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June 2016

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Your June Wisdom Scopes

step aside2_PETERFFY_450_o

There are ways, and you will find them.

Endings – you will witness how the chips fall, and rewards of all that you have sown will be blossoming for you like a field of flowers. Efforts of the past year, especially, will turn up for you in unexpected ways. This bounty can take the form of public recognition, healthy relationships, material reward, and also simply a sense of wellbeing. I feel that despite the internal processing and deeper undercurrents that can be tough-going at times – or perhaps because of them – you will find things easing up on the surface level. As the knots get untied within, you are better able to see and appreciate all that’s been going for you.

Beginnings – If you’ve been focusing on the essentials the past couple of months, thanks to all the planets in retrograde, you will know which areas to continue directing your time and energy towards. It’s also cool to sit with all the different possibilities and let them marinate for a minute. There’s truly no rush – especially if you’re looking to build something solid that can go the distance. Remember, Mars is still in retrograde – challenging you to go deep within your desire nature to find out what really, truly, motivates you. Not a fleeting whim, not short-term external validation – but what gets you out of bed, what keeps you going despite obstacles.

Cautious Movement – Collectively, there’s still a little of “Why is this still happening? I thought I’ve been through all of that!” – so you may find yourself kind of scattered and restless, especially if you’re eager to see some forward movement on some of the projects you’ve started. It’s important to consciously slow yourself down, despite what your mind is telling you. There’s still a need for caution when it comes to taking action – anytime you’re in a hurry or rush – mindfully pull yourself back to the present. Get grounded. When you’re in a hurry you’re not present, and that’s when you miss out on important details or risk having to do things over, and end up taking even more time! Haste makes waste.

Art by Petra Peterffey, ‘Life and Death – Step Aside’


Reversed 2 of Cups

If you’re starting to have second thoughts about any decisions you’ve made in the past couple of months, that’s not a sign that you should start soliciting advice and opinions from your friends. In fact, it’s time to get clearer within yourself by sitting with whatever doubts or fears that you’re facing – without the input of any trusted advisors just yet. No one knows you better than yourself!

It’s also a reflection of where life is taking you so far, and where your choices are leading you: you may find that you’re having to part ways temporarily with people who have meant a lot to you; who have defined your world in some way. And it can be really tough! Growth takes our lives to unexpected places, and we have no choice but to go with the flow.

You may just not be on the same wavelength anymore; and you’re finding that it’s simply not a right fit with your newfound lust for life and thirst for making your dreams happen. Doesn’t mean you have to cut them off in a dramatic way, but just know that as you get closer to who you are and what really matters to you, those who just aren’t an energetic match anymore will withdraw, while those that reflect where you are on your path currently will come forward. It’s all part of the ebb and flow of life – hold yourself close by taking even more time for self-care this month. Bring yourself out on a date, do something just because it’s fun and 100% for you. Be your own best friend.

June Meditation: I trust myself unconditionally.

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Reversed 6 of Swords

Sometimes the thing that heals us is the thing we are trying so hard to avoid. It may even be the reason that started you off on your journey in the first place. But along the way, you found yourself treading a completely different path. Maybe this initial impetus, this first urge – is no longer relevant. You’ve grown beyond it. Maybe that thing, whatever it is, doesn’t need you to try so hard to resolve it any longer.

Maybe all along all it needed was your love, your attention, your acceptance. And once you stay long enough to offer your loving attention to it… your true path opens up. And it’s free of struggle and this hotheadedness to prove yourself, to make a statement, to indirectly relieve the anger/sadness/grief you feel within yourself. Because all of that is so exhausting, isn’t it? It takes up so much of your precious energy!

And the best thing is, you’ll then be free to walk into your future from a beautiful place of wholeness and enthusiasm, and not brokenness and hurt. Because you really are on the right path! Everything that’s happening for you this year is to put you on the path that’s uniquely meant for you, with all its rewards and blessings. All you have to do is adjust your motivation, the thing that drives you. Realign your trajectory so that it comes from a place of strength, instead of that old storyline, hurt, or outmoded belief about yourself.

The first place to start is to stop telling yourself the story. Stop playing the tape that’s labelled “My History”.

The most beautiful thing you could do this month, when it comes to love, work, your social life, is to watch the attitude you bring to it. Are you acting out of habit – or are you present and enjoying every interaction, every task? Are you future-tripping, or are you attentive to what’s going on in the here and now, and building something solid? When you take care of the little things, the bigger things will take care of themselves.

June Meditation: When I face what I’ve been avoiding, everything falls into place.

