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Lunar Wisdom: Lunar Cycle of July 4 – August 1

How has the first half of 2016 been for you so far? Hopefully you’ve just been allowing yourself to see the bigger picture, and not losing yourself in the minutiae. Now more so than ever, learning to regain balance – neither hiding away (for too long) nor getting too caught up – is a key skill for those of us who do tend to get swept away (including yours truly!). ¬†World events, personal upheaval, surprises both pleasant and otherwise can knock us off our feet. It’s important to stay very grounded in these times and respond with the most amount of love and calm you can muster.

Flowing through karmic waters, let go and float

A lot of what is going on this month is karma balancing itself, a current cycle that has peaked and is currently waning. It doesn’t mean that ‘bad’ things are ‘meant to happen’ – but that ultimately there are certain lessons in life that we signed up to learn – and once we’ve learnt them, we can move on. These may manifest as painful lessons and events that shock, hurt or destabilize you.

If you are going through this now, please remember that the things that happen to us in life are neither reward nor punishment – only lessons for our continued soul evolution. Every event has a lesson in it. It’s important not to try to impose too much of our duality thinking (good/bad, right/wrong) on it, which may only get you stuck further. Choose to see what you can take away from it for your growth and move on. The fact is, there is a greater mystery at play – the grand weaving of Life itself that no one person can truly claim to know completely. Trust in that greater mystery and that it’s always for our highest good. We aren’t here to suffer unduly: we are meant to be peaceful, fulfilled individuals… who are here to remind others of this fact!

Look forward – think long term

Take advantage of any quiet moments, or consciously set some time aside to look ahead to the future. The trick is to do so while staying aware of the current abundance you are surrounded and supported by, which will allow you to draw up your plans from a grounded place.

Your abundance¬†could take the form of a loving and supportive family, friends you can count on, a job opportunity even if it isn’t the ‘ideal’ one currently, food, clean water, warm housing… Simple things that are so easy to take for granted. As long as you reading this on your device, while sitting somewhere warm, in clean clothes, fed and maybe even feeling a little bored – I guarantee you that you are currently blessed beyond belief. So what makes you think you won’t be able to achieve whatever you’ve set your heart on? It’s time to rekindle old dreams and dust off the plans you’ve let languish by the wayside. Dream your dream. Allow yourself to feel yourself living it. When it’s time to make moves and take action towards your dream, you will know just the right steps to take.

New moon blessings, may we ride these waves with grace and peace.

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