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February 2016

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Trust the Voice of Your Inner Wisdom

“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
but to be fearless in facing them.

Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.

Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefield,
but to my own strength.

Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved,
but hope for the patience to win my freedom.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

At this time, women are being called to rise to greater heights than ever before. You may have heard this call. Chances are, the fact that you are here reading these words: you are already heeding this call in your life.

We are all being called to rise: rise beyond the ideas of what a woman ‘should’ do and be, what she is capable of; redefining and owning womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood. Reclaiming value and worth in traditionally ‘feminine’ attributes, actions, gifts.

What ‘rising’ also looks like: diving deep into depths. Bursting through barriers. Breaking those chains. Breaking the cycle. Slaying demons. Scaling peaks.

This greater storyline is playing out in the minutiae of our daily lives. From our relationships, to our jobs, to our families, our relationships with our own bodies, there is a stirring, a calling, a yearning. Sometimes it happens in more violent ways, the rug pulled out from under us; something more dramatic to get our attention. Then there are those who have already heard the whispers and have followed the call, quietly. They have paved the way and are beacons of light in these times.

Change is in the air. If one doesn’t look closely, to see beyond the surface, it can all seem and feel like nothing but pure chaos.

Wisdom Goods was born out of this Chaos.

What’s needed to ferry us across the churning waters of chaos and confusion?

It is clear to me: Our own inner wisdom. The divine that lives within us. In this space, I will be exploring the ways we can hear our inner wisdom better. The way wisdom looks in real life, how it appears to be, how it feels – and how we can apply its whispers in our lives.

I was once bereft, cut off from the voice of my inner wisdom. But now that I have reclaimed it, I can no longer imagine life without it. It is essential for navigating these times. Let us all rise, and bravely move forward, guided by the lamps of our inner wisdom.


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Feel-Good Readings


… are not really what you’ll be getting here. I know, I’m sorry. Even though there’s a part of me that’s like, I WANT to tell you all the wonderful things you want to hear: Your lover will come back to you. Your dream job will land in your lap. You will receive a windfall. Everything will be okay.

I can’t tell you these things (unless they are true!) because most times, things that are showing up in our lives aren’t just ‘happening’ to us. They are not just here to torture us; neither are they necessarily some errant, irritating bit piece of the puzzle we just need to pop back into place so that things can be perfect, and we can be happy again.

Often, these events are mirrors for our internal landscapes. We create our realities as we go along. These realities reflect our beliefs, thought patterns, emotional capacity. There is no real separation between what’s going on in our inner and outer realities. So if you want to find out why you are experiencing what you are going through, there’s no running away from doing the inner work. It’s inner work that leads to true soul growth, which is what we are all here on this planet to engage in. The relief will come from this growth. The sweetness, the joy – all the good juicy stuff, resides there. Even when sadness comes again, as it does, you will soon start seeing it as a natural point in the cycles of our lives, instead of there being something fundamentally wrong with you or your life. You will start seeing it as all a natural part of your Soul growth.

And when it comes to Soul growth, the real work is messy. It’s raw, it’s confusing, it can be painful. It requires digging deep, and being compassionately honest with yourself really helps. And only then can I help you shine a light into matters, and help you to the extent which you are willing to be honest with yourself. That’s all you really need: a willingness.

Your wisdom can only be uncovered to the extent you are willing to shovel away the layers of dust and debris you’ve piled up on top of it over the years. To consider that the pain now is just paving a path for you to safely go within; that it’s giving you a clue to the bigger mystery of the real You. An invitation to get closer to your true self.

(Same goes for me. As you do the work, I do the work. I am always doing the work to make sure my ego stays in check, and I am in alignment, in order to properly be of service.)

So sugarcoated fantasies are not what I can tell you without plain lying to you. But do you know what? You DESERVE much more than a sugary tale. You deserve Truth. You are strong enough for it, courageous enough; if you are here, reading these lines, then some part of your soul is already longing to be told truths that will help you to grow, and achieve something beyond superficial, temporary ‘resolution’ to a current predicament. You deserve the full glory, spectrum of your own soul evolution.

Your reading with me will be most productive if you are truly curious to know the WHY. Why you felt motivated to do something. Why you are now in a state of confusion. Why something that once felt true no longer does. And if you are willing, just even a little willing, then I am ready to meet you here, for whatever your higher guidance and inner wisdom is waiting to tell you.

Love always.

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Lunar Wisdom: Aquarius New Moon Cycle Feb 8 – Mar 7


There’s a lot going on in the world. (There’s always been a lot going on in the world.) But can you feel it? Things are shifting and changing. And change makes some of us profoundly uncomfortable. Some lash out. Some freeze and become controlling, wield their egos in an effort to try to make everything stay the same. It’s a sticky, fearful anxiety. And there’s no need to judge others, because really, there’s some part in all of us that behaves like this occasionally. This lunar cycle, you may be feeling this. But you will know better. The first thing to do is to step back from the drama. The bickering, the strife, the urge to poke at someone with your sword or to direct your frustration at someone – step. away.

