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Your May Wisdom Scopes

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Hello, Wise ones! On top of the monthly readings, I’ll now also be writing weekly scopes starting May 8 – they’ll be briefer and designed to give you the most practical inspiration possible to help you live in the present moment, and to stay in touch with your inner wisdom – your one true guide. x – Kerrie


April showers bring May flowers: still intense, but in a different way than last month – it’ll be all about taking deliberate, considered action. May favors making steady moves in the world that will bring you abundance and material reward. It’s about going about your goals by being fully present and giving them your full, unwavering attention. Bonus: approaching them with the curiosity and agility of a beginner will serve you so well. You’ll get to understand the engine that has been driving your growth all this while – and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to fine tune it so it’s purring like a contented cat. Clear your slate of any old hangups or assumptions that just aren’t serving you any longer – don’t let any of the old scripts around unworthiness slow your roll! There is also a new found wellspring of joy and peace from within – all the trials of recent times have forged a new awareness of your strength and unshakeable core within – hurray! Welcome it, embrace it, luxuriate in it – get used to your new, higher-vibing self. We’ve all collectively stepped into a new age and we’re getting used to our new wings. The only way to test them out? To take flight.


May will be sugar sweet for you, dear Aries. Your wishes are being fulfilled at the end of a long cycle – everything you need is yours to have, giving you the springboard you need to propel yourself to the next level. So choose wisely, with confidence in your worth. This month will see you bringing your attention and appreciation to all the goodness in your life in all its forms, in order to create more of it. Reach deep within yourself, when imagining the next phase of your life: how do you want to feel? What vibrates most strongly with your inner truth? What brings out the best version of you? Think big, think expansive, think authentic – and act from there.

May meditation: My biggest dreams reflect my heart’s deepest wishes.


You’re learning to assert yourself with your newfound values and truths. Every time you speak your truth, or make a decision, you have the opportunity to reaffirm what means most to you. So it can feel particularly urgent that everyone understands who you are and what you stand for, RIGHT NOW – you want to shout it out to the world: look! I have changed! I have this important thing to say! I have a million things I want to achieve! They are all exciting! You’ll want to know about them! And dude – that is all true. But here’s the thing: You don’t have to push. Turn some of that exuberant energy into building up your confidence within yourself, so your aura shouts on your behalf instead. Allow that confidence to radiate outwards and draw others in, instead of rushing about trying to convince the world, exhausting yourself in the process. Turn up your sense of self-worth and soon they’ll be clamoring to hear what you have to say. Speak low, slow and even – so they have to lean in to hear it.

May meditation: I speak to express, not to impress.


Hey there, supernova. I’m betting that you haven’t felt this happy and radiant in the longest while. I’m so excited for you! The world needs your light and you know it. Have you been dipping your toes into new opportunities – love, work, travel – and loving it? If so, carry on – keep blazing your trail. Remember to check back along the way that you’re still aligned with your priorities though; it’s all so exciting for you right now, just don’t get so distracted that you absent-mindedly settle for momentary joys in exchange for the truly soul-fulfilling ones! Your energy is finite, so spend it wisely. This year, you can get so far if you don’t get sidetracked. Reach for the highest.

May meditation: My light shines brightest when it’s focused


I see you rubbing your hands in glee over your plans, my Cancer friend. I’m stoked for you because it’s been a while since you’ve felt this excited, and more yourself than you’ve been all year. As long as it isn’t just an intellectual exercise, and you remember to consult your heart and tune into what turns ALL of you on, you are so on the right track. Please don’t even try to hide who you really are and let your freak flag fly during this very exciting process. How can you attract what will truly satisfy you if you are afraid to let it show? So let it all hang out, without expectations – and allow yourself to be surprised. Be brave.

May meditation: I choose what lights ALL of me up.


Hello, Leo. Just when you didn’t think you’d be able to open your heart in that way again – something or someone comes along this month and makes you rediscover that happy, joyful kid you have hiding inside of you. You’re really not as cynical or jaded as you think you are. Sometimes you like to think of yourself as this tough, too-cool-to-care creature but you know your superpower really lies in being your most joyful self right? Your exuberance is like the electrical current that adds much-needed zing and glitter to everything and brings life to the party. Sometimes it’s okay to not look cool or totally put together. Everyone will love you MORE when you let that unguarded kid out to play now and then. So share your true feelings a little, allow yourself to be a little vulnerable to the people who have shown they care and who have earned your trust. Let love bring in more sweetness into your life; any affection you show will be reflected back to you tenfold.

May meditation: My inner kid deserves to come out and play.


