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Lunar Wisdom: Pisces Super Moon March 8 – April 6


What an intense year 2016 is already turning out to be, right? If you’re feeling the brain frazzle, this lunar cycle is one where you will have to mindfully turn within and reduce the amount of stimulation you’re receiving, in order to find mental balance and peace.

Love is your birthright

And so is peace. Fear, while a necessary part of survival, is merely programming.

Why are we feeling all this mental pressure? Old stories around fear and survival are coming up big time. In line with the ongoing astrological energies, there is yet another layer of early-life, past life baggage coming up to be addressed and released.

In particular, the old reflexive ways of reacting to fear, in whatever ways it shows up for you – cynicism, taking the safest option, seeking security at all costs – just don’t cut it any more. We are being asked to drop the old programming that tells us: we are not worthy. We are not lovable. We are not safe. We will not be supported.

Like a drumbeat of doom in our heads, we have to rise above the din and ask: who put those voices there? Who, or what, told us this is true? Why do we keep beating the drum, if all it does is keep us scared and small?

In order to move forward on our paths with lighter steps, and a lighter heart, we have to unravel those stories, and breathe into who we are here to become. All of that is yet unwritten, but in this new, beautiful version of you, fear does not run the show.

Birth into joy & celebration

This lunar cycle, I pulled 6 of Cups & 4 of Wands, reinforcing the messages in March’s forecast. If you are not feeling it yet, just hold on: relief is on its way, and an outpouring of joy is coming as Winter blooms into Spring in the Northern hemisphere. This is not a passive thing, like waiting for a bus to arrive. You have to strip down, grab your surfboard, ride the waves till the big one comes along, and hop on. Then it will carry you, far, far beyond where you are standing right now. You are a co-creator in recognizing, and riding, this wave of joy and celebration. You have to allow.

To me, it is also a sign that whatever healing work you are doing – whatever you are seeking to let go of – is divinely blessed. All you have to do is be willing.

That’s it. All you have to do, is say: “I am tired of feeling this way. I am tired of believing my own stories of my own unworthiness. I am tired of being scared. Universe, please take it away from me.”

Surrender your story, lay it down. Breathe. Be.

And it will be done.

So much love and blessings to you.



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