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Lunar Wisdom: New Moon cycle Jan 9 – Feb 7


Lunar Wisdom is a monthly forecast that follows the lunar cycle. As every New Moon begins a new cycle, themes and energies arise that are ripe for us to harness, so that we may ride the ever-changing tides, into a life of ease and flow. 

  • Turn Within

Not all is clear to you right now, and it’s for a reason, Wise One. There are many things that are up in the air: whether it’s your path forward, a situation that has yet to be resolved, or a plan that isn’t quite going as you’ve envisioned it to just yet, there seems to be more question marks than there are answers. Rather than being anything to worry about, they are all simply signs to turn within, an invitation to return to areas that may need additional tweaking and attention. It’s important to stay present, instead of future tripping – take care of the now, and the future will take care of itself.

  • TENd to yourself, before helping others

Instead of turning your attention outwards and helping others just yet, direct your focus towards yourself. The truth is, despite our best intentions, you can’t help others when your base isn’t stable or deeply-rooted. You can’t serve your clients, show up for your friends and family, contribute your best at work, without taking care of your basic needs. So what in your life needs your attention now? What system could be improved so that you’re more efficient? What loose ends need tying up? Where do you need to get right with yourself, with regards to your emotional needs? Is there anything that you’ve shelved away for ‘later’? Well, ‘later’ has arrived. This cycle will be a perfect time to take care of much needed reviews. Channel any anxiety or worry into creative endeavors – list down concerns, discuss possible solutions, do research. You will appreciate having done all this groundwork by the time the New Moon in Feb rolls around.

  • Use your powers of judgement

Towards the end of January, you may start to see things speeding up and moving forward. With any exciting new developments, be sure to use both your head and your heart in making decisions. It’s important to use your powers of judgement and discernment. Review the facts. See things from a place of groundedness and calm when deciding to move forward on any plan – there is no rush to get anywhere.  It all needs to make sense – don’t allow anyone else’s agenda sway you or push you off your path. Delay action or big commitments, if the facts aren’t 100% clear to you yet.

  • Trust in your flow

For the Chinese, it’s the final month of the Year of the Sheep, before we transition into the Year of the Monkey. The tail end of a lunar calendar always brings with it winds of change and renewal. So whenever things happen that may be unexpected or even upsetting, don’t allow it to distress you unduly. Try to take it within your stride. Above all, remember that there is really no pushing required on your path. What’s meant to be yours, will be yours. Don’t strain ahead or try to strategize too far off into the future. Trust that anything that comes up is for a reason, and is bringing you closer to an outcome that will be better than what you’ve ever imagined.

You are always loved, guided and protected.



Cards for January:

King of Swords, King of Cups (reversed), 8 of Wands

The Book of Changes (Kuan Yin)

Cards are drawn from the Marseille Deck & Kuan Yin Oracle.

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