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Your March Tarotscopes


Your purpose for existence: to be unapologetically you

It’s really an exciting time to be alive – an exciting point in time to be who you are, doing what you do. Especially if you’ve ever felt on the sidelines, the odd one out, strange and estranged at any point of your life – these are the years when things will start making sense for you. Everything that you ever thought was some kind of cosmic joke in your life, will start to become the threads that start pulling together into something beautiful. That will see you saying, ‘Well, of COURSE it had to be that way!” March will be such a month, where, if you allow it – you can start letting the future in, as quickly as you release those self-doubts.

March sees cause for celebration, a completion of a cycle or reaching of a goal – can we hear a hell yes? This will have you feeling free and joyous, bringing with it a much-needed lightness. Whew.

It’s like passing an exam or getting accepted into the school or job you applied for. Take the time to celebrate, and give yourself a breather! Before the next level of work begins – which you’re more than ready for, by the way. It will also be an opportunity to learn to delegate, prioritize, streamline, let go of certain things – in order to move more effectively towards your broader goals.

Consciousness is also greatly expanding at this time – to the point where you can no longer ignore the ‘psychic’ side of your life. That the information people consider to be extra-sensory is really a part of your day-to-day. It’s the Inner Wisdom that I refer to – your personal connection with the spiritual side of life, your personal interpretation of the Divine. Because if we look at our external realities, certainties aren’t a given anymore. Don’t waste your precious energy fighting change and trying to keep everything the way it was, because change is simply a way to call you to look within. March will offer up opportunities to do so, and to learn to put more faith into your own intuition.

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Aries – Shaman of Wands (reversed)
How are you directing your personal power, Aries? Because this month, if you are experiencing any slow downs at all, especially in the beginning of the month, you are being called to look within to how you go about bringing your visions to life in this world.

Deep down inside, you know you are capable. More than capable. You have your plans and your dreams all lined up, ready to go – but for one thing: a trust in your own personal power. This month, take the time to confront those tricky feelings around trusting how you wield your power, your creative force, and how you go about making things happen in your life. This is the time to be very, very honest with yourself. Because you wouldn’t be given dreams you aren’t capable of bringing to life. So whenever you start having the urge to push for things to happen in all other areas of your life, when you’re micro-managing, feeling fussy and controlling… Could it be that you’re avoiding that ONE thing in your life you want to put your attention and power towards? Because you may be afraid of failure, or that perhaps you just care too much about it, that if it stayed in your mind, it would be safer, and thus perfect?

What do we know about perfection? That’s right, that it doesn’t exist. Your idea, project, dream would serve all of us better in the real world, no matter how imperfect, than if it were to remain in your head, forever perfect but you know, non-existent in real life. You are bold. You are innovative. Perhaps you may be looking for confirmation, for something that exists just like what is in your mind, before you begin – but there’s a reason why you can’t find it. YOU are the one who’s supposed to bring it to life! So just start where you are. Every single day, just one step. 15 minutes. An hour. It all adds up. And soon your baby will be out in the world, taking its first steps. We will be waiting.

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Taurus – Priestess of Swords, tilted left
I see you sitting at a lake or large body of water, gazing serenely into its depths… Or simply zoning out, and allowing your mind to take over, to process the recent happenings of the past months. Your emotions have been through the wringer – not necessarily over sad things, in fact, I think many things have been happy for you! But you’re already feeling the max-out, overstimulation, and you’re ready for your feelings to take a break. And that’s going to be your happy place this month – letting your intellect to take over a bit to take care of things for you, to have a little bit of a cooling effect in your life.

My lovely Taurus: you are much wiser now. So much wiser than even just a year before. You’re now able to read situations much better, and more importantly, you know YOURSELF much better. Trust that you’re in a way more empowered position. You now know the difference between an emotional decision and an informed one. So if there’s any residual fear or self-doubt around making and trusting your own decisions, know that those are simply ghosts of the past. Sweep them away. Trust in your judgements and reflections NOW. Put your faith in your critical judgements this month. In order to hear this wisdom better, write more, journal more, take time out to step back from any drama – especially other people’s drama – so that you can allow objectivity to step in. I hope you’re feeling proud of yourself. How much you’ve grown!