  • direct your energy mindfully

Because this fiery energy, this urge to pick a fight can be used way more wisely and efficiently. Channel this energy into your priorities, a creative project, a worthwhile hobby, creating a new income stream for yourself – anything that gets your gears turning and is juicy enough for your mind to chew on. Because the potential is HUGE for you to finally master not getting hooked into drama, turning around and saying no every time something is devolving into pettiness. Turning off the news and stopping yourself from scrolling down a news feed that makes you feel fearful and small. When your ego wants to come out and play and cause trouble, wanting to prove yourself to somebody or to pick at an old grudge or resentment, you can catch yourself and shut it down before a drama is set into motion. This could even come up for you in the form of old memories, intruding thoughts and recollections that trigger reactions in you – to spiral down into obsessively going over stuff and picking over the bones of the past in your mind. Don’t go there.

  • are you gonna let them distract you?

You can and you will recognize it for what it is – a waste of your beautiful life force –  say NON MERCI, turn on your heel and walk away. Because truly, all of these little things are simply stuff that distract you from what you’re here to be and to do. This quote from Toni Morrison comes to mind:

“The function, the very serious function, of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language, so you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly, so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of that is necessary. There will always be one more thing.” 

Replace racism with whatever it is that pricks you and gets your goat and you get the idea. The point is, someone will always be saying something. Someone will always be doing something. And you won’t always be liking it. But is there really a need to react? 99% of the time: Nope. So do your best to stay focused. Because you will be so productive! Your energy is so precious, so needed for healing, beautiful and creative things. Once that reactive side of you is disengaged, that energy will be freed up for creatively solving problems, seeing things in a new light, coming up with new ideas. A whole new world will open up for you.

  • feminine force

This cycle, you will have the opportunity to fully explore your softer strength. Your ability for restraint. Your ability to love and lead from the heart. It doesn’t mean you have to stay silent and take someone’s BS. It’s an act of self-love to remove yourself from a situation that’s purely destructive and makes you feel small. But what it does mean is that you can grow to appreciate the sheer beauty and efficiency of not needing to have a clash of egos. Side-stepping land mines with the grace of a gazelle. Holding your tongue instead of  ‘telling them how it really is!’ will bring you an inner peace that is priceless. Stay soft and strong like the Goddess you are.


Yin Empress
3 of Swords, 2 of Wands, 9 of Wands

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Your Tarotscopes for February

Overall Theme for the Month

It’s time to move forward, for real. A whole new vista is awaiting, where we can’t bring along any checked baggage. So what will you be packing in your hand-carry? Remember, only the essentials are allowed. My suggestion: The barest minimum. The lessons learnt. The knowledge that You Know Better Now. Anything else, any mistake you are still beating yourself up for, anything or anybody you’re still harbouring resentment toward – chalk it all up to life experiences, things you had to go through in order to become the person you are today. Especially for any events in 2015 that you’re still a tiny big hung up on (even if you won’t admit it to anyone else). February is about cleaning house, literally and figuratively. What can you say goodbye to this month, once and for all? Because the future is too good for you to be bringing any of that old junk into it, my love. And that future is opening up, so quickly. It’s a time of profound change. If you are willing to let go of all that never was, all that only served to bring you down, you will become ever closer to the person you are here to be.


Son of Cups (reversed)

How has your year been treating you so far? Has it been somewhat hectic – or have you been stressing yourself out, thinking of everything you want to accomplish this year? Remember, your overarching guidance this year is to PLAY! And in February, this will be even more emphasized as demands pull you in all directions. Take time out to reach into what lights you up and leaves you feeling cheerful and happy. And don’t just leave it for the weekends – do something small for yourself every single day, even for just 5 minutes, to reconnect with your child within, even if it’s just aimless daydreaming. Prioritize it. This will do wonders for your creativity. When you re-emerge, you’ll be feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Ideas and inspiration will come to you when you’re not consciously doing anything or worrying about being productive.

This month, release: Worry about productivity.

Invite in: Fun & play.

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6 of Wands (tilted left)

Your creative fire is something that can’t be held back, dear Taurus. It might be useful to keep this in mind in future, no matter what you go through – that your instincts and drive can never be taken away by anybody. They are your lifeblood. In February, you’re feeling your fire re-awaken in you again. Your passion for life, your curiosity and excitement that make you feel alive. You have the opportunity to remember why you started on your journey in the first place. Why you do what you do. Why you’ve made the choices that brought you onto your current path. Enjoy how it feels as you start playing around with the ideas in your mind – you can’t go wrong when you are following what lights you up. It’s a fire you’re learning to protect – don’t allow anyone to take that away from you again. Hold this feeling close to your heart, to carry you through this moment, the next, and all moments thereafter.

