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October 2016

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Your October Wisdom Scopes


This month’s theme: Reaching out.

We are building a new world even as the old world burns around us. Both are coexisting simultaneously, one pushes us towards the other as we see our old ways as unsustainable and no longer enough to support all of us. Should we all migrate to Mars? Or do we dig in and chip in here on Earth? Because there is work to be done! Let any evidence of injustice, hurt and sadness you see drive you further towards what is light and bright. It’s important to focus on the work, and not to let distractions pull down your spirit.

This month, we come together to build this new world. You will find solace in like-hearted beings. In small ways, we join forces to lessen the load. We reach out, we connect more, we have the capacity to broaden our knowledge and expand our hearts. In this space, we get to renegotiate the terms that define our current reality into something that works better for all of us.



A message of congratulations is coming through for you, dear Aries. It seems you’ve had a real breakthrough in the past cycle – you’re learning to trust your own voice with more conviction and courage. It meant a breaking away from a reality that you were comfortable with and represented all that was known to you. And that is no easy feat – as a result, you are learning what is true guidance from within. Your bravery hasn’t gone unnoticed! I hope you are loving yourself through it all – even the scary moments full of doubt – and being gentle on yourself in the process.

This cycle, I see you navigating new terrain, learning to inhabit a space that’s always been meant for you. This requires you to continue learning, investigating the structures that already exist in this new world, getting to know them, digesting and metabolizing this new knowledge. Allow yourself to be a student. Allow yourself to not know, and to ask questions. This time of learning is most fruitful if you allow yourself to be open to the experience instead of wanting to skip ahead to mastery. You’ll get there only when you’re lovingly paying attention to the present.



You have had the opportunity to really see yourself in the past month, dear Taurus. You saw yourself, your desires, your strengths, your weaknesses, the very things that make you human. And I believe you took what you saw and you decided to love it. And what a game changer that has been. Perhaps you’ve found that you have been beating yourself up less. You’ve been on your side more. This month, you’ll be seeing things come together for you almost in a magical way. Beautiful synchronicities, karmic partnerships, a healing of an old wound. It’s not a coincidence that they are all happening for you – the disparate parts of you that you once wanted to discard or forget about are starting to make sense. And in that sweetness, you’re experiencing grace and love… Isn’t it wonderful when mysteries start to make sense? You will feel it a lot more if you’ve been letting go of all the old baggage that you’ve been lugging around, punishing yourself for no reason at all.

It’s also been a real inspiration for those around you. Your quiet changes have not gone unnoticed, but this time, the only spotlight you yearn for is that of your own consciousness. You are learning to be proud of yourself, away from the stage and harsh glare of others’ scrutiny. You are coming into a balance of your yin & yang, and this month, the more you keep at it, the more love will come pouring towards you. You will have the ability to make new choices based on what is best and full of ease and joy for you – instead of obligation or ‘should’s. True abundance in all forms are flowing towards you.


4 of Pentacles

Phew! You’ve done a whole lot in September. It’s time for some much-needed down time. You’ve been doing so much, and growing by leaps and bounds – your progress is truly astounding. You’re a powerhouse – but even powerhouses need to recharge now and then! Tend to the fires of your soul, and feed the flames that power your everyday, your raison d’être. It’s essential to slow down – this means taking more time to make decisions, turning down a social engagement or two, and turning your attention inwards. Now is the time to move through your days like you’re wading through honey, moving slow, tasting the sweetness in the small things, paying attention to the details. It’s been a year of massive changes for you in general, and you have to allow your body to catch up to these changes and to process them. Give your nervous system a chance to catch up.

If commitments pull at you as they most likely will, simply take mental breaks whenever you can. If anxiety comes up for you, this could be about comparing your present situation with a past that seemed more perfect in whatever way – and you’re neglecting the gifts that your current reality is truly offering you. What do you fear losing? What are the usual ways you push back against any moments of discomfort? Do you get defensive or choose to shut down? Simply notice these knee jerk reactions and consider what they are telling you. Explore these feelings of discomfort and instead of pushing them down, let them come up. What they will reveal to you can show you a potential for growth and more self-knowledge.


Wheel of Fortune

I call this the spin cycle year for you, dear Cancer. Up and down and round and round – what day is it? What year is this? It can be a little loopy and upside down for you. But you’ve been handling it like a champ and growing so much. If only you can see yourself the way your loved ones see you! They adore you. It’s never the same without your glowing presence. Please trust me when I say there is a greater reason behind all of it – these experiences will make perfect sense to you one day. The overarching theme really lies in how you negotiate these changes and the feelings they bring up for you. It’s like a soul deep-dive into all your strongly held beliefs and notions you have about yourself and the way you thought life is supposed to be.

