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July 2016

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Lunar Wisdom: Lunar Cycle of July 4 – August 1

How has the first half of 2016 been for you so far? Hopefully you’ve just been allowing yourself to see the bigger picture, and not losing yourself in the minutiae. Now more so than ever, learning to regain balance – neither hiding away (for too long) nor getting too caught up – is a key skill for those of us who do tend to get swept away (including yours truly!).  World events, personal upheaval, surprises both pleasant and otherwise can knock us off our feet. It’s important to stay very grounded in these times and respond with the most amount of love and calm you can muster.

Flowing through karmic waters, let go and float

A lot of what is going on this month is karma balancing itself, a current cycle that has peaked and is currently waning. It doesn’t mean that ‘bad’ things are ‘meant to happen’ – but that ultimately there are certain lessons in life that we signed up to learn – and once we’ve learnt them, we can move on. These may manifest as painful lessons and events that shock, hurt or destabilize you.

If you are going through this now, please remember that the things that happen to us in life are neither reward nor punishment – only lessons for our continued soul evolution. Every event has a lesson in it. It’s important not to try to impose too much of our duality thinking (good/bad, right/wrong) on it, which may only get you stuck further. Choose to see what you can take away from it for your growth and move on. The fact is, there is a greater mystery at play – the grand weaving of Life itself that no one person can truly claim to know completely. Trust in that greater mystery and that it’s always for our highest good. We aren’t here to suffer unduly: we are meant to be peaceful, fulfilled individuals… who are here to remind others of this fact!

Look forward – think long term

Take advantage of any quiet moments, or consciously set some time aside to look ahead to the future. The trick is to do so while staying aware of the current abundance you are surrounded and supported by, which will allow you to draw up your plans from a grounded place.

Your abundance could take the form of a loving and supportive family, friends you can count on, a job opportunity even if it isn’t the ‘ideal’ one currently, food, clean water, warm housing… Simple things that are so easy to take for granted. As long as you reading this on your device, while sitting somewhere warm, in clean clothes, fed and maybe even feeling a little bored – I guarantee you that you are currently blessed beyond belief. So what makes you think you won’t be able to achieve whatever you’ve set your heart on? It’s time to rekindle old dreams and dust off the plans you’ve let languish by the wayside. Dream your dream. Allow yourself to feel yourself living it. When it’s time to make moves and take action towards your dream, you will know just the right steps to take.

New moon blessings, may we ride these waves with grace and peace.

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Your July 2016 Wisdom Scopes


Fresh into the second half of 2016, and we’ve been changing, growing, and learning more and more to rely on ourselves and our internal guidance systems.

Hope is dawning on the horizon.

Did you know that Hope isn’t about wishing that things could be better – for something outside of ourselves to save the day – but knowing that within every human heart, the capacity for goodness and positivity and change is always there? Hope springs eternal not because a divine hand is going to reach down and rearrange stuff, but because YOU have the ability to bring to the world beauty, joy, goodness, truth and courage. Hope is you. Hope is all of us.

Don’t underestimate the impact you are able to make. Carry this knowledge with you as you go about your month, dreaming of what could be and making things happen. July is a month where you will be able to move forward with faith and trust and positivity in your heart – despite everything that is happening in our world (and really, what has been happening since the beginning of time). There are no guarantees. But there is only you, taking it one step at a time in good faith. Feel this renewed faith move you, which will in turn help you to move mountains.

At the same time, beware of a tendency to rush and get ahead of yourself. Be careful of errors and mistakes in your day to day – don’t rush in traffic, take the time to go over important details. Be ever so present as you make your way forward.

(Daughter of Swords, Star, 2 of Wands)


3 of pentacles

Keep all who inspire you close to you – those who are on your team will make themselves known this month. You won’t have much time for those who don’t respect your time! This month, you’ll be building on your dreams and making plenty of headway. Rewards are coming in as a result of your hard work, and signs will be popping up to show you that you are on the right track. It’s also a time when you start spreading the word about what you hope to do – whether you’re looking for a new job or living situation, starting something new or committing to a new health plan, rely on the power of your tribe and your formidable network.



