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Feel-Good Readings


… are not really what you’ll be getting here. I know, I’m sorry. Even though there’s a part of me that’s like, I WANT to tell you all the wonderful things you want to hear: Your lover will come back to you. Your dream job will land in your lap. You will receive a windfall. Everything will be okay.

I can’t tell you these things (unless they are true!) because most times, things that are showing up in our lives aren’t just ‘happening’ to us. They are not just here to torture us; neither are they necessarily some errant, irritating bit piece of the puzzle we just need to pop back into place so that things can be perfect, and we can be happy again.

Often, these events are mirrors for our internal landscapes. We create our realities as we go along. These realities reflect our beliefs, thought patterns, emotional capacity. There is no real separation between what’s going on in our inner and outer realities. So if you want to find out why you are experiencing what you are going through, there’s no running away from doing the inner work. It’s inner work that leads to true soul growth, which is what we are all here on this planet to engage in. The relief will come from this growth. The sweetness, the joy – all the good juicy stuff, resides there. Even when sadness comes again, as it does, you will soon start seeing it as a natural point in the cycles of our lives, instead of there being something fundamentally wrong with you or your life. You will start seeing it as all a natural part of your Soul growth.

And when it comes to Soul growth, the real work is messy. It’s raw, it’s confusing, it can be painful. It requires digging deep, and being compassionately honest with yourself really helps. And only then can I help you shine a light into matters, and help you to the extent which you are willing to be honest with yourself. That’s all you really need: a willingness.

Your wisdom can only be uncovered to the extent you are willing to shovel away the layers of dust and debris you’ve piled up on top of it over the years. To consider that the pain now is just paving a path for you to safely go within; that it’s giving you a clue to the bigger mystery of the real You. An invitation to get closer to your true self.

(Same goes for me. As you do the work, I do the work. I am always doing the work to make sure my ego stays in check, and I am in alignment, in order to properly be of service.)

So sugarcoated fantasies are not what I can tell you without plain lying to you. But do you know what? You DESERVE much more than a sugary tale. You deserve Truth. You are strong enough for it, courageous enough; if you are here, reading these lines, then some part of your soul is already longing to be told truths that will help you to grow, and achieve something beyond superficial, temporary ‘resolution’ to a current predicament. You deserve the full glory, spectrum of your own soul evolution.

Your reading with me will be most productive if you are truly curious to know the WHY. Why you felt motivated to do something. Why you are now in a state of confusion. Why something that once felt true no longer does. And if you are willing, just even a little willing, then I am ready to meet you here, for whatever your higher guidance and inner wisdom is waiting to tell you.

Love always.

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