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September 2016

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New Black Moon in Libra: Lunar Cycle Sep 30 – Oct 30


Art by Ovakill117

It’s time to take what you’ve learnt about yourself and the skills you’ve learnt in the past year and offer it up to the collective. You’re ready. You’re way more ready than you think. Truly. Trust yourself. Don’t let the doubts trip you up in that split second between intention and action.

Have worries about ‘doing it right’? First of all, let go of that idea of perfection. It does not exist. Simply keep your heart open and act from a place of grounded-ness. Staying in your heart makes an interaction heart-centered and free of judgement. In that space, your words will carry the vibration of love, and that changes everything.

If the idea of showing up and speaking up makes you nervous – believe me, you’re not alone. But know that you have the power to flip the experience.

All it requires is a slight shift in focus: In a work context, turn your focus to giving the best to your organization and the people you serve. In school, you’re seeking clarity and illumination, for improvement and self-knowledge. When you share, you enhance others’ knowledge too. That way: it’s not about YOU – it’s about the invaluable knowledge and perspective that’s coming from beyond you. That’s bigger than you.

In a social context: you’re there because you’re an invaluable part of the group, of that gathering, or that party. You don’t have to be the star. But you can be you: with your unique experiences and inimitable flavor and depth you add to the group. You are there because you are you. And we are all waiting for you to show up. Be proud of yourself for showing up. No waiting for others’ to shower accolades upon you – quietly do that for yourself, each and every time.

These experiences can be some of the most healing you’ll ever have. It could mean finding a sense of belonging, unlocking a world that you falsely believed was closed to you forever. It could mean finding your place, discovering your role, drawing to you your tribe. Let those words out. Let them see you… And be open to what it could magnetize to you. You’ll no longer have to juggle it all alone. Finally, you’ll find company in the hearts and minds of others who have been on the same journey as you, coming together beautifully in this lunar cycle. May it be so.

An exercise this dark moon

  1. Hold the thoughts, feelings and anxieties you usually have when it comes to social interactions in your body. Visualize where they usually gather: is it a tightening of the throat? Butterflies in your stomach?
  2. Feel into where these emotions are in your body. Taste it, see their color, shape, texture.
  3. Imagine clear white light dissolving these emotions and draining into the earth.
  4. Next, imagine the ideal social interaction, where you are confident and free. You speak your truth with respect and humility, with no expectations. In return, you listen when others speak too. In this way, you rewire in your mind the new possibilities of human connection.
  5. In your list of new moon intentions, add: I speak my truth with confidence and humility. I am open to true connection. My heart is open to my true tribe. 

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Your September Wisdom Scopes + New Moon in Virgo


featured artwork by Cedar Lee

Sweet September: No fighting, no clamoring, no proving, no ego-tussles required: all you need is you, and your still, silent voice within. A frenetic summer is now leading into a more grounded fall, and I think most of us would welcome this respite. While new responsibilities pile on, and changes make themselves known in our outer worlds, it’s ever more important to return to our inner worlds and get in touch with how we feel on the inside periodically. Resist the urge to rush around – move with intention. Observe your moods and your thoughts. Cut back on the sugar. Learn to discern between the needs and wants of others, their demands and expectations of you, versus what you really need in the moment. This will serve you well as you forge your way forward in our ever-chaotic world.

You deserve every good thing in your life. Don’t doubt the goodness that’s flowing in. Metabolize it, then give it back to those you love, and then to those you don’t quite love. The world needs you to be strong and confident now. When you are confident of all that you are receiving, you will be in a stronger position to give back and make this world a better place.

You are so, so needed. Trust that any change you are going through is to serve the whole – and you will never be shortchanged in this process. I wish you peace, love and serenity; let love guide your journey within.


Tower reversed

You may have made some soul-stirring shifts in the past month, dear Aries, or you may have found that they were being made for you. Change can be disorienting and stir up all kinds of feelings – even when it’s a longed-for change or a welcome change. You’re in a position to make great leaps forward, but only if you let go of the edge, and trust that your leap will not meet a hard landing – in fact, it will be a springboard to launch you into new vistas that are exciting and totally up your alley. You’re due for an upgrade: you’ve gone as far as you can go in the places you were in: job-wise, relationship-wise – and a new environment is awaiting you to show you just how much you’re capable of. (And that is a whole lot!) You’re ready.

So what can you do to make this transition easier? First, recognize that whatever you’re feeling is totally valid and normal. Anxiety, fear, panic, uncertainty – these are not signs that something dire is happening. Discomfort means you are growing. Tune out the critical voices in your head, and get grounded and centered each time you get the urge to freak out. That means breathing exercises, moving your body, and being in nature. Take time to nurture yourself and make your home life as cozy as possible – then choosing expansion won’t seem like such a daunting task. Take one tiny baby step out of your comfort zone and allow whatever feelings that arise to simply be. By the end of the month, you’ll find that what once was scary will be part of what makes you feel brand new.