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Gemini – 10 of cups, reversed
Hi Gemini, where are you right now? Are you somewhere in the past, or are you future-tripping? The present is beckoning, it wants you here, right now. I see that perhaps there has been something you’ve not been expressing. Something about how you’ve been FEELING, so strongly, that you’ve kept tucked away simply because ‘it’s not nice’, you didn’t want to cause any trouble, maybe you just didn’t have the words to express it just yet. This month, you may notice that all of those feelings are bringing you away from your current reality, and may be what’s making you miss out on all the good stuff that’s going on in your life right now.

This is not an admonishment, or to make you feel guilty so that you should ‘count your blessings!’ or ‘be grateful!’ – it’s simply about slowing down to take time to appreciate all the work you’ve put in to get to where you are now, and that perhaps there isn’t anything else in the past you can fix – or anywhere in the future you need to rush off to. Your gifts, opportunities, challenges, blessings they are all happening in the now. Now is where you need to be. Now is ripe for your taking. Now is juicy for your savoring and enjoyment. There’s nowhere you need to go, or to plan towards. Resist the pressure to feel like there’s something else you need to do. So back to those feelings. It’s time to have a gentle sit-down with them. Maybe writing it all out will help. Having a good cry. Scream. Dance. A good heart to heart with someone who understands. Make art. Vent. Do whatever it takes so that you can empty your heart cup of those dark, swirling feels, and soon love and joy will flow back in. It’s that feeling when you’ve had a good cry, and waking up feeling brand new. But first you gotta drain that cup. Then, if action needs to be taken. Take it. But from an even-footed, calm place to address the source of all those emotions.

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Cancer – 8 of Discs reversed
Do you know the difference between striving for something that truly isn’t right for you – and merely encountering resistance against something that you ARE meant for? Because dear Cancer, you actually aren’t far off from your path. In fact, you ARE on the right track – you’re standing right on it. But for some reason you might not be clearly seeing that you are already on it, probably because the past year or so has been a whole whirling mess of confusion, and you’re used to feeling like ‘WTF is going on?” and you’re expecting more of the same.

But things have changed. Trust where you are right now, in the present. Right now, your job is to overcome that resistance to getting started or staying consistent with your work. I’m not sure what your current distraction tool of choice is – whether it’s compulsive internet browsing, Netflix watching, shopping, eating, indulging in self doubt…we’ve all been there. But it’s time to slowly bring yourself back to your present. If it is writing you do, write. Even two lines a day. If it is a business you REALLY want to start, start researching the industry. If it isn’t a clearly defined goal yet, look at all the projects, jobs, work, connections, opportunities that are RIGHT in front of you and get to work, with whatever you have on hand. Work on your craft. Prioritize those that make you joyful, that speak to your highest dreams, even if it’s just on the first step of that journey.

Trust your desires. Start with what’s in your heart. You want what you want for a reason. Once you start taking action on those desires, the reason will become clear to you – but the joy will start flooding in, and you probably wouldn’t even care about the WHY anymore, you’d be so happy. And you deserve ALL the joy and fulfillment you seek.

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Leo – Shaman of Cups tilted right
I have a vision of you, looking so cool and collected. You’re no longer sweating the small stuff, you’re getting so good at resisting those hooks that used to trigger you, almost like a Pavlovian response. Whether it was triggers for comparison, for anxiety, for fear, for anger – you’ve come up against these tests over and over again the past year and man, you’re so good at mastering yourself and your impulses now. Congratulations! This month, you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come. Situations will come up that may have once triggered you, but now you’re just feeling oddly detached – like, oh, this? I can walk away now. I don’t have to respond now. That doesn’t faze me now. It’ll have you feeling like – wow, who IS this person? Who am I? But don’t mistake that odd feeling as there being something wrong – in fact, it’s all very right. That feeling of peace that accompanies you making the right decision is your signal that it’s all good.

