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Your April Tarotscopes

Hello my love, this month, a celebration is in order. You are no longer who you were. You walked a difficult, often harrowing path, and you are emerging out the other side. Often times, on this path, there were many decisions you had to make, twists and turns you had to navigate. There were moments that broke your heart. There were times you had no idea if you could piece it back together again. It all seemed relentless… But that is all firmly in the past now. Not only will things never be the same again, you won’t want things to be the same again once you have a taste of your new reality.

The trick here though, is to be here now. All you have to do, is to live very, very consciously in the present. This will take some work because the memory of all that you had to go through is still very fresh, very raw in your mind.

So this month, promise yourself: give any new situations that arise a chance to show you what they are, before you go into fight-or-flight, panic mode. Before you tense up and attempt to fight things off using the old ways. Be gentle with yourself in this process, because it’s all too natural to assume that the things that are showing up will require your troubleshooting skills. They won’t! Chances are, many things will simply fall into place without much pushing on your part. We are now in the age of the Feminine – pushing not required. Flowing is. Doing is still necessary, but forcing will not be. Are you ready to welcome your new self, your beautiful new life that you’ve labored so hard to birth into being? Even happy things require an adjustment – so allow yourself this period of wiggling around, getting used to your new wings!

Read on for your sign – remember to read for your rising sign as well to get a more complete picture!

Aries / Aries Rising

Happy birthday, Aries! Aries season has got you all fired up and ready to go. You’re in your element and can’t wait to show the world what you’ve got! If you did your work in March – or, more likely, you let the month do its work on you – you have already come to realize the Truth that is undeniable in your life. The eclipses (Mar 8, Mar 23) would have made sure that any facades you’ve held up in your life – perhaps some that you didn’t even know you had been putting up – would have crumbled to dust. The compromises that you made are just no longer enough. They can’t support you any longer. The dreams you’ve delayed – well, waiting is no longer an option. You are now face to face with your own inner truth, inner voice and inner guidance. It’s thrilling, a huge relief, and completely terrifying at the same time. Aries, I feel you.

There’s no turning back now – instead of letting that scare you, will you allow it to invigorate you instead? The energy of this month challenges you to stay in your truth while you make moves towards your goals. Every time you feel a little shaky, let that inner resolve guide you.

Because I can promise you, you are so aligned. Every doubt, every fear, every time you want to shrink back – it’s not a sign that things are wrong, in fact, it’s the exact opposite: they are clear signals that you are moving into a brave new world. Stay with it, be ever so present with those emotions. Instead of allowing them to pull you back into your comfort zone – or conversely, just bulldoze over them, challenge yourself to stay with them, even for just one second longer. Because even though change can be sweeping and dramatic, more often than not, the inner change that’s required for making moves towards our dreams comes in baby steps. It comes in the moments where you hold on for a little longer, fight a little harder and breathe through the discomfort, when there’s really nothing left to do. And you are SO capable of it. Your innate confidence and willpower is a force to be reckoned with!

There’s nothing you love more than feeling confident and charging straight ahead – trust that in no time, you will be feeling that way again. The trick this month (and forevermore) is just to let this confidence be powered by the energy of your big, fiery heart and the beauty of your very own, very unique dreams. You are on your way.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising

It’s no longer an option for you to NOT trust in your own abilities, my dear Taurus. So often you look at your financial health as a way to gauge your worth. And yes, that is an important factor in this material world of ours, but it would be very shortsighted to believe that that is all there is. Let me now recap the breadth and depth of your bounty: all of your experiences thus far, the things you have seen, the people you have around you, who love you and have your best interests at heart. The unique quality of your soul, the shining star that it really is, the bigness of your heart. Your particular talents, your dreams, your laugh, your beauty. Your visions, your purity of purpose.

This month, the most graceful way to navigate this beautiful, blossoming period of your life is to simply trust in all that you are currently being supported by. Start from the ground up. Feel the solid earth beneath your feet and really take a moment to appreciate that it is – has always been – and will always be – holding you up. The Earth is your element for a reason, dear Taurus. Only when you are connected to her solid, all-giving, all-nurturing energy, will you truly thrive in this existence. You have to feel grounded in her embrace every single day of your life in order to fully be at home in your skin.

