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February 2019 Wisdom Scopes




Hey Aries, how are you holding up? It’s been a fiery start to the year for you: sometimes putting out fires, sometimes battling self doubt. And yet, you’re about to hit your stride – it’s a matter of having a laser focus and tuning out doubting voices both within and without. This journey hasn’t been without its frustrations. In fact, the closer you get to your goal, it seems the more obstacles pop out of nowhere! And yet, you must take that as a sign that you are moving forward, and moving in the right direction. Your ability to overcome has become so finely tuned, that it’s basically impossible to stop you. You’ll be getting an extra blast of rocket fuel from the most unlikely sources this month, too – overhead conversations, the most synchronistic social media post at just the right time – see it as signs of the Universe just cheering you on. The past year has taught you just how strong and tenacious you are, and 2019 will further hone this tenacity. Of course, this must also be tempered by a good dose of reality testing. How are your ideas holding up? Be fearless in your inquiry, troubleshoot, then move forward. Your goals are for your taking, don’t doubt it. 


7 of swords reversed 

Doesn’t it feel good to come home to yourself? You’ve been working through some old patterns of spreading yourself too thin and borrowing from the future at your own expense, and it’s been an interesting ride, to say the least. This healing continues in February, and challenges will come your way to stress test your new found skills and resolve. It’s about developing mastery over some of the thought patterns that have tended to faze you in the past: e.g harsh self-criticism, baggage from past unpleasant experiences, exacting standards… you will know your own particular brand of poison! Ways that you used to abandon yourself or put yourself last have become way too glaringly obvious to ignore. Know that you have what it takes to overcome even your most stubborn habits and thought patterns. Mindfulness and not beating yourself up for any perceived mistake will be crucial in helping you to make this journey a lot smoother and gentler on yourself. Most importantly, this process of getting real with yourself will allow you to attract what you’ve truly wanted all this time: solid relationships, stable partnerships, a sense of ease and joy. The more you prioritize solidifying these feelings within yourself, outside of any external validation, the more you will emerge with an unshakeable self-confidence.


5 of cups reversed 

Letting go and moving into a new phase of your life has been surprisingly emotional for you. It’s surprising to you because, well, being adaptable has always been one of your strengths. Change? Keep them coming! And yet you find yourself feeling wistful, hopeful, excited, grieving, joyful … all at once. There has been also a sense of loss involving the letting go of a path you’ve been treading on for a while. It’s like a new emotional world has opened up to you, and colors seem brighter, sensations more vivid and immediate. It’s kind of trippy, and yet it feels so right, despite it all. This month, focusing on the things that are blooming in your life will serve you well. New prospects are coming your way. New opportunities will pop up, seemingly out of the blue, and any accompanying financial worries will be resolved in their wake. You are moving into a period where you are more in touch with what really drives you, and with what brings you joy (versus just purely material or security related goals) –  and you’re a lot more in tune with what you are really capable of bringing to the table in order to bring more abundance into your life. You have plenty to look forward to, dear Gemini. Focusing on the highest will get you to where you need to go. 



These days, the world feels like it’s ending… in a good way. Things you never thought you could let go of: easily released. People you thought you couldn’t live without? Not so much, not any more. And instead of feeling like it’s just been a bunch of losses, you’re feeling surprisingly… free! The truth is you are learning what really matters to you, and what really, truly, doesn’t. What was simply a matter of cultural programming and external expectations versus a true soul stirring urge. Your tribe has always mattered to you, but when it requires you to remain small – are they truly your tribe after all? It’s a time of expansion, of growth, of freedom and of new possibilities – it can feel scary and liberating and all kinds of emotions may come up. Let them flow. You are experiencing how it feels like to live embodied, instead of simply in your head. This is your new way of being. You are plugged in to universal guidance, and you of all signs have always had a special connection to the wisdom that comes with flowing freely with your emotions, without attachment. Be ready for new beginnings, especially in March. Be prepared to let a few things go for good in February. You won’t be disappointed. 