It’s time to put the blinders on and gallop towards your goals, dear Taurus. Brush off the ennui and doubts and wade out of the murky depths you’ve been languishing in. It is an ongoing practice for you to keep processing stuff that comes up, letting go and moving forward, now and forever – so please don’t let small issues grow into a huge monster in your mind. It’s like remembering to empty out the lint from your dryer – small bits of fluff here and there don’t seem to make a difference, but when you allow it to accumulate your dryer is gonna catch on fire! (I know, a clunky domestic analogy, but stay with me here.) Now is not the time to worry about what others are thinking about you: what matters most is the goals YOU have set your sights on. The rest is simply distraction. Ask yourself – do you really want what you want? What are you willing to commit to in order to get there? And then hesitate no further.


Father of Wands

It’s been one hell of an exciting journey for you this year, hasn’t it? I hope you’ve been enjoying the unexpectedly enjoyable places life has been bringing you to. This month, opportunities will come up for you to express the calm, confident, take-charge side of you. If you’ve recently accepted a new role or are entering a new phase of your life, it’s calling for you to practice your astute decision making and leadership skills. Be sure to temper it with some diplomacy and humility though – not everyone will be able to see your vision immediately! All that means is to bring with you an extra dose of patience and to communicate, communicate, communicate. You’re learning to wield your power with wisdom and charisma. I’m also feeling a strong need for you to turn your attention to self-care and to beware of burn out this month. Remember to take time out for rest before illness forces your hand!


Queen of Cups

It’s Cancer season – happy birthday dear Cancer! This month brings you to a watery, emotional realm, that’s calling for you to swim and frolic in it, and to get in touch with all the positive aspects of your personality. Love it or hate it, your emotions are a huge part of you. Your warmth and nurturing side bring light to those around you, which is what the world needs so much right now! Don’t wish it away. Life gets much easier when you truly look at yourself – and accept yourself just as you are – frequent mood changes and all. Know that you are who you are for a reason, even the bits you don’t quite like about yourself. In a world that undervalues emotion and sensitivity, that’s only just waking up to the destructive consequences of millennia of patriarchy, owning who you are is a radical and courageous act. Valuing who you are and not allowing others to take advantage of it is another. When you fully embody yourself with confidence – accepting both your light and your shadow – you are formidable.


3 of Cups

This year has really been a heart-expanding year for you, dear Leo. 2016’s peaks and valleys have brought you deep into yourself, and allowed you to finally let go of certain hang ups that had been dragging you down for a while. As a result, you’re feeling a little more open, a little more free, and a little more willing to seek out connection with like-minded souls. You’re truly appreciating the roles that others play in your life, and learning to see and value the way their presence in your life truly enriches you. Expect more of this heart expansion in July – and don’t underestimate just how important your role is in bringing people together. No one is a warmer, more attentive, more entertaining hostess than you! The world needs your ability to truly light up a room and throw a party. Make time to call up those you care about, organize get togethers, lavish your attention on loved ones – and be prepared to bask in the adoration they’ll be sending your way in return.



You’re on the Express lane when it comes to personal growth and change this year, dear Virgo. A new world is coming into being and you’re on the front lines. It’s very exciting to watch you grow, and step up to all that you’re meant to be. This is one of those pivotal moments in your life that you can point to in the future and say: “That’s when it all changed for me.” There will be some unexpected moments this month, but keep in mind that they are ultimately serving to bring you closer to your highest expression of service and empowerment. You’ve shown others that you’re not willing to take any shit and how hard you’re willing to work to get to where you’re meant to go. The chips will be falling this month, especially as a result of little choices and decisions you’ve made in the past couple of months – and the best thing you can do is to let them fall where they may. Things that are no longer meant to be in your life will leave, maybe sooner than you expected them to. Certain events will force you to make decisions that you’ve been putting off. Hold steady – this is just yet another step on the path of your stunning evolution. Have faith and keep your highest vision in mind, and you will be just fine.


10 of Pentacles

Any growth this month will be most sustainable when it stems from an appreciation of all that you already have. The quality and quantity of all that you attract takes on a totally different vibe when it’s not from a place of lack or fearful grasping, but from abundance and gratitude. And you really have a lot going for you, my dear Libra, no matter what you think you’re currently lacking in your life. It’s just that when we’re surrounded by the things that support us, nourish us and make our lives more comfortable – we don’t tend to pay it very much attention! This month, take stock, celebrate all that you already have, and watch as everything you touch turns into gold. Just make sure it’s what you really, truly want, and not something that’s empty and fleeting. You really have the chance to build something of value for yourself, once you figure out what you really value, so focus your energy wisely!