Have all of the unsettling changes in the past year tested you to your limits? I’ll let you in on something: as a Virgo, you have a very special and specific mission in this lifetime. You are here to learn how to transmute intellectually-driven, ego-based energy into heart-based, loving vibes, and to live from your heart. Living this way shows others around you how to balance their heads with their hearts, and sets a very important example. This inner work, this transmutation IS the point! You’ve already been so tested in this realm, and this month is where you’ll get to step up and show your mastery of your mental energy – so that when the good things come your way, you can enjoy them and maximize them sans mental baggage! Any time you feel the need to obsess about what’s coming round the next corner, please redirect like a champ. Here are a few suggestions from a fellow Virgo: get into your body. Dance. Have orgasms. Bring that energy in your head down into your lower chakras. Write down a pro-con list and see your worries all on paper, so it doesn’t have a chance to marinate in your head. Ask for help. Accept help. Then proceed – despite your fears. You got this.

May meditation: When my head and heart are in harmony, I get things done like one badass boss babe.


How do you respond when things don’t go your way? It’s time to observe your knee jerk responses and your comfort level around conflict. Be real with yourself and look at it without shame – and with bucket loads of compassion. Many Libras could win the Diplomat of the Year award because they have turned their gift of balance and love of peace into an authentic tool for building bridges. Are you one of them? Because the world desperately needs bridge builders. But we all need help to get there. Some possible places to start looking: Do you throw tantrums? Do you freeze people out? Or do you try to smooth everything over quickly without wanting to look deeper? Whatever your default reflex is, is where the treasure lies. If you are simply willing to handle situations this month with a good dose of self-reflection and good humor, your transformation will be profound. Your grace and maturity will open doors and usher in new opportunities.

May meditation: I handle relationships with aplomb.


If you’ve taken on too much this month, you will start feelin’ it very quickly. There’s something changing in the way you’re handling the demands in your life… You’re no longer willing to push and slog. You want to stop and smell the roses more. You want daily meditative pauses and to ruminate and linger, instead of handling things quickly and moving on to the next thing… What a strange feeling, you may be thinking. It certainly doesn’t fit the self-image you have of yourself. You’re no slacker – everyone knows this. But it’s all cool because it’s one important way you’re learning to value your depths and your natural rhythms. Honour any desires to say ‘No’ to things that just don’t vibe with you any longer. Learn to accept help and share the load. Celebrate anytime you’re able to let others in to help you out – this is how you know you’re growing. And when Scorpios grow, they GLOW.

May meditation: Less is more.


You’ll get to hunker down and work this month, Sag. But it won’t be a chore. In fact, you’ll be learning how to infuse fun into the way you approach work. And if it’s about bringing to the world what uniquely lights you up and what you find natural and easy to do – that’s a clear sign that you’re already on the right track. It’s something that you find utterly absorbing and fascinating – it’s not about the struggle, but the enjoyment of the process. You can put in effort, but it doesn’t feel like you have to slog. That said, your focus is still necessary. Mono-tasking is almost extinct in this age of mass distraction but if that’s what you need to do to get things done, then that’s what you’ll do. Because Archer, when you focus your aim before you release your arrow, you are unstoppable.

May meditation: My ambitions are stronger than any distraction.


How is your relationship with your intuition going so far? This month in particular is where you will feel the retrogrades pulling you into the Feminine very strongly. Sometimes you resist going within because you feel it’s more important to get things done and to continue on your path of constant, upward trajectory. But plenty of things happened for you in April and it’s very important to integrate your new learnings before moving forward. It will be a repeated pattern for you this year: a series of stop and starts designed for you to get to know your deeper motivations intimately. You’ve also already realized that planning too far ahead is kind of futile at this point – any derailments this month are designed to bring you back into the present moment. Trust that what is unfolding for you is infinitely bigger, better and more suited for you than what you can dream of!

May meditation: When I go within, I achieve twice as much with half the effort.


If you’ve been experiencing lack in any way – material or otherwise – know that it’ll be lifting for you this month. Chances are that any drought you’ve experienced has made you develop a deeper appreciation for all that has been supporting you in other ways: your family, your network, things that have come through for you out of the blue. It has been complicated though – bittersweet joys, setting down your pride so that you can choose what truly matters. The causes for celebration are not straightforward – but they are all hard-won, real, and built to last. Knowing who has really got your back is one of these rewards. You’ve truly grown so much in the past year – in totally unexpected ways. Prepare to feel relief seeping in this month.

May meditation: I am supported in extraordinary ways.


Have you been giving yourself enough downtime lately? In April, there may have been events that shocked or upset you, but perhaps you were too busy to really process them. You may have glossed over them, or thought that rehashing it with friends was enough for you to ‘get over it’. That may be the case – but if you find any emotions welling up this month, it’s a sign that you may need to sit and allow them to come up to be released. Let it be a slow month for you to ruminate, process, and allow your emotions outlet – so important for you as a water sign. Feel your way forward, instead of trying to plan or strategize – that won’t work for you in May. The more you are willing to look within, the better and more refreshed you will feel at the end of this month. Allow yourself these self-care breaks in order to make your journey ahead smoother and more enjoyable.

May meditation: Downtime is the key to my resiliency.

(Image above of Mongolian archer – source unknown.)

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