Two of Swords

Know the difference between keeping your balance and having boundaries, and willfully blinding yourself to the truth. If it’s your heart you’re trying to protect – know that it IS the strongest muscle in your body, my dear Taurus. You are much stronger than you think you are, and you are brave enough to handle everything that’s coming your way with equanimity and grace. You are ready to face up to the facts and to let it empower you. During this process, self-care is important – take care of yourself, get enough sleep, get enough fresh air and exercise – and then be willing to look at the facts head-on.

There’s going to be a lot going on around you, and it’s going to test your powers of discernment. It’s also a matter of using your heart wisely. You have a big heart and so many longed-for ideals – and that’s all good – but it takes all of you: your heart, your mind, your muscle to get there. Let your intellect inform your decisions. See people for who they are. Recognize your desires. And develop the awareness to tell the difference between what you hope to see versus what is really going on.

Work towards your dreams without blinding yourself to what-is, and you will have a solid, grounded place to work from this month. You’re setting the foundations now, and it’s so crucial to go through this period of due diligence within yourself. Instead of sandcastles in the air, you will be building upon a bedrock of stability. And you deserve that!


Father of Discs reversed

Recent hiccups do not mean that you are on the wrong track at all, generous Gemini. They’re simply here to show you that the details do matter, and that famous support you lend to others? Well, it’s time to be there for yourself in real ways too. This means taking care of your daily well-being, even if it seems like a chore at first. In fact, think about why you even feel like it’s a form of drudgery, or why you seem to forget to do it until something “suddenly” happens to remind you that it’s important. Things like taking breaks and keeping yourself hydrated; alone time to reflect and recharge, even when you don’t think you need it in the moment.

How do all these things matter on the path to your inevitable rise to success? Really, they are everything. They’re the little things that form the support system and bedrock of stability you really do need. You’re on a beautiful, dazzling upward trajectory and you want to be able to have a grounded place to dance upon and return to, to recharge and unwind.

It’s about looking out for yourself without needing a partner or loved one to remind you to do it. Nurture yourself because you deserve it. When you love yourself up, you will find that you have a lot more to go on, and a lot more to give if you so choose, dear one. Focus on replenishing your heart-well, one tiny act a day, and you will soon find yourself feeling a lot more sure-footed and full of light at the end of the month, and for time to come.


Ace of Wands

When will all these shedding of skins and deep diving ever end? Not anytime soon, my dear, because that’s what you’ve signed up for in this life – perpetual growth. At this phase though, you’re coming to a deeper realization and acceptance of who you are and what you are made of. Maddening inconsistencies, fluctuating moods and wants, creative whims and flights of fancies included. And those ARE wonderful things, dear Cancer, because it gives you such a deep appreciation and gentle acceptance of the idiosyncrasies of others, and trust me, that is a quality that the world desperately needs right now. My deepest wish is that you could believe it, and cherish it about yourself.

If there’s one thing you need to know that would help you ground your newfound growth and enthusiasm for life into action, is that you do not need to find a neat solution to everything right away. There is no one-and-done, quick fix that will make all the contradictory aspects of your life go away and be nicely organized forever, never to disturb you with all its untamable qualities ever again. That is just not possible. Something will always be niggling at you, urging you to pull at the thread and chase it down till your curiosity is fully satisfied. And that’s how it’s supposed to be! So take your inspiration and run with it, in any aspect of your life you choose – whether that’s your career, or in love – delight in how competent you feel in an area of your life you never thought you would; make that one change to improve a skill. Focus on the small, daily efforts, and let that be the one thing that gives you consistency and stability you crave in your everyday life.



You’re in the mood for a great change, and only you will know what particular flavor it will take. I mean, look at the world around us right now – upheaval is the name of the game. Your life is a microcosm of this larger whole – this greater dance of change and growth we are all swept up in. Any pretense that life will go on the way it has always been is just a form of denial.

So what is it that you are finally ready to let go of? It should already be abundantly clear to you what you’ve been holding on to out of sheer stubbornness or desire to see things go your way, despite evidence to the contrary. This eclipse season is perfect for you to finally be done with it – to let go of it and to never see it return again. It is possible now to step onto a new level and be done with the old you forever, with gratitude for all the ways it has served you over the past couple of years.

