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December 2016

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Your December Wisdom Scopes


FUN, JOY AND LAUGHTER – We all need a little more of that in our lives right now. Happy news: we are utterly capable of creating it and leaning on each other to bring that light right in. Together we glow. In the midst of all this change and growth, remember that being light – in all ways – is available to us. Instead of obsessing, choose to set your pet issue aside on an imaginary shelf and go do something else for 15 minutes. It’s also a great time to lay old grievances aside by keeping the bigger picture in mind. Do they really need to follow you into 2017? Your ghosts need a rest.

What I know for sure is that we need each other now more than ever. Separation is not the answer. Even when you choose to detach or walk away, be aware of any emotional charge still left in the situation and resolve to look at it whenever you’re ready to do so. We all need a clean slate to do our best work for ourselves and for the collective. As the brave ones forging into this wild, wild world of ours, letting go of unnecessary baggage continues to be an essential skill for us all.



I don’t think there could be a more perfect card for you this month, dear Aries. The world needs your fiery gusto for life right now. November saw you scrubbing off many of your long-held illusions, many vestiges of a done-and-dusted cycle falling away. Now you are brand new: you are freer than you’ve ever been! Know that any limitations you still hold in your mind are simply shadows of the past and in no way indicative of the future. It’s an ALL CLEAR for you when it comes to pursuing your dreams. You’re beginning a brand new cycle and it’s important to take a deep breath, RECOGNIZE THIS FACT, before you set off once again. Curiosity and open-mindedness will take you far. Keep your expectations low and your spirits high. Set the intention to follow this adventure with as little baggage as you can possibly bring with you.



If things have been feeling a little dark and twisty for you, December is going to bring much light to your life. “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”, said Justice Louis D. Brandeis, and he is very right. What this means is that everything that has been bothering you, be relentless in laying them all out and shining the light of your consciousness on them. Simply by allowing yourself to recognize them will allow them to be metabolized and changed – even long held, seemingly impossible problems will simply melt away. Miraculous? Maybe. Some things don’t have to be analyzed or intellectually figured out in order for them to be solved. Allow your a-ha moments to come to you as a sense of peace, or simply a feeling of ‘it’s all okay’. Accept it without questioning it. It’s a much needed feeling of grace you will need to carry you through – a beautiful attitude that will serve you well in days to come. Know that the tides are turning in your favour as long as you keep moving towards the light. The good in your life are there for you: you do not need to do anything special to earn or keep them.


Son of Swords

Who do you turn to for getting your needs met? No amount of prodding or pushing at others will get them to respond to you PERFECTLY. They will respond to you in the way they know how, with their own ideas of care, concern and love. You’re really growing as a person and some part of you recognizes this, and instead of asking other people to step up and meet your changing needs, it’s important to first do this for yourself. This entire year has been a flowering of sorts for you, an expansion of your personality. December sees a culmination of this growth. Do a review of the attitudes and expectations you have in general, and especially regarding relationships. It’s hard to answer these questions all at once, but know that every time you try to make a demand of someone who just can’t seem to meet them, turn back to yourself and ask, what need am I trying to fulfil right now? To feel heard? To be wanted? Check in with your emotions and see how you can fill your cup before turning to others. This is a sweet way of treating yourself with compassion, and celebrating your growth.



Dear Cancer, I hope that you are able to see that you’ve been the Magician ALL ALONG. Just that there are often so many voices within you pulling you off in four different directions all the time! Each time you go off on that rollercoaster ride, you find yourself somewhere back at the beginning, arriving at the same place you started off on. And that is okay. Because each time that happens, you have gathered more evidence of how on point your intuition was right from the start, and you’ll learn to trust yourself quicker and more deeply each time. We all need to do this in order to truly remember. This month, infuse your hard won wisdom and emotional truths into the work you do. Stand by them. Even if this means standing out or standing alone for a bit! You are here to represent often easy-to-ignore, easy-to-neglect parts of life and that’s not always easy.


Father of Cups

I think it’s safe to say that you’ve felt basically every single emotion available to us as human beings just this year alone. Heck, just November alone. And if you’ve paid attention, you’ve probably realized just how fleeting most of them are. The ones that truly made any lasting impact were the emotions that were paired with a sustained plan of action. This month, you’re ready to put your money where your mouth (and your heart and your mind) are and get going with the things that truly move you. You’ve often simply paid lip service to the things you care about (um, we ALL do this) but no one has ever seen a Leonine being more fired up than when ALL of you – heart, mind, body and soul – aligns into action. The world NEEDS your brand of leadership. You know what this particular calling is by now: it’s time to get serious, roll up your sleeves and start drawing up a plan to keep you busy into 2017.



Your heart feels tugged in this way and that and some days it’s just hard to focus. But see: you don’t have to save the world singlehandedly. You have to choose. You have to pick that one thing that you absolutely kick ass at and GO FOR IT. That’s how you do your part, and trust that the Universe will do the rest, that all other beings with personal agency and free will shall do so too. December is a great month to really declutter and streamline your processes. This means setting aside days and boundaries for uninterrupted thinking time. Uninterrupted self-care time and retreats. Do this with the purpose of focusing your energies and making them more potent than ever. Because by now, 2016 would have offered you a very much clearer idea of your strengths and abilities, as well as a more realistic view of how much time you have to actually accomplish stuff (not as much as you first believed!). So take what you know and create something sustainable, while taking care of yourself in the meantime. The long term view is what matters.