What’s the attitude that you’re bringing towards the events in your life, even when they are totally unexpected and unplanned for, as much of life really is? Because the truth is we are all collectively buckling up for more transformation into much of this decade, and things aren’t all going to settle into a predictable norm anytime soon. Your attitude and joie de vivre is something that helps bring peace and harmony into a world that needs it so much, and I hope you know that it’s your superpower no matter what.

So many things are being shaken out of your life that really aren’t serving you or aren’t meant for the next version of you. I encourage you to loosen your grip on things you thought you really needed but in reality, aren’t even making you all that happy. Keep loosening, keep letting go. Greet your new self with an open heart: you aren’t going to be disappointed.



It’s all going to start making a lot more sense for you this month. The seeds you sowed half a year ago are going to start sprouting, and it’s both pleasing and surprising. Along with it comes recognition, joy and sheer pleasure. Often, a lot of what brought you down this year was this vague fear that everything you put so much effort into would result in nothing. And nothing frustrates you more than that! But luckily, all those fears are truly unfounded, my dear Leo. It wasn’t for nothing. In fact, you’ll see that all of that was for a reason, and it’s going to give you so much more energy and enthusiasm for life.

It’s also showing up for you in so much more than material rewards – you’ll feel freer, more full of joy and life than you have for a while. All that effort you put into healing and towards the pursuits that truly sets your heart on fire are paying off. There is a glow about you. A spring in your step. More admiring glances will come your way – and in markedly different ways than before. It’s not just about how you look that’s turning heads – it’s the essence that is spilling out of you. That true joy in your eyes and the upturn of your lips. It’s truly bewitching. You’re really appreciating the rewards of inner work, and this is a pivotal month when things in your external world are going to start reflecting your inner landscape. And is it ever beautiful. Enjoy this month, dear one.


5 of Swords

The world being out of whack has been grating on your nerves a little. And sometimes you just want to tell them what’s right, why are they doing thiswhat’s wrong with them! You can see just what’s going wrong and if only they would just LISTEN! However, my dear Virgo, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes people need to do what they need to even if it seems destructive to you. Sometimes you really just can’t judge because even as astute as you are, you can never know the full picture. Sometimes your tendency to be argumentative and critical is only because your fiery creativity needs to be diverted into an outlet: preferably art. Write. Work on a project. Draw. Work with your hands. Channel your mental energy into something that means most to you so that this energy doesn’t eat you up inside.

You need to pick and choose your battles this month because only a couple of things are truly worthy of your time, attention and drive, and you don’t want to waste it on inconsequential petty quarrels. Hold the larger vision in your mind. Make time for self-care to release any tension, especially in your head, neck and jaw. Put the focus on making sure you’re taking care of you, and you will start to see how certain things are truly not worth the cost to your mental well-being. Please take care of you, dear Virgo. Your fight and drive is needed for the long run, we need you. P.S. You are not alone. Independent soul, many of your problems often stem from a certain Me vs The World mentality. You can ask for help. You can reach out. Often you’d find that people have only been waiting for you to ask!


3 of Pentacles

You’re often the thread that pulls it all together: whether in social situations, in the family, at work, among disparate groups of friends. Many of you are adept social connectors, and even the introverts among you boast diverse groups of friends you know you can call up and count on when you need them. What would life be without you providing a cozy, loving atmosphere for your nearest and dearest to warm their hands and hearts by your fire? I hope we never have to find out, because you are so needed to counter all the ways modern life can be so isolating, dear one.

This month, it’s about exploring how you can engage with your network in a different way.

You’re thinking big picture, in terms of your goals and the direction your life is headed in, and you’re wondering who to bring along on this journey. There’s just a part of you that’s no longer content with just hanging out for the sake of hanging out, you want to start a movement! Launch a plan! Get a revolution started! And the best part is, you already have the major players in your life that are in the perfect position to give you a hand and to pitch in. Rally them. Use those people skills and and direct them towards a larger goal you truly care about. It’s the perfect time to start.


2 of Cups

Do you know what’s coming together for you beautifully? The fact that you are a lot softer and more gentle with yourself now, and how that is drawing more love into your life. You are recognizing the people who have loved you all along, and you’re letting them into your heart – like, for real. It’s kind of scary but at the same time, thrilling. It feels right. Your armor has come off a little, your edges are a little rounder now and it’s so beautiful to see! No one would ever think you are any less smart, sharp or wise for showing more of your true self. In fact, they adore you all the more for it.