And it’s all in good time, too! Because there is a bounty of riches for you to focus your attention on. All the good feelings you seek will come from putting your attention on the things that truly deserve it. You will be working your magic on projects that have you feeling really excited, and fulfills you emotionally, even though you never imagined that they would. They may have you scratching your head, saying, life is a really funny thing! Because it is amazing how quickly things fall into place, especially when you are able to turn away resolutely from the things you know are no longer right for you. Trusting your intuition ALWAYs pays off. This month will also bring you opportunities to explore those happy feelings – excitement, positivity, a sense of creating and working from a place within you that’s strong and confident. You’ll be able to use your new found emotional skills in a way that draws awe and respect from your peers and colleagues. You’ve totally earned it. The world needs more of your calm diplomacy and compassionate leadership. Step right up to the plate, Leo, it’s meant for you.

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Virgo – Son of Cups
How comfortable are you with your intuitive, creative, dreamy self, dear Virgo? This month, you’ll have the chance to find out – it’ll also be the unexpected answer to any issues that may come up for you. Because there is SO MUCH there for you to dive deep into. The only caveat is to bring back those pearls of wisdom to share with the world – in the form of beauty: music, writing, poetry, just for the sheer joy and enjoyment of it. Its only function is to be. And you need that meditative break from time to time – to take a step back from doing, serving, working so hard – and just simply being. Because you DO work so hard. Your 50% may be others’ 100%.

There really isn’t much pushing forward this month, because a lot of the good stuff will be coming up and out from within. Insights that you’re looking for, any forward progress on any current blocks, will come from getting quiet, spending time with yourself on things that you truly enjoy, that brings you in communion with yourself and your own sense of spirituality. Especially if your focus has been on the practical and nitty gritty, down-to-earth business of living in the material world. A lot of insights will also be coming through to you in the form of dreams. All of this is preparing you for the months ahead where you will see a lot more traction and action on the things you are working on. For right now, let joy lead the way. Build a foundation of habits that are consistently joy-evoking: daily walks, time with your art, visiting parks – when things get busy and hectic, you will already have a solid base to support all your efforts.

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Libra – 9 of Wands
It’s a month of action for you – they may be coming up in the form of tests, challenges and conflicts. But it’s really nothing to be worried about – because you are on the right path. A lot of it is coming up to test your resolve about what you’ve set your heart on. It’s testing your alignment with your highest truth – what do you stand for? What do you embody? Even if you don’t see any real evidence or results just yet, please don’t give up, especially if you know in your heart it’s what you really want.

New challenges are also a sign of growth. It’s you moving on to a new level, where everything is a little unfamiliar, yet knowing that you have the inner reserves, previous trials by fire, the experience under your belt, will help you to find the strength to overcome anything March will be bringing your way. In fact, it is a joyous thing, because you will be getting a real sense of where your mastery lies! Sometimes life throws us challenges to show us what we’re really made of, to burn this knowledge into our minds, so that we will never forget. You will be given this invaluable opportunity to truly KNOW how amazing you are. Because you’re on the path to big things. So if you’re in need of some perspective this month, especially if you find yourself getting upset, keep in mind that they are merely temporary blocks, not a ‘No’. Lift your gaze to the horizon, where your goals reside.

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Scorpio – 5 of Discs reversed
Can you feel it? Things will be getting so much smoother, and flowing so much more easily for you this month, especially towards the later part of March. I think for a while you might have been feeling a little left out in the cold – there was a period of soul searching for you, definitely. There was also a sense of plodding along, not knowing who or what you truly care about – there were certainly things that helped to keep you going, but life was missing a bit of that zing. Well, this is the month things will get shaken up, and in a good way. I see clouds breaking apart, and the sun just shining down on you. New opportunities will appear in the horizon, that excite you. There may be a sense of the unexpected about it. It will have a lot to do with you deciding to open your heart too, love. You have been keeping a part of yourself on ice, keeping it frozen… But you’ve decided to thaw it, and open up more. And that is really what is inviting all the joy in, above all things. You will start seeing reasons to have hope. You will start finding reasons to have confidence and faith.

It may have to do with you letting go of a few long held ideals or beliefs that no longer serve you, dear Scorpio. It will have you turning back to things that you’ve always had in your life, but never gave much thought or assigned much value to – until now. It may be your art, your unique form of expression, your intuition, secret gifts within you that you never paid much attention to, but are only now realizing just how valuable they are in your life. Pay heed to the tugging within to spend more time with these things and activities. Allow them to nourish you. Prioritize the time you spend with them. Find joy in the process.