Please cast a generous eye over all that has happened in the lead up to this present moment – give yourself deep appreciation for all that you have been through and experienced. Your inner growth has been phenomenal and it’s time for your outer reality to match up to it. By letting go of all that doesn’t feel like a fit anymore, you’ll be able to step more fully into what IS completely right for you at this point of your evolution. Whatever step you take, it will be beautiful and awe-inspiring, and others will be able to learn so much from it, too.


10 of Wands

First off, congratulations are in order! I feel like you have – or soon will be – stepping into a whole new level, with brand new challenges and well-deserved admiration to show for your growth and expansion. You’ve worked so hard for it in so many ways – mental, emotional, physical – and it’s all been paying off.

There’s just so much coming your way, so many exciting opportunities and learning experiences, that you’re tempted to just say YES to everything. And that’s completely understandable! However, it may be wise to pace yourself. Only say yes to those that are well and truly aligned with what you want, because there will be no shortage of opportunities; don’t be afraid that saying No will lead to it all drying up in the future. Things are different now – as long as you are walking the path of your heart, there will always be honey and abundance for you.

This month is also an opportunity to rejig the way you approach work. Much as you love to work, it just doesn’t cut it anymore to slog through stuff and take everything upon yourself. Share the load, learn to trust others, tweak your standards so that it isn’t set to Perfect for absolutely everything. Reserve that level of extraordinary for the things that TRULY matter, and cut yourself some slack along the way. Now is not the time to work yourself to the bone – in fact, you’re being asked to see that you ARE working towards a place where you’ll be able to do more of the visionary and creative stuff, while moving beyond the nuts and bolts stuff that, while satisfying on some level, is taking up too much of your time. You are growing towards something much bigger, and you’re learning discernment: what to tackle head on, and what to let go of so that you have time to dream, plan and create. Remember to also do one thing a day for the sheer sake of fun and pleasure – don’t let your entire day be one long to-do list! Having joy each day on this journey is so important – you will feel so much freer if you allow yourself to enjoy the process.


The Hanged Man

If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, in a limbo, or have a strange sense that you simply don’t belong anymore – this actually means you are right on track. Growth is an interesting process: there are really so many little steps involved that people don’t often talk about. You’re in the phase of growth where the most productive thing you could possibly do is to wait and see. Often torturous to all of us ambitious folk because this seems to mean inaction: meaning we aren’t actively *striving* and working hard, which leads to our brains and egos feeling completely useless and helpless. Before you start going down that road, please take this as a sign from the Universe it’s okay to breathe and chill out and watch and wait.

Of course, this will mean that a hundred little things will pop up to try to lure you in with the promise of progress and headway. Do not be fooled or distracted – up until the final week of the month, any brand new effort will likely not gain much traction. You’re meant to sit, stay and be still, no matter how hard that feels in the moment, dear Libra. What are you waiting for? A time when things are clearer and when niggling issues have sorted themselves out. All you have to do is trust in the ways of the Universe.

You love great company, and community means a lot to you – but be aware that no matter how great that vision of togetherness is, that each and every individual comes attached with their own agenda, goals and desires. It is a rare day that every single person in a group aligns with everyone else. Be okay with your loved ones needing to break away for a time. Be okay to give them space. Be okay not knowing if they will be back – and if they do come back, know that they will have changed. And so will you! Allow for that breathing room, and I promise your bonds will strengthen.



The great inhale before the next great exhale – this is what September is for you. Inhale: your wishes for your future, life-sustaining experiences, the company of your loved ones, the comfort of your favourite places, things and activities. Feel that breath of life-giving air course through your whole body, giving you strength, love, warmth and appreciation for simply being here to experience all that you have been given. In this process, look at yourself with nothing but love and compassion. Remind yourself of all the soft places within you, of the moments you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable, of the times people surprised you with their kindness and generosity. Of the times when you were delighted by life itself – and really appreciate that you still have the capacity – despite the darkness and cynicism that’s rife in this world – to derive joy from good, simple things.

You’re in the process of learning how to come back to yourself, and to be strongly rooted in a foundation made not out of a fortress of stone, but a bedrock of self-love and self-knowledge. This allows you to stand tall and strong, and yet not closed off to the world around you. You are often in such dogged pursuit of your goals, that you don’t give yourself enough time to appreciate all that you already have, and that you once worked so hard to attain. September will be full of these moments that will allow you to slow down and really see: you are not what you want. The world is already within you. The more you take time to truly feel that in your bones, the more easily everything will come to you; the softer and kinder you can be to everyone else, and most importantly, to yourself.


3 of Wands

Nothing excites you more than expansion, growth, movement and travel, but I suspect that in the past year or so your enthusiasm for it has been tempered somewhat by some heavy lessons. Is it really safe for me to dream and to look forward with faith now? Yes, it is. It will take a little while to trust that it is safe to cast your vision for your future though, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the process. Know that every tough thing that happened was meant to teach you something you had to learn to move forward on your journey with more wisdom. You needed it to grow – and that’s it. There was no ‘punishment’, only life lessons.

