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Has Your Heart Been Broken Recently?


Has the world slapped you in the face, jolting you awake, forcing you to slow down, or even grinding you to a halt completely?

Have you been brought to your knees, while the world you were working so hard on building, had been razed to the ground, turned upside down, shaken up, ripped apart?

That you thought you had done everything ‘right’, that you had taken all the correct steps, yet here you are, surrounded by the debris of what had been your carefully constructed world?


first I want to say:
the Universe has shown itself to you
to tell you:

It loves you,

you are worthy of so much more,

the world that you’re meant for is so much richer,

deeper, wider, more beautiful, more full of love, than you ever thought possible

At first, when everything is falling apart, it will be hard to see beyond the pain of endings. Everything is burning. You’re looking at everything in your life and wondering what’s real and what’s not. You can’t see beyond the smokey ruins.

The only misunderstanding you could possibly have at this point is to believe that whatever has happened is your ‘fault’, and to try to make things go back to how they were. To deny the reality of your situation. Or believe that you’re being ‘punished’.  Judging yourself, taking it personally, as a sign of your failure, or even blaming everything and everyone around you.
No, my love.

While those reactions are natural expressions of hurt, shock, and pain, they are not the Truth.

Though it may be violent, jarring, destabilizing – know that when our carefully constructed plans fall apart, it really is an immense act of Love. You are, in fact, the lucky one. The Universe has chosen to wake you up in this moment because you are here for so much more, and it wants you to realize that truth right now. That what is in store for you and the world is grander and more beautiful than what you have planned for yourself. To enjoy it now. To rest, now. To be on the path of your highest potential, now – and not some distant point in the future.

The worlds that we create purely from our minds are fragile. They require constant mental effort. They require you to juggle, keeping 3 balls in the air at all times, while balancing on a unicycle. You’re pedaling hard from the moment you open your eyes till your head hits the pillow.

So when everything comes crashing down, though it may be painful… In that ringing silence, when you’re down, lying on your bedroom floor, cheek pressed against the ground; when you’re exhausted, spent, do you then say “I surrender”? And at that point, don’t you also feel a tiny sense of relief? That you don’t have to keep pushing so hard any more?

Because that is what the Universe wants for you: Ease. Flow. There is no straining, no grasping, no begging, no scrounging for change or crumbs. You are not born to strive ceaselessly. You are not here to live in a constant state of anxiety or fear.

You can scale those peaks, conquer uncharted territory, realize your wildest dreams, do all manner of amazing things – but it shouldn’t feel like you have to sacrifice a part of yourself to do so. It shouldn’t require you to burn out your body and mind, while your soul, ignored, languishes in a corner and your heart, beating for you every day, goes unheard, unacknowledged.

Your heart is waiting to be heard. Your soul is waiting to lead you. Will you answer their call?

If you are here right now, in this situation. I feel you. I have been there. I have walked through it. I have felt the flames. You are not alone. What I do know is that clarity & guidance will go a long way in opening your heart, to give you courage to begin this journey of your higher self with grace and confidence.

I am honored to offer you an illuminating Heart & Soul Awakening Reading, in this moment of your awakening. I am offering this reading on a donation-only basis, because I wish for it to be as accessible as possible to anyone who needs it. I invite you to find out more about it here.

Wise one, dry your tears: you are being cracked open, so that your luminous self can shine for all to see.

Love always,

featured image by Douglas Smith

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