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Sagittarius – High Priestess reversed
Anytime you are stopped in your tracks this month, dear Sagittarius, is really a call for you to turn within. I know, it’s hard for you to stay till – there are so many adventures to be had! But there are depths within you that need to be explored. Your rational mind may be going, but why? There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful world of ours, I can’t just sit here! Because honestly, to direct that wonderful drive of yours, requires a fine tuning of your internal compass. The only way to make sure your efforts are maximized is to first point them in the right direction. And that’s what your intuition is here for, to be in the service of your mind, your get-up-and-go drive. This month, you will learn just how intuitive you really are, and how easily you can lose track of that quiet voice within in the cacophony of your own thoughts, that of others, and in the rush of the day-to-day.

If you are trying to solve an ongoing puzzle in your life right now, the answer lies in your intuition, not through rational thought processes. How does this happen? By first coming back to your body. Spend time in nature, get some exercise. It’s the thoughts that float up when you’re in the shower, or when you’re out walking on a trail, when you’re in a meditative space that are the real answers to your question. It’s the knowing you feel in your gut and in your heart. Even if the answer that comes up is starkly at odds with what you’re thinking in your rational mind, trust it. Your intuition is really such a rich and sacred tool, don’t underestimate its wisdom. And that’s really all you need to know… You will find out just how wise you really are this month.

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Capricorn – 2 of swords
This month, you’ll be taking some time out to process things. It’s been a little overdue for this breather – a lot is going on under the surface, a lot of integration of new ideas and information coming to you, and a lot of changes have been going on in your life. It’s wise to take this break, and to let the demands of others fall by the wayside a little. You need this mental holiday! During the break, some things may come up for you.

Certain truths that you may have neglected are now calling out for your attention. It’s also an opportunity to regain your balance, and for your mind to catch up with everything that has been going on – because things will be moving quickly, for sure. Putting the blinders on will be a form of self-care for you, essentially. Don’t feel bad about needing more time to process things and to think it over – it’s what you need right now.

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Aquarius – Son of Swords
Sometimes it’s just so tempting to try to rush to our destination – you see it right there, it’s so easy to try to get there quicker, and to want it NOW. It’s also easy to neglect to check in with your feelings in the process. If you’re feeling this, it may be valuable to ask yourself – what’s the feeling that you seek to achieve when you get there, wherever ‘there’ may be? Satisfaction? Happiness? Peace? Consider that all of these feelings are available to you, in this moment. And to get there from a place from wholeness, instead of rushing there, and risk missing out on the joy of the process. There’s also a kind of pressure to get somewhere – but please release the pressure, my love.

Turn the dial down on any pressure from within – that may be stemming from old ways of being, models of achieving that you may have picked up in school or elsewhere about the need to do or be something or someone within X years, along with a house, dog, picket fence, 2 kids… No radical change is needed. Just a sense of deliberation. Take a little more time. Meditate. Put down your phone and spend more time in nature. Consciously bring yourself back to your heart from time to time – even 2 minutes a day, hand over heart, taking deep breaths, will serve you so well. You are so much more than your goals.

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Pisces – 6 of Swords
The whole past year has been you moving on… continuously traveling a path towards a sense of wholeness and coming home to yourself. Things haven’t always been easy, as things fell away from your life, but you’ve done a wonderful job so far. You’ve picked up so many valuable insights about yourself and who you really are along the process, and you’re so much richer for it. But admittedly, you may still be feeling a little vulnerable within. There is a lot inside you’re still processing and sifting over, even though it may not be readily apparent from the outside.

In March, more of the recurring themes of the past year, especially around October, will be swimming back into your life. You will get to check back with that to see where you are at emotionally – perhaps it’s time for a proper closure, to lay it to rest in your heart and mind. Because time and distance is needed, for you to get a little more perspective about it. And this month is ripe for so much of that healing, to close the door completely on things you no longer need in your life – especially if they’ve been floating around like specters in your mind. You are on a journey. At this point, you’re only just emerging out of your cocoon a little more this month, as you gain strength and gather your wits. It may not seem like much on the outside, but don’t mistake it for nothing – it is foundational work, and is so vital and important right now.

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(Mandala art by Samantha Daveena – IG: @sam.daveena)

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