This month brings more opportunity to exercise kindness and compassion. Yup, even for annoying work situations or demanding family members. Your new tool in your toolbox now includes laughing things off, allowing time and space and air to soothe and heal and do its magic. The best part about it is that by doing this, it’s really about showing compassion to yourself first and foremost. Everything else is a bonus. And this new side of you is drawing a ton of admiring glances! Don’t be surprised if something blossoms into a new romance for you. Healing age old karmic wounds are also a powerful thing to do this month – so if there’s any baggage you’re carrying around your mother, look into healing your ancestral lineage. Womb blessings are a great, gentle way to do this.


Daughter of Cups

Take a deep breath, dear Sagittarius. I know you have a million balls up in the air right now and you’re trying your best to juggle them all. And that’s not going to ease up for you. But how you approach it can be different. Every time a sense of overwhelm threatens to overtake you, take a deep breath and come back to your heart. Let your emotions move you. Go with what makes you feel good, makes you feel alive, reminds you of the childlike enthusiasm you used to have before adult responsibilities seemed to take over. You’re not the type to live just to pay the bills! And you have to honor that within you.

It’s a month to remember why you’re doing the things you do – and to also allow yourself joy and breathing room on the way to achieving your goals. It’s a realignment of sorts, resetting the pace that you’re moving at. You don’t have to move at breakneck speed any more. You can stop and smell the roses occasionally, you can put aside your phone, you can make sure you take at least one day off a week. All of this is so necessary for that playful side of yourself to express itself. The way you treat yourself on this journey is going through a fundamental shift, and you’re feeling like you simply can’t push yourself the way you used to anymore. It’s essential to listen to this inner guidance. You’re meant to enjoy life as it happens, it’s really not about the destination. So breathe, dear one. Breathe and tread with a light heart into this month, that’s waiting to show you a slower pace of life will not only sustain you, but help you thrive as well.


8 of Cups

You may find a need to retract your energies from certain obligations and situations that are no longer serving you, dear Capricorn. It may be a relationship that is lopsided and beyond your efforts to change or salvage – perhaps giving it more breathing room for a while might be the solution. This also speaks to a deeper change within you: more desire to be free of dynamics where you feel like you’ve been constantly giving without any sign of return. It’s wise to conserve your energy at this stage and simply rest. Over time, you will know what it is that’s truly worth holding on to, and you’ll find that these things won’t require an uphill climb to fight for. Not everything’s meant to be a struggle!

I also see that you’ve gone through a lot this year – intense changes that bade you to let go of things that you built your life around. A lot of it was tied to your identity and emotional security, and while you’re done with all that for the year now, it’s been wearying at times. So please rest. It’s okay to rest. Which is why it’s even more important to move away from things that are simply draining you. Allow this movement to take place, and in the vacuum it leaves behind, you’ll be giving yourself more time to heal and breathe.



Liberation. This is the word that comes to mind for this month, Aquarius. You’re feeling freer than ever – a lot of of the strings that used to be holding you down – whether materially or emotionally – have been cut loose, and you’re savoring this sense of freedom. A lot of that grinding pressure will continue to subside, and you’ll find that things will start flowing a lot easier. And you truly deserve this, because the past year has been a challenge! So move your way through this month with ease and grace, and know that you will start to see little niggling issues simply melt away.

Of course, this all sounds magical, but really it’s also the result of your efforts. You’ve been keeping your nose to the grindstone, working hard, making connections, learning new skills, without any complaint at all. This has helped you rebuild your confidence and forged a sense of esteem that’s basically bulletproof at this point. Not only that, the resources you’ve gathered around you is formidable. Friends, connections, skills, opportunities – all of these are evidence of the abundance in your life. Treasure them, treat them with respect, and you will see these blessings multiply tenfold.


Father of Discs

This October sees you shifting into a more action-oriented mode. You’ve spent a major part of the year exploring your watery depths, and it’s paid off for you handsomely. A lot of deep healing has been taking place while you sleep and dream and explore foreign lands. And you walk into October feeling refreshed, freer and more attuned to life and nature more than ever. And you’re enjoying it! It shows, and the people around you are uplifted by your presence as well.

Any projects or ideas you launch this month will be super charged and powered by your renewed enthusiasm for life. It’s coming from a deeper place within you now, not just a frenetic energy powered by your mind, but something more grounded, solid and secure. Because of this, anything that you put your heart into is set to blossom and grow deep roots. See all the progress you’ve made emotionally and know that you have earned this new sense of rootedness. Look to your future with confidence and pride, you deserve it!

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