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November 2015

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What is the Divine Feminine?


The Divine Feminine refers to the feminine archetype found in many religions and traditions – whether it’s Kuan Yin, Mother Mary or Greek Goddesses, she appears in many shapes and forms. There is nothing that is not her – from the earth under our feet to the creative spirit that moves you when you pick up a pen or a paintbrush. She is a creative force, receptive, patient, all-knowing, nurturing, passionate, fiery and wise – and is always, always working in the benefit of the whole.

Hers is a creative force that isn’t driven by the intellect. There are no flow charts or spreadsheets, no strategizing. Think of a baby growing from a fetus to a fully-formed human being when it emerges from its mother’s womb – this miraculous process takes place without conscious input from its mother. Instead, it’s a magical dance that comes together, forming a whole without force or input from the ego… It just flows and falls together. That is the essence of the Divine Feminine.

How is the Divine Feminine relevant to my life?

Have you ever been frustrated when plans don’t go as planned, or when something falls apart, despite your best efforts? We all have at some point. We’ve felt the pain of our time and efforts seemingly wasted as we pushed and strived, all for nought. Then we find ourselves exhausted. We are disheartened.

But sometimes, all that was required of us was simply patience, trust, intuition and receptivity – a state of allowing and flowing. No conscious effort. No doing. No pushing. However, in our modern society shaped by masculine forces, this seemingly simple state of being has even been frowned upon or rejected as being passive and slow, or worse. These have become negative terms, taken to mean that a person is not ‘productive’ or actively contributing. But is that really the case?

When a problem, solution, or tricky creative project can no longer by solved by force or sheer willpower or intellect, perhaps it’s simply a cue for other solutions to flow in. Consider that this ‘failure’ or ‘block’ isn’t because of a defect on your part. Perhaps all that’s needed are qualities of the Divine Feminine – time, and allowing the Mystery to speak to you through your intuition, in the silence & solace of solitude.

How are you allowing the feminine to show up in your life?

If you’d like to experience creativity, abundance, more flow and ease in your life, you can start right away, today. Taking time out to meditate, even 10 minutes a day every day, will make a huge difference. Pick up a pen and write, and don’t judge the outcome. Just enjoy the flow. Move to music, sing along with your favourite song, cook your favourite meal. Pick out flowers. Dress up just for yourself. The point isn’t about being perfect, isn’t about trying to DO anything. Whichever way you choose, the point is being in the moment, allowing your busy-busy mind to drop away, without needing to impress, be perfect or achieve.

Would you like more guidance?

The Divine Feminine is always waiting to speak to you, whenever you allow her in your life – the Divine Feminine Reading will light your way. Allow her to shower you with her gifts today.

Love to you!

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