5 of Pentacles reversed

If you’ve been feeling like all you’re doing is simply making do, biding your time – that was really just part of a cycle. Energy is a funny thing, it takes time to dissipate, and that often takes far longer than our impatient human selves have time for. A lot of what was going on was simply a little trough period for you and a reshuffling of your priorities and needs to better reflect what you are truly ready for. And boy, will the opportunities that are waiting for you keep you on your toes! In a very, very good way. You’re up for plenty of learning and growing. You are capable of A WHOLE LOT and the Universe is about to show you that. All you have to do is in fact, rest up, take a little break from social interactions if you can, and then see what comes in. Not only will it offer you a little more consistency and solid ground you’ve been not-so-secretly hoping for, it will also allow you to make sense of all the seemingly random things you’ve been experiencing in the past quarter. And you’ll probably realize none of it was really random or coincidental – the magic and mystery of the Universe is speaking directly to you at this time.


6 of Pentacles

Please allow yourself to receive, dear Scorpio. There are times when you give to the point of exhaustion: you tend to be harder on yourself than most (probably with the exception of Virgos, whom you tend to either love or hate!) This is important because it’s good to examine the place from which you give out of. Giving is often considered ‘good’ – but what is really ‘good’? The truth is even something that is prized like the act of giving can be laced with other intentions, such as a play for power, manipulation, a sense of guilt, a sense of unworthiness, a need to control, a need to feel strong… You are not afraid of the darker depths, so I doubt you will find this exercise of self-inquiry very unappealing. But it’s good to get honest with yourself. If you have difficulty receiving, could it be because deep down inside, you believe the person/thing/cause you’re giving to is ‘weak’? Helpless? Needy? And thus if the roles were reversed, you would find that somehow unacceptable? Consider that your loved ones want to feel needed by you too. Lean into these thoughts, feelings and beliefs without guilt or shame. Because it’s time to re-examine that. Fill your own cup. Allow yourself to rest and retreat. You are WORTHY of being helped, loved, supported, adored.


8 of Cups

Still shedding, still conscientiously shedding. You are growing at warp speed and it’s hard to realize how much you’ve grown until you pause to contrast who you were just a year ago. Heck, even just a MONTH ago. And along with growth comes loss. There’s no sugarcoating this fact, but before you go on embracing your newly empowered yourself, which you’ll get to experience fully in 2017, take a moment to rest in this space. Consider setting aside a day – the Full Moon, perhaps – to honor the parts of you that you’ve let go of. The old habits and attitudes that served you in some way, which you developed as coping mechanisms to keep yourself safe in the times when you didn’t have any other resources or alternatives. This ritual will allow you to fully embody who you are becoming, while allowing your emotional self to keep up with your changes. Bringing your heart along for the ride in 2017 is so important, and will allow you to more fully taste and savor life’s experiences, so lay the groundwork this month, dear Sag.


9 of Pentacles

It’s time to assess those burdens you’ve been carrying all by your lonesome and consider allowing others to help you, dear Capricorn. Some days all this could mean is simply taking deep breaths during those anxious moments and allowing this basic thing – oxygen – to rejuvenate you. At other times, it could just be about reminding yourself that you have a lot more resources available to you than you did before – and to call on them! You’ve worked so hard to prove your worth, and sometimes you think it’s a solitary climb all the way to the top. In reality though, your true allies have been on your side, ready to lend a willing ear or a boost. Allow them to call in a favor for you. Keep the cycle of give and take balanced. December will give you many reasons to count your blessings – allow the first of these to be the support you’re surrounded by.


10 of Pentacles Reversed

If it’s too good to be true this month, dear Aquarius, then it probably is. Your shrewd mind may have been a little bit bored lately and eager to see some growth and action. Sometimes this may mean stirring up trouble unnecessarily, by making snap decisions or taking needless risks. If it’s a get-rich-quick scheme you’re thinking about, for example, make sure to consider it from all angles. Take your desired outcome out of the equation and weigh it out thoroughly. If you’re in the mood for some deep diving, you could probe a little further: where is this boredom stemming from? Could you simply need to divert your energies by trying something new, getting more exercise, or picking up a new skill? Or maybe consider just sitting with it – because boredom is really just a by-product of stability! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it could be a useful mantra for you this month.


Page of Wands

All eyes have been on you this year, Pisces, for your phenomenal growth and glowing confidence. It’s been such a year of letting go and finally being able to bring your full self to the table, and that’s so wonderful! December marks a phase where you’re considering other opportunities for growth and taking along with you an adventurous spirit. You’re finally ready to consider options to take you out of your comfort zone. Something that could help is to know that it doesn’t necessarily need to be an obvious upward move to be ‘progress’. It could be something that simply explores a different aspect of you. Dip your toe into different pools to try it out before making any commitment – know that you’re probably someone who needs to try something on for size before truly knowing how you feel about it. You have to be fully emotionally on board before you can even try to honor a commitment. So refrain from giving promises or disclosing plans before thoroughly investigating it for yourself! And above all, make sure to enjoy this period of play and discovery!