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Lunar Wisdom: Aries New Moon April 7 – May 5


This New Moon is a Super Moon in Aries, exact at 7.23 a.m. EST. Do you feel spurred on to action? Ready to take charge and grab the bull by its horns? There’s a rush of enthusiasm and boldness in the air and all we want to do is charge forward with our plans! And that’s all wonderful, but it’s also important to do so from a place of your highest integrity, and not take any shortcuts or settle for a short term gain that just doesn’t actually serve you or your vision in the long run.

Why compromise when being patient and taking steady steps will yield something more satisfying in the long run? Check your ego and make sure you aren’t acting out of a fear or competitiveness (which is really fear-based, too!) or a belief that there’s just not enough to go around. The world is SO abundant, there’s enough for everyone.

When in doubt, take the action that brings you the most fun, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Focus on the journey and not the outcome. Release the pressure. Having a beginner’s mindset, curiosity and love for what you do will bring you much further than pushing yourself to perform this lunar cycle. So pace yourself, my dear!

You can also take the opportunity to set your New Moon intentions – write a pen-and-paper wish list within 8 hours of the New Moon for the most potent magic to plant your idea-seeds.

Guidance from the Divine Feminine, the Kuan Yin Oracle:

It is all unfolding as it should this lunar cycle, lovers. You’ll look all around you and see a sea of green – any seeds sown 6 months before will be peeking their heads out, little sprouts full of promise. Things held back will start flowing – or you will realize that they weren’t meant to be after all, and be able to move on. There is too much goodness in your life right now to hang on to the could-have-beens! How is your heart holding up through these changes? Fill it with faith, grace and courage: know that you are divinely equipped to handle all that comes your way.

Kuan Yin art by artist Zeng Hao.

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Your April Tarotscopes

Hello my love, this month, a celebration is in order. You are no longer who you were. You walked a difficult, often harrowing path, and you are emerging out the other side. Often times, on this path, there were many decisions you had to make, twists and turns you had to navigate. There were moments that broke your heart. There were times you had no idea if you could piece it back together again. It all seemed relentless… But that is all firmly in the past now. Not only will things never be the same again, you won’t want things to be the same again once you have a taste of your new reality.

The trick here though, is to be here now. All you have to do, is to live very, very consciously in the present. This will take some work because the memory of all that you had to go through is still very fresh, very raw in your mind.

So this month, promise yourself: give any new situations that arise a chance to show you what they are, before you go into fight-or-flight, panic mode. Before you tense up and attempt to fight things off using the old ways. Be gentle with yourself in this process, because it’s all too natural to assume that the things that are showing up will require your troubleshooting skills. They won’t! Chances are, many things will simply fall into place without much pushing on your part. We are now in the age of the Feminine – pushing not required. Flowing is. Doing is still necessary, but forcing will not be. Are you ready to welcome your new self, your beautiful new life that you’ve labored so hard to birth into being? Even happy things require an adjustment – so allow yourself this period of wiggling around, getting used to your new wings!

Read on for your sign – remember to read for your rising sign as well to get a more complete picture!

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