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New Black Moon in Libra: Lunar Cycle Sep 30 – Oct 30


Art by Ovakill117

It’s time to take what you’ve learnt about yourself and the skills you’ve learnt in the past year and offer it up to the collective. You’re ready. You’re way more ready than you think. Truly. Trust yourself. Don’t let the doubts trip you up in that split second between intention and action.

Have worries about ‘doing it right’? First of all, let go of that idea of perfection. It does not exist. Simply keep your heart open and act from a place of grounded-ness. Staying in your heart makes an interaction heart-centered and free of judgement. In that space, your words will carry the vibration of love, and that changes everything.

If the idea of showing up and speaking up makes you nervous – believe me, you’re not alone. But know that you have the power to flip the experience.

All it requires is a slight shift in focus: In a work context, turn your focus to giving the best to your organization and the people you serve. In school, you’re seeking clarity and illumination, for improvement and self-knowledge. When you share, you enhance others’ knowledge too. That way: it’s not about YOU – it’s about the invaluable knowledge and perspective that’s coming from beyond you. That’s bigger than you.

In a social context: you’re there because you’re an invaluable part of the group, of that gathering, or that party. You don’t have to be the star. But you can be you: with your unique experiences and inimitable flavor and depth you add to the group. You are there because you are you. And we are all waiting for you to show up. Be proud of yourself for showing up. No waiting for others’ to shower accolades upon you – quietly do that for yourself, each and every time.

These experiences can be some of the most healing you’ll ever have. It could mean finding a sense of belonging, unlocking a world that you falsely believed was closed to you forever. It could mean finding your place, discovering your role, drawing to you your tribe. Let those words out. Let them see you… And be open to what it could magnetize to you. You’ll no longer have to juggle it all alone. Finally, you’ll find company in the hearts and minds of others who have been on the same journey as you, coming together beautifully in this lunar cycle. May it be so.

An exercise this dark moon

  1. Hold the thoughts, feelings and anxieties you usually have when it comes to social interactions in your body. Visualize where they usually gather: is it a tightening of the throat? Butterflies in your stomach?
  2. Feel into where these emotions are in your body. Taste it, see their color, shape, texture.
  3. Imagine clear white light dissolving these emotions and draining into the earth.
  4. Next, imagine the ideal social interaction, where you are confident and free. You speak your truth with respect and humility, with no expectations. In return, you listen when others speak too. In this way, you rewire in your mind the new possibilities of human connection.
  5. In your list of new moon intentions, add: I speak my truth with confidence and humility. I am open to true connection. My heart is open to my true tribe. 

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