Justice reversed

Honesty is something you prize really highly, and you don’t often find it easy to tolerate shades of grey. But grey is what you’ve been wading in for the past month or so, and it’s time to admit to yourself that even you have blind spots when it comes to seeing yourself and the motivations behind your decisions clearly. Sometimes you want to pretend you’re above emotion, while fooling absolutely no one that you really are an emotional creature. When will you stop taking that observation as some kind of slight? Your emotional depths form the basis of your strength and compassion; don’t treat it as a terrible flaw any longer. Let yourself feel what you have to: anger, sadness, confusion – and then let yourself make better decisions from there. Admitting to yourself you don’t always have all the answers – and that it’s okay – will be so empowering for you. Strong karmic lessons are coming up for you, and that might mean that a lot of what is happening to you is actually out of your control, simply lessons that you signed up to learn in this life. Try to detach from desired outcomes and observe what comes up… And when it’s time to do so, make decisions that are in your best long term interests, and not out of a stubborn urge to be right. Even if that means backtracking or changing your mind. Taking a step back will allow you to see that you have a lot more options available to you, and soon you’ll be free of whatever that’s troubling you.


9 of Cups

Life is saying Yes to you. Is this the right time to start? Is this the right time to step up? Is this the right time to take that risk? Yes, yes, yes. Life is sweet this month, and it’s kicking off a new cycle for you where you won’t have to kick so hard trying to tread water or struggle so much and it’ll feel a little bit strange at first because that hasn’t been exactly the case for you in a while. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to work, in fact, you’ll be working harder than ever – you just won’t have to struggle and be fearful about not having enough to support you. It’s sweet when you can devote all your time and efforts toward growing, and not just surviving or treading water. It’s a change of gears for sure, so make sure you’re keeping up. This could mean: asking for more, no longer settling for the lackluster, showing others how much you’ve grown, dropping habits you developed when times were rough and you had to scrape by. You’ve grown, so allow your world to expand along with you. Trust in the goodness coming your way, you’ve earned it!


8 of wands

A month where blocks are being lifted, you’ll be finding yourself making sense of all the new information coming your way, and making decisions in order to move forward in the new course you’ve charted for yourself. All that introspection has served you well, especially if you fearlessly dived deep and got real with yourself! It’s been a period where new revelations have seen you diverting from the path you thought you were going down – and it’s all good! You’ll feel especially affirmed when things show up out of the blue to confirm that you’ve made the right decisions. New beginnings come with endings as well though, so you may be saying goodbye to certain aspects of your life – relationships, circumstances – that are no longer relevant to the new you. Keep an eye out for new opportunities, and go for them bravely – you have all it takes, even when you think you’re not quite ready yet.


3 of Wands reversed

If you’re finding yourself unable to see the road ahead clearly, then you’re on the right track, dear Aquarius. Recent slowdowns have been showing you some of your blind spots, to help you to collect more information so you can approach your goals with more clarity and groundedness. Sometimes you’re too eager to get to where you want to go – and that’s not a bad thing at all! But occasionally, taking the longer route by speaking to more people, roping others in to your plans, being willing to correct your course and going back to the drawing board when needed are huge assets too, and will serve you well in the long run. So it’s nothing at all to worry about if you’re meeting road blocks. It’s your attitude and the way you respond to it that truly matters. If things have been flowing smoothly for you, ask yourself if you can reach higher and demand more from yourself – how are your choices today contributing to your long term growth?


Devil reversed

Sometimes the ego feels like an untamable creature and runs wild despite our best efforts. This could be one of those months when you’re torn between being true to your heart, and getting that hit of ego gratification. What will help is to not demonize the side of you that wants comfort, status, material reward, but to see it as a friend of your higher visions and goals. How can you line them up so that they overlap, instead of being seemingly mutually exclusive? Bring it all back to your underpinning values and philosophies – what really matters to you in life. Remind yourself of your long term goals and why you do what you do. And, remember that having things in life is nice – but it should not leave you feeling trapped, small, and dissatisfied with a sour taste in your mouth when all is said and then. That’s when you know you’ve given up your power. Go for what you want, but make sure it’s not the boss of you. Nothing in life is worth losing your self-respect over.