How does this work in practical terms? Engage in more grounding activities. Exercise, especially activities that require you to get in touch with the ground and nature around you, are non-negotiable. Eat grounding foods, like root vegetables. Work with your root chakra.

Then, play with this feeling. When you hold this sense of support in your body, how differently do you make your decisions? Are you more confident in saying No to things that really don’t support your goals? Do you compromise less? Are your boundaries naturally more solid? You may be surprised at just how liberated you feel when you have two feet firmly planted on the ground.

While this year is one where you will be able to succeed materially, much of it really has to do with you starting to truly appreciate what you already have. That appreciation is the seed, the root, the gravitational centre that ensures your efforts grow into a magnificent tree that will nurture you, shelter you, and provide for you all your life. So allow these roots to start sinking in deeper this month, dear Taurus.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising

Decisions, decisions! Dear Gemini, I see you are surveying the landscape with a thoughtful look on your face. Where to go from here? What is there to explore, to discover, to see? Your quick, intelligent mind is itching for a new challenge, and you’re ready to move on to the next level. There are perhaps just a few knots to work through within yourself, before you make any decisions. First, a recap of all that you’ve learnt and done in the past two years. What are the biggest growth lessons? What did you learn about yourself? How have you changed?

I’m guessing you’re now wanting an experience that can reflect this newer version of you, Gemini 2.0.

But first, you have to recognize and see these changes for what they are – before the Universe can bring to you your upgrade, dear Gemini. This upgrade won’t be what you’re expecting, too: it may be a broadening, a deepening, a richer texture, brighter colors… however it ends up being, it will be wildly more exciting and beautiful than even your sharp mind could ever dream up of. Allow yourself to be delighted!

The truth is, you often move on too quickly before allowing things to percolate deep into your soul. As a result, you sometimes miss out on seeing and appreciating all of your efforts and accomplishments, leaving you a little restless and dissatisfied, and constantly seeking for more. And if you’re willing to admit it to yourself, even you’re a little tired of that pattern.

So, your homework: appreciate yourself! Chances are, the things you have now, you only dreamed about even a year or two ago. And instead of looking out at the horizon at the things you’d like to achieve, why not see it this way: being the master manifestor that I am, why don’t I take a shot at bringing to life the contents of my heart instead? Why don’t I do something different? Why don’t I rally more people to my cause and bring them with me, to see what I see?

If you’ve realized that you’ve neglected a part of yourself – your heart, your soul – on your journey thus far, this is a golden moment where you can start factoring those vital, life-giving parts of you back into your plans.

Because you are at a juncture where you are able to make anything you want happen. Let that sink in a little. Anything You Want. And as long as you choose in the direction that brings you more joy, more love, more air, more sunshine, more life, you cannot go wrong!

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Cancer / Cancer Rising

Okay, Cancer: it’s time. I know you’re in need of a booster to get you up and moving and out of that little valley you’ve been wandering in for a while, so here it is. Things are no longer the same! You are free to go and explore and play and bring your adventure-loving self along with you! Blocks have been – and will be – removed. Don’t believe me? Go on and test it. Apply for that thing you’ve had your eye on. Make that move. Publish a piece of your work. Start a blog. Put your name up for promotion. Set it into motion, and I guarantee you that the feedback you get will AMAZE you, and be way more positive than you imagined. (I know you’ve been imagining the worst case scenarios. But c’mon dude. Even you have to laugh at those nightmare scenarios your brain serves up now and then).

You are so talented. I know sometimes (very often) you doubt yourself or take it for granted, leaving others scratching their heads wondering why you are hiding your luminous self in that shell of yours. So borrow a little of that Aries energy and let it be the firepower you need to launch you out of your hidey-hole. Don’t wait on it. You are ready. You are good enough just as you are.