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8 of Swords

What does freedom mean to you, dear Gemini? When your needs and your wants aren’t aligned, your heart leads you one way while your head leads you another. This struggle sure doesn’t feel like freedom – and it sure as hell doesn’t feel liberating. But you know what? Freedom really lies beyond this struggle.

I’m placing my bet on your heart being the wiser one. Trust yourself enough to know that your heart cannot lead you astray. You often do what’s required of you because you like doing them well – in fact, excellently. You might even have developed a bit of an ego attachment to performing well and pleasing everyone in the process (no biggie, that’s basically human nature). But you have to remember to factor in the contents of your heart too – which you’ve already been working on.

This month, your chances of breaking free of any confusion or bind is excellent. You are learning more and more to love how it feels when JOY moves you, instead of when duty or simply an intellectual challenge comes your way. This is your path this year, and I see you acing it in your usual way. You’re also realizing that when you allow joy into your life – it truly breaks you open in unimaginable ways. Joy can’t be contained or compartmentalized; your entire life gets reorganized in the process… Allow it to happen, even if it’s more than a little disorienting.

You’re really moving into a very expansive, very liberating phase of your life. It reminds me of the Truman show, where he’s rowing his boat and it hits the backdrop (which he thought was the horizon), and then… he stumbles out into the Real World. It’s totally mind-blowing. There are a lot of feelings. That’s you, Gemini. When you start living this way, there’s no turning back. Beyond this struggle, beyond this moment of confusion or fear or resentment or doubt, there is a whole new world waiting for you. Trust it. Keep moving towards this world and don’t look back.

June Meditation: I am open to go where Joy leads me. 

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7 of Cups titled right

Now that you’re opening yourself up to the possibilities of life – of wonder – of desire, there seems to be so many options to choose from all of a sudden! Which truly reflects your heart’s desire? When you’re faced with a crossroads this month – don’t feel hard-pressed to make a quick decision. Be curious. Quiet that ever-ready-to-discriminate mind (which is really your strongest suit) and simply allow yourself that innocence for a moment. What excites you? What just doesn’t do it for you anymore? Allow situations to show themselves to you first before casting judgement or jumping to conclusions. This is really a great month for getting closer to what really matters within you – to pare down the options so you have a greater sense of the direction to move in.

You can’t live your life by proxy – one way to eventually KNOW for sure, is to leave your smartphone at home, be in the moment, talk to people with an open heart without zoning out or filling in the pauses with a narrative you’d rather hear (instead of listening to what is actually being said). Be present to all your thoughts and feelings – without over-identifying with them. Keep aligning yourself to the joyful, to the things that make you happy – and see what you’ve simply been tolerating. It’s about fine-tuning the little things you do every day to make it more joyful, more enjoyable. By making these minor adjustments, you’ll soon find yourself closer to the answer than you’ve ever been.

It’s also a great time to lose the idea that you’re in a hurry to get ‘somewhere’. There’s really nowhere to go. If you see life as one great big experiment, a wonderful adventure – then the journey is truly the point for you. How you ride the waves IS the point. So don’t panic when things just seem chaotic or in a mess. Just focus on keeping one foot in front of the other, as long as you keep moving, no matter how tiny your steps are, you’ll be just fine.

June Meditation: Staying present on my path is my purpose. 

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5 of Cups reversed 

I’m guessing May probably wasn’t so fun for you, dear Leo. It may have gotten you feeling all bogged down and more than a little bit ugh. A sticky, uncomfortable feeling where you just weren’t in your element, with last minute situations and slow downs that threw a wrench in your plans. Know that anything that didn’t happen – anything that you ‘lost’ – wasn’t meant to be in the first place.

Luckily, there’s nowhere to go but up from here on. You’ll soon be feeling renewed, especially around mid month. Meanwhile, shake off the residue of May by beginning June well.

First item on the agenda: Don’t waste your precious time brooding over what was, or what could have been! That’s a sure way to keep yourself mired in the blues longer than necessary. I’m feeling that what would really be extra healing for you this month is to immerse yourself in the company of friends and family. Simply allowing yourself to be in their company, basking in their love and affection – would be exceptionally uplifting for you. If that just isn’t an option at the moment, consider a dance class or something that helps you move your hips.

Emotions are energy that need to keep flowing, in order to keep your channels clear. As long as you give them breathing space, and yourself the time and space to air them out, they won’t get a chance to fester, my dear. Take it slow, but know that with every breath and every step, you will regain your strength and vigor.

June Meditation: I can never lose what’s meant to be mine. 