This month, release: fear of not being good enough

Invite in: accepting all your creative impulses, not judging them

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Isn’t it a delicious feeling, to see your creations come together, the pieces of your project fall into place just so, when things are running so smoothly, and you’re in the midst of it all, luxuriating in the flow? The feeling that I get for you in February is just ‘Mmmm…’ like cutting into a warm, moist chocolate lava cake, and the molten core is just flowing out, like honey down your throat. This is one of those months for you, dear Gemini, where you can find yourself in this flow. This is the month to take action on those dreams, goals and plans of yours. Any idea that you’ve been mulling over in your mind, any dream that you’ve been unable to shake….if you are still dragging your feet, what are you waiting for, really? If there’s any reluctance on your part, any kind of doubt – take some serious time out to look at it. Any perceived obstacle is just an illusion, not a sign for you to stop. You are ready for some magic making, it’s extra important that you listen to your heart, not your head. Take that step and you’ll be unstoppable.

This month, release: self-doubt, procrastination, playing with the ‘what-ifs’ in your mind excessively

Invite in: Grounded action, trust in your flow

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High Priestess (reversed)

What’s bugging you, dear Cancer? Maybe it’s time to let that busy mind of yours rest a while. I know, it’s kind of a challenge. There are a million things to do, things that are supposed to happen but haven’t materialized yet, places you want to go, things to achieve. This February, it will be wise to slow it down a little. Your intuition is calling out to you. It will be helpful to know that: everything is happening just as it should. You are where you need to be. The external details are not as important as where your heart is at. Don’t ignore its call! How do you feel when you are alone with yourself? What will it take for you to fall in love with yourself again? Instead of making moves in the external world, trying to fix in from the outside in, I promise you, if you dare gift yourself the bounties of YOUR own love, attention and effort, everything you wish and hope for in your life will soon blossom.

This month, release: needing things to look a certain way, ideas of how things ‘should’ be

Invite in: accepting all that is, unconditional acceptance of all that is in your life right now

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Shaman of Cups (reversed)

January was perhaps a surprising month for you. There was a lot of quick action and things happening out of the blue, beautiful surprises and wonderful gifts. You may not even have known how to react to it all! As you go forward on your path, picking and choosing the great stuff from your bounty, don’t forget to consult what your emotions have to say about it all. Take time to process things emotionally. There are times when our intellects are able to take it all in, and things seem totally fine – but our bodies and our hearts need time to catch up, and for us to know how we truly feel about it all. To make the most out of the wonderful things coming your way, elect for those that make ALL of you – body, heart, and soul – sing. Then focus all your energies on it. Learn to say no to those that you’re just meh about. Because those that truly have the potential to make you happy, will soon be taking up all your time and attention.

This month, release: pushing yourself too hard, overwork

Invite in: a renewed commitment to self-care, checking in with your emotions

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What has 2016 shown you so far, dear Virgo? Specifically, what has January shown you about yourself? You may have come face to face with certain demons you thought you had cast out once and for all. I hope you weren’t unduly worried by that go-around, because this month, you’ve shed a layer of the past anew, and you’re more than ready to embrace life and love more fully. They came up for you to show you that: you don’t need to be that way anymore. You don’t need that old junk you’ve been carrying around. You aren’t the person you were anymore. You are bigger, bolder, brighter – and you’re worthy of so much more than you believed you deserved. You’re learning to get into a rhythm where you aren’t pushing and striving, but allowing yourself to flow. You’re learning how good love can feel when it’s in your heart, you are in the present, and not planning 100 steps into the future. Congratulations, Virgo, you’re on the right track. Any time you bump up against something this month, tap into how your heart feels, tune into love, don’t be quick to react – and you’ll be just fine. This month, you will be feeling so in love with the Universe – celebrate, because it has been in love with you all along.

This month, release: being too hard on yourself, thinking that old habits define who you are

Invite in: surrender, unconditional self-love

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What we resist, persists. February is a month that invites you to feel your feelings thoroughly, dear Libra. It doesn’t necessarily mean spiraling into any dark places or getting stuck – it’s not about dwelling on the downsides. Society prizes staying upbeat and ‘positive’ – and while that can remind us to show gratitude for what’s going well in our lives, it does a great disservice to us to deny the other not-so-socially acceptable emotions. All emotions are equally valid; when we repress them, it becomes stuck energy that can make us ill. So as you make moves in your life, any time you feel frustrated, angry, sad or any other emotion you don’t quite like experiencing, do yourself a favor and try not to fight it. Channel it creatively. This could involve journaling, speaking it aloud, singing, screaming, yelling – anything works, just let it out. Just remember: feeling them doesn’t mean that they are the truth. But as energy, it’s important that it finds an outlet. Life will flow when you give in to its currents.