So here’s the game plan this month, any time those doubts arise. Simply imagine you have a remote in your hand, and press the ‘Mute’ button on those silly nay-saying thoughts. You’ve allowed those thoughts to have a field day for a couple of months now, and you’re used to them being there. You’ve let them have their say, you’ve stayed with the emotions that they served up to you, but the time for all of that is over now. You’ve molted, that old skin is no longer necessary or of any use – so shake it all off.

It’s time to emerge and bring your beautiful Moonchild self out for a day in the Sun.

It doesn’t have to be a big, bold move all at once, although the energy does support that. You can simply choose to do one thing different every day. Take the action that helps you expand, instead of remaining the same. Choose the thing that makes your heart smile, that helps your soul feel buoyant, that pushes you ever so slightly out of your comfort zone. Choose beauty, choose hope. Choose to see all the beauty and joy you are surrounded by – for real. Allow those things to reach right into your heart. By the end of the month, you will feel new, shiny and bolder than you’ve felt for months.

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Leo / Leo Rising

Everyone wishes they could be as confident and exuberant as you are, and you know it. Truly. The world loves it when a Leonine creature shines – there is no sight more beautiful or more captivating. This newer, wiser you who has gone through so much in the recent years is just bursting with new insights, thoughts, opinions, and a knowing of just where to go and what to do. You are the leader we need in these times – full of heart and courage.

The problem is though, not all of us are quite up to speed. Some of us still have those back alleys and detours to wander through. Others just need a super soft approach.

Spare all of us a thought, dear Leo. We don’t have as much firepower as you do. Sometimes we need a bit more time to catch up. This being Aries season and all, could have you unleashing your fire just a tad too enthusiastically. So this month, while staying firmly in your truth, your challenge is to spot those situations where your gentleness is being called for. To feel that holding back or smiling gracefully instead is not a dilution of your authenticity, or being hypocritical –  but about having compassion for the other. That even if someone rejects what you have to say, that it really isn’t anything personal – perhaps they are simply not ready to hear it yet. Maybe holding your tongue and NOT dishing it out may in fact be the nobler, bigger thing to do.

Yeah, I know. That sucks. But you know what’s the result of this restraint? That your energy can be reserved instead for better things, such as… Feeling that satisfaction when that friend finally comes round and ASKS for your advice, and is now truly ready to listen. And seeing right in front of your eyes what a difference it makes when your words are heard and acknowledged when it is solicited and appreciated 100%. It’s also such a great opportunity to see how it feels, just holding your own personal truths and living it out, without needing anyone’s validation. And you know what? That bounce in your step and smile on your face will not go unnoticed, brave Lion. Your admirers will come to YOU and clamor to know your secret. Then, you can choose whether or not you want to share!

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Virgo / Virgo Rising

My dear Virgo, are you ready to let go of your doomsday scenarios? Good change, bad change – they’re all change. There’s tons of advice out there on how to deal with life’s crises, but how about when great things happen? No one talks about how good change requires adjustments too. But they really do! Because something beautiful is happening in your life, my love. You were a caterpillar and now you’re a butterfly. (You spent Dec – Mar in a gooey state, floating around in your cocoon.) Except you don’t quite realize you have wings now and you’re still walking around a little befuddled.

Let me tell you the ways you have changed: you’ve let go of so much, baggage that you thought would plague you always. Do you know how admirable, how courageous that is? You’re so much stronger, so much braver, and so much calmer. As a result, your world is so much broader too. You have this whole world ahead of you, an entire oyster for your taking. You have so many skills under your belt. Your iron will is now refined into a beautiful diamond drill bit that can make serious headway into any arena you have chosen.

The overarching change is a positive, breath-taking one – but the minor shifts and aftershocks may be a little unpleasant. Relationships shift. Job situations shift. Sources of income shift. The fact is – all of these shifts are happening for the better. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a little uncomfortable.