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Death reversed

I think you deserve a prize for being the Most Transformed of the Year award, dear Virgo. Please trust in all the positive feedback coming your way. Trust that things will never be the same for you again – especially if you allow yourself to believe it. That’s the key. It is a process, which is why I’ve been repeating myself quite a bit: I’m feeling your legendary mind gripping on out of fear and not allowing yourself to see it, but your circumstances have really changed. Maybe things still aren’t easy – but you are so much stronger, more grounded, more confident in your abilities than ever before. You have reached a whole new vista and that’s nothing to sniff at.

So, this June, you will be confronted with many more opportunities that will ask of you to respond in new ways. For example, if your default in times past was to assume the worst, fret endlessly over decisions already made, or beat yourself up cruelly for minor mistakes – simply do the opposite. Trust in the timing of things. Be ok not pushing yourself. Take action without weighing it down with a tortured thought process, overthinking it, indulging in fantasies and escapism – and do it simply because it feels right and checks out fine. If things are leaving your life – let them go, without self-blame, but with the knowledge that its time is up in your life. If something is transforming into a new incarnation, allow it to morph, and then take it in with new eyes. It’s perfectly normal to feel nostalgia, resistance, fear, doubt, joy, all of the above or none of the above, but it’s really all part of the process. Things will rise up for you to make peace with your past – the past you’re leaving behind. It’s okay to grieve. It’s ok to put it to rest. It’s okay to make time for closure.

Also, know that for most other people, telling yourself ‘I am already good enough’ may bring up accusations of an inflated ego. But for you – if you know you have a penchant for being self-deprecating to the point of harshly undervaluing yourself – this shall be your mantra. Start from where you are. You are already good enough.

Here’s how you can help this process along this month: come back to your breath during difficult moments. Sleep on it. Gaze at a large body of water. Heart opening tools – backbends, rose quartz, rose essential oil – will help too.

June Meditation: I am already good enough.

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5 of Discs reversed 

I can feel you saying: When is it all going to get better? When’s relief coming? I can assure you it IS coming. But I would like you think about how you’ve been dealing with all the tough stuff that’s been coming your way – especially the tougher emotions regarding your self-worth and sense of self. If you’ve been staying mindful about it, and not simply shoving it under the carpet, then you’re already doing the best you can! Let me repeat this: You’re doing the best you can. The fact that you’re here, getting up and giving your best every day is proof of it.

Really. The things that test us feel so damn hard sometimes because it is precisely our trigger points that’s being pressed at this time. We are being challenged to grow beyond what sets us off into the shame spiral or the things that make us reach for the first comforting vice, thought or habit. You are being challenged to see that these are simply sensations that rise up – which then promptly pass away, especially if we don’t hold on to them by creating a story around it. The question is, do you get swept away every time, letting them swirl you into a sense of panic – or do you simply observe them, and choose the life-affirming thought or action instead? I hope it is the latter. Because once this habit of choosing the light sets in, your life will take on a whole new different shape without you even realizing it. Your sharp edges will get rounded off. You’ll laugh more easily. Your walls will come down.

This month, simply keep yourself busy, putting your heart and mind into busy work. In this work, you will find relief and solace. Insights and peace will come to you while you aren’t actively focusing on the thing that is currently bothering you. Watch how certain things can resolve themselves without needing effortful input from you.

June Meditation: I am not the thoughts I think.

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Daughter of Cups

What brings out the kid in you? You’ll probably be feeling light and easy this month with plenty of chances for full out fun. If you’re starting to loosen your grip a little on the things that get you uptight or super-serious, then you’re totally moving in the right direction, dear Scorpio. I mean, it’s okay to be super serious when the occasion calls for it – but everything else in your life? It’s cool to let loose and show others your goofy side. It’s always okay to let it go. It’s always okay to be the bigger person.

Choose to bury the hatchet when it comes to old grudges. I know you think that you’ve already let go, and maybe you have, intellectually, but it could be a totally different story emotionally. This is how you do it: forgive. It doesn’t make whatever perceived slight or injury right, but see, it’s not about the other person. It’s about YOU. It frees you up. It frees up plenty of heart space and will make you feel as free as a bird. It allows you to focus your attention on joy and bringing joy to others. And you DESERVE this joy.

You are put here on earth to experience joy – along with all the other emotions – but mostly, pure joy. Sometimes, joy makes you feel so unsafe, so vulnerable – but that makes it even more precious. It is the bravest thing you can allow yourself to feel. And once you allow yourself to revel in that sweet spot, the things that used to bother you or set you off, simply won’t feel that pressing any longer.

June Meditation: Letting go helps me let joy in. 

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Son of Swords

This month, truth bearing will be a skill you’ll be refining. How to speak it, when to speak it – and to whom you speak it… A fine and valuable skill and there’s no one more equipped to do it than you. It is very essential that you do so this month, and really, forever – but this is simply a month that offers you ample opportunities to practice.