Priestess of Wands

This year amplifies your magnetism tenfold – so be sure you are intentional about what you want to pull into your life! Fleeting highs and superficial interactions no longer satisfy – you’re seeking a deeper meaning to the creations and manifestations you have in your life, and what makes you truly stand out as an individual. When you listen to your heart (instead of, say, your audience’s approval or applause), you can’t go wrong. You can get a great deal accomplished this month – whether it’s partnerships, funding, green light for projects to go ahead – expect things to unfold with ease, especially when mind, body and soul are aligned in your efforts. January already gave you a peek into the gifts that the year is about to bring you, so remember to prioritize joy and creative self-expression, and you’ll be on the right track. Many of your best impulses will come from intuitive nudges, Dreamtime, snatches of overheard conversations – piecing them together will be the fun part. This is how the Universe has been co-creating with you recently; embrace it! 


4 of Swords

February is a time of great change for you, dear Virgo, and it’s ever more important to prioritize peace and stillness. Your mental energies will require protection as you have been integrating a lot of new information and upgrades in terms of thought patterns and releasing of heavy emotional residue from your body. It’s been a paradigm shift. The old ways are over – defaulting to overanalyzing and exhausting yourself – and it’s now about relaxing in the unfolding of things and divine assistance. Your body is already in the new reality, but your mind simply needs time to exchange some old programming for the new ways of the thinking and being! So practice dropping down into your pelvic bowl and feeling into the future before defaulting to the ways you used to think when pushing and forcing things were the norm. Making this shift requires mindfulness and allowing – for you have already transformed in a fundamental way. Self-care for you has always been about taking care of yourself mentally above all: checking in with yourself regarding the tone of your self-talk and how available you make your mental energies available to others Prioritize an internal stability, seeking security in your own light versus in external sources. This month will see you growing stronger and more confident in your ability to hold yourself steady through growth and expansion. 



Opportunities for a paradigm shift abound this month, dear Libra. It’s about healing patterns that tend to hook you into drama – allowing you to sidestep a lot of what used to be such a drain on your energy. Once you gain a clearer perspective on your hooks, it becomes so much easier to detach with compassion. Blame or shame is no longer necessary. Only liberation matters… this represents a major opportunity for you to deepen existing relationships or move on from those that no longer serve. Not only that, you will be able to relate to yourself with more compassion – and this compassion will ripple outwards to those around you as well. Most importantly, you’ve been getting to know a lot of the ways you tend to cut yourself down: where are you harsh, unrelenting, over-critical? Who spoke to you in those ways first? Where did you learn these ways of self-talk? Once you dig deep to the source of these voices, they will no longer have so much sway over you. It can be scary to confront these patterns, but you are more than able to do so. Freeing yourself means no longer needing to hold on to the story of how you were hurt: focusing on healing the wound and integrating the lesson will allow you to move forward, unencumbered. 


King of Pentacles

Financial matters and material abundance may be on your mind lately, dear Scorpio, and this month will see you being able to magnetize and build on your resources in satisfyingly concrete ways. They relate to your sense of esteem, safety, security, pride and power in this world – and you’ve been in the process of reorganizing what some of these symbols mean to you. The more emotionally oriented 2018 allowed you to transform and clarify a lot of your ideals around wealth and power. And you’re now in a position where you’re confident enough to ask for what you want – and to get it. This kickstarts a cycle for you of accruing wealth and abundance in ways that matter for not just you, but also those you consider your kin. You’re including a lot more people into your consideration set these days, and that’s been a change as well! This materially focused cycle will allow you to further refine your work ethic, partnerships, avenues where you’re devoting your time and talents, and to gain a very objective viewpoint of what you’ve truly got to offer. The path is cleared for you to build and manifest : enjoy! 