So if your default is to clench through change, this month, you will be challenged to do some deep breathing through it all. To unclench your jaw, and relax your sweaty grip. You are to practice seeing the silver lining, the positive, in ALL THINGS. You have to be willing to let go of expecting the worst as a kind of defense mechanism against the world. Let those scenarios go. Don’t future-trip. Your power lies in the present moment.

You’re truly closing the the door on a period in your life where things were… not fun. I get it. It was hard, you had to deal with so many things, sometimes it seemed like you were all alone… Those experiences may have left their mark and left you unconsciously expecting the worst, even though your gut tells you it’s all okay now. Trust your gut. It IS all okay now. You’re embarking on this new journey, and you don’t need those fear-based responses weighing you down.

What does this new world require of you? Your whole heart, your joy, your innocent belief in the innate goodness of people, the beauty of your dreams, that smile on your face that inspires so many. Your worries can’t win if you don’t let them. Unclench. Fears don’t stand a chance in the radiance of your soul.

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Libra / Libra Rising

Do you see your life as a marathon, or a series of sprints? I see you rolling, full steam ahead towards your goals. But lady, what’s your hurry? You are in the midst of far-reaching changes. It’s the stuff that changes your life fundamentally – how you do things, why you do them, your raison d’être for existence, basically. And you want to make sure you’re laying your foundation right. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that everything you need has to materialize right NOW or you’re doing everything wrong.

That sense of overwhelm you feel isn’t a sign that you’ve fallen behind. In fact, quite the contrary – with your intuition growing, you simply have a greater sense of what lies ahead. All of that information can be overstimulating if you don’t know what to do with it. It may leave you feeling like there’s some kind of finish line you need to race towards, and to get there as soon as possible – but you really don’t want to miss out on this part of the journey. This thing right here, is where all the rich, juicy stuff is.

April asks that you break everything down into a workable plan. This requires you to get centered within yourself, and to ask yourself what you need every step of the way. Even if the to-do list is made up of mundane tasks like setting up a work schedule, starting a fitness plan you think you can commit to, getting rid of stuff you no longer need so that you can invite all the good things into your life – these are the baby steps you will thank yourself for when things start getting really exciting for you. And things WILL be getting very, very exciting for you, so don’t see this as drudgery – see it as some much needed prep time!

It could also mean that you pull back from social activities a little more while you make these adjustments. You may love nothing more than being social, meeting and talking with people, but my dear Libra, sometimes these activities could be distracting you from your bigger picture needs. Pull back a little so that when the time comes, you’ll be more than ready to act from a strong, grounded place.

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Scorpio / Scorpio Rising

Woah Scorpio, you’ve been in major giver mode this year. You’ve been out there fighting fires, having adventures, climbing mountains, exploring distant lands. 2016 has probably been proving to be quite an intense experience! This month is a time of synthesis for all that has been going on, a time of respite from a demanding period of action.

This month, imagine yourself as the eye in the center of the storm. While all the world’s rushing about you, you will be there, all meditative and calm and OM-ing your way through it all. So what are the things worth pondering about? The lessons of the past quarter. The exciting changes you will soon be inviting into your life. This is like the recess, the chance to pause. So don’t fight those urges to stay at home and curl up with a book. Know that it’s okay to tend to the stirrings of your soul – there is no more pressing business than that.

Remember that it isn’t just an intellectual process. This meditative state will also require you to delve into your emotions. How do you FEEL about where you are at right now? Where is your heart at? Even if it’s an unexpected, or even unwelcome emotion, like wistfulness that comes up – even when all the change has been good, right and exciting, I hope you will be able to sit with it, my love. Because whether you like it or not, memories and emotions will be coming to the surface and demanding to be acknowledged, sat with, explored. And eventually loved and accepted, no matter how uncomfortable. Especially if you’ve been stuffing anything down or sweeping them under the carpet. I know sometimes it gets VERY uncomfortable, and you’d just rather be practical and get on with business and go about helping the world and fixing problems and coming up with brilliant solutions! And you will get all of that done.

