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November 2016

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Your November Wisdom Scopes

November is a much needed reset button in this interesting, heart-rending, transformational year. It can be a beautiful time of new beginnings that give a hint of what lies ahead for you in 2017. As we roll into the final two months of the year, collectively we are gaining focus for what we want to achieve in our lives – we step deeper into our power, and become more surefooted despite all the uncertainties that lie ahead. When delving into creative projects, those that blend the head, heart and spirit will find the most traction – so choose wisely what you invest your precious energy in! Many of the pieces up in the air may start landing and taking root. We may start making sense out of the things that used to confuse us, and if we allow hope in, our paths will feel much easier and lighter than before.


2 of cups


It’s all coming together for you, and it’s only because you decided to love yourself through it all, no matter what. All those risks you took just to honor how you really feel on the inside! It’s not easy to do in these times, when it seems safer to follow intellect over intuition. But you did it anyway, and it has been paying off for you. This month, as your heart opens further, you’ll learn to further trust the messages it sends your way. Who and what to trust, what the next step should be – your own internal GPS that’s always there for you, 24/7. Enjoy this feeling, dear Aries, because this is your new normal. Know that your heart is your own direct line to Spirit, and that you never have to explain it to anyone, even if it leads you off the beaten path. Jump at any opportunity to share your feelings and show up for others. It should be a sweet month where you’ll get to enjoy love in all forms, partnerships and friendships. Savor it and spread it around, the world needs it!


3 of Wands


Where are you going, Taurus? The clue lies in how you are feeling right now. Instead of planning and strategizing based on a million conditional factors not in your control, go with how your situation is making you feel right now. What feels right about it? What feels off, and brings your spirit down even with just the thought of it? You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future; you just need to move towards what makes you feel solid, confident and uplifted at the same time, right now. Make adjustments, tweak them accordingly, and own how it’s making you feel. Your body knows. It’s a beautiful time for you to make real progress towards your goals, don’t let fear or anxiety lead the way any longer. You’ve grown so much in the past year, trust yourself.




What are you directing your energies toward, Gemini? The things that show up for you this month will tell you – whether it’s work, friendships, love, family, personal growth – you will be able to realize how you’ve been spending your time and decide whether it’s still working for you. Or maybe you’ve been neglecting a particular area, or wish to pull back from something that just isn’t giving you joy any longer. Sometimes our own motivations are hidden from us until we see the real life manifestations of our buried intentions. So it could even serve as a wake-up call to an unconscious behavior that has been creating outcomes you REALLY didn’t plan for. Whatever shows up bears a deeper message. So be okay to sit and observe and understand it for a while, without being too quick to gloss over it. And it’s all good – because once you see it, you will be able to choose where to go from there.




Yes, you can. What is it that you want to create, though? Perhaps this question has been on your mind all year. I love how you haven’t stopped trying despite all the bumps along the road. We could all learn from your tenacity. This month, you simply have to keep doing what you’re doing. Keep pushing despite the discomfort. That low-key panicky feeling of “What the hell am I doing?” that seems to dog you each time you make a tentative step forward? That means you are growing, slowly but surely. You are on the right track. Your heart is naturally front and center in all the things you do, so I don’t have to tell you twice. Simply blend it with your mind and your willpower, and see it happen, as if by magic – look at all the magic you’ve ALREADY created!


8 of Cups


Keep shedding, Leo. The things you no longer need, keep tossing them away with all the ruthlessness of Marie Kondo. In fact, at the end of the year, you’ll end up with a wardrobe just like hers. Imagine opening up the wardrobe of your life, and every. Single. Thing. And Person. In it brings you so much fucking joy. Do you have doubts that your life could feel that way? Well, I don’t, because I see the trail of your older selves that you’ve shed with so much courage, and I know you are well on your way to a total transformation of your life. Decide how it is that you want your relationships to feel. How you want waking up each day to feel. And move towards that. It may not be an exciting endeavor at first, but when you wake up feeling healthy, sane and secure, you may appreciate having so much more of a secure foundation to grow from in the coming year.


9 of Cups


Yes, you do. Virgo, you have worked SO HARD. Often against seemingly insurmountable odds while navigating steep and treacherous cliffs overhanging terrifying drops into nothingness. But you know what? You didn’t let that stop you. And this month, even though you’re definitely still in warrior mode, you will be able to see, taste, and experience how your efforts have brought you onto a completely different level. And how there are rewards and boosts to keep you fortified along your journey. So let that skeptical mind of yours bow down to your heart, in order to hear it speak its needs, dear Virgo. For they will be met. Allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to see how this Universe is an abundant one that cannot WAIT to shower blessings upon you.




