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May Wisdom Scopes – Week of May 23 – 29



Great freedom is possible this week, beautiful people. I’m talking about a sweet release; a triumphant breakthrough, a growing knowledge and true appreciation of your own valor and strength. You know, now. You can taste your tenacity and resilience and power, and there is no more stopping you. Swim, swim as fast and far as you can for the other shore, for safe passage is guaranteed.


You JUST DON’T CARE no more, and in the best way. Shaking it off, focusing on the light – there’s no more question of what you want, no more time to doubt your heart. This week, look back in gratitude at the path that has brought you to where you are, and look ahead in calm confidence. Let the tiny things go – petty quarrels, minor inconveniences, whims of others. Take steps from this bright and grounded place from within you. Your path is lit and it will get easier every step you take.


Be relentlessly present. Relentlessly in the moment. Relentlessly grateful for all that you have, for you will see them multiply just by the gift of your very presence. There is so much that you want, but if you want to see them materialize? It all starts with focusing on one thing at a time, and slowly growing them with your consistent efforts.


Happy birthday, Gemini! This week asks of you to respect the Mystery. The things you can barely sense, just slightly behind the veil. This means allowing yourself to accept the goodness in your life, without probing too deeply. Simply appreciating them. This also means not grasping too hard at things that just aren’t meant to be yours. Look and listen more closely to the song of the cosmos, for it is singing to you. Everything gets easier when you can trust the nudgings of your heart.


Put a brake on that busy brain of yours every time it starts tormenting you with ‘What Ifs’, dear Cancer. You’ve been so brave, lately. You’ve made such great leaps and moved forward despite fears and doubts. The ego hates change and may be trying to convince you to back down: but please keep on moving. Direct that mental energy of yours towards an engrossing project, focus on the task at hand, and you’ll be doing just fine.


You can’t get to where you want to go overnight – especially if you want all of you to arrive there at the same time. Your persistence and tenacity are huge advantages, but only if you remember to pace yourself and not allow your obsessive self to lead the way. If ever you find yourself locking horns with someone, remember that you don’t always have to move through obstacles – it may sometimes be smarter to move around them.


Keep on keeping those blinders on, and keep focusing on your goals. You are making great strides, and the distractions seem to be growing in tandem as well! Know that you are a little more sensitive (to others, their energy, and universal energy gunk) right now and it’s okay to draw the lines and put yourself first. Be judicious with your time and energy, be firm with those trying to cross your boundaries. What you’re doing is important – keep your eye on the prize.


Everything’s still up in the air for you, and it may take considerable willpower to resist pushing or forcing decisions. If you’ve already done all you can, sit back and allow the Universe to do its work. Your thoughts are so important – focus it solely on positive outcomes and you’ll be doing more than you know. Still your mind, and find peace within each moment.


Reasons to celebrate? Hell yes! Maybe you’re finally coming making peace with something you’ve been tussling with. Or you’ll be seeing external validation of your efforts so far – this could mean finally clinching a deal, getting a job, and that change you’ve been waiting so long for. It’s all coming to you. Also, remember to celebrate internal breakthroughs and all silver linings. Make that conscious choice this week: choose light and ease, over sharp edges and dark clouds.


Things will be moving ahead for you in a great big gush of relief and sweetness. So make use of this flow and use it to your advantage – plug at your projects, take care of the details, all the while keeping the big picture in mind. Make a wish, trust that it will happen – and move forward in faith. Your dreams were given to you for a reason – only you are able to make them happen!


I can feel you straining against the leash again, trying to move too quickly – but it would be wise to temper your pace and slow down. You don’t want to burn out before you get to where you need to be! It’s all in perfect timing, and you can never miss what’s meant for you. Your beautiful vision will materialize, and in a solid and sure way, when you take the time to be present at every step. Choose balance above all else.


It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to say no when you physically just can’t take on any more. It’s also okay to take a break and rest, and to regroup. If you’re hitting blocks and meeting obstacles, know that it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong, you’re just attempting to do too much, all by yourself. Set your duties down for a minute. See where you can streamline or do away with completely, and watch how ease rolls in.


The answers are not yet clear to you yet – but it’s also the perfect time to get comfortable with uncertainty, and probe your depths. Intuitive Pisces, you are so very, very connected and plugged in with the Universe. You are being called to get to know it better, get to know your gifts better, and not to be afraid of the depths you can feel. This week will challenge you to dive for the pearl that resides at the bottom of the vast ocean of your consciousness. Be patient and see what arises in your dreams, signs and synchronicities.

Image from Three Rivers Deep.

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