But consider that the thing that’s most helpful to you – and by extension – the world at this time, is to spend time unravelling your deeper processes. All it really takes is for you to bear witness. You don’t even have to act on them. You simply have to say to yourself, to your heart: “It is safe for you to feel what you feel. Show me how you are feeling, and I promise to hold them without judgement.”

Trust this going within. It won’t be for ever! Delving deeply into yourself will allow yourself to emerge into May with a lot more clarity. You will be refreshed and renewed, and feel so much stronger within yourself by the end of the month.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

Fight or flight? I’m guessing your dial is often turned to Fight. No one would ever mistake you for a doormat, dear Sagittarius. But in April, falling back on your default isn’t going to serve you. To be sure, sometimes fighting IS the best response. Sometimes there will be bullies, there will be people who push your buttons just because. Sometimes it’s necessary to push back and make those boundaries crystal clear for those who just don’t get it. Especially in the past year, where you had to assert yourself to make forward movement. It’s been trying at times – but now, the war is over, yet the battle is still raging on in your head.

There will be many events flying in through your window. Upheaval gets your defenses up, and it’s so understandable. But they won’t be what they’ll appear to be immediately. Things will take time to reveal themselves. So you don’t want to keep your finger on the trigger and shoot things down that may simply be blessings that are just taking their time to unfold. You don’t want to rush ahead trying to pre-empt any problems you imagine will be happening.

My love: it’s time to revise this offense-is-the-best-defense strategy. April asks that you look at your tendencies to clench up and control. Something tells me you’ve already noticed this tendency of yours, and you’ve been working on it. Keep up the great work. Keep talking to that part of you that jumps to the worst possible conclusion. As you change, your situations change, your responses need to be updated as well. Tend to that side of you that told yourself, you have to fight for all you want, all of the time. That trying to control the outcome would prevent you from getting disappointed. That keeps you from feeling vulnerable. You don’t have to fight anything. You just have to be.

I could swear up and down that the things that are coming are ALL GOOD but if you let that voice that dominates your fears control your perspective, you would never believe me anyway. You wouldn’t be able to see the bounty coming your way, or recognize the bounty that’s already blooming in your life.

So what’s the best thing to do? Hold back on responding, whenever possible. Watch and wait. Wait for emotions to settle before texting back, replying that email, making that phone call. Don’t make decisions in a hurry. Challenge yourself to stay with the discomfort of not responding. Explore root chakra issues. Look for the silver linings. When all else fails, remember this: you are always, always being supported. No matter what. Want proof? Look at the ground that’s holding you up right now. Draw strength from its solid, unwavering nature. All is always well.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

A season of change and growth has gotten you all fired up, filled with new life and energy. Yes! Lately, you haven’t been feeling like yourself – the You you thought you were all along. And you’re totally enjoying it. It’s a true metamorphosis. You’ve let yourself cut loose a little. You aren’t letting yourself be defined solely by your heavy responsibilities any longer. There’s life outside of your to-do list and 10-year plans. You’re learning to live in the moment a lot more. You’re learning to pace yourself, and schedule in time for R&R and some good old fun. Air is coming into your life. You are totally on the right track, and feeling so good about it.

This month, savor those feelings, dear Cappy. With this new levity in your life, you’re learning how to incorporate this new facet of you into everything you’re doing. This involves some renegotiation, saying no, not over-promising. So don’t expect to get everything perfect from the start – you may see that some areas of your life still require some restraint, while you can afford to cut loose elsewhere. It’s a whole learning process where you will get to know what works for you, and what just doesn’t anymore. Be playful, have fun with it!

The caveat is that you’ll also have to fulfill those obligations that you made in the past – that are’t entirely suited to this new you now – but still obligations that you have to carry out all the same. I know, that’s not fun, but sometimes life still requires us to do some adult-ing now and then.

It may also be helpful to know that not everyone is prepared to deal with who you are, full-on 100% yet. Not everyone is aware of how you’ve been changing – it’s all been going on under the surface! (And truthfully not everyone deserves to know, either.) While you don’t have to manage their responses, don’t be surprised if they treat you like the old you or try to fit you back into that comfortable box that served THEM so well, but you – not so much. So draw those boundaries when the need arises. Just play it light and gentle, try not to take things personally, and you’ll emerge with an even stronger sense of self at the end of the month!

