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Your August 2016 Wisdom Scopes + Leo Lunar Cycle


Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

July was quite a month wasn’t it? I’m not at all surprised that we were asked to hold on to hope, and to start looking within for solutions. Don’t let the seeming chaos catch you off guard. Stay centered and act from a place of grounded-ness – the light of awareness, combined with informed action, is what the world needs right now.

August is much of the same, where we have to hold our space and cultivate peace from within. Catch a break whenever you can, step away from drama. Seek out peace and calm whenever possible – we all need as much of it as we can get!


This is also a month where, kicked off by the Leo New Moon on Aug 2, truths will come to light.

Floaty feelings felt in the Cancer lunar cycle now come under the scrutiny of the all-searing, all seeing Sun – helping us to discern which impulses were merely ephemeral phantoms that can only live in the mists, and which are true intuitive insights that we must now act on to see how well they stand up in the light of day.

Ideas, once out there, interact with the world, and will necessarily be changed. Is the dream still attractive to you? Or will you accept an imperfect reality and move forward with what you have, without demanding for perfect conditions to begin / continue? Your best bet is to hold the dream in your mind while making sure you’re on solid ground, moving one step at a time towards it, dear one. Now is not the time for unnecessary risks!

Beware being too harsh and sharp-tongued – leave judgements by the door. Going into judging mode is often a sign of an intelligent mind wanting to make sense of situations, but this month it’s better to watch and see how things develop before jumping to conclusions. Be sure to double check facts and assumptions – anything that is too good to be true will probably tell you a lot more about your hopes and fears than act as an accurate reflection of reality!


6 of Cups

I’m seeing opportunities for play, dear Aries, and reconnecting with the side of you that creates and has fun just for the sake of it. Anytime you get to have the chance to just be will be soothing for your soul; after all, life isn’t all about rushing around and doing things – the beauty in this world is calling out for you to stop, look and listen. Sometimes it’s enough to simply sit, and observe. Slow down enough to observe the changes within yourself, within your environment, your evolving needs and wants. Take your time; take stock.

At first, it may feel a little strange. Slowing down after you have been rushing around and pushing yourself for ages may feel like a huge change in momentum, and that could be jarring. It has been a whirlwind of a year for you, and you need a breather. This is really a much needed break for you! Be with yourself as you do what you do; be in your body. Drop down into your core, visualize moving your energy from your head to your belly every time you find yourself having racing thoughts to shift your focus, and be in the moment as you go about your day.

Take time to draw, paint, play, imagine, and you will feel so much better and replenished for it.  Your soul will thank you, and reward you with a wonderful flow of creativity.



You’re probably an old hand at upheaval by now, dear Taurus. The universe will be continuing to give your life the good old shake up – all for the greater good. It may mean that things will not go according to plan (you know what they say about making plans!). It may mean new information comes in to change your decision making process.

This time, these obstacles can’t be ignored or maneuvered around – they have to be faced head-on and taken into account. As unpleasant as it may feel, it’s all for greater clarity and a firmer footing as you move forward. You will be supported, and you will always have all you need. And that’s the caveat – you will always have everything you need, but not necessarily everything you *want*.

So, trust. I know, it feels difficult in the moment. But simply trust. In these times of rapid change, there is a greater plan unfolding. It may be difficult for our egos to swallow, but there are times when we feel the Divine hand of the Universe more than others. This is one of those times!

The only thing we can do is to be true to ourselves as possible: allow things that are leaving your grasp to leave as gracefully as you can. Focus on what stays without much effort on your part. Anything that’s meant to be yours requires no desperate grasping. Know this. Roll with the changes by being as open as possible, without any expectations. By the end of the month, you will be much more sure-footed than before.


Lovers reversed

When life pulls us in many different directions, it’s easy to get knocked out of alignment with ourselves. Then things start to snowball – one little thoughtless decision here, one snap judgement there, we find ourselves in situations we didn’t sign up for, feeling not so great about ourselves. People pleasing and other behaviors all have to do with us not being aligned with our own truths – or not feeling secure enough to stand confidently in it. Things come along to test where we really stand – who we really are – and what matters to us.

If such situations arise for you this month, know that it’s a wonderful opportunity to explore all that has changed within you this year.

Discord in our lives often point to tension within ourselves. So stay still long enough for your emotional self to catch up with your intellectual self. Look to see which feelings you’ve been trying to avoid, or if there’s been a train of thought you’ve been putting off examining. Spend time alone. Sit with them. It could simply be that your values, needs and wants have changed over this year, and simply require you to take stock and act upon them. Get certain within yourself before you attempt to communicate your newfound revelations to anyone else.

Choices this month will have an acute binary quality to them – it seems like you either have to choose yourself, or to choose someone else; to go high or go low; to make or break. Senses could be on high alert as a result, but know that it only feels like life or death – because in reality, it isn’t really. It’s just you becoming more aware of your own values, discovering a new and novel part of yourself, which can sometimes feel dangerous. The best bet is to choose what feels true, and best for you – even if it hurts a little in the short term.

I choose in favor of my highest good, because I know I’m worth it.