4 of cups 

January was an eventful month for you, perhaps in ways that you were not expecting. Emotionally, it may have been trying – a lot of heavy lifting in terms of shifting emotional debris from the past and within current relationships. Worries about your loved ones, anxiety about the future, flashbacks from the past – phew, it was a whole lot! But there were also positives, of course. The tying up of loose ends, opportunities falling into place like magic. The interesting thing about February is that it will offer you a whole lot of emotional respite. Its greatest gift to you will in fact be the utter lack of drama – you will be given a chance to get a breather and process all that has come to pass in January. But you are already tuning in to the year ahead, and maybe your mind is already racing ahead to future scenarios – challenges, obstacles, opportunities and growth. However, can you resist jumping too far forward? Staying present to all that arises is key – and also taking note of all that has already gone well for you so far. Consciously cultivating a practice of listing the things in your life that support you and your journey daily will give you a sense of consistency and grounding. Note how you have never been without what you need to lead you to the next step – this reflects a larger theme in your year, the sensation of always being supported, no matter what. On the flip side, getting to know how you can tend to be habitually dissatisfied can be helpful – what underpins this dissatisfaction? Is it anxiety? Fear of going deeper? Before embarking on new projects and chasing after exciting, shiny new things – consider if they are to fulfill a fleeting emotional impulse, or something that serves your highest and most cherished goals. Asking yourself this question will keep you focused and devoting your energies towards what matters most. 


6 of swords 

You’re journeying to the other shore now and land is in sight this month. The last two months may have felt especially dense and sludge-like to trudge through, and that’s saying something! There’s been some extreme clearing for all of us as we step more fully into a new era of expansion and growth, and for you it may have been about wrestling with some of your most familiar demons, just one more time… Trust that the worst is behind you and this will be a month of healing, moving forward, and having an inkling of the opportunities coming your way. You’ve seen how holding on too tightly to an idea of how things should turn out can be more hurtful than helpful – and it’s best to remain open, aware and receptive. Discernment is key as you continue to ascertain if some people, things or places in particular are right for you. If you’re feeling jolted out of your comfort zone, the Universe is only trying to move you to where you should be. Try not to resist the flow – you already know how strong and resilient you are, you’ve got this! Don’t be afraid to take some downtime for yourself, dear Capricorn. It’s necessary to rest and recover. 


2 of swords reversed 

Some of your most stubbornly held thoughts, ideas and beliefs may have been challenged in January, and this trend continues in February. There is a general softening, an ability to see the viewpoints of others without needing to make anyone else wrong; a sense that multiple truths can exist, and that perhaps all shed light on beautiful facets of a whole. This is the general paradigm shift that has been going on for you, dear Aquarius, even if your ego doesn’t allow you to admit it to yourself sometimes! Through this sense of allowing and softening, you have allowed key relationships in your life to deepen and grow richer, and thus made a lot more real in the process. Even if that means people are pushed off pedestals and flaws are revealed, you are appreciating differences a lot more. You’re on track. Most of all, you’re coming into an internal balance that allows you to consider alternate viewpoints without being over critical or thrown off. Others feel safer to share their thoughts and ideas with you – nurturing your partnerships and relationships in the process. This month, continue to allow your heart in: consider context and tone before allowing the sword of your mind to dominate any reaction. In this manner, your relationships will continue to blossom. 


3 of cups 

Joyful celebrations are on tap for you this month dear Pisces; weddings, reunions, large gatherings where you are surrounded by those you love and hold dear. It will be a beautiful time of marking milestones and being held in the presence of those who wish nothing but the best for you. What a lovely time! Allow these happy times to percolate into your soul – hold these feelings in your body and memorize how it feels like. Allow this state of being to be your new normal. For others, it will be a time of attracting new relationships that will be so different than anything you’ve ever felt before – aligned, soul recognition, kindred spirits – you’ll know it by the ease and peace you feel. No pushing or posturing, simply presence. This will be a relatively social year as you will discover new facets of yourself in the company of others: sacred mirrors that will shed light on how you experience and share joy, community and growth. If you’ve been feel isolated lately or just not as in tune with old friends and places you’ve had to let go of, this month represents a real turning point for you. ♥️