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

Where’s the confetti? I hope you can see that I’m vigorously showering it all upon you, setting off fireworks for you, and throwing the biggest party ever for you. Yup, it’s truly a month for celebration, dear Aquarius. You can allow yourself to feel pleased. In fact, let that joy and appreciation for all your efforts be your month-long theme. Your airy cool intellect often doesn’t allow you to dwell in those happy feelings for long, but this month, that’s just not going to fly. You have the all-clear from the Universe to revel in the good stuff you’ve done all year.

Let me just go through some of the highlights for you: you’ve gotten yourself organized. You’ve faced a demon or two (or ten). You’ve regained focus and got yourself on track to your dreams. You never allowed yourself to wallow. Seeds have started sprouting – you will be seeing some well-deserved results. Do not for a second doubt that it’s all some kind of fluke, or to dismiss your efforts. Don’t allow your ego to downplay it. Allow yourself to see that you’ve been working so hard to keep yourself on the straight and narrow, and it’s all been paying off!

Expect to hear good news about all the seeds you’ve sown 6 months ago. Some of these rewards may not be tangible though, so do keep that in mind too. Do you feel freer and lighter? Has your heart opened to more love? Is everything humming along nicely? Do you wake up with a blessed feeling of peace in your heart? That is all so, so good my love. Happiness dwells in all the little things and you’re starting to really appreciate this fact.

Take a pause and really allow the truth of this new open vista sink in even further. Look all around you, look at the ground under your feet, the sky stretching out above you endlessly. Allow yourself to feel just how good it is, where you’re currently at. And don’t be in a hurry to rush off to the next thing! Consider how you can best take advantage of the opportunities opening up to you as a result of your growth and efforts. Appreciate yourself and all the hard work you’ve put in. (Also, major plus: you may find that the gods of shopping will be smiling upon you this month. Time for an image update, and a wardrobe upgrade maybe?)

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Pisces / Pisces Rising

Congratulations are in order for you, my lovely Pisces. I know it might not seem like there’s anything to celebrate just yet – it’s all been going on under the surface for you, but I know you’ve been kicking butt when it comes to the demon that’s been nipping at your heels – perhaps in the form of that tendency to worry, obsess, and letting your fears get the better of you. It felt like you were just barely treading water for a while. All that kept you going was the sight of shore – and you’ve been swimming with all your might. And thankfully, your hard work is starting to pay off, and you are winning. You aren’t letting your those old fears control your responses any longer.

As a result, your world is opening up for you. It’s like the blinders have come off and instead of looking at this narrow little path that you believed was all there is – you’ve suddenly realized, holy smokes, there’s this great big world out there – and it’s all so THRILLING. Like a breath of fresh air that is giving you life. Your mind has been steadily letting go of all the things that used to just trigger you and hurt you and torment you and now, there’s just so much more breathing room. And if you aren’t quite feeling this way yet, don’t worry – you’ll soon be. You’re moving into a lighter, freer space – you’ve been doing such a wonderful job, I hope you are proud of yourself!

This month, all you have to do is trust that these changes are here to stay. This is your new way of being. That there is a state of being that is so much more worry free, so much more trusting, so much more confident up ahead, waiting for you. And as long as you don’t let up on your efforts, any pace is a good pace. You are getting there, my dear Pisces.

There may be some attempts by your ego as a last ditch attempt to coax you back into your worried thoughts and self-judgements though. But as long as you are aware of this, you can be prepared. See them as more opportunities to practice self-love and compassion towards yourself. Stay strong and keep to your meditation practice. Breathe. Know that even when you  backslide for a day or two, you are STILL making progress. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Be ever so gentle, you’ve just done a lot of releasing work. Schedule a retreat if you can! Keep breathing, talk it out whenever you can, move your body – facilitate the movement of this age old baggage out of your system. We are all cheering you on every step of the way.

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