Then, take stock of where you are at right now. Take note of everything that is currently supporting you on your journey: your job, your loved ones, things that have simply fallen into place. Take time to notice them, and really allow them to buoy you up. They are here for you. Combine this with the lessons you’ve learnt, and begin to see yourself for who you really are right now: a wiser, stronger, braver version of you, so different than even just six months before. Someone who is so loved by the Universe, and so showered with abundance.

Look forward with the knowledge that you are uniquely equipped to handle all that comes your way. In fact, you are in a position to teach others what you have learnt, even if you are just leading by example. You are ready to move ahead, there is nothing to fear. Allow yourself to broaden your goals, it’s all possible now: whether it’s a leadership position, starting your own business, speaking or writing, embarking on training to become an expert or teacher in your field, it’s all available for you. All you have to do is allow yourself to believe it.


Knight of Wands

It’s been all work and no play for you for a while, and luckily, that’s about to change. While everything is slowing down all around you, you’ll be able to take more opportunities for fun and to inject more passion into your life. It can’t go on this way for much longer, this feeling of ‘meh’ that’s starting to permeate everything, so if you’re feeling the urge to break out and explore the new, please go for it! You’re learning that focusing on work and having a linear trajectory really isn’t all there is to life – you’re learning to let go of expectations of things going a certain way. And with that, comes a sense of freedom. You stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You’re okay letting some things be messy for a time. You’re fine not controlling every outcome.

This allows more joy, more living, less doing into your life. And you deserve it! The Universe is calling out to you, to let you know that the bounty and goodness of life doesn’t need you to struggle to attain it. It is there for you. It is yours to have, your birthright. No striving necessary. This sense of worthiness will be so healing for you, my dear Capricorn, if you take time out to get in touch this truth from every now and then this month. How? By spending time with loved ones, really look into their eyes, taking pleasure in your favorite foods, clothes, the way you wear your hair. Buy yourself flowers. Allow these little things to shore up your self-confidence and reignite your passion for life.


Lovers reversed

Ease up on yourself, dear Aquarius. Circumstances may have you feeling like you have dropped the ball, that you don’t have it together, that you may have messed up in some way. Let me tell you this: you haven’t. The entire Universe is in a process of realignment, and things can be out of whack for a while – so it isn’t just you, everyone’s going through some version of it.

But it won’t matter until YOU tell yourself this, and believe in it wholeheartedly. The entire month will be a study in self-love, and you will have to slow down to really engage in it. It’s not just about taking time out to do your favorite things – it’s actually more about how you speak to yourself in your head. Do you expect yourself to be on top of your game, all of the time? Do you always expect yourself to perform flawlessly, no matter what? To have all your emotions under tight rein at all times?

Know that while most of the time, you are ace at all the things you set your heart on, you are still very human. When your feelings catch up with you, things can seem to fall apart and appear to be less than ideal – and it can feel like crap. Instead of beating yourself up and berating yourself, show yourself some compassion – get to know the tender parts of yourself. Don’t hurry to gloss over tough feelings or ‘get over it’ immediately. No one’s expecting you to perform like a robot – that’s usually just the pressure you put on yourself. So ease up. This month, the only way you can get ahead is if you treat yourself right. Everything else will sort itself out in due time, and when they do, you will have a newfound compassion for yourself and others.



I see you luxuriating in a newfound pool of peace and serenity, and Pisces, you totally deserve this sweet moment. Your journey has been such an inspiration to others, I hope you know that. You have fought demons, climbed mountains, dived to the depths, slain dragons – all just to emerge with the prize of knowing your worth and feeling more comfortable in your skin than ever before. Things may not be perfect on the outside, but on the inside, you are feeling peachy. I hope you hold on to it and wrap it around your bones, so that it’s not just a fleeting emotion, but something you can carry with you for life.

Because this experience was just to teach you that you carry absolutely everything within you: there is nothing you cannot overcome. There is no fear dark enough or strong enough that can stop you from moving forward. And because you know this now, you can stop putting yourself in situations that are unnecessarily harrowing – you have nothing to prove. You can stop fighting and slaying dragons now. Relax, and be at peace.

This month, allow this peace to seep into all situations and decisions you have to make. There is no right or wrong decision, only what feels right for you. Know that you can make decisions not just for survival or to get by, but you’ll be able to make them for expansion and growth, for a sweet life that feels good to you on all levels, no compromise required. Learn to look for this option when faced with any crossroads, and you’ll be on the right track. This is only the beginning of this brighter, sweeter phase of your life.