Do you couch your truth to soften the blow for others? Or do you hide it because you’re afraid to rock the boat? This month is about not censoring yourself, yet also knowing how to speak with tact. Before you get all wound up by putting tons of pressure on yourself – one good place to start would be to simply check in your intentions. Are you doing it because it’s coming from an emotional place, and the need to be right – or is it genuinely something that you think can improve a situation or clear the air for everyone? Do you go at it from a place of detachment, or with an expectation that everyone would immediately fall into line and comply? Because the power of truth-bearing lies simply in the expression of it. As Caroline Myss puts it, truth is a vibration. It is the essence of it that truly communicates. Some may not handle it well. Some may turn away. Some need time for it to sink in and take root. Some will get it right away.

The point is, you can’t control the outcome – but it’s important that you say what you see, while getting clear on your own motives.

Even if there’s no immediate feedback, the effects of Truth-bearing are far-reaching, and may come back and surprise you over time, so simply see all the ways where you can express what needs to be said in the best way you know how in the present moment. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for sincerity. The only way to get better at this is to keep practicing.

June Meditation: Truth is a vibration, not just a concept.

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When we’re under pressure, we see a side of ourselves we are usually blissfully ignorant of. This month, you may get to have a little peek of the things that you aren’t that proud of. Before you get turned off, let me assure you that this is really a positive thing. This year, you’re really getting to know your shadow side well, the things that may exert an unconscious influence over your day-to-day – but now they’re out on the table. And they will no longer have this unchecked power over you, because you can consciously choose how you allow them to affect you. Your anger, your hurt, your jealousy, your pettiness. Own it. See that you have these feelings – and so does everyone else! It is very human to have these feelings. In fact, not having them – or owning up to them – doesn’t make you a saint. It makes you an automaton, cut off from your humanity.

Have compassion for yourself as you navigate through the ways you treat yourself and others when you’re stressed, upset, or just plain demoralized. Have empathy for the times you try and fail. Above all, don’t give up on yourself no matter how irritated you get. It may seem like a downer, but what this practice is doing is really giving yourself full control and mastery over your drive and your life. It puts you in a strong and unshakeable position where you know yourself so well, nothing can topple you. Yes, it may be a tussle, it may be tough, but you’ve got this.

You’re being forged in fire and you’ll emerge way stronger. Deep diving will yield pearls, and an invaluable sense of self.

June Meditation: I dive deep to gain self-mastery.

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The urge to dash off into action is strong this month for you, but your challenge is to really stay moderate and balanced, and to pace yourself. You’ll be asked to balance a whole lot of stimulation: old and new, past and future, to tie up loose ends while starting new projects. It may be giddying if you aren’t being present. Give yourself more time to process the new – even when you don’t think you require it. That means downtime, scheduling time away from your phone, doing exercise. This allows your body to integrate new information, and to help you make decisions from a solid place.

It’s also a great time to practice diplomacy, and to let in different points of view without dismissing them too quickly.Your life is growing and broadening in so many ways, and it’s essential to allow your mindset to change along with it. This could mean seeing something from someone else’s point of view, holding opposing viewpoints without letting it freak you out. It could also mean accepting that someone else also being right – doesn’t automatically make you wrong. Maybe no one needs to be wrong. Maybe it’s possible that we are all right.

As you dance this intricate dance, you’re really becoming more worldly and mature, and this will give you a lot of valuable perspective that can enrich your life and the work you bring to the world. Because the world needs your brilliance – and the more informed and nuanced your perspective is, the more valuable it will be.

June Meditation: I appreciate life’s ironies and contradictions. 

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Son of Cups reversed

This year has really been putting you through an emotional journey – if you’ve been resisting it, this month will be all up in your face demanding you to sit with your feelings. If, however, you’ve been bravely wading into your deep waters – then this month will be nothing new to you. You’re an old hand at a game you were born to play. As stress mounts and challenges appear, it may be tempting to stress out and ignore your feelings again, but you know the drill. Take time out to be with your psychic self. Really value this part of you. Value your foresight. Value your tender heart.

Make music, make art, make love. Don’t feel as though you need to be totally comfortable with it all at once – just know that every single time you do this, you’re reaffirming this essential, soulful part of yourself, and breathing new life into your spirit. It will give you energy to forge on and attend to all the essential parts of your life. It’s an undeniable pull to the mystical, and it’s calling out for you – urgently. You, of all signs, are here to bring Spirit down into the material world and to show others how effortlessly you can blend it into the unique way you lead your life. You’re not meant to disguise it. And the best way is to connect with Spirit is that which is non-linear, the way that speaks the most to you.

June Meditation: I value my psychic self.

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