate your ability to take things more lightly and less personally. You better understand the crashing waves, and the ebb and flow of your emotions, and you are now much more adept at flowing along with it and not taking it all too seriously.

This month, it’s all set up for you to continue taking a more playful approach to life. It’s never as serious as you think it is! It doesn’t need to be perfect either. Be sloppy, try things out just for fun, and take a chance on the things you’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t had time to. 2017 is shaping up to be a year of growth for you: but in an expansive way. You’ll learn that life is so much richer than you ever imagined it to be. Don’t shortchange yourself by giving in to pessimism – suspend judgement and dive in.

Power word: Stretch



What are the ingredients that are going into the foundations you’re building for yourself and your life? What values do you hold dear? Which principles do you want to act on?

This month, you’ll be engaging in the work of pulling all the disparate threads of your life into a coherent whole. That means consolidating, possibly cutting back on things that are no longer aligned with your goals, and establishing some rules for yourself – all in the name of clearing space that will allow your gifts to express themselves more clearly and vividly. Instead of micromanaging the outcome, focus instead of having one strong, clear intention. Allow everything to flow from that place.

Power word: Architect



The uncertainty of the past few months will be giving way to purposeful creation this month, dear Virgo. You’re swimming out from a more intuitive and meditative time into a place where you’re ready to start expressing some of your ideas, with focus and fire. Even though you may start out feeling a little low on energy, trust that it’s okay for all these to take place behind the scenes for now.

In fact, this will be a potent month where a lot more divinely-sparked ideas and impulses will be waiting to come through you. All you have to do is just show up! You don’t need to know all the details ten steps in advance just to start. You’re prone to worrying about the details sometimes (quite often) but part of your path is to learn to trust yourself and the way the Universe NEEDS what you have to offer. We all need what you have to offer. It’s important to consciously set aside your worries – don’t allow yourself to fall into that fear spiral.

Make time for creation and allow everything to move through you… Whether this means sticking to a schedule or getting to work every time inspiration strikes, whatever works better for you. All the angels are supporting you in this act of creation right now.

Power word: Open


Daughter of Swords

It’s important to get clear within yourself before going into battle. Your innate sense of justice and fairness have always been your admirable qualities, and they are going into overdrive now. Make sure that any sense of rage or anger are addressed – you can be a peaceful Warrior, and still make your stance known. Stand in your strength, your calm, quiet core. This will make you a force to be reckoned with, like the eye of the hurricane.

In order to make your fight a lot more potent, it’s also important to wait a little to gather the facts, and not to become reactionary. Think of it as a marathon, and not a sprint. It also starts with the people around you – in what ways can you bring peace into your home and your closest relationships? How has your drive and your force been channelled? Tame your flames so that they can reach their target without accidentally burning the ones nearest and dearest to you. Focus on the global without making it personal – it’s the sin, not the sinner that needs addressing. It’s also valuable to start addressing your own incongruities between your intentions and actions. Understanding the challenges of being completely in alignment with your values will allow you to develop more compassion for yourself and others, so needed in our world today.

Power word: Temper



You might have been distracted lately by some should-haves and could-have beens, and it’s time to tune those voices out, my love. Growth sometimes brings to us feelings of wistfulness or regret, because we now see that we could have done differently or chosen ‘better’. But the benefit of hindsight isn’t so that we can look back in regret, but to do better in the present. So have faith in where you are at, and where you find yourself currently, and don’t let those voices distract you from your current mission.

Be focused on where you are going, because that’s more important above all else! This month, you are to let your emotions flow without letting them distract you from your path… because some intense emotions will be stirred up this month. Yes, a fine line to tread, but you’re becoming an old hand at this. This could mean telling yourself, “Alright, I am sad right now. This is sadness. I will now let it be without thinking that I have to change course or that nothing matters, everything is futile. What I do now DOES matter and I will act on it with all I have to offer.” You have an important task to play in this world, and above all else, your razor sharp skills of observation will help others to keep their cool. Be present for yourself, so that others may watch and learn too.

Power word: Focus



You may still feel like you are tying up loose ends from 2016, and when will this new year really begin for me?! That’s normal, because it takes more than manmade concepts of time to dictate the start and end of things. It’s important to not rush this process either, which can be difficult, because your intuitive feelers are already picking up on the good stuff coming for you, and you’re so ready to move on! Whatever ‘this’ represents for you, whether a financial state, a mindset, a relationship, or a less than favorable job situation, you are now taking action to move out of it and into something that fits you far better. If that’s not happening yet, know that any intuitive sense about what’s ending is accurate – and that it’s okay even if you don’t quite know what ‘something better’ is yet.

So how are you feeling? What lessons have you learnt so far?

Hopefully, you now KNOW for sure that you are capable of more than you previously thought, and that you deserve to have only the most authentic and supportive relationships around you. (Of course, this goes both ways.) This only reflects how you have been working to BE more authentic and the shifts you have made to be more true to yourself. It’s the start of a whole new era for you, and it’s important to see the challenges of the past year as a final shedding of an old self that you no longer need. Allow yourself to rest and devote this short month to saying your goodbyes to all that doesn’t serve.

Power word: Forward


5 of Swords, reversed

This month, you’re challenged to let go of your need to be right. With your high-minded ideals and visions of justice, you would know what ‘right’ looks like – but that is not necessarily someone else’s highest priority. Know that the truth will win out over time, and that it’s not beneficial to anyone to separate or cut off ties simply because you disagree with them. No one in the history of the world ever changed someone else’s mind by winning an argument or snarky social media spat. Change is more likely simply by SHOWING them how you lead your life with joy and integrity.

It may also help to probe into where this need comes from. Is it from a sense of urgency or desire to change or improve the world? Could it be that you are feeling a sense of helplessness in some other area of your life? Look at where you are lacking a sense of security and tend to it, dear Capricorn. Let the incisive sword of your mind probe into these truths and set them free – and feel your burdens lift.

Power word: Freedom


9 of Swords

The energies are challenging you to tame your fears and worries this month, dear Aquarius. On a deeper level, it’s really also asking you to see if your actions are congruent with your intentions. Where are your fears stemming from? Have you already taken concrete action to address them?

As the Dalai Lama puts it, “If there is no solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it.” Once you’ve done everything you reasonably can to address your worries, then it’s time to hand it over to a higher power.

If the fear gets too intense this month, please don’t let it convince you that you are all alone. Reach out. Phone a friend. Take a break. Go for a little getaway. It’s okay to detach for a while so you can give your mind some much needed rest. At any given moment, you can only do the best you can do – don’t punish yourself for being human, my love.

Power word: Breathe


5 of Cups

It’s birthday season for you, dear Pisces. Know that this eclipse season may mean something leaving your life unexpectedly. And if it does leave, please know that you can never lose anything that was meant for you. It has served its purpose, and any ‘loss’ really just heralds a new beginning just right around the corner! Your growth is simply being fast-tracked, and sometimes that can mean a quick succession of people and things coming and going in order to spark change in you – a bittersweet part of this wild life of ours. Take the good from the experience, integrate it, and leave the rest.

If it doesn’t feel quite joyful this month, be okay with just going with the flow and the feels. You’re tapped into Universal energies and sometimes that can be really heavy – you’re processing on such a deep level. Be open to silver linings, though it’s also okay with not wanting to do that right away. If you need to be on your own for a bit, take some time out. See this as just another step on the process of getting closer to the truth of who you are and accepting yourself unconditionally.

Power word: Grow