This month, release: fear of being alone

Invite in: creating a safe space for yourself to experience your emotions without judgement

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Anything that has been out of balance in your life will show itself to you in February, dear Scorpio. These imbalances will alert you to all that you want to correct and make adjustments for, so that your health, well-being and happiness can come first. Simply because you deserve to be happy, period. Long-term happy. Overflowing with joy kinda happiness. Too much work and not enough play? Spending too much time indoors, no time for fresh air? It’s a great time to balance out the stresses of your life. I’m hearing Mother Nature calling out to you – I’m pretty fond of prescribing it universally, but for you, it’ll be especially soothing to your soul.

This month, release: pushing yourself too hard

Invite in: time to be, spending time in nature

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Daughter of Cups (tilted extreme right)

In February, it’s time to reel it in your impulses for fun a little bit – I have a feeling I may have already lost you there. So hear me out: January gave you plenty of opportunities to swim in the depths of your emotions, to fully explore your imagination, to paddle around in the warm waters of fun and play. And all that is right and good. Now, it’s time for you apply all that you’ve discovered, all your findings and revelations to the work you have at hand. Which is why it requires you to reel it in, and to turn your focus back to integrating those experiences into your life. It’s time to buckle down. How can you bring all those good feelings to the table, to your existing projects? Build all of the good stuff into the foundation of whatever you’re working on, so that your work will be an intrinsically playful experience for you, and not something you need to dread. For example, you may have realized your imagination truly flows when you doodle and write aimlessly. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour for that – and then go back to your work. Schedule that creative brainstorming session into your daily routine. You’ll be working a little harder for sure this month, love, but I have a feeling you’ll still be having a ball of a time.

This month, release: thrill seeking for the sake of it, overindulgence

Invite in: infusing fun into work, creating structure that doesn’t leave you feeling bound

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High Priestess

Your intuition will always be your friend and ally. If there’s one thing the past few months has taught you, it’s that working against your intuition is an exhausting endeavour. This month, to move within is to move forward. What speaks to your heart? What makes you feel really, really good? Embrace that, even if it doesn’t look like what you imagined it to be. The more willing you are to be receptive to what your intuition and your gut has to tell you, the easier you will find navigating your way ahead. If you are a fellow lady (hey hey), it will serve you well to go even deeper into getting in touch with your womanhood. Charting your personal moon cycles and seeing how your energy cycles sync up with the moon will allow you to discover a different aspect of yourself, and build an ever deeper relationship with your femininity. Revel in your inner wisdom, dear Capricorn. Feel good about your inner compass, as it leads you towards your highest destiny.

This month, release: second-guessing yourself

Invite in: flowing with your intuition, quiet time

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Daughter of Swords

It’s pretty clear that you’re raring to go this month. Take advantage of this enthusiasm and energy by first checking with your heart it’s in the right place – if it’s something that truly turns you on – before you move forth. This month will support you in making moves towards your goals. That said, if you come up against anything this month, don’t fret. Chances are, it will be completely solvable by first keeping an upbeat attitude and not allowing it to bring your mood down. Anything you uncover in the course of this month is meant to expose to you any areas of your life that you need to look at more clearly to bring to you a more accurate picture of yourself, your strengths and your limitations. Don’t gloss over them. The more you are able to go deeply into them, to integrate your experiences, the more likely you will enjoy what you accomplish at the end of it all.

This month, release: impulse decisions, impatience

Invite in: the belief that everything on your path is only here to help you get to know yourself better

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Have you ever experienced being fully in the flow, loving what you do, where your mind doesn’t come in to judge or rate the experience? Then, all of a sudden, you become a little self-conscious, you let yourself judge yourself a little bit, and all that fun comes crashing to a halt? This month, prioritize what puts you in the flow, what makes you feel happy, and what brings your heart levity and joy, dear Pisces. Goddess knows some structure is important. As a society, it’s already been ingrained in us. So it’s highly unlikely that you’ll wake up one day and completely forget how to keep time or be mindful of your deadlines and appointments. Trust that you will remember everything that’s important and cut loose a little – allow yourself to be in the moment. Don’t let your judging side cut into your fun, or to interrupt your sacred self-care time. When it comes to what feels good, as long as it doesn’t harm anybody, there really aren’t any right or wrongs – don’t get too caught up in attaching labels to things.

This month, release: self-judgement

Invite in: trust in what brings you joy

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