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Lunar Wisdom: Lunar Cycle of May 6 – June 4

New Moon by Louise Benton

Everything has changed. Absolutely everything. It’s just that our usual way of being – the way our minds are programmed – just need time to catch up with our new reality. How often do we get re-dos in life? Not very often. But this time, we’re being offered the opportunity of an extensive makeover. And how lucky we are – 5 planets in retrograde are generously helping us with this process.

See, our souls are constantly plugged into Source. Our higher selves know what’s up. Deep down inside, embedded in our hearts, live the kernels of Truth we can access at any time that simultaneously guide our way forward and anchor us into the present.

War-torn you already knows what your personal Truth is – you’ve walked through fire the past year or two. You couldn’t have made if this far if you weren’t strong as steel and resilient as hell.

This source of inner strength has been emerging in all of us – and our egos may not be always welcoming of its often conflicting and contrary guidance. Your ego will fight back. Always. (Your ego will want you to¬†engage in pettiness instead of walking away. It will want you to endlessly rehash an old argument instead of letting go. It will want you to ‘win’ – at all costs.)

But tapping into this well of knowingness with more regularity and trust is the only way we – our mind, body and souls – can safely reach the other shore, to fully embody our newer, lighter selves.

Every time we are able to resist the ego, and to brush off the debris of old wounding, childhood patterns and the coping mechanisms we used to deal with shitty times, it’s like catching a glimpse of the light pouring through a dirty window pane that was just wiped off. And that little bit of light is so glorious, so hearty, so warming, that you can’t help but just want to keep on scrubbing, so that the light can shine through all the time. Once you feel the heat of the beam on your bare skin, you’ll want ALL of it, all the time. Your ego will fight back, but ultimately you – and your higher self – are stronger. Always. Light will infuse your being. Shining your light will be your new default.

But that takes some elbow grease. Some awareness. And a whole lot of staying present.

To make the most of this lunar cycle, remember to:

  1. breathe through change. Know that you do not need to react immediately if something comes up. You have the option to wait and see.
  2. stick to daily grounding practicesLee Harris mentioned something very simple yet works wonders: keeping a gratitude journal, and moving your body. This can be as simple as taking a walk around the block.
  3. choose the positive thought. Always.
  4. negative thoughts or energy that are deflected needs to go somewhere – redirect it into physical activity or something creative.
  5. slow down to unravel any knots that are tripping you up. Have you made any assumptions that just don’t stand up to reality? It’s the perfect time to reassess and make corrections – without indulging in self-blame or self-judgment.

I really do feel that it will be a gentler month, energy-wise. It’s a lot of simultaneously making strides towards your future while taking care of loose ends as you go. It’s this push and pull, holding on and letting go, that you will have to navigate. I have no doubt you will become so adept at it. Trust yourself: you will be able to dance through it with ease and grace.

Happy new moon!

P.S. Remember, I am here for you if you need words of guidance & some clarity from your higher self!

(Cards: Tower, 7 of Swords reversed, Justice reversed)

Art by Louise Benton



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