Out of breath? That’s probably because you’ve been allowing someone to rush you into something your heart’s not quite ready for. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to turn back and assess your path, assess yourself, and allow yourself to take things easy this time around. Especially in matters of the heart. Where you rushing to? If a person’s a keeper, they will be willing to give you your space. If forever is what they (and you) want, then there’s really no reason to rush. Meanwhile, gather your energies. Gather them all back to you, call them back to your core. Then act from a calm, decisive space within you. Keep up a pace that suits you and the sense of clarity you’ll get will be priceless, because you are really all you need at every moment. Everything else is a bonus, a blessing, or a lesson.




When all the world’s a confusing, conflicting blur, it’s natural to want to default to where you feel most comfortable – your intellect. But I dare you to keep listening to your heart, even when the chaos makes it hard to hear. Especially since you’ve been working so hard on it all this year. You’ve built a relationship with your heart where there may not even have been one before. The challenge is to keep it up. So, simply observe yourself.

When do you push it away? When do you feel most safe to explore your feelings? When do you ignore your intuition? All of this is simply valuable insight into your inner workings. The more you are willing to work at building this skill, the more effective you’ll be in all other areas of your life. Your intelligence will be sharpened tenfold when it cooperates with your razor sharp intuition.


10 of Swords reversed


The end of a cycle is often a bittersweet time. The shadow of pain lingers on your psyche, yet sweet relief is washing over you, and you emerge stronger and braver. You’ve done quite a bit of karmic releasing in October, dear Sagi. Especially around the new moon. And I see it as this amazing grey cloud lifting off and away from you, and it’s just sheer blessed relief. Allow yourself some time to journal and process all these changes and lessons. Like recovering from a major surgery, allow the first week of November to simply be a time of rest and integration. And once you are ready, you can move forward, taking it one step at a time. Trust yourself. At the beginning, it may feel strange to no longer act from a place of woundedness, but this sense of strangeness is really your hard-won healing! Soon it will be your new normal, and more of your energies will be freed up for the person you are here to be, for the work you are here to do. You’re doing so well, dear Sag.


4 of Cups


Now is not the time to check out, dear Capricorn. When things aren’t where you think they should be, what do you usually do? Consider that what’s in front of you needs you to engage with it fully, even if it’s not what you want at the moment. Engagement could also mean choosing not to engage – consciously deciding to leave or to let it alone. So be brave. Show up. And if you don’t like where you are at, you can then move on decisively. Most importantly, you have to own your feelings, instead of trying to avoid looking at them directly, because you know that never works! Exercising and being in your body may be helpful for allowing these emotions to come up so that they can be addressed. Bring it back to the here and now; don’t miss out on living your life just because circumstances aren’t ideal. Everything’s temporary.


Father of Cups


I have so much admiration for how far you have come. Because I can see that it wasn’t easy navigating all the difficult emotions that arose from all those crazy events of the past year. And yet! Here you are, with a new sense of self, a deeper knowledge of your heart, a real partnership with parts of you that you used to disown. And it’s all paying off for you with a richer life than you ever imagined for yourself. And guess what, it’s only the beginning. This month, you will face new challenges, and have the opportunity to surprise yourself with just how well you’re dealing with them. It’s not so much what you face, as how you feel when you face them. Less anxiety, no panic, more calm, more trust, less bulldozing, more heartfelt engagement. The balance of give and take, head and heart also comes into focus – so allow yourself to nurture, and be nurtured. Choose activities that stimulate BOTH your mind and your soul. In matters of the heart, focus less on fixing and problem solving, and more on simply being there. Don’t underestimate the power of your presence.


Ace of Swords


Tentatively, slowly but surely – an idea is bubbling beneath the surface. You know what needs to be done. This month, you’re considering either leaving a situation (job, partnership) or making decisive steps towards a future that feels more aligned with who you have become. Of all the signs, I think you’ve made one of the most stunning transformations of them all. And as you change on the inside, your outer circumstances will naturally no longer feel like the right fit. This month, take the month to mull over your steps, and know that those inner nudgings cannot be ignored for long. You will know when to take the leap, and when you do, know that you will be fully supported. It’s going to be spectacular.