5 of Wands

Which of your ideas can stand up to the test? The only way you’ll find out is by experimenting. Take a beginner’s mindset and allow yourself to dip your toes in without any expectation – because when you’re all up in your head, it’s hard to get an accurate gauge of what really works for you. You’re someone who can’t purely work from an intellectual place – you have to get your hands dirty, to feel it out and feel your way forward. Scale it way down and take baby steps. Don’t expect to climb the mountain in a couple of leaps and bounds. Give yourself plenty of wiggle room to make mistakes and to learn from them.

If you’re looking around and feeling that need to compete – I hope you know that the only true competition lies within. Looking at others’ highlight reels (i.e. on social media) and feeling the pressure to live up to those images will only put you into ‘Freeze’ mode. Don’t let yourself be paralyzed by what you think you should be doing, but aren’t yet… Just don’t go down that road! The most productive way of handling any inner turmoil or conflicting thoughts is to really get physical. Feel the sun on your shoulders, get grounded, hug a tree – and a friend. Channel your efforts out there into the material world and watch your worries dissolve in the light of day.


Ace of Wands

It’s your time to shine this month, dear Leo, as the sun (the ultimate spotlight!) swivels its glow upon you. Bask in it, dear one, you are in your element. It’s a funny place to be in though, because much as you feel the urge to set off in a blaze of glory on one hand, this time around you’re approaching your new ideas and goals from a introspective standpoint. You’re thoughtful, feeling a little more internal, but by no means withdrawn. You’ve simply just gained a lot more perspective and insight into your inner workings recently, and you want to incorporate these insights into a new way of being. All so that you can be your most lit up self, of course.

It’s also an all-clear from the Universe to try something new and let it see where it takes you. Been feeling inklings of a move? Getting the urge to make a change? These are all hits from your intuitive self telling you, you’re ready for more growth and expansion. I have a feeling that you are dying to see what other ways you can challenge yourself and experience a side of yourself that you are rarely in touch with. That could mean something that involves a group effort, seeking out like-minded people to learn from, and allowing yourself to receive nourishment in the form of differing viewpoints outside of those that you expose yourself to in the day to day.

You’re set for a real period of growth, this coming year will see you make even more leaps and bounds; be proud of yourself – you’ve come a long way since your last birthday!



A refining and focusing of your efforts is underway – and that brings with it a lot of pressure. A lot is being asked of you right now – but there is no doubt at all that you are capable of handling them in your typical Virgo way. (Read: basically flawless).

You’re being delivered onto a higher level and that comes with its own initiation. You’re basically already there – all you need to do is make sure the nuts and bolts are secured before you can happily explore this new territory. It’s just that this process requires lots of patience, lots of gentleness, lots of compassion – especially for yourself.

Know that you are under pressure and allow yourself to let off steam periodically – or risk taking it out on innocent bystanders! You’re building something of great value and it’s going to be a long journey – there’s really no point wearing yourself out before you even get there. So pace yourself, and know that you are not alone.

Going it alone doesn’t make you extra strong or extra brave: remember that are others around you who can give you a hand. Above all, know that you aren’t alone spiritually – whenever something stumps you, let your intellectual self take a break. Check in with your intuition. Meditate, pray, free-write, let loose and go for a good self-care session. Allow insights to come to you. Allow Divine guidance to be heard. Act with the belief that you are always loved and supported – and this the magical part – it will be so.


2 of Swords (reversed)

The urge to turn away from conflict just so you can keep the peace this month will be strong, but you are asked to stay with the discomfort, dear Libra. Can you challenge yourself to see where you tend to shut down the moment any hint of discord arises? Can you observe what some of your typical responses are like? Do you get angry? Do you get frustrated? Or do you simply turn away, hoping that all of it will just disappear because you just. Can’t. right now.

Whichever one you usually default to, it’s okay. No miracle, overnight change is necessary. But if you’re serious about doing some personal growth, take that opportunity to explore how it may benefit you if instead of shutting down, you can identify what is it that’s making you react in knee jerk ways. Are you protecting yourself from feeling shame, or fear, or anger? The more openly you explore these intense emotions with yourself, the less they will hold sway over you. You have the courage to look at them frankly and bravely, and will soon see they lose so much of their steam when they are out there in the open, instead of lurking around in your unconscious.

This seems to be your cosmic homework this month, and I know it doesn’t sound particularly sexy or fun, but when you are able to confront the deeper, unconscious drives that make you close up, by allowing them space in your life by fully feeling them, you will be stronger for it.

You will also be allowing for greater intimacy in your relationships, bringing that love into your life that you crave so deeply. True love comes hand in hand with vulnerability. Loved ones will see a more vulnerable side of you – one that you keep so hidden, you often forget it exists – and will appreciate you all the more for it. Try admitting your rawer emotions to a loved one to see how differently they may respond – and allow yourself to be surprised.



Sometimes your mind leads you to places your heart can’t handle, dear Scorpio. My advice is to look twice before you leap, question your impulses, beware an over-rationalizing mind. We can rationalize away everything as long as we are motivated enough. This could mean forgiving undeserving exes, overstepping boundaries, playing with fire… Ask yourself: why do you feel this urge to go there? What is the deeper motivation driving you? If you can distract yourself from your current trajectory long enough to ponder your choices, these may be valuable things you could discover about your true motives. Unnecessary risk taking in certain aspects of your life could be pointing to stagnation and boredom elsewhere – it’s all a matter of learning how to channel your powerful urges productively.

It’s okay to want these things. Power. Sex. Control. But to what extent are you honest about it to yourself? Where does your heart come into play in your choices? How comfortable are you with truly letting go of control in some aspects of your life, and acknowledging the presence of a higher power?

Fortunately, no experience is truly a bad experience if a lesson is gleaned from it. And it’s clear there’s no stopping you when you truly want something! But try to put on those brakes now and then to reflect, because this month will yield interesting insights into yourself if you are able to look at yourself with compassion and honesty. With that self-knowledge, you may find it easier to make decisions for your highest good – your heart included – and walk into a new level of empowerment you’ve never known before.



I see you looking a lot more focused and determined than ever, dear Sagittarius. This month, you’ll be keeping up your momentum and going after your goals with tunnel vision. Help yourself out by establishing a routine and practicing habits that will keep your focus locked in and your productivity up. This could mean waking up at a certain time every morning, making sure to get some exercise at least twice a week, cutting down on commitments that you know you won’t be able to devote your time to. It’s all about setting the stage for success.

It’s also about sticking to something long enough to see your efforts reap rewards. This new level of focus will require you to prioritize, and to set boundaries. What do you allow to eat into your time? Are some of your habits counterproductive, e.g. all that time you spend on social media? Getting on top of it and treading the path to your dreams will require you to get real with yourself about how you spend your time and even who you spend it with.

Channel that energy towards what really matters, and this month, you’ll be able to get even further than you’ve ever been before. So put in a little discipline and elbow grease. Your future self will thank you for it!


3 of Pentacles

As you grow and expand, take your time to build towards that higher vision you have for yourself  with patience and presence. You don’t have to rush into things – careful planning, experimentation and a gentle approach will serve you well, especially if you are looking to enter into new ventures or partnerships. It’s a time in your life when you’re looking ahead, and building a solid foundation for yourself to serve you for time to come – and you’ll find that you will get so much more done when you rope others into your cause too.

So allow yourself to be helped. You often like to go it alone, and forget that others too have something to offer you. Don’t underestimate the power of connection and communion – like-minded folks who have gone where you are now seeking to go could have valuable insight to offer you.

Be open to working as a team and pulling your weight in a group, and be willing to consider alternative insights. Above all, communicate! It’s a month where you will learn how to express your ideas, and to get feedback about them. Even if it seems like more of a hassle, you will benefit so much from the people you work with. Be open to learning and sharing, and seeing new perspectives.


2 of Swords

This is a month where you will be challenged to find your center and place of calm in the midst of change in the wider world. There’s nothing to worry about – it’s more about protecting your senses and preventing overwhelm. Self-care this month is avoiding overly harsh conversations, news, being around people who love a good verbal sparring. You’re the kind who’s always up for an intellectual conversation, but make sure you don’t exhaust yourself in a pointless debate!

It’s also a signal to return to yourself and spend time with your deeper processes. Taking time out periodically to check in with your gut will serve you well – big changes are coming up for you; a major period of growth. Getting in touch with your intuition will allow you to make course corrections and prudent adjustments – you can choose to redirect your energy in a more purposeful way. Don’t let anyone intrude into your downtime! It’s sacred as far as your self-care is concerned.

Spending time with your emotions will actually be grounding for you. Even when you don’t think you need it, your body will be calling out for you to take a break and be a little less social this month. Honour its call. Soon, you’ll be able to re-emerge with an inner peace that will allow you to sail through anything with calm and equanimity.


High Priestess

Your watery depths are calling out for you insistently this year, dear Pisces. No, the High Priestess will not let you go until you are truly comfortable navigating the waters of your emotions and intuition. The trick is to stop rationalizing your feelings. The less you try to explain them away, or to make them neat and tidy to fit into a box, and allow that sometimes it’s going to feel messy and unexplainable, the more comfortable you will feel about accepting them as an essential part of your life.

Know that if you take time out to honor your feelings, by journalling or even just sitting with them regularly, the less they will overwhelm you in an unexpected surge of emotions. And the choppier the waters get in the external world, the more important it is to get comfortable with your internal currents. Feel their ebb and flow, and be secure in the knowledge that your feelings are only here to inform you, to help you make better decisions, to signal to you things your rational mind may have missed out, to help you make connections between things that seem completely unrelated. It’s your genius, your gift, your lifeline.

Take time out to give that side of you room to breathe. Any doubts or fears that you have can be managed by gazing more deeply at your insecurities. If you are afraid that you’re not good enough, or not doing enough – is there really any concrete reason to feel this way? Or is this something you’re carrying around because of an age old childhood wound? This is one fear that you have to confront in order to cast aside. Trust yourself, and trust what your higher self is telling you – and the waters will soon be calm and clear again. It will be the home that will call to you all throughout your life, so you